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Summary: Brittany never told Santana about her relationship with Sam. Santana found out anyway and is really angry and hurt that Brittany didn't tell her. Brittany knows that Santana found out, but she's finding it too difficult to address and the longer she waits the harder it is to talk to Santana. But what happens when Mother Nature brings them together and they're forced to deal with their feelings in order to survive? Angst, drama, hurt, comfort, friendship, romance, all centered during a natural disaster in the form of a blizzard. Let's see how our girls keep each other warm shall we. ;) Canon up through Sadie Hawkins, but after that everything is completely different and if I may say, I think it's for the better. Hopefully you think so to.

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Nothing Burns Like The Cold…

Chapter 1- …Cold Shoulder

"I can't stay here, Sam," Brittany said, focusing elsewhere as she threw some of her clothes that were haphazardly scattered around her room into her duffle bag. "My sisters in labor, I have to be there."

Sam sighs as he takes in his girlfriend's frantic attempt to gather her belongings. He's pretty sure that in her rush to pack, Brittany's grabbing Sugar's clothes as well since both Brittany and Sugar have clothes thrown everywhere around their tiny dorm room.

For the last three days the glee club has been staying on campus at the University of Virginia for a national show choir showcase highlighting some of the best glee clubs in the country. New Directions was set to perform tomorrow, but Finn made an announcement earlier that day and told everyone that the rest of the competition had been cancelled due to an incoming winter storm. The storm was supposed to start sometime tonight and with it would come record setting snow falls, freezing temperatures, and high winds. Everyone from the Mid-West through the Mid-Atlantic and up into the Northeast were all bracing and preparing for the storm. It had already started snowing in Lima according to Brittany's mom and all that snow and more was headed towards the mountains of West Virginia and the Charlottesville area within the day. The local regional airport was set to close in the next two hours which meant Brittany sure as hell wasn't getting home by air. So the only option would be to drive somehow, and Brittany was a terrible driver on a good day, let alone a snowy day so Sam knew Brittany would never attempt to drive herself.

"Brittany, I'm sorry," Sam said, watching Brittany attempt to zip her bag. The pink Rainbow Brite bag looked like an overstuffed sausage that was about to pop right out of the casing as Brittany pulled and tugged on the seams in an attempt to get it to close. "I know being stuck here right now sucks but-"

"Santana's coming to drive me home," Brittany said, surprising Sam and not looking up to see his troubled reaction. Brittany was lying on top of her bag now, grimacing and gritting her teeth as she strained to pull the zipper closed. "This darn thing,"Brittany huffed after another failed attempt to move the pull cord even an inch.

Darn, Sam thought, processing Brittany's words. That was about as close to profanity he'd ever heard from Brittany which meant she was clearly upset about everything going on right now, probably even more than him. Sam sighed again, this time attempting to settle his own nerves and reservations about involving Santana. Brittany was sprawled out and practically collapsed on top of her bag after her final attempt to close it had failed and she looked plain whipped. He decided she was definitely feeling worse then him so channeling the selfless, good guy he knew he could be he turned his focus on her. He could worry about his own fears later. Sam took a couple of heavy steps towards Brittany who was breathing a little heavier than normal and massaging her chafed fingers. She looked sad and exhausted and Sam hated seeing her this way so he closed the short distance between them and bent down to pull the zipper on the bag closed for her.

"Thanks," she said in gratitude, shifting sluggishly back up into a sitting position beside him.

They both fidgeted nervously in their spots on the floor and other than the tiny crinkling sounds of their clothes moving against the cold tile floor there was silence. It was one of those knowing, awkward silences. They both were thinking the worst which was strange for them since they both were typically glass half full people. But this time was different; there were just too many unknown variables to account for to be confident it would all work out. Would Santana try to come between them? (Sam) Is Santana going to lash out at me for not explaining about Sam and I from the beginning? (Brittany) Was it safe for them to be driving in this weather in the first place? (Sam) Would we make it back to Lima in time for me to be there for the birth of my niece? (Brittany) These were all concerns, but all those thoughts aside, when you really looked at it, Brittany just needed to be with her family right now and Sam was completely familiar with that feeling. He felt that many times when his family was struggling to make ends meet. He understood Brittany's need to try anything to be with and help her family, he really did, but that didn't mean he liked Santana and Brittany alone, in a tense car, in the snow, for 9 hours. Santana had always been a bit of a mystery to Sam even when they dated. He just never knew what to expect from her and to say that she always surprised him would be an understatement. She was unpredictable, and when that unpredictability involved his girlfriend, her ex-girlfriend, in the snow, driving, at night… to say he was worried would also be understatement.

