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"We all get low,
Searching for that peace of mind.
Just when I had given up
Looking for some kind of sign,
That's when I found you..."

Being the most feared creature on the planet had its perks. Nobody dared to question you, unless they wanted their head handed to them. And nobody dared defy you, unless they wanted their limbs handed to them. One-by-one, at an excruciatingly slow pace.

Klaus tsked and shook his hands of the blood that had coated them, as he tossed the head of yet another poor fool who hadn't learned that lesson. He'd given him one job. Find out who the new hunter was going about his town, killing off his people. And the halfwit fancied himself brave to question Klaus on his motives. His last mistake.

The man behind him took out the handkerchief he had learned to carry for such occasions, and coughed subtly to remind his master of his presence.

"Thank you, Marcel," Klaus acknowledged him, taking the offered cloth.

"You know, it's a shame to see you lose yet another comrade, when there's already a hunter out there with marks on your backs," Klaus spoke to the mix of vampires and werewolves present to serve him. Yes, Klaus thought to himself, being feared definitely has its perks.

While Klaus cleaned himself of the blood he had spilled, in what Marcel was sure he considered a civil kill, he reflected on the fact that the hunter seemed to be after Klaus, not them. The hunter seemed to only kill his lackeys to warn him of how close he was getting. But if there was one thing Marcel had learned in the past century with Klaus, it was when to keep silent.

"And let this be a lesson to the rest of you," Klaus continued, addressing the audience. "You are not here to question me. Your existence, if you value it, is only for you to serve me."

Tucking the bloodied handkerchief in Marcel's breast pocket, Klaus patted his friend's chest and said, "Now go out there and find this man that's hunting my people. Bring him to me alive."

Looking over his assembled army, Klaus got a faraway gleam in his eyes as he whispered, "I want to know what his blood tastes like as he realizes just whom he's messed with."

One problem swiftly dealt with, Klaus head back to the business he had been so rudely pulled from. Walking back into the building, he noticed that the club had filled up in his absence. Excellent.

Up until a hundred years ago, Klaus had spent most of his life trying to break a curse and build himself a master race. Eventually, the curse was broken and the race was created.

Then the race died out. Well… they were slaughtered.

By him.

One could say he had a God-complex, the way he enjoyed being the one to give them life, only to take it away so brutally. After the disappointment over the rebellious species lifted, Klaus realized he liked it better this way. Being one of a kind. The master of all things that go bump in the night.

So he moved on. Instead of brooding over what he couldn't have, Klaus focused his energy on what he could have instead. He built himself an empire. In the human world… and the not-so-human world.

Year-by-year, decade-by decade, the world got darker by mankind's own making (and some of his). People chose to forget their despair by drinking and dancing themselves into oblivion. They would rather gorge on the unsanitary meals prepared by questionable barkeeps to avoid going home and facing their problems.

Not one to let an opportunity go to waste, Klaus decided if people were so very eager to sell their souls, he might as well take them for himself.

So he started a club of his own. Here, the remaining shells of humanity came to lose themselves in the insanity of music and alcohol. Having come of their own free will, their entrance fee would be paid at the end of the night, when desperate to feel something, anything, his patrons would make their way downstairs to the club underground, where creatures of the night would feast on their life source.

Two businesses in one. A win-win.

Seeing that business was thriving, Klaus made his way to the bar underground. Nobody dared stop him in his way, but when he got to his usual stool he found a girl already seated there.

Even from a yard away, Klaus knew she was a vampire. Her legs crossed under a slinky silver dress that barely grazed her thighs. Her blonde hair was swept to the side to reveal the plunging back. Just seeing the back of her as she sipped her martini was enough to make Klaus pause in his tracks. But only for a second. Caroline…

He yearned for the only girl to ever have such an unbreakable hold on him in all his eleven-hundred years. He sought her in the eyes of every vivacious young girl, in the smile of every brassy blonde. Part of him wanted to see her again just so he could rip her heart out and end the torture she had started in him. The other part of him wanted to find her again and never let her go this time.

Their century deadline had long since passed, and she still he hadn't come to him as he had hoped. Maybe it was time he went after her himself.

Looking now at the girl seated in front of him, Klaus sighed in frustration. Not her, he told himself.

Approaching her with a rising temper Klaus practically barked in her ear, "you're in the wrong seat, love."

Turning her head to face him, the girl lifted an audacious eyebrow and answered, "I'm sorry. Is this stool yours?"

Seeing the cheeky glint in her eyes, Klaus reinforced his scowl. "Yes. Now move."

Staring pointedly at the crowded bar, the girl turned a flirtatious smile back at Klaus, determined to crack his grouchy attitude.

"Well, tell you what, 'love,'" she said placing a caressing hand on his arm. "I'll give you this seat, if you're offering one a bit more… comfortable."

Klaus narrowed his eyes at her bold move. A few years ago, he might have taken her up on her offer, but not tonight. For the past few years, he only craved one girl.

And she wasn't it.

Not caring who saw or how it would affect business, Klaus let go of his slight hold on civility and plunged his hand into her chest.

