The halls of William McKinley High School were almost empty as Blaine Anderson walked to his locker. After, probably the most humiliating glee club in history, Blaine was ready to put his books away and go home. He wondered, not for the first time, if he should call and talk to Kurt about Tina. Her crush on him was obvious, and after she serenaded him in glee today, now everyone else knew about it too.

Blaine was tired. Since the breakup, he has been trying to keep busy. And now that he was Class President, leader of New Directions, founder of six clubs and one of the only three students in the whole school with straight A's, he was absolutely exhausted. And now he has to deal with Tina's crush, and his insane crush on Sam. Couldn't his life, for once, turn out the way he wanted? With an exhausted sigh, Blaine put his AP English book in his locker and pulled out his Calculus book. He closed the metal door and almost jumped two feet in the air.

Standing behind his locker door, with eyes as blue as the sky, was a freshman named Michael. He was about Blaine's height, with jet black hair. It was styled into a sort of early Bieber style. Every time he pushed his hair back, it fell right back down to cover his left eye. His skin was milky white and appeared to be very soft. He wore a black T shirt, with a big "MCR" (whatever that means) written on the front, in white writing. His jeans were blue and the chucks on his feet were red. Around his wrist, he wore a leather cuff and a silver scull ring on his middle finger. Michael also wore a small silver hoop, in the left side of his bottom lip. Blaine never really thought about piercings before, but he had to admit, it was pretty hot.

Blaine remembered Michael from "super heroes" week. Sam suggested that they take food donations for the local homeless shelter, and Michael was one of the people who brought food from home to donate. Blaine had asked him his name that day and thanked him for the food, and that was the only time they had ever talked.

"Michael," Blaine gasped in surprise. "You scared me. I didn't even see you standing there. Sorry about that. I was a little distracted."

Michael smiled a little and lowered his head. This made Blaine smile too. Michael was shy.

"Um…Hi." The freshman mumbled and then blushed.

"Hello. Is there something I can do for you?" Blaine easily slipped into mentor mode.

Michael looked up at Blaine and immediately lowered his eyes again. "Um…well…I was wondering…Have you heard…"

Blaine smiled. This kid was adorable, and obviously really nervous about something.

"Hey," Blaine said, smiling again. "Don't be so nervous, I won't bite. I promise." Blaine winked.

Michael blushed scarlet all the way to the tips of his ears. His head dropped down again as he shoved both of his hands into his pockets.

"Um…I was just wondering if you would…maybe…go to the Sadie Hawkins dance with me?"

Michael looked up, at Blaine's sharp inhale. That was not what Blaine expected at all. Of course Blaine knew there were other gay guys at the school; he just never expected any of them to ask him out. The jocks pretty much forced the gay kids to stay in the closet. Blaine stood shocked, probably gaping like an idiot at the other boy. His silence spurred Michael to start talking again.

"It's totally okay to say no. I…I know I'm only a freshman and your, like, really popular and senior class President and stuff. Your captain of the cheerios, and like really hot…"

Michael broke off, his eyes widening in horror. He had, obviously, not meant to say that last part. Blaine couldn't stop the smile that spread across his face. This kid was really sweet.

"Oh god," Michael groaned, covering his eyes. "Please say we can just pretend you didn't hear anything I just said. I'll just go crawl in a hole and you can go about your day and forget you ever saw me."

Blaine chuckled.

"Hey, Relax. It's okay, I won't throw a slushy at you or anything. Thank you for the compliment, it was really sweet. I am kind of curious though. How do you know so much about me?"

Michael fidgeted, and kicked at the floor with the toe of his shoe.

"Um…I have a couple of friends who are juniors, and they told me about you." Blaine tilted his head; interested. "They said last year you had a boyfriend named Kurt, and that you were pretty much the power couple of the school."

Blaine took a small step back. Power couple? That's what people thought of them? He would have to tell Kurt the next time they talked; he would get a big kick out of that.

