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"What do you want Robin?" Raven demanded after he dragged her into the investigation room. She crossed her arms and silently chanted her mantra to keep her anger at bay. She glared at him from underneath her hood, Robin visibly paled before rubbing the back of his neck,

"Well, you see, Bee kind of needs a break from Titans East." Raven raised one of her elegant eye brows,

"And?" she inquired when he paused,

"I want you to go to Titans East and take her place." He finally stated firmly. Raven crossed her arms underneath her cloak,

"How long, exactly?" He looked up at her and was silent for a few moments,

"At least a month." He said calmly and narrowed his eyes behind his mask, daring her to challenge him. Raven remained silent for a few heartbeats,

"Why me?" she finally asked. Robin looked up confused for a seconds before answering her question,

"Cyborg wants to be here with his girlfriend. Starfire, I'm afraid being with all those guys that they'll take advantage of her." Raven rolled her eyes at the Boy Wonders way of saying he didn't want to be away from his Girlfriend. "Beast Boy, well, he's Beast Boy. And I'm the leader of this team so I need to be here. Bee deserves this break from the guys, maybe you will be able to whip them into shape." Raven narrowed her eyes, contemplating this before sighing in defeat,

"Fine." She huffed, "How long until I leave?" Robin paled again,

"Well…" she raised her eye brows at his fear, it wasn't like Robin to stutter, "You have 15 minutes to pack before you and Bee both leave from both towers. Meaning you'll arrive at the same time. She's taking the Titan East's T-ship and you'll be taking ours." Raven, not giving anger a chance to come out and murder Robin, just nodded before teleporting to her room.

20 minutes later Raven was soaring through the air in the T-ship. He bags where in the storage compartment and she had gone in her leotard and cloak, "Robin to Raven." Came a crackling call from the ships communicator. Raven flipped a switch and Robin's masked face appeared on the screen beside the wheel,

"Raven here. What do you want Boy Blunder." Robin looked shocked at her abruptness but shook it off,

"I'm initiating auto-pilot and controlling the ship from the tower. You are free to relax." Raven nodded at him, "Robin out." Raven nodded again and shut off the switch and relaxing back in her chair. She pulled out her book, this is going to be a long trip, she thought and buried herself in her book

Raven suddenly jolted awake at a pounding on her window. Black energy instantly formed at her hands, not realizing who was banging at her window. She looked around frantically, her eyes finally resting on two small boys, Mas y Menos. She realized the energy and stretched, not remembering falling asleep. Raven smiled at the two boys before opening the roof and climbing out of the ship. Instantly the two boys where on her and tugging at her hands speaking a quick flow of Spanish, in which she translated quickly into, 'hello welcome to our home*' Raven smiled at them and thanked them quickly, before trying to reach around and get her bags.

Another flow of Spanish in which she found to mean, 'do not worry Miss Raven. Come inside and we will get your bags.' Raven offered them another small smile before allowing the boys to take her hand and drag her to the front door. Instantly her ears where assaulted with screaming,

"Give it back Aqualad!" Speedy screamed at Aqualad who just laughed in response. Raven allowed Mas y Menos to drag her to the common room where Speedy was chasing Aqualad around who had something in his hand. Squinting at it closely Raven tried to see what had Speedy all worked up. She was so intent on seeing what Aqualad had that she didn't notice them running toward her and Aqualad switching directions before colliding into her. Unfortunately for Raven, Speedy didn't see Raven until too late and couldn't quite make the sharp turn Aqualad did.

With a startled yelp Speedy crashed into Raven who fell to the floor with a grunt. She fell back, Mas y Menos ran to go get her stuff and couldn't catch her. Out of reflex she had turned her body while she was falling, so Speedy had cushioned her fall. Raven had shut her eyes when the collision had happened, screwing them up in shock of being hit full force. Now her eyes flew open and met the most brilliant green eyes she had ever seen.

