Ch. 7 Time of Peace

AN: The Last Chapter of Book one. I am not sure if I want to continue the story line. I am merely working on trying to finish the stories already posted before starting more. Once more I do own black butler or Werewolf. The were wolf forms of cannon charterers I do own.

Ciel sat out side as the sun started to rise. Sun rises were always pretty. His life had changed so much. When he was ten he became the earl and Queen's Watchdog. At sixteen he became a Goru. He really had been always one and he is a sliver fang. The end of days is upon them now and now it is up to them to rekindle trust within the other changing kinds they are many but so are the Wrym's army.

Eleven other packs of the beast courts heard the rumor that the Ebony Pack was looking join with them for Gaia sake. Unsure they each consulted their totems for answers.

What will happen now? What pack or pride will join the Ebony pack and which will betray the pack? Find out in time due readers.