"Sorry I didn't tell you," Brittany offered in the hopes that Sam would realize that she was trying to think about his feelings and that he wasn't just an afterthought in her mind. "But I called her this morning after Finn told me he wasn't going to risk driving us home. She was the only person I could think of who could come get me."

Sam could hear the nerves in Brittany's voice and it hurt him to hear the agitated shake. "It's okay," he said, taking her hand in an offer of comfort and trying to rub away the rawness of her battle with the zipper. "I understand. You have to get home to be with your sister, it's that simple, I get it. Santana's just helping you get there."

"Yeah," Brittany said, hesitating a little and in the process indicating, despite her words, that it really wasn't quite that simple. "Plus, it will give me a chance to finally talk to her about us. She deserves that much. You know I've been wanting to explain things to her for awhile."

"How do you think she's gonna take it?" He asked, nerves creeping into his own voice.

"I guess I'll find out soon… She should be here in a couple hours."


Santana texted Brittany a couple minutes ago saying she was stopping for gas and that she would be there shortly.

Brittany, wanting to save every second she could, decided she would walk down and meet Santana at the curb.

"You have everything?" Sam asked with a tense smile while picking up her bag to carry it downstairs.

"Yup," she chirped, grabbing her phone and charger as they moved quickly to the door.

It was a tense walk as they descended the stairwell together in silence.

"You okay?" Sam finally asked after opening the door for her and seeing the first snow flakes were already starting to fall.

"Yeah," Brittany said, coming to a stop a few feet away from the curb and turning shyly towards him. "I'm just a little nervous. I know she's upset with me and you know how much I hate seeing people upset."

Brittany wanted to say I hate seeing her upset, but decided to leave that out for Sam's benefit. Sam knew a lot about her feelings for Santana, but certainly not everything and she didn't want to rub it in his face that Santana's feelings, good or bad would always affect her more than possibly anyone's. Brittany could see he was really nervous about her finally getting a chance to talk about their relationship with Santana and she wanted to help ease his mind if she could. "But it'll be fine," she said, reaching across the space between them. "We'll talk, we'll get to Lima, and everything will be fine, you'll see."

Brittany had taken Sam's hand carefully in hers as if to say, we're still together, don't worry. The physical contact they felt in that moment seemed to help both of them because Sam broke into a tiny, hesitant smile and Brittany felt her heart rate steady in reaction to his gesture, but unfortunately that feeling didn't last long because at that exact moment Santana's black SUV pulled up and Brittany immediately dropped Sam's hand.

Sam noticed Brittany's timing and his heart sank along with her retreating hand.

"I guess I'll see you in a few days when you guys get back to Lima," she said, trailing off and trying to maintain focus on Sam even though she couldn't help thinking about the woman who was sitting in the car watching. Brittany felt like she was being ripped in two. Her body was crying out and begging her to run to that car and explain things to Santana, but she also didn't want to leave Sam as vulnerable as he looked. "I'll call you," she said, nodding towards him since her typical goodbye peck on the cheek was out of the question which Sam noticed, "and I'll text you with updates when I can."

"Okay," he said weakly. "Be careful."

"Will do. Bye," she said, turning and walking towards Santana's car. After a few steps she looked back at Sam and gave him a reassuring wink that she was positive Santana wouldn't be able to see. She didn't want to rub things in her face either. We've hurt each other enough over the years, she thought. Sam smiled in reaction to the wink as Brittany tossed her bag in the back seat and he waved goodbye as Brittany opened the front door.

Brittany almost sighed, trying to relax as she sat down, but as soon as Brittany settled into the seat, before she even buckled her seat belt she noticed Santana's posture and body language and her breath suddenly got stuck in her throat. The image in front of her wasn't the beautiful, strong and emotionally open woman she'd come to know over the last couple years, this was the angry, scared, bottled up teenager that Brittany used to see years ago. Struck with the painful reminder of how deeply hurt Santana must have been feeling since finding out about her and Sam, Brittany's whole body tightened in spasm and all thoughts of what to say left her mind.

Brittany watched on helplessly as Santana stared out the window, her eyebrows pinched together in a glare of concentrated fury that was directed solely on Sam. To his credit, Sam stood his ground and waved with his head held high one last time before slowly turning to walk back into the dorm.

"Hey," Brittany said cautiously, trying to draw Santana's attention away from Sam's retreating form and stop the holes she was trying to sear into his back with her eyes.