Raven was so shocked by the intensity of the eye color she didn't really comprehend that she was on top of Speedy. For some strange reason she couldn't help it, the eyes memorized her, trapped her to the spot, they sparkled with mischief, amusement and something deeper. With a shaking hand she reached out and touched the side of his face, caressing his cheek and leaning forward to look deeper into the green, not really conscious of what she was doing. She was finally snapped out of her stooped when she saw Speedy smirk at her,

"Hey Raven." He said nonchalantly, like nothing had happened, but she could hear amusement in his voice. She sat up quickly and snatched her hand away, not realizing her awkward position until she heard bubbling laughter behind her. She finally realized why Speedy was smirking at her, why Mas y Menos were looking at her as if she had sprouted wings and why Aqualad was laughing so hard, tears streamed down his face; she was straddling Speedy. When she had fallen she was grabbed onto the most stable thing and latched onto it with her whole body. While turning them so he broke her fall she had wrapped her legs around his waist and latched her hands onto the front of his shirt.

Raven pushed up on his chest and swung her leg from around his waist and rolling off him in one smooth motion. Raven glared at Aqualad as she stood up. She turned back to help Speedy up, he latched onto her hand and she pulled him up, perfectly aware of what she was doing until she looked up at his face and she was trapped again, as if under a spell. She felt herself being drawn closer to him and she leaned forward again, and was again brought out of the spell when she felt his warm breath on her lips. She shut her eyes and growled spinning away from the archer and using a trendel of power to close Mas y Menos jaws the other was to snatch up Aqualad and bring him close, encased in a black bubble, he was unable to move as Raven stalked up to him, allowing her eyes to briefly glow red. Aqualad's eyes widened as she snatched Speedy's mask out of his hand and sent him flying back into the wall and left him there as she turned keeping her eyes firmly shut so she couldn't see Speedy's eyes, she shoved his mask over his eyes. She cautiously opened her eyes and saw that mask was firmly in place and opened them all the way, to meet a smirking Speedy she snarled at him and turned away,

"Come on Mas y Menos. Show me my room." She demanded, "Training room in one hour." She ordered before leaving to the hallway, hearing the satisfying thump of Aqualad's body hitting the floor from his drop from the roof caused Raven to smirk. Mas y Menos, another flow of Spanish, translating to be 'this is your room Miss Raven.'

Before Raven could thank them and ask them a few questions, they were gone. Raven just shook her head wearily and walked into the guest room. It was simple, on one side of the room there was a huge window that was basically the wall, it faced outside and toward the ocean, giving her a perfect view of the sunset on the ocean. On the opposite side of the room was a king sized bed, a night stand with a lamp and clock on it, a dresser, a desk, and a closet. Raven sighed and collapsed on the bed, the silk sheets instantly conforming to her shape. Using her power she unpacked her bags quickly. Uniforms going into the closet, civilian clothes in the dresser. A few pictures went on the desk, along with some paper work and her laptop went along with it. Next came 5 or 6 thick books which she lined against the wall. Her mirror to Nevermore was sent gently on the dresser beside her communicator.

Raven opened the door that led to the bathroom and searched through it, finding several items already there. Across she found another door, curiously she opened it and found it led to another bedroom. A quick scan of it she found it to be Speedy's room, maybe the pictures of Archers, and some broken arrows scattered around the room and on the walls, hinted it. But what really keyed her in was the archer himself standing with his back to her, fumbling with his uniform shirt. He turned and saw Raven, quickly pulling the shirt over his head and giving her his full attention.

"Hey Rae." Raven was blushing furiously due to the fact she just walked in on a half dressed, very well-muscled man. She quickly averted her gaze,

"Sorry." She muttered and before Speedy could say anything she quickly shut the door to their adjoined bathroom and ran to her own. With a puff of breath Raven sat down in front of the wall window and tried to focus on meditating to return her cheeks to their normal pale, ashen color. A beeping sound suddenly rang through her room and Raven glanced over at her digital clock on the night stand, using her powers to turn it off. She rose to her feet and walked out the door and to the training room.

