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Kid's P.O.V

Kid pulled his hands out of his pockets to wave at his group of friends. Tsubaki was reprimanding Black Star for fighting with Soul for another one of his stupid bone headed reasons.

"But Tsubaki", he whined, "Soul said that Kid was more godly than me because he was able to get partners with bigger tits than my partners!"

"MAKA CHOP!" Suddenly Soul and Black Star were knocked out on the floor from a bloody book shaped hole in their heads.

'Were does she always get these books' Kid thought, 'well they should of expected it, fighting over something as idiotic as that.'

After looking away, disgusted by the sight of her partner, Maka saw Kid riding towards them and a smile grew on her face, "Hey Kid!" She waved and her dirty blonde pigtails bounced ever so slightly. Kids eyes glossed over as he watched her perfectly symmetrical hair! He had to admire her for that! Sometimes he thought she kept it like that simply to put him at ease.

"Kid!" Liz yelled. But it was to late Kid had already began falling face first into the ground before he knew it as he heard laughter above him.

Tsubaki came running toward Kid first and helped him back up by his arm as Soul Eater went to grab his board that had just recently abandoned by his feet.

As he stood he saw the dirt that now soiled his beautiful tailored suit. "Kid are you okay?", Maka asked silently.

"No", the black haired boy responded seriously.

Liz's eyes filled with worry, " are you hurt!?"

Kid looked at her with confusion as if the answer was obvious, "of course Im hurt! My pride has never been lower!" He pointed at his dirty suit, "the dirt on the left side of my suit is not symmetrical with the dirt on the right side of my suit!"

Everyone sighed with relief and annoyance.

"I might as well just be dirt! Garbage! Mud! I'm asymmetrical trash!"

As Patty tried to make Kid feel better by putting dirt on the other side of his suit, Kid came out of his crazy rampage when he heard a familiar laugh. He turned around to see none other than Jack Frost balancing on his staff with his toes and cracking up at the display shown in front of him. It was no question at who had tripped him.

Noticing Kid's sudden quiet, Soul took the opportunity to hand the shinigami back his board. "What happened Kid? You never lose your balance on this board."

Everyone stared at Kid awaiting an answer, all wondering the same thing.

Jack just kept on laughing, "you could tell them the truth. HAHAHA! That an invisible person tripped you because you chose to test the great Jack Frost, guardian of fun, and keep him away from a moment to embarrass someone!" Jack stopped laughing and winked, "but you know, all in good fun."

Kid ignored Jack, he would not give him the satisfaction. "Oh you know must have hit a rock, it can happen to anybody", he lied. The dense boys of the group simply shrugged and accepted the excuse, but the girls knew better and gave him the eye suspecting something, but saying nothing to his response.


"MAKA CHOP! Shut up Black Star! Why do you stick with him Tsubaki?"

The long black haired girl simply blushed and smiled sweetly, "he's not all bad."

Just then Kid felt a cold chill down his back and his eyes went wide, 'oh why did he turn his back to the young boy!'

His mouth filed into a tight line as he cringed at the cold snow melting on his back and falling to the floor beneath him in puddles down his pants. As soon as he regained his composure he kicked his foot back aiming for Jacks gut but only catched air.

The winter spirit appeared floating upside down in front of Kid. "Were you trying to hit me?" Jack gave the boy a mocked hurt expression. "After all we have been through?"

Kid only responded with a glare before Patty started laughing, "HAHAHA KID WET HIS PANTS!"

Everyone looked at Kid and the wet floor beneath him.

"Wait? WHAT!? NO!", the shinigami tried hastily explaining.

Jack smiled pointing at Patty, "I like this kid."

"Eww Kid, not cool", Sould explained.

"IT"S JUST SNOW", he exclaimed as he gestured wildly. Liz, Maka and Tsubaki all noted how childish Kid was acting. It was very out of character from his normal, serious stature.


Maka spoke up, "Black Stars right Kid. You know better than anyone that it's never cold on school grounds, not enough to make snow, even if it is winter in death city. Snow wont come in the school."

Jack just nodded knowingly next to Maka with his hand on his chin, "she's got you there, Kid."

"Shut up!" Kid angrily said under his breath. Everyone looked at him immediately. His eyes got wider as he realized what he just did, 'Shoot'.

"Shut up! Fine!" Maka said stubbornly crossing her arms, "maybe I should just leave then if my commentary is unwanted!" She turned to walk away, but before Kid could grab her arm to stop her Jack tapped his staff on the floor creating ice underneath Kid and Maka's feet causing them to slip and fall on top of each other.

Everyone stared wide eyed at the sight of Kid suffocating in Maka's tiny chest. As soon as it had happened however Kid quickly backed away from the innocent girl, blushing madly.

"Kid what is wrong with you today", Liz fumed.

This made Jack howl with laughter, "looks like someones jealous!"

Kid was boiling with anger as he stared at the boy. Jack looked back at him and flashed his trademark lady killer smile. "Why so serious", he said in his best joker impersonation.

Kid was about to crack a smile at that comment but instead breathed in and out until he was neither on the verge of yelling or laughing.

"You know Liz, you're right something is wrong with me today", Kid announced.

Jack looked at the boy to his side questioningly.

"I must just be tired from the lack of sleep I have been getting." Kid pushed his arms out as if he were doing an over exaggerated yawn and in the process grabbed a handful of Jacks soft, white, ice-cold hair. Kid smirked at Jacks yelp as Kid pulled his hands back in behind his head (something he's seen Soul often do).

"I'm gonna head back home if you all don't mind, Patty Liz leave my bored with my father if you don't mind, Ill come get it later."

Before waiting for a response Kid continued to walk back in the direction of his home with a protesting trickster dragging behind him, grabbing his head in pain and absolute agony.

From a distance, unknown to all was a certain non-kangaroo watching with amusement at the prank loving guardians form of punishment chosen by the teen believer.

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