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"She wants me to come over,
I can tell. Her eyes don't lie.
She's calling me in the dark..."

Klaus paced furiously back and forth in front of the fireplace in his sitting room, drink in hand. Having ordered an audience with his old friend, Klaus was not able to settle his nerves until Stefan told him everything he needed to know concerning a certain blond beauty, who was currently tucked into a bed just down the hall from his.

Knocking back his fifth drink in the past half hour, Klaus threw the glass into the fireplace to keep himself from pouring another. With an agitated growl, he dropped down onto the nearest seat and buried his face in his hands, running his fingers agitatedly through his hair.

Something was not right with this Caroline, and he wouldn't rest easy until he knew what it was that changed her.

Not being one for patience, waiting on Stefan to arrive was sure to drive him insane. Nothing ever rattled him to the point of madness before. Why am I surprised that even after all this time only Caroline could affect me so? Klaus asked himself.

Stefan wasn't due to arrive until early morning, and it was only 1 A.M. Deciding sleep would be a better way to pass the time, Klaus strode up to his room, determined to ignore the presence of the girl who slept soundly only a few doors down.

Walking into his room, Klaus pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it on a chair in the corner. Without bothering to pull back the covers, he fell back onto the king sized bed that dominated the room and kicked off his shoes. Resting on the arm he pulled behind his head, Klaus willed his mind to empty as he counted the portraits on his wall.

He had almost managed to let go of his chaotic thoughts, but the second she walked through his open door, it was like all his nerve endings were on fire.

"I was wondering when you would come upstairs," she said, sashaying in wearing a satin peach robe he had picked out for her. He had imagined seeing her in all the outfits as he purchased them, but Klaus hadn't taken into account the effect they would have on him when all he could do was look.

"I was starting to think I'd have to come down and get you."

Even in the darkness of the room, Klaus could see the dangerous glint in her eyes as she crawled over him on the bed.

"Caroline, love," he said, pausing to clear his suddenly tightening throat. "What are you doing here?"

Sitting up on his lap, Caroline cocked her head to the side as she stared at him in amusement.

"Klaus, please. We both know what I'm doing here. We both knew what was going to happen the moment you found me."

Caroline bent towards his face, causing her hair to fall down around them like a curtain.

"We both have wanted this for far too long," she whispered.

Klaus couldn't deny any of her claims. But he knew he needed to stop her.

"Yes, well, I've become a fan of delayed gratification, sweetheart. I'm sure we can hold out long enough to… get reacquainted," he said sitting up to force her off his body.

But Caroline wasn't giving up.

"Oh, come on Klaus. I think we've wondered long enough. Let's find out just how mind-numbingly explosive we'll be," she said straddling his lap again.

Klaus gripped her hips to keep her from moving. "You're telling me you've imagined this? Us?"

The slow smile that spread across her lips had Klaus faltering in his convictions against giving in to her.

"Are you going to tell me you haven't?"

All playfulness left Klaus's eyes as he studied her, wondering how much he should reveal to her. Deciding to give her some of his heart, if not all of it, he admitted, "A thousand years, Caroline. I went a thousand years caring only of myself. And then without meaning to— without wanting to, I found you. All of the sudden I wanted so much more with you than I had ever wanted for myself before. I never wanted love, but with you I craved it. I never wanted to spend forever waking up next to the same person, to spend forever roaming this endless world, but for the past hundred years, I've wanted it all. And I've wanted it with you. So yes, Caroline, I have thought about it. Even in the arms of other women, all I've thought about is you."

Klaus felt Caroline stiffen underneath his fingertips with every word out of his mouth until she was as still as a statue. He knew she didn't want to hear what he had to say—that she wanted to continue on playing her game and leave it light, but he couldn't give her what she wanted. Not anymore. He felt as if the past hundred years were a game, and he had been losing.

Caroline stared at him, unmoving, until he thought he'd have to shake her out of it. But then that deceptively sweet smile was back as she lifted herself onto her knees over his lap, tugging on the sash that held her robe closed.

"Other women, huh?" she asked letting the robe fall open to reveal the silken skin Klaus dreamt about day in and out. "Sounds like you're trying to make me jealous… but then I know you know I've been in the arms of other men, so I guess we're even."

Klaus knew there had been others, but he didn't know how Caroline had truly felt about them. Were they passing whims, like they were for him? Distractions keeping them from whom they really wanted?

Or were they more? There had never been another for him, before or after Caroline. But Caroline had loved before him. Did she ever find love after him? He wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer to the questions plaguing his mind.

Leaning down, Caroline whispered into his ear. "But I'll let you in on a little secret," she said, reminding him of a similar moment they once had in her bed. "All those other guys… every once in a while, I'd imagine they were you."

Feeling his breath leave him with a shudder, Klaus growled with a hint of warning. "Caroline."

