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Castiel sat at the table of his crappy motel room reading the paper. It had been a few days since he and Dean had broken off from Gabriel and Sam. They all agreed that this was for the best after the nasty run-in they had had with a group of demons back in Jackson. This way if there were any still after them they'd have more chance of evading them. It seemed like a good plan at the time, that is until Castiel told Dean that he was essentially "grounded" for the time being. It was easier to hide when you didn't have an angel popping in and out every couple of hours.

He sipped his coffee absentmindedly as he wondered where Dean had gotten to. He was usually there when Castiel got up in the morning but today he wasn't. Though part of Castiel thought it was for the better. He had a feeling that Dean had a habit of watching him in his sleep. He flipped the page when one particular story caught his attention.

Man Dies in Bizarre Incident

Farmville, VA

The body of James Owens was found late Tuesday evening by police in his home residence on 1808 South Fredericks Street. The cause of death is still as yet unknown. However, the body appears to have been mauled and partially eaten by a number of small animals, presumably cats. Owens, who was being investigated for animal cruelty, had all animals removed from the premise a week ago while he was to await trial. If anyone has any information on the death they are encouraged to call the Prince Edward County Sheriff's Department.

It was at that particular moment that Dean decided to walk through the door stuffing a long john doughnut in his mouth.

"Mupffft dnmppp priyyy."

"What was that Dean?"

"They were out of pie."

"How upsetting, truly it is a tragedy for the ages." Castiel mocked.

"Hey, don't tease, pie is probably one of dad's most important creations."

"Whatever you say Dean, but we have bigger issues at hand."

"Issues like…" Dean set the bag of bakery goods down on the table.

"No, not demons. But it could be worse." He slid the paper across to Dean.

"Son of a bitch… I thought he was supposed to be dead."

"Apparently not."

"Look, Cas, I know you got a no fly order on me but I really think I should check this out."

"You mean we should."

" No I mean, Me. If it is who we think it is I can't be putting you in danger."

Castiel was just about to argue back, but Dean had already disappeared. He rubbed his face.

"You're incorrigible, Dean."

Dean reappeared in a small park, looking around to be sure that he hadn't been seen. Something felt off about the town, there was something here, and it was way too powerful to be any sort of good news.

"Come on, where are you?" Dean muttered, closing his eyes in concentration. He scanned the town.


Dean flew quickly to where he thought the source of the power was emanating from and arrived to find himself in some sort of great hall. His angel blade dropped into his hand as he turned.

"I know you're here somewhere. No use hiding from an angel."

"An angel, you say?" the voice resonated about the hall. "Sweetie, if your reputation is anywhere close to being true, I'd call you anything but."

There was a rustle behind Dean and out of instinct he turned and lunged. His blade blocked by another. His eyes trailed up from the crossed blades to the young woman across from him. She smiled slightly, jumping back.

"Heard you were quite the fighter. Shall we test that theory?"

He lunged again, and she dodged.

"Seems you know a lot about me."

"You could say that."

They continued like that for some time, neither able to land a blow, with the sword at least. Dean had been able to connect an elbow shot knocking her off balance just enough to knock her right arm. She let out a hiss of pain clutching the cut that was now glowing a dull blue white. She quickly disappeared. Dean turned, prepared for another attack, but there was none. Instead, with a whooshing noise, flames sprang up around him. Dean let out a string of curses.

The woman jumped from her perch on the rafters landing softly in front Dean. She gestured to the fire.

"Sorry… about all of this. I just didn't particularly feel like being impaled today. And to be far it is sorta an eye-for-an-eye situation."

"But I didn't."

"Oh, not to me, but a close friend of mine."

"You mean you and the Archangel?"

"We're friends, yes. Imagine that, a lowly little seriph and an archangel. We did have a rather grand time of it."

"You know…"

"Yes I know… actually that's why I wanted to talk to you."

"Talk to me? Call me crazy, but I don't even know who you are. Hell, I don't even know if I can trust you."

"I would be offended, Vianuel, but I guess I have been off the radar for awhile, give or take a century or two." She paused. "I am Halaliel." She curtsied grinning.

"Yeah that's great and all, but what the hell do you want?" His eyes scanned the room for some means of escape. Maybe if he could keep her talking long enough he could put out the flames and get back to Castiel.

"I want to join your team."


"This angels and demons crap. I'm done with it, nothing good can come from it. Ga…. he would have wanted it, he died for the sake of humanity. I just… want to feel as if I've done something to make him proud."

Dean paused. Halaliel seemed honest enough. Though there had to be an ulterior motive, there always was when it came to his family (as much as he hated to admit it). That and how much use could she even be? They had him and Sam, and that seemed to be enough power.

"But you're not doing this for humanity?"

"No, I'm not." She said simply. "I'm doing it to revenge a dead brother and a friend. Surely you can understand that?"

Dean avoided her piercing gaze and tried not to think of Sam.

"Besides, you're going to need an angel that's not been blackballed."

"I guess that's true."

"Great! So you're not going to try to kill me now?"

"Not currently planning on it, no."

"Oh, good!" She clapped her hands together, and the flames dissipated.

"So does that mean I get to meet your human now?"

"He's not my human…"
"Yeah, you keep telling yourself that. Personally I don't understand it. But whatever."

Dean just rolled his eyes as they ported back to the motel.

After Dean had left, Castiel felt like going for a bit of a run (it had been awhile anyways and he had begun to feel guilty about it). Normally he would bring clothing with him when he showered after a run, since he and Gabriel (and now he and Dean) shared a motel room. He had forgotten once and had to go out in a towel to retrieve his clothes. Needles to say he was met with a wolf whistle and much teasing on Dean's part.

However, as misfortune would have it, he forgot his pile of clothes at the foot of his bed. He was wrapping a towel around his waist, worrying what Dean would say this time when he remembered… Dean was off somewhere… somewhere not here. He peaked out the door, still no Dean. Castiel quickly made his way to his bed, and grabbed his clothes. He was just about to pick them up when he heard a flutter.

"You didn't say that he'd be naked. Well mostly naked." The voice was decidedly not Dean's. Castiel could feel himself turning bright red.

"That's 'cause I didn't know that he was." Dean replied begrudgingly voice tinged with embarrassment.

"I'm going to to go put some clothes on now."

The pair watched as Castiel hurried off into the bathroom slamming the door behind him.

"Far as humans go sir, I must admit you have good tastes."

"Yeah… wait what? No, no… it's not like that he's, I'm…" he spluttered turning a similar shade of red that Castiel had been sporting.

"Whatever you say, sweetie. But your face says otherwise."

Dean flopped down on the bed pouting.

"I'm not your sweetie."

"No, you're Castiel's," Halaliel replied smartly, dodging the pillow Dean threw at her.

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