Author Note: huh…so it looks like you guys didn't like my last chapter since I got NO reviews on it like…at all, so I'm just going to blow the survival situation going on and I'm going skip right to when Speedy and Raven are back at the tower and Aqualad took their place going to Libya after he rescued them. Enjoy.

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Raven stared out the window with her legs folded under her,

"Here" She glanced behind her shoulder and saw Speedy offering her a bowl,

"Thanks" she answered in monotone taking a bight of chocolate ice cream. Speedy shrugged off the thanks,

"So, are we like…I donno…dating now?" he asked after a bight. Raven glanced at him partly surprised. She shrugged,

"I guess." She replied taking another bight.

"So you wanna…ya know…go on date?" he asked a little confused. He had had one night stands but dating was partially new to him. He had dated Wonder Girl, for like a month, but not long enough to get a feel for it. Raven looked outside again and suddenly she had an idea,

"Sure! I have an idea, just go get dressed in civilian clothes, nothing fancy and meet me back in here in ten minutes." She said uncharacteristically excited. Speedy looked at her surprised,

"Okay…" he agreed unsurely. Raven beamed at him but before he walked away Raven called out to him,

"Speedy! Wait!" she called and raced after him. He turned back and was quite surprised when she gave him her empty ice cream bowl and took his own. She smiled at him and leaned forward with a quick peck on the lips and teleported out of the room. He stood there dazed for a few moments. He finally realized she had stolen his ice cream,

"Hey!" he protested to an empty room.

30 minutes later

"No, Raven. No!" Speedy said crossing his arms firmly, looking anywhere but her eyes

"Please!" she begged him eyes widening, "Roy…please!" he winced slightly when she said his name and made the mistake of looking down into her big, purple, pleading eyes,

"No." he said but Raven could hear him weakening. She placed the kitten back in the play area and wrapped her around his neck,

"Please Roy, for me?" she whispered staring into his green eyes. He stood solid for about two more seconds and finally gave in,

"Fine, we can have the cat." Raven smiled triumphantly and swooped down picking up the black kitten once more and began cooing at it again. Roy sighed and followed her around as she tossed the necessary items for the cat in his arms: food, litter, cat toys, bed…etc. She finally decided they had enough and led him over to the cashier who smiled at them. Raven smiled back and glanced over at Roy who was staring with wide eyes at the price brought up on the machine. He felt like passing out at the high price and Raven smiled coyly at him,

"Ooo…look at that." She said with faux interest as she looked outside of the shop. Raven smirked and began walking out of the store with the kitten curled in her arms, leaving Roy to pay for the stuff.

Roy glared at her retreating form and the cashier cleared her throat once more looking at him impatiently. With a sigh of exasperation he pulled out his credit card and gave it to her. Oh his girlfriend was sooo dead.

All right. That's it. I feel like you guys have lost interest in this story, so I'm ending it there. Hope you guys enjoyed it, I will be writing more stories but I am going to focus on my other story: Zombies and love. Good Bye!