She got out her door before she realized she had no idea where the training room was at. With a sigh she just began walking back to the common room hoping to meet up with one of the others and tell them to lead the way. She entered the common room and with a sigh of relief she saw Aqualad starting to head out the door leading to one of the many hallways,

"Aqualad!" she called out and the fish boy turned to look at Raven with a big grin,

"Hey Rae! I thought we were supposed to be heading toward the Training room." Raven clenched her teeth,

"Don't call me that." She stated glaring at him, then relaxing she continued in a more calm voice, "I was actually hoping you could show me the way." Aqualad grinned,

"Of course Raven." He grinned and led the way down the hallway with Raven close behind. When they finally reached the door it slid open to reveal Mas y Menos running from wall to wall and Speedy working on sit ups. She was faintly surprised to hear him counting under his breath

"Two- hundred forty-four, two- hundred forty-five." Raven was snatched away from the surprise when a hand waved in front of her face. Raven lurched back and blinked in surprise at Aqualad,

"Huh?" she asked then cursed herself. What was wrong with her? She's usually always listening, always paying attention,

"I said, we are ready to start. What would you like us to do?" She looked around in surprise and saw Speedy and the twins where waiting for her to say something as well. She cleared her throat,

"Today we are going to work on hand-to-hand combat, no weapons, no powers." She declared and gently separated the twin. They were all staring at her disgruntledly. "Aqualad and Speedy will fight each other and Mas y Menos will fight me." Aqualad turned to Speedy, a challenge lit up his gaze,

"There is no way you'll beat me." He boasted, Speedy smirked at him,

"Really? Because last time we fought, I beat you.*" he replied confidently,

"Yeah but that's when you had your arrows, you don't have them this time." Speedy just narrowed his masked eyes,

"Bring it on unitard guy." He snarled and Aqualad jumped at him. Raven just shook her head at the two boys and turned to face the twins,

"All right Mas, I'll fight you first." The smaller boy gulped and steeped up to square off to Raven. Menos sat down and cheered his brother on in Spanish. Raven smiled, she would go easy she decided.

In the end Raven ended up beating Mas and Menos, but it was more difficult then she expected. Raven stood there proud and praised the two boys,

"Good job guys. Now I want to exercise you guys working together, and without powers." The two boys looked at her and waited for her to tell them what to do. Raven nodded over at Speedy and Aqualad who were still fighting. "We are going to change it up, you guys take Aqualad, I'll take Speedy." The two boys nodded and began to circle around until they were close enough to Aqualad and together they both jumped at his feet. With a startled yell the boy fell, Speedy smirked,

"Looks like everybody is on my tea-," he was rudely cut off by Raven who sent a flying side kick right into his side. He fell, looked up at her, and then smirked bouncing back to his feet, "Bring it on Rae."

Raven was furious that he called her that and attacked him. She threw a punch to his gut and he blacked it with a middle block. He swung his fist around toward her head and she ducked, allowing his momentum to drag him off balance. She swiftly brought her leg up and kicked him in the chest with a round house. Speedy staggered back, and while he was off balance Raven swept her foot under him and he fell with an audible thud.

Raven took this to her advantage and pounced on him, straddling his waist and pinning his arms above his head. For the second time that day, Raven was on top of Speedy. He looked stunned for a second then grinned wickedly, "Give up Speedy?" she growled leaning down so her face was right next to his to seem more threatening. His grin just grew,

"Nope." He declared. Raven bared her teeth,

"What are you going to do? I have you pinned.

"This!" he stated then brought his head up and kissed her on the lips. Raven relaxed the grip on his hands slightly thoroughly shocked and perplexed. As soon as her grip loosened Speedy grabbed her wrists and yanked down with the left hand and thrust up with his hip, leaning heavily left.

Raven ended up pinned underneath him. Her legs dropped from around his waist and fell to the ground and her arms where pinned above her head. He smiled and Raven frowned, he purple eyes thoroughly confused, "Give up Rae?" he asked while leaning down in her face. Instead of snapping at him she just nodded,

"Get off." She whispered hoarsely. Speedy leaned back and clambered off and Raven stood up quickly, wrapped her cloak around her and drew her hood up and began walking toward the door, before exiting she turned back to look at the boys who were staring at her confused, "Good work team, will train again tomorrow." Then she left, she had to visit Nevermore.

*So about the Spanish thing, I tried to insert actual Spanish but then my computer started freaking out, so I just typed what they meant.

*Aqualad was referring to the fight in the episode 'Winner Takes All'.

I hope you guys like this, its my first Sp/Rae Fanfic. They would make such a cute couple!