"Klaus," she mocked back, parting her robe even more, daring him to make a move.

For a moment, Klaus just sat there with a scantily clad Caroline hovering over him like a dream, trying like hell to fight the alpha-male inside him that needed to take what she was offering. And then he moved.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, Klaus swiftly rolled until Caroline was underneath him. His hands slipped under the robe to touch the girl he had missed for the past hundred years. Burying his face in her neck Klaus inhaled her scent.

He had forgotten how intoxicating it was. It had slowly been slipping from his memory. But she was here now, and he would never lose it again, he told himself placing his lips on her collarbone.

Pressing heated kisses on their way, Klaus trailed his lips up to hers. Giving her bottom lip a teasing bite, Klaus moved his mouth back down to her neck, unable to decide where to start. Remembering the last time they had been this close to each other, he smiled, allowing his teeth to graze her soft skin.

Caroline had been smiling as Klaus explored her body, enjoying the sensation of having the real thing replace her lacking dreams. She had waited for this moment longer than he could imagine. No other guy was able to coax the explosive response from her that Klaus managed to do so effortlessly. It had been a long wait to get to this moment, and Caroline was going to relish every second.

But then she felt his teeth against her neck. All of the memories of him piercing her skin and feeding from her came rushing back with a force that had her digging her heels into the mattress as her body strained up to meet his.

"PleaseKlaus…" she moaned, needing him to make her feel that way again; the feeling of being so connected to someone that you don't know where one begins and the other ends.

That soft, breathy sound of his name was enough to bring Klaus crashing back to his senses. Pausing his fingers on their way down her belly, he stiffened for a moment before pushing himself up and off her warm and more-than-willing body.

Caroline sat up to watch him pull out a sketch pad and pencil from the table set up across the room from the bed.

"What the hell, Klaus?" she asked, thoroughly confused at his retreat.

"My apologies, love," he said with his back to her, as he flipped through the pages. "I didn't mean to get so carried away with you there. Seems I'm unable to keep my wits about me with you near."

Looking over his shoulder at her beautifully rumpled body, he added softly, "but you knew that already, didn't you?"

Caroline fell back onto his pillows with a frustrated groan. Staring at his ceiling she wondered where she could get her hands on a white oak stake and put an end to the original idiot who couldn't appreciate a girl who practically threw herself at him.


Klaus smiled to himself, finding amusement in her predicament, as he got himself comfortable in the armchair that faced the bed.

"What are you doing now?" she asked, lifting her head to look at him.

"Indulging in a hobby that doesn't test my sanity."

Caroline smirked, loving the fact that she was getting to him. If she had to suffer, then it was only fair that he was just as tormented. "Sketching another masterpiece?"

His eyes roved her soft, flush body. "Something like that."

At the questioning quirk of her eyebrow, Klaus sighed. "I want to draw you, Caroline."

"Draw me? I thought that's all you ever did," she said, reminding him of his words from many years ago.

"Where have you been, huh, Klaus? Out painting one of you infinite landscapes?" she had asked in anger of his abandonment.

"You," Klaus had replied. "For the past six years, all I've painted is you."

"Yes," he answered her now. "But it was always from memory. My memory doesn't compare to the real thing."

He saw her eyes soften at his words. "Will you sit for me?"

Klaus watched as she pondered his words. Truth was, drawing her would be as much a distraction for her as it was for him. He could tell she had no intention of leaving his room, so he could only try to divert her until Stefan came. Then he'd know for sure what he was getting in to with this Caroline.

Coming up to the front of the bed to be closer to him, Caroline stood on her knees and plunged her hands into her hair, lifting them into a mess curls above her head.

"How do you want me?" she asked, her eyes dancing with mischief.

Klaus knew she was trying to entice him into taking what he was so eager to claim earlier, but he was having none of it.

"Just relax, Caroline. This will take a while, so I want you to be comfortable. Lie down."

Seeing there was no deterring him, Caroline huffed and flopped onto her belly. Cushioning her head on her arms, she turned to him with a small pout. "Good enough?"

"Perfect," he answered without looking up at her from his sketchbook.

Her pout grew, seeing how thoroughly she was being ignored. She was supposed to have the upper hand this time around, but it seems Klaus always managed to get his way.

The entire time he had spent pacing downstairs, Caroline had been playing over the last time she got to be so close to him. It had seemed as if it was finally their time, but he had reminded her of how he had been the one to walk away. It made her that much more determined that the next time they came together it would be all on her terms.

But here she was: lying in a pool of silk on his bed, and he wasn't even looking at her. He would glance at her from time to time, but his eyes were glued to what he was creating on paper.

Caroline decided if he wasn't going to notice a willing woman in his bed, then she might as well take the opportunity to check him out. He sat there bare-foot, bare-chested, his brows drawn together as he concentrated on the lines on his paper. Her eyes raked down the defined muscles on his chest, down to the open buttons of his slacks. Buttons that she had opened just moments ago, as his mouth tasted her skin.

