I've been here a year now I'm still getting use to my new job as their new captain, and this new city under the ground. Red fox, and Hunter they both came by.

"So how are you doing here?" they both asked.

"I'm doing pretty good, but I do miss the sun light," I told them as I looked at the stream that runs right by the palace.

"Then why don't you talk to Ma-lady about that," suctraced Hunter.

"Oh no I'm afraid I can't do that, she has already done so much for me," I told them looking down at both Hunter and Red Fox.

"Oh of cause you can, I or Red fox will go and talk to her for you, if you would like us too that is," she said with a smile.

"Could you do that for me? I know if I asked her, I fill like she would never forgive me. Will I got to go you know it's part of my job if you both don't mined," I said as I was walking away.

Back at the palace Ma-lady was in her throne room just reading, when Hunter and Red fox came walking in.

"Ma-lady can we talk to you about Anna, we mean about the Captain?" they asked walking into the throne room.

"Of cause what's the matter?" asked Ma-lady as she put down her book, then as Hunter and Red Fox was walking up the stairs leading up to Ma-ladies throne. Hunter began.

"It's just that Anna misses the sun, all she's asking is if she could go to the surface and to enjoy it just for the day or so. Hunter said as she set down at Ma-ladies feet.

"Oh if that's the case then of cause. First tell her I would like to see her for a minute please, Red fox and Hunter. Please don't tell her what I said."

"As you wish Jasmine," they both said as they bowed.

"By the way thank you my friends," said Ma-lady as Hunter and Red fox were walking out. Outside the palace Hunter and Red Fox began to look for the Captain.

"Black, Black fox where are you?" yelled Hunter, and Red fox as both of them ran.

"Why there you are Black. Hay Red fox I found her!" Yelled Hunter as they both walked over underneath a tree by the stream where I was sitting outside the city.

"Oh hay Hunter, hay Red fox what are you two doing here?" I asked with a smile as I through a rock into the stream.

"We were about to ask you the same thing, and hay Star how have you been. Anna you picked one of the best horses," Hunter said as she looked right at Star.

"Thank you, she's a pretty good friend too," I told them as I looked up and smiled right at all three of them.

"What kind of horse is she again," Red fox asked as she drank some water with Star.

"She's a thoroughbred , So what did you two need?" I asked getting up from where I was setting .

"Oh yes I almost forgot hum Ma-lady would like a world with you," said Hunter with a bub from Red fox.

"Ok think you my friends, let's go Star back to the palace YAW!" Meanwhile back at the palace. Then all of a sudden I hear Red Fox yell.

"Hey wait for us!" As she and Hunter were running behind me and Star. Meanwhile back at the palace Ma-ladies old Captain walked right up to the stairs that led to the throne.

"I thought I told you to never come back to Secret city!" yelled Ma-lady as she was walking down her stairs.

"Who's that? He doesn't look like any of us," I asked as all of us were seeing what was going on in the throne room.

"I don't know I've never seen him before," Red fox said lieingly with a smile, then with a smile Red fox told me. "You should ask Hunter, she knows a lot more people than me," without even asking Hunter began to answer my question.

"His name's Grey wolf he was the old Captain before Ma-lady band him from ever coming back to Secret city. Before you ask I don't know why he came back here, but I do know this. He's here for no good reason," said Hunter with a grawl.

"Was he a part of this world, or a part of the above world," asked as all three of us were still stwaring inside the throne room.

"Oh just like everyone else he was a part of the above world, your world," she told me getting a little on easy."You see Black, Grey Wolf was going to be the king of this place," Hunter told me as she used my wolf name, in a whisper.

"What happened what did he do to get Ma-lady to change her mind?" I asked as I set down beside Hunter. Before she could answer all of a sudden Grey Wolf walked past us then again all of a sudden.

"Oh Captain I've waiting for you please come in," Ma-lady said as she watched Grey Wolf walked away.

"I'll tell you the rest of the story later," Hunter said as we both got off the floor where we were sitting.

"Thank you Red Fox, and Hunter for bringing her to me."

"You're more then welcome Jasmine," said Red Fox, as she and Hunter both bowed and walked away.

"Know if you don't mined I'll talk to you both later." She told both Hunter and Red Fox. "Now Captain," she began as she placed a hand on my back. "If you would come with me, I would like to talk to you about something," after Ma-lady shut the door going into the throne room I asked.

"May I ask what you would like to talk to me."

"Oh yes why didn't you come and tell me you missed seeing the sun?"

"I just thought you wouldn't understand even if I asked you," I told her as I was looking down at the ground.

"Now let me tell you something," she started with a little laugh. You can tell or ask me anything at anytime. You see I'm also from the surface just like you and everyone else here in Secret city. I came down here just because I didn't like being told what to do, that's why I made my own city. The reason everyone calls me Ma-lady is because, before my families land was taken from them, the land was called dimmed land so I was kind of named after it. Here's a dill for you Captain, that I will only give you and your army, but they will need yours or my promishen before they do go up there."

"So is that a promise?" I asked her kind of hoping, then all of a sudden she turned around and looked at me and said.

"No! that's my word, and so much more. So do we have a dill Captain?" Before we do shake on it, tell me one thing if you don't mined Ma-lady,"

"Anything Captain you name it," she said as she put one hand on my shoulder.

"Can we bring anyone that we want down here? I asked.

"Only you no one else. By the way Captain before you go up there every time please come and tell me first," she told me with a smile as I was heading out the door.

"I will you can count on it, and by the way Ma-lady thank you so, so much," I told her with a bow then I left the throne room. The next morning I took off on Star, she and I just to the Golden gates of New York city.

"Wow have you ever seen bigger billeting in your entire life?" Star asked as she and I were looking across the brage.

"Oh I've seen bigger, you'll get use to it in no time trust me you will," I told Star as she and I were sharing an apple

"So hum how long did you and your family live there?" asked Star with a moth full of apple.

"I was the only one who lift, my family still lives over there." I told her as I took a bite of our snack.

"So you ran away didn't you, Hunter old me all about, don't get mad at her I asked her to tell me."

"Star," I began with a deep breath. "It was none of your business you shouldn't have asked, that was just between us!" I told her in as a calming voice as I could.

"I won't tell anyone, you have my word, you can trust me on that," she told me with a smile.

"You're right I can trust you I put my trust in Ma-lady, Hunter, and Red Fox, and now you," I told her as I patted Star on the forehead with a smile.

"You're such a grate friend Anna."

"You're not such a bad friend yourself Star and I mean every word of it," I told her as I kissed her on the forehead. Then all of a sudden Star asked.

"Do your parents do the same thing for work," she asked as we were walking to get closer to the sea.

"No my mother is a stay at home mom, and my father is just like any other guy he's a Colonel in the army. Just like his grandfather and father, I was raised to think an army brat. To think and acted the arm, but I would have given anything to have been able to grow up like other kids. My father was shipped to the state of Russia after it was settled in 1050, my father and his Captain they both lead the great army into war. There where some Hospitals there called M*A*S*H with some awesome Dr.