"I don't know how they found out, but they said you two broke up at the beginning of the year. I'm really sorry, if that's true. They told me how in love you two were."

Blaine nodded in acknowledgement, rolling his lips inward.

"I um…They told me you were still single, and so I just…well, they told me I should ask you. I sort of talk about you a lot." Michael blushed again.

Adorable. There really was no other way to describe him. This freshman had a crush on Blaine and, with the support of his friends, decided to ask Blaine to the dance.

Blaine's knee jerk reaction was to say no. Not because he didn't like Michael, but because of all the drama in his life. He had recently discovered he was attracted to Sam, and now Tina was crushing on him. And the small fact that he was still madly in love with Kurt. How would they all react to him going to the dance with another guy? On the other hand though, Michael was very sweet. He was actually gay, and he was here. Maybe Michael was the answer to his problems. Just as long as he knew that they were just friends, Blaine didn't see a reason they couldn't go to the dance together.

"How would you like to go get some coffee? My treat and we can talk a little more."

Micheal's face lit up. "Really?" he said excitement evident.

"Sure. Do you know The Lima Bean?" Michael nodded.

"Great! Do you want a ride? Or do you have a car?"

"Um…no, I don't have a car yet. My friend is waiting for me outside, I can just text him and let him know." Michael pulled out his phone as they headed for the parking lot.

Blaine knew there would probably be some fall out if he went to the dance with Michael. He was a freshman first of all. If Santana found out he would never hear the end of it. He was also a guy, and the school still had its fair share of homophobic jerks. Blaine knew Sam would be cool with whoever he took to the dance; Tina was another story. He knew she was going to be pissed. She was probably already mad that he turned her down in front of the whole Glee club.

Kurt was his main worry. He would obviously find out he went to the dance. Gossip spreads like wildfire through glee and almost always ends up in New York. If Blaine ended up going with Michael, he would make sure to call Kurt and let him know, before he heard from someone else. They were friends right? Kurt would understand if Blaine took another friend to the dance.

Twenty minutes later Blaine and Michael were sitting down for coffee. Blaine had his normal medium drip and Michael; a small soy latte. The ride to the Lima Bean was pleasant. They made small talk about school and what kind of music they liked. Michael chuckled at a few texts he got from his friends. He said they were teasing him about having coffee with the President. Blaine barked out a laugh as they pulled into the Lima Bean parking lot. And now here they were.

"Thanks for the coffee," Michael said after a few minutes. "You didn't have to buy me anything though. It's okay if you want to say no, I won't throw a fit or anything. I'm pretty easy going; it's cool."

Blaine took a sip of his coffee and crossed his legs.

"Actually I didn't ask you to get coffee to say no. I just wanted to talk to you and tell you about the drama in my life. Who knows, you might run for the hills after you hear what I have to say."

Michael smiled, showing off his pearly white teeth, before taking a long sip of his latte.

"I'm actually pretty resilient. I'm pretty sure I can handle whatever you throw at me," he smirked. "Lay it on me."

"You asked for it," Blaine warned.

So Blaine started at the beginning. He told him how he went to a dance with his friend and gotten his butt kicked because he was gay. He told him about Dalton, The Warblers, How he met Kurt. He told him about Kurt's transfer to Dalton, and what Karofsky did to him. He told him about falling in love with Kurt and Kurt transferring back to McKinley. He told him about transferring to McKinley for his junior year; to be with Kurt. He told him about the Glee club and winning Nationals. He told Michael about Sebastian and Chandler and Kurt applying to NYADA, and then not getting in. He told him about pushing Kurt to go to New York anyway, and then he told him about Eli. Michael listened intently and as Blaine got to the break up, he leaned back in his chair and took a deep breath.

"Wow," Michael said, a little speechless.

Blaine laughed, "Yep, and that's not even the whole story." Michael's eyes grew huge. He leaned forward in his chair. "There's more?"