"Uh-huh," Santana curtly responded as she turned to face forward and aggressively shifted the car into drive, pulling away from the curb. The inflection in Santana's tone and lack of a hello told Brittany all she needed to know. Santana wasn't willing to talk about her and Sam, or anything else for that matter just yet. Brittany only hoped that sometime during the next nine hours that she would or else this drive would feel like an eternities worth of atonement for how badly she'd mishandled the situation, and who knows, maybe I deserved that, Brittany thought, buckling her seat belt and slumping dejectedly into the seat to wait an eternity if need be.


Ten minutes into the drive and Santana still hadn't said a word or even glanced at Brittany once. She was focused solely on the road in front of her with her hands gripping the wheel at ten and two. The road wasn't snow covered yet, but Santana knew it wouldn't be long, maybe another ten or fifteen minutes if she was lucky, considering the snow was coming down heavily and it had already been snowing for awhile in the areas they were headed. She could feel Brittany's eyes on her every other minute, but she couldn't chance a glance in her direction, she wouldn't. She had too much pride and she'd been hurt too badly. The anger she'd let fester over the last month had bubbled to the surface after seeing Brittany and Sam together outside the dorm and she knew if she looked at Brittany right now she would either start a fight or burst into tears. So for now, with only those two options available, silence was preferable and safer considering the conditions, and, at least for now, it was all she was capable of.

Twenty minutes in and the eternity of waiting and atoning that Brittany thought she was prepared to do, seemed impossible. Santana's silent treatment was killing Brittany. For two people who had shared practically everything and been through more than some people had in a lifetime, the silence felt crushing. Of course they'd fought before, and throughout their relationship there were times when Santana bottled up her feelings and refused to talk, but this was a different feeling. Brittany felt completely disconnected from Santana right now and the longer the silence went on the harder it became for Brittany to breathe. Her heart was already beating fast and each time she looked at Santana it would speed up even more in anticipation of words spoken or feelings expressed. But each glance would end the same way it began and nothing would change, no words were spoken, nothing heart felt or otherwise, and with each passing second her chest closed in on itself a little more.

Deciding she'd had enough of the silence, but not willing to dig too deep just yet she asked, "Mind if I turn on some music?"

"Fine," Santana grumbled, flexing her cramped fingers against the steering wheel.

Brittany turned on the radio, but other than the sound of the pop music that seemed a little too chipper for their current situation it was silent again. On the bright side they were making good time considering the conditions. They were already on 64 west, about twenty miles from West Virginia and there wasn't much traffic on the road other than a few snow plows that were scraping and treating the roads. But unfortunately, on the flip side of no traffic, it was dark now, and with no other cars on the road it meant that there was also no additional light to help her see possible snow drifts or slippery spots which made Santana even more anxious. Which was saying a lot considering her anxiety level was already at about a sixty on a scale of one to ten with the tension building with Brittany.

Not able to last in the heavy silence for another minute, Brittany asked, "How's school going?" That's an easy enough conversation starter, she thought, nothing too complicated. She felt like she could be a little bolder now after her last glance at Santana had lasted a little longer than normal and it revealed the deep frown line on Santana's forehead had abated, at least a little, and the whiteness on her tensed knuckles had disappeared. But if Brittany thought it was going to be that simple, she was wrong because Santana noticeably grimaced at the question and refused to break or answer. She just kept her narrow focus on the road ahead and avoided any contact with Brittany.

Brittany, refusing to back down after finally building up the courage to take the first step, pressed on despite Santana's lack of response. "How's that calculus class you were struggling with going?" She asked, needing to try something, anything, to get her to talk. Silence wasn't going to help fix their problems and Brittany knew it so she pushed again. Santana had always been stubborn after all, but Brittany could always, eventually, she thought, get through. "I know you really hated that class. Is it any better?"

This time Santana scoffed in response and rolled her eyes. That question just pointed out how little they'd talked recently. The first trimester was over months ago and a new one had started ages ago. Brittany should know that, Santana thought. I guess the key word was should know that, she thought rolling her eyes again. For Christ sake she wasn't even taking calculus anymore.

"You must be glad football season's over," Brittany continued, refusing to give up. She knew that Santana couldn't avoid talking to her forever. "Has practice slowed down at all?"

Santana, at this point wanted to scream. So instead of going ape shit and potentially crashing the car in the process, she just gritted her teeth and shook her head a couple times trying to rid herself of the impulse to strangle something. All these questions were just glaring reminders of how far they'd drifted apart and Santana didn't need anymore reminders of that, Trouty Mouth was enough of a reminder. All these questions did was emphasize all the conversations that should have happened weeks ago, but didn't.