Feeling herself get worked up gain, her eyes flew back to his face. Caroline narrowed her eyes in annoyance that her stare had no effect on him.

"You're looking at me like an object," she complained.

Klaus gave her a knowing look, before going back to his drawing. "Because if I looked at you any other way, love, I wouldn't be able to stay in my seat for much longer."

A satisfied smile curved her lips as she tossed her head, flipping her hair over her other shoulder, before resting back onto her arms.

Eventually, Caroline fell asleep to the sound of Klaus's pencil flying across his page. He knew the exact moment it happened. His body finally loosened the muscles that had been braced for a battle with the girl.

Taking a deep breath, Klaus closed the sketch that he had finished an hour ago. He had just been biding his time, hoping she'd fall asleep before morning came, bringing Stefan along with it. He walked to the bed and pulled the covers over a soundly sleeping Caroline. Lifting a curl that had fallen over her face, Klaus realized this was probably the least guarded he'd see her for a while.

He needed Stefan to tell him what had changed Caroline so much. What had made her so calculated? What caused her to give in so deeply to the bloodlust she had kept carefully controlled?

And why was she playing games with him, when she herself admitted they had waited long enough? He wanted Caroline with no strings, no trap doors he could fall through. Only after he knew everything would he be able to give in to her as he had longed to do.

As he slipped his arms into a button up shirt, Klaus heard a sound of footsteps downstairs. Without bothering to close his buttons, he sped down to confront the intruder. Before he could blink, Klaus had the man in his drawing room pushed up against the wall with his hand around the man's throat.

Recognition kicked in, but Klaus gave one more threatening squeeze before removing his hand.

"About time, Ripper."

Stefan rubbed his throat, annoyance clear on his face. "Hello, to you too."

Walking up to his liquor cabinet, Klaus poured himself scotch to calm his nerves as he braced himself to hear the whole story.

"You'll excuse me for skipping the pleasantries, seeing as how you know I only care about one thing, and that one thing is sleeping in my… upstairs," he amended. "And you seem to have information on her you've kept from me all these years. I'd like to know what you know, and why haven't you told me?"

Stefan laughed humorlessly. "And how would that conversation have gone? 'Oh hey, Klaus! Caroline's spiraling. P.S. sorry I dumped your sister?'"

At his words, Klaus remembered why he hadn't spoken to Stefan in a long time. The last he had heard of him was when Rebekah had come to visit him, bags in tow, saying Stefan had left her for Elena. It didn't concern him, but Klaus felt a responsibility in taking care of her in his own terms. He had sent a werewolf to bite Stefan, then give him a vial of his blood at the last minute, letting him know there would be no saving him if he ever came near one his own again.

"Ah, yes. How is our favorite doppelganger?"

"She's none of your business," Stefan snapped at him. Then, needing to know for his own conscience, he asked softly, "how's Rebekah?"

"She's none of your business," Klaus replied in kind. "You're here to ease my curiosity over another girl, mate. So let us stick to business at hand."

Pouring his one-time friend a drink for old time's sake, Klaus turned to him. "What happened to her, Stefan?"

Taking the drink from Klaus's outstretched hand, Stefan sighed. "There was nothing I could do, Klaus. If I couldn't help her, what makes you think you could have?"

"Maybe if I had known what was happening…"

But Stefan shook his head. Dropping on to an armchair by the fireplace, he wondered where to start the story.

"She's turned off her humanity."

Klaus sat with a thud, his worst fears confirmed. Without her humanity, she wasn't the Caroline he fell for. The one who had started to fall for him.

"Why?" he asked hoarsely.

Stefan studied Klaus's hard features, knowing the truth was going to enrage him.

"As vampires, we don't notice time, because we don't age. Humans do. Bonnie slowed down her aging to reflect our ages, but she couldn't slow down Jeremy's aging. So eventually, he died."

Narrowing his eyes in confusion, Stefan wondered, "I would have thought Rebekah told you all this when she told you about us."

I didn't ask, Klaus wanted to say. But he realized that was his fault. He didn't care about the lives of others, so he never bothered to get the full details.

"Anyway," Stefan continued. "When Jeremy died, Elena turned off her humanity, breaking the sire bond. I didn't exactly dump Rebekah, but she left me when she saw how much time I spent with Elena, trying to get her to turn it back on."

Throwing back his drink, Stefan continued. "In the mean time, Bonnie dipped into expression. She had been introduced to it when we were hunting for the cure. After you left Mystic Falls, she went on to study it further; she even spent time travelling with Caroline to get more information on it. She never thought she'd have to use it…"

As the story wore on, Klaus got more and more agitated. "Yes, yes. This is all very fascinating, but I fail to see why the Gilbert's death would warrant Caroline turning off her humanity."