"Kurt and I are friends now, but I am still madly in love with him. I plan on moving to New York, after I graduate, and getting him back. But, as for McKinley, Sam Evens is my best (guy) friend and Tina cohen-chang is my best (girl) friend. Now the interesting thing is…Tina is sort of in love with me and serenaded me today and then asked me to the dance. I, of course, said no. I also realized, just this morning, that I am attracted to Sam."

Michael choked on his latte, and then proceeded to laugh his head off.

"Oh man, this is like the best Soap Opera I have ever heard. And this is your real life." He continued to laugh.

Blaine smiled and rolled his eyes. It felt really good to get it all off his chest and have someone actually listen.

"So that's all my drama," Blaine said. "If the offer still stands, I would love to go; as friends." Blaine raised his eyebrows in question.

Michael leaned back in his chair. His cup was empty and the boy sitting across from him is probably the hottest boy he has ever met. Of course he was still in love with Kurt; boys like Blaine don't stay single for long. Michael couldn't get over how sweet Blaine was, or how beautiful is eyes were.

Michael transferred to McKinley three months into the school year. His father had gotten a new job in Lima and so the whole family had to move. His first day at school; Michael was standing at his new locker the first time he saw Blaine. He was walking down the hall with an Asian girl, and he was wearing a cheerleader uniform. They were laughing, and for one second Blaine made eye contact. Michael thought he was going to pass out. Blaine and the girl kept walking as he stood; gaping like a fish after him. He hadn't known Blaine's name at the time, and he can remember thinking that the boy looked like an old Hollywood movie star. He was beautiful. His hair, his arms, his ass were all amazing.

It only took a couple weeks to make friends, and then ask about Blaine. Everyone knew who Blaine was. It was very surprising to Michael. Blaine was beautiful and popular and Class President. Nobody seemed to care that he was gay. Kurt and Blaine's story was laid out like an epic love story among the other gay kids he found. They were, evidently, in the Glee club together and both sang beautifully. They were the 'Power Couple' (their words).

Now that Blaine was a senior and Kurt had moved away, Blaine became sort of an enigma. The group of kids who told him the story of 'Kurt and Blaine' also told him that Blaine was off limits. He was to be looked at and not touched. They knew he was still hung up on Kurt and nobody else had a chance.

Michael appreciated Blaine from afar most of the year, but once the posters went up for a Sadie Hawkins dance, Michael's friends convinced him to ask Blaine; and here he was.

"Of course the offer still stands. Friends can go a school dance and have a good time right?"

Blaine smiled beautifully and nodded.

"Sure they can. And, I should mention this now, the glee club was asked to provide the music for the dance. So occasionally I will have to be on the stage, but we'll have plenty of time to dance so don't worry."

Michael was excited. He was going to the dance with Blaine, and he would finally get to hear him sing. Things were looking up.

"Sounds good, I haven't heard you sing before so I can't wait to hear it," Michael shook his empty cup, "Do you want another? I'll pay this time."

Blaine glanced down at his watch and nodded.

"Sure, Thanks. We can get them to go, I really need to get home and get my homework done. I can give you a ride home if you want."

They both stood and walked back to the counter for a refill.

Blaine dropped Michael off at home after exchanging phone numbers. They were going to talk the next day to coordinate their tuxes.

Blaine was exhausted after finishing his calculus homework. It was just after ten and he hadn't talked to Kurt or Tina about the dance yet. Blaine flopped down on his back, and groaned. His body was tired from cheerio practice, his head was tired from his math homework and he really didn't want to move; much less get into it with Tina or Kurt about the dance. Blaine stood up long enough to peel his blanket back and turn out the lamp. He crawled into bed and then unlocked his phone. There was a less painful way to tell everyone he had a date, and he was just coward enough to use it. Facebook would be his friend.

Blaine Anderson is going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Michael Benson

Blaine silenced his phone then and plugged it into the charger. He was asleep almost before his head hit the pillow. Who knew what tomorrow would bring.

End Note: The "MCR" on the T shirt stands for 'My Chemical Romance' just FYI. Let me know what you think. The next chapter will be reactions and hopefully the dance.