Santana really wanted to lash out right now, and yell at Brittany, and tell her that no, practice hasn't slowed down. Louisville has a nationally ranked men's basketball program that I have to cheer for despite not wanting to and you'd know that if you'd bothered to call. But you didn't call, you were to busy sucking face with those froggy lips on your human sized Ken doll to call your best friend, who by the way, if you forgot, was your girlfriend up until a couple months ago. Someone who you'd told a thousand times that you loved, someone who up until recently was the only person you wanted to kiss. Someone who you swore to always be honest with when it came your heart and someone who, up until last month, still trusted you with her own heart despite not being together anymore. Santana wanted to say all those things, but most importantly she wanted to ask Brittany if she ever planned on telling her about Sam. Did she mean that little to Brittany that she didn't even deserve a courtesy; by the way I'm dating Sam now? Santana wanted to say all those things, but of course she didn't; the deep seeded need to protect Brittany was still deeply ingrained in Santana despite being royally pissed off at her right now. So Santana did the only thing she'd managed to do so far that seemed to help, she sat in her seat in silence, trying not to noticeably shake and venting only in her mind.

"Fine," Brittany said in defeat after another moment of silence, throwing her hands in the air and shaking her head in frustration. "I get it, you don't want to talk to me, but just tell me one thing," she began to ask, but paused as her voice broke on the last word and tears started pooling in her eyes. "Why did you even come get me? UVA is a long way from Louisville, you could have said no. Why help me when you can't even bear to have a simple conversation with me?" Brittany asked, sniffling and wiping her running nose on her sleeve.

Santana's whole body clenched violently, from her eyes all the way down to her toes at Brittany's assumption. She just knew that if she didn't get a grip soon that in about five seconds she was going to explode and probably crash the car into the guard rail. She couldn't believe Brittany right now. It's like, after all these years; Brittany didn't know her at all. Did she really not know that no matter how mad she was at Brittany or how bad things were between them that she would always, always, try and help Brittany if she needed it?

"Don't," Santana said through gritted teeth, finally indicating how serious she was about not having this conversation by finally turning to glare at Brittany. Her hands were even shaking in an attempt to suppress her rising anger, she was that pissed off. "Don't go there," she warned.

The way Santana spoke and the determination Brittany saw in her features almost made it seem like a threat. But why? Why was Santana acting like this? Brittany didn't understand. Santana herself had said it was okay if she dated someone, boy or girl. She practically gave Brittany her blessing. Why was it now not okay? Did it have something to do with Sam personally or was it purely because she hadn't told Santana? Brittany definitely wasn't too proud to admit that she botched the telling Santana part, but she was trying to apologize if Santana would just let her. It just seemed like there had to be more behind Santana's anger, there just had to be. Brittany certainly had forgotten to tell Santana things in the past and Santana never got this upset. Not that she had forgotten this time. She chickened out. Actually, she'd chickened out at least a couple dozen times when she tried to tell Santana. It was hard admitting to someone that you were starting to move on, especially if you were still in love with that person.

"But San, you said-"

"What the fuck!" Santana interrupted, practically slamming on the brakes and causing the car to slide until Santana stabilized the skid with a small turn of the steering wheel.

"I-I…" Brittany said, sheepishly starting an apology thinking she'd finally pushed Santana too far.

"I can't fucking believe this," Santana grumbled, looking at the red brake lights of the cars stopped up ahead. "God, damn it!"

Brittany took a relieved breath. She'd thought Santana was about to bite her head off, but it was just traffic. "There must be an accident up ahead or something."

"Great!" Santana said sarcastically with a huff. Brittany also heard her mumble something else under her breath as she collapsed further into her seat, but whatever she'd said, Brittany couldn't make it out, and frankly, she was pretty sure she didn't want to know.

"Is there a way around this?" Brittany asked, treading carefully.

"How should I know?" Santana snapped, immediately regretting her tone knowing Brittany felt the sting. Fuck! Trying instantly to make amends even though she really wasn't feeling it right now, she continued, trying to recover, "but, there was an exit behind us about half a mile, maybe that will take us around this somehow. Hopefully the GPS will calculate a new route," she said, making an illegal U-turn and driving through the snowy grass separating the east and west bound lanes.

Just as they were pulling off the highway Brittany got an incoming text message. SAM- Hows it goin?

Horrible, Brittany felt like saying. In fact, she really wanted to cry, but she knew neither of those things would help. Indicating how upset she was would only make Sam worry more and crying would probably make Santana feel even worse so she lied.

Brittany (outgoing)- OK. San understands. Making good time. Send.