Stefan glared at him. "Getting there. When Jeremy died and Elena lost it, Bonnie decided to use expression to bring him back, but to channel expression, she needed a triangle of sacrifices. She had the town fire, she had the location of your hybrid massacre, so she only needed one more."

Careful to see gauge his reaction, Stefan finished the story. "So she tricked Caroline into killing 12 witches to complete the triangle."

Klaus finished the story off for himself. "And the guilt ate at her, and she turned it off."

Stefan only nodded in response, sorry for the events that had occurred, turning his friend into a monster she never wanted to be.

"With her humanity turned off, Damon meant nothing to Elena so he couldn't help her. But I owed her too much to give up. Eventually, I was able to convince her to turn it on, and the love we once had was still there. Damon didn't want to be a part of that, so he focused his energy on bringing Bonnie back from the darkness."

Talking more to himself, Stefan mentioned, "They're a surprising combination, but Damon got through to Bonnie enough to make her give up on bringing back the dead."

Looking up at Klaus's face, frozen in contempt, Stefan felt for the original hybrid that had threatened his life and those he loved on numerous occasions.

"I brought Elena back, Damon took care of Bonnie, but nobody was there for Caroline."

Closing his eyes in regret, Stefan threw his head back onto the back of the armchair. "We didn't even notice she was slipping until it was too late."

For a moment the two sat in mutual disappointment of not being there for the girl they both cared for. The cackling of the fireplace filled the room as both men wallowed in their grief.

"Where has she been since?" Klaus asked quietly, breaking the silence.

Stefan lifted his head. "You don't know? I thought you kept tabs on her. That's how Rebekah and Kol made it seem."

"I did," Klaus admitted. "But then I realized she was running from me. She didn't want to be found. I believed she would come to me when she was ready, so I left her alone."

"You shouldn't have done that," Stefan said, getting up as his anger found another target. "Maybe then you would have known. Maybe then you could have helped her, did you ever think of that? This is your fault! You were supposed to love her…"

"I did!" Klaus said, marching up to Stefan in his outrage. "I did love her! That's why I let her go…"

"That," Stefan said, shaking his head in disgust, "is some screwed up logic. I hope you realize that."

Klaus had to restrain himself from snapping his neck. But on some level, he understood the truth in those words.

Who Caroline became was his fault. He shouldn't have left her.

But then… he never did know how to love.

Rebekah was right. When she realized Klaus was in love with Caroline, she had predicted he would ruin it somehow.

"You don't know what it means to be in love," she had told him. "You don't know about self-sacrifice, you don't know how to put the needs of somebody else before your own; you don't know how to live simply to bring happiness to another. You cannot love with the purity she does. You're going to fill her with darkness until she hates you… until you hate yourself."

"What do I do now?" Klaus asked in a gravelly tone, filled with emotions of a broken man.

Stefan sighed. "Now you do nothing. Caroline didn't let us help her back then. She ran from us. She finally came to you, so all you can do is help keep her in place while Elena, Bonnie, Damon and I convince her to turn it back on again."

Putting a hand on Klaus's shoulder, he offered the only thing he could to the broken-hearted man that stood before him. "We'll bring the old Caroline back. That I can promise you. But what she decides from there is up to her."

Klaus narrowed his eyes, as Stefan seemed to dismiss him as any help in this venture. "I'm not leaving her this time, Ripper. So keep the platitudes to yourself."

"Klaus, you have to realize she may not want you. Not the real Caroline…"

Shoving off his hand, he answered, "She wanted me before she turned it off. She'll still want me."

Stefan didn't know if he was trying to convince him or himself. "I guess we'll see."

"See what?"

The two turned simultaneously towards her voice. Still clad in the peach robe, now tied securely around her waist, she stood staring mutinously at the two.

"Caroline…" Stefan whispered, feeling relief in seeing his friend after so long. She looked the same, but there was a bitterness in her eyes that hadn't been there before.

"What are you doing here, Stefan?"

Taking a cautious step forward, as if she would flee at any sudden movement, Stefan said, "I'm here to help you, Caroline. This isn't you. This isn't who you wanted to be. Elena and Bonnie are coming… you'll see just how it was supposed to be."

Caroline groaned in agitation. "But I'm not broken, Saint Stefan. You can't fix me."

"Let me try."

Seeing she was going to get nowhere with him, Caroline walked around to Klaus throwing her arms around his neck.

"Look at me Klaus," she coaxed. "I'm what you always wanted. What you had predicted I would be. And I want to be with you. Stefan wants to change all that. You won't let him, will you? You'll protect me, right?"

Klaus stared at the girl in his arms, before his eyes darted over to Stefan's pleading eyes.

One offered a life of decadent darkness.

The other, a painful path to the light that attracted him like a moth to a flame.

A pity he could only have one.

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