"Word of advice, sweetheart," Klaus said, as he squeezed the girl's heart in front of the crowd that had stopped to stare at the spectacle. "Next time, don't—"

"Next time!" Marcel came up behind Klaus, keeping him from killing a customer with a growing audience. Turning his charming smile on the crowd and his soothing voice on Klaus, Marcel continued, "let's let the girl go, so she can reevaluate her actions for next time."

Understanding that Marcel was just looking out for him, Klaus reluctantly let the girl go, and allowed Marcel to lead him back outside.

"Quite a show you put on there, boss-man," Marcel said in equal parts frustration and awe.

"Where did you come from?" Klaus growled, turning his irritated gaze on his protégé, as he took yet another clean cloth from him to wipe his bloody hands. "I thought I sent you to find the hunter?"

"You did," Marcel huffed. "I guess you're lucky I work fast, or you would have lost all the business you've built up these past few decades. Still got some damage control to do as it is."

Klaus ignored the last part as he realized what Marcel had said. "Did you find him? The hunter?"

Marcel held up his hands, "hold up there, man. I found something. Or rather, someone. She's not talking though."

"Take me to her."

Figuring Klaus would waste no time, Marcel led him out the city to the woods just beyond the edge of town. There his vampires held a girl captive kneeling on the ground, her hands tied in front of her. Hearing their approach, the girl looked up and gasped. "You."

"Me," Klaus said, walking around her, observing the frail human girl that would lead him to the hunter. "I thought you said she wasn't talking?"

Marcel rolled his eyes at the amused look Klaus threw at him. "She wasn't. We found her running through the forest. When I caught her she just whispered 'need to run, run from one monster to another,' and then she was silent. Wouldn't answer me when I asked who she was running from. Wouldn't answer anything at all."

Klaus heard the bitterness in Marcel's tone that the girl responded at the sight of him, but not Marcel. Circling the girl once again, just for intimidation's sake, Klaus crouched in front of the girl and gripped her chin. "Are you scared, sweetheart?"

As if the uncontrollable trembling of her body wasn't enough of a tell, the girl nodded slowly.

"Good. That tells me you're a smart girl. A smart girl does everything she can to survive."

Letting go of her face, Klaus took out a pocket knife and flicked it to cut the ropes holding her hands tied. "Uh-uh," he admonished when he saw the girl contemplating making a run for it. "You know you wouldn't make it out of the woods alive."

"I wasn't going to run," the girl said, becoming calmer by the second.

As if she's accepting her doomed fate. "Weren't you?"

"No," the girl replied firmly. "You're the other monster."

Klaus narrowed his eyes at her declaration. "Who's the other?"

When the girl refused to answer, Klaus stood up in exasperation. "Come on! We all know this wood is the hunter's haunt. To be running around here, you must be either foolish or working with the hunter. So tell me," he said, lifting the girl to her feet. "Where is the hunter?!"

The girl stared at some spot over his shoulder as she replied, "closer than you think. Just remember, this is what you wanted. What you asked for."

Then the girl froze.

"What do you mean, this is what I asked for?" At first Klaus couldn't figure out what the girl was doing. Shaking the girl to get her to respond to him, he realized the girl had stopped breathing.

"Breathe!" he yelled, trying to compel her, but she wouldn't listen. Vervain.

That was enough to raise his hackles. Vervain had been banned from this county years ago. He made sure to remove any and all traces of the herb himself.

"What's going on?" Marcel asked from behind him.

"She's been compelled…" Klaus whispered, banking his fury. The hunter was working with a vampire? And he wasn't just killing his people. He was breaking all his rules.

Blatantly provoking Klaus. It was enough to make him see red.

The girl dropped dead in front of him. Klaus's mind moved past her as he strode out of the woods, leaving Marcel and the others to do the clean up behind him.

He was almost out of the woods, conjuring images of just how he would make the hunter suffer for having the nerve to target him, when he heard a sound a few yards away.

Holding himself very still, Klaus was able to pinpoint the sound of dripping liquid as the smell of freshly fallen blood assailed his senses. Gotcha.

Speeding through the woods, Klaus came upon another dead body. He didn't need to turn it over to know it was yet another one of his people. His eyes closed in disappointment, but only for a second.

Looking around, he hollered. "You've gotten sloppy. Or perhaps arrogance was your downfall. You thought I'd never catch you, but here we are. Almost too easy.

Looking down at the fallen vampire at his feet, Klaus vowed to get revenge for all his vampires and werewolves the hunter had taken from him. But looking at the body, he noticed something. Bite marks. What on Earth…Bite marks, compulsion... The hunter was a vampire?

"Maybe I wanted to be caught."

That voice. He'd never forget it. He heard it every night as it called to him in his dreams.

Turning in the direction it came from, Klaus stared disbelievingly at the blonde girl in front of him. Still as beautiful as ever. The sight of her still triggered the adrenaline coursing through his body. With blood, his vampire's blood, dripping down her chin, he still wanted her with an intensity he couldn't match in the past century.

"Hello, Klaus."

"Caroline…" he breathed. "You're the hunter?"

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