Brittany told herself it was only a little white lie so it was okay. And besides, it was for the good of everyone and she hoped eventually it would be true and Santana would understand.

Almost immediately her phone vibrated again with his reply. SAM- That's GREAT! How r the roads? Everyones worried about you guys.

Lie again? No, that would go too far.

Brittany (outgoing)- Just had to get off the highway cause of an accident. Sans a good driver. Tell them not to worry! Send.

As Santana looked both ways at the unknown intersection she saw out of her peripheral vision, Brittany typing on her phone. Was she talking with her Mom? No, her Mom still couldn't text. Sister? No, too busy to be texting. Sam? Son of a Bitch! I can't believe her. Needing to put an end to that because she couldn't stomach being in the same air space while they were talking whether that was through a text message or otherwise, she asked, breaking her vow of silence, "Which way?"

Brittany looked up curiously from her phone. First, she looked at Santana in surprise. Santana had actually prompted a discussion this time, Brittany thought with a smile, and then she looked at the road in front of them, sliding her phone back in her pocket. "Well," Brittany said, studying the two choices. One looked a little more curvy than the other, but other than that they looked the same. "You always say lefties do it better, so left I guess."

Santana almost smirked at that comment, but bit her lip instead, making the left hand turn. Jack ass is definitely not a leftie.

The road and the inside of the car were dark now and Brittany hadn't pulled out her phone since they'd exited the highway. Other than the pleasure Santana took in ending Sam and Brittany's conversation there was nothing to be happy about because this road sucked. The back roads they were now on were untreated and unplowed so there was probably at least six inches of snow on them. Plus, it was now snowing like crazy and it was dark as shit. She could barely see ten feet in front of the car even with her high beams on. Just drive slow, she reminded herself, gripping the wheel tighter.

They drove a few miles deeper into the mountains and the further they went the worse the road condition became. There were no other cars on the road and any cars that had been there were long gone. This road was completely deserted, not a single tire track was there to help guide them on their way. Santana's hands were starting to sweat as she slowly navigated around every turn. The last downhill 'S' curve they came around had caused the car to fish tail a little, so Santana slowed down to a snails pace to maneuver through the tricky mountain pass.

"San," Brittany paused, waiting for some type of acknowledgement to show that Santana was paying attention to her. All she got from the other woman came in the form of two quick blinks. That would do, Brittany thought. "This road is scary, maybe we should have gone right."

Santana agreed with Brittany, but she didn't verbalize her agreement because she was still too pissed off and what good would it really do to admit that she was starting to get a little scared too. All it would do was get Brittany worked up and they still wouldn't be any closer to getting off this damn road. They'd been driving through the woods for maybe twenty minutes, but Santana was sure they hadn't made it very far because she was only going about twenty miles per hour. She'd seen a couple of road signs through the huge falling snow flakes, but she couldn't really see what any of them said because by the time she was close enough to read them she'd already driven past each one.

"Lost satellite."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," Santana said, reaching up to the windshield for the small GPS device while trying to remain in control of the car. This couldn't be happening, Santana thought as she pushed a few of the buttons hoping to bring it back to life. Fuck!

"Maybe we should turn back around," Brittany said now that they didn't have the GPS to help guide them.

"How? I can't even tell where the side of the road is," Santana replied sharply. "We could end up in a ditch."

"But, the GPS-"

"It's fine," Santana assured, trying to keep her tone even. "We'll just follow this road for a little longer. Before the GPS went out it said to turn in 5.3 miles. That will get us back on the highway. It'll be fine. It won't be much longer."

At least Santana hoped it wouldn't. She wasn't one hundred percent sure that the turn in 5.3 miles was the turn to get back on the highway, but there was no way she was going to risk turning around now. The road was narrow and there was way to much snow on the ground to tell what she was driving into. The safest thing to do was to just stay on the road and pray that they would come across something recognizable soon.

"Here," Santana announced, indicating with a hand gesture for Brittany to hold the GPS. She just remember that she also had a GPS on her phone so after passing the non-working Tom Tom over to Brittany she reached into the cup holder to pull out her phone.

She quickly typed in Ohio, looked up quickly then glanced back down when she felt the car was firmly established on the road and typed in Lima, she looked up again to see all was fine and typed in Brittany's street…

"LOOK OUT," Brittany yelled in horror as a deer streaked out in front of their car.

Santana immediately looked up to see the small fawn caught in her head lights and jerked the steering wheel to the right to avoid hitting it, causing the car's back wheels to lock and the car to slide off the side of the road, hitting a telephone pole.


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