It's funny how one look at the body can reveal everything. Your strengths which areas are calloused, which more flexible. Your weaknesses did he favor the left? Or the right? Or was he bending back a bit?

And then there were the marks of every day life, of battle, and even those you might not remember getting. But there was always a story.

Aang twisted around to look at his back. The blue lines of the tattoos marked him as a fully realized Airbender. They ran up the spine, continuing all the way toward his forehead and right up to the middle of his brow.

But right in the center, was an angry red burn. The touch of lightning– fast, burning, encompassing his whole world. His nerves on fire. And then– nothing. The burn disrupted the blue tattoo, spreading unevenly across the center of his spine.

His failures and accomplishments. All in one place.

Re-watching Avatar, and any time Aang didn't have a shirt on, I noticed the burn that intersected with the tattoo. Hope you enjoyed!