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What Really Happens:

About one month after Percy's 15th birthday, Paul was coming home from Goode with huge piles of papers and homework in his arms. He had to work late that night, and it was well after dinner time. He somehow managed to unlock and open the door to the Jackson-Blofis apartment, (Does anyone actually know when they get/got married?) and just as he stepped over the threshold he dropped all of the papers spectacularly. Paul cursed loudly. Grumbling, he started to pick everything up off the entry way floor.

Amazed that no one had heard him, Paul walked towards the kitchen to deposit his belongings on his desk next to the hallway closet. As he reached the door, he heard Sally and Percy arguing in hushed whispers. Paul couldn't make out what they were saying at first, but he as he got closer, Paul heard Sally say,

"…glad that nothing more serious happened. We need to tell him before—"

Paul cleared his throat loudly to let them know he was there.

Both jumped and turned around to face him. They both had guilty looks on their face. Sally was holding a canteen and was pouring whatever was in it on to Percy's forearm, where there was a deep gash with lots of blood.

"Tell me what?" Paul asked. "What happened to Percy?"

Percy and Sally exchanged nervous looks. Percy recovered quickly.

"I tripped over a crack in the sidewalk and fell into a bush."

"Okaaay," Paul said skeptically, giving both of them a look that he knew they weren't telling him the truth. Paul then shook his head and walked out of the kitchen to finish grading some of his students' papers, determined to confront the two of them about it when he had gotten more rest. It had been a long day, and Paul wouldn't be surprised that he had mis -heard or -seen anything.

Later that same night, Paul lay in bed wide awake. He could not fall asleep. He kept pondering over what exactly Sally had meant by "…need to tell him before—" Before what? Paul regretted walking in on them when he did. If he had waited for a few seconds longer, he could have heard more of what they were talking about. Finally, more than an hour later, Paul fell asleep, though fitfully.

"Good morning, Paul," Sally said cheerfully the next morning. Paul walked over and kissed her lightly on the cheek.

"Hey, Paul," Percy said, as if it were a normal occurrence for him to be up before Paul was.

Grabbing some blue pancakes Sally had made before he woke up, Paul sat down at the table next to Percy. Paul figured that was the reason for Percy waking up so early. The guy had a great nose when it came to his mother's famous blue pancakes. Then again, that could be exactly why Sally made pancakes this morning. To talk to Percy.

"So, Percy. Mind telling me what last night was all about?"

Sally got an alarmed look on her face, and then turned around pretending to be fixing a pancake so Paul couldn't see her expression. Percy's face was totally empty of any emotion.

"What happened?" Percy said, blankly.

If Paul hadn't seen Sally's expression, he would have believed that nothing more than Percy being clumsy had happened. They ate their pancakes in silence, and then it was time to get to school. In the car ride over, Percy had a look that clearly meant he was deep in thought. It was odd for him to be silent, because normally Percy was a chatter box from his ADHD. Paul wondered if he was thinking about last night.

"Percy, tell me. Am I hallucinating?" Paul finally asked his soon-to-be stepson.

Percy gave him a confused and worried look, so Paul decided to drop it, as they had finally arrived at Goode.

"See ya soon, Paul!" Percy told him as he got out of the car and ran into the school.

The warning bell rang, signaling five minutes until first period began. Paul watched from his desk as his students for first period filed in, including Percy. As usual, Percy walked to the back of the room and sat down. The final bell rang and the normal chatter quieted down.

"Today, class," Paul began—he noticed Percy's eyes start to droop—"We will start a new unit. To accompany this unit, we will be reading the Odyssey, by Homer." Everyone groaned. Paul chose to ignore them, and keep going.

"Now, who knows who Homer was?" Paul asked the class, highly doubting anyone to really know. He was about to continue, when he noticed that there was in fact a hand raised in the air.


"Homer was a blind poet from Ancient Greece, who also wrote the Iliad which is about the Trojan War." Percy answered confidently.

"Yes, good job," Paul praised, shocked that out of all his students, Percy had known. Meaning no offense to him, of course. He was just surprised, is all. Paul was halfway through his lecture about the Greek gods and goddesses when he realized that Percy had fallen asleep. Paul was never offended when this happened, he knew it happened in all of Percy's classes, but it was sometimes annoying.

"Percy," Paul called loudly. He woke with a start. "Perhaps you can tell me what happened to the balanced Olympian council when Dionysus became an Olympian?" He asked, sure that Percy wouldn't know. Paul would sometimes ask sleepy students questions he was positive they didn't know so that they would be less likely to fall asleep in his class again.

"Rather than having six guys and six girls, there were suddenly seven guys and five girls," he answered.

"Correct. And which goddess gave up her throne?"

"Hestia, goddess of the hearth, because she is the goddess of family and did not want her family to fight."

"Very good, Percy." Paul was again astonished that Percy had known the answer to that question, when Paul had been certain Percy was asleep.

