Aomine grumbled insults from his corner of the room. He was seated at a desk in the back of the classroom while Kagami was seated at the very front. The two boys had detention, not an unusual occurrence but still nothing to be happy about. Usually Aomine would just lay his head down and sleep, but this particular detention found him irritated and annoyed. Today was a Friday.

"Boys, I'll be right back I'm going to the bathroom." the teacher announced as she picked up her small purse and left the room.

Aomine only continued to glare at the back of Kagami's head until an idea came to mind. His frown turned into a smirk and as quietly as he could he began unzipping his backpack.

Kagami sat as his desk with his head lying in his palm. He stared bored out the window and gave a tired yawn. His ribcage still hurt from the knee that had pinned him to the ground. They had gotten in another fight. Nothing unusual however no one wanted to be stuck at school on a Friday.

He sighed, "All this for because he wanted to copy my homework."

His complaints were cut short by a paper ball hitting the back of his head.

He turned around in his seat to face the nuisance behind him only to be hit again in the face by Aomine's paper ball.

The pugnacious redhead practically ripped his notebook out of his backpack, pulling paper out and bunching it up to throw back at Aomine.

It quickly became an all-out paper war. The sound of gunfire came from paper being torn of books. Bombs and explosions came in the form of paper hitting the floor.

By the time the teacher had come back the two soldiers had cleaned up almost three notebooks worth of paper.

"A week's detention for the both of you! You can start now by cleaning up this mess!" Needless to say she was obviously not amused.

AN: you ever just right something and feel the increasing urge to bang your head against the wall because i do right now idk this one pissed me off and made me smile i should just try to right a lemon for these two later because god knows kagami needs to get laid amiright