The rest of first period passed by, and slowly the rest of the day did, until it was lunchtime. It was only when Paul was walking to the staff break room, did he realize how odd Percy's answer was regarding the Greek mythical goddess Hestia. "Hestia, goddess of the hearth, because she is the goddess of family…" He had used present tense in describing Hestia. Paul's mind struggled to come up with an explanation to that. Maybe he had just misheard him. Percy could have said was and Paul just didn't realize. His brain could just be warping things and making Paul misinterpret things after what he thought happened at home. But Paul was still doubtful that Percy said was. He was very certain Percy had said is.

After school every week Tuesday through Thursday from 2:30-4, Percy had swim practice. Paul had just finished up entering some grades into the computer, and walked over to Goode's pool to watch Percy finish up before they headed home. Paul took a seat in the first couple of rows in the bleachers on the side of the pool, and watched Percy finish his laps well before the rest of the team. It was no wonder Percy had been made captain. Paul spaced out as everyone else finished and as the coach told the team what to do next. He looked around the pool, took in the familiar Goode school color banners, and then he noticed that he was not alone in the bleachers. Sitting farther up and to the left of Paul sat a curly-haired blonde girl that Paul supposed was around Percy's age. Her skin was tan like she spent a lot of time in the sun, and she looked extremely athletic. Probably one of the guys' on the team's girlfriend, Paul decided.

He totally forgot about her until swim practice was over, and the team had gone into the locker rooms to get changed. Paul bent down to pick up all his stuff, and when he looked up, the blonde girl was already out of the bleachers and walking briskly towards the locker room to where the guys were just coming out. Paul noticed the blonde walking over to one of the guys—So Paul was right, just one of the boys' girlfriends—until he saw her walk up to Percy, who had his backpack slung over one shoulder. Paul was confused. He didn't know Percy had a girlfriend. He couldn't hear what they were saying, but the girl gave Percy something in a Ziploc bag, and Percy seemed to be thanking her profusely as he shoved whatever it was into his overstuffed backpack.

Paul was finally within hearing distance, and he heard the girl say "—Seaweed Brain! Next summer make sure you bring enough home with you from camp! I don't want to have to come all the way from camp just to give you nectar and ambrosia that you forgot in your cabin!"

"Thanks again, Annabeth. For the twentieth time." Percy added sheepishly. "So. Now what are you going to do?"

"I might as well visit Sally while I'm here. Argus will be coming to pick me up at six." Percy nodded.

Paul walked up to the two, and Percy turned bright red. It was funny to watch.

"Jeez Percy, I didn't know you had a girlfriend." Paul said.

"She's not my—we're just friends—ugh."

"I'm not his girlfriend. I take it you're Mr. Blofis? I am Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena." Annabeth stuck out her hand.

"Whoa wait—what?!" I said, shaking her hand. Daughter of Athena?

Annabeth turned to Percy, whose face was still a bit pink tinged.

"You haven't told him yet?"

"Uh, no. Mom and I were going to any day now, though," Percy defended himself.

"Seaweed Brain," Annabeth muttered.

"Hey! I said soon, didn't I?"

"Whatever, Seaweed Brain. Let's go to your place. We have a lot to tell you, Mr. Blofis."

"Please call me Paul, Annabeth. And what in the world is going on?"

"We'll tell you everything once we get home, trust me, Paul." Percy responded.

After an awkward car ride home, the trio finally arrived at the Jackson-Blofis apartment.

Sally came to the front door to greet them all.

"Oh and Annabeth, dear!" she said, giving Annabeth a hug. "What brings you here?"

"Seaweed Brain hasn't told Paul, has he?" Annabeth inquired. Sally shook her head.

"Could you help?" Sally asked. Annabeth nodded.

"Yeah, Argus isn't coming until six to pick me up."

Sally sat Paul at the table, and the three of them sat on the other side.

"What is going on?" Paul demanded.

All three of them looked at each other, like they knew something that he didn't know.

Sally began the story. She told Paul about her first lover, how they had met at Montauk, and what happened to him. Then Annabeth took over, and told Paul about the Greek gods and goddesses, and that they followed Western Civilization and they were still very much alive. She also told him about demigods' ADHD and dyslexia, their battlefield reflexes and how they could all speak Ancient Greek fluently, including not all mortals being able to see anything because of the Mist. Finally, Percy took over, and told Paul about Camp Half-Blood, discovering who his father was, and all of his adventures and quests, up until this last summer, with the Labyrinth.

"So today in class you did talk about Hestia in the present tense, because she is real." Paul was so relieved that he wasn't hallucinating. Although, he thought, this could be a hallucination. Paul shook the thought from his head.

"Yup," Percy said. "And you actually did meet the real Poseidon on my birthday."

"Wow," was all Paul could manage, trying to take it all in. They sat in silence for a bit, until Annabeth realized what time it was: 6:15.

Annabeth cursed in Ancient Greek.

"Gotta run, so sorry. Great meeting you, Paul. See you at Camp, Seaweed Brain. Be careful." And Annabeth was out the door before anyone could say something more.

"Well, Paul. Now you know what really happens," Percy joked.

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