A/N. Hiya! So this is where I post one drabble per Avengers couple about the different perspectives of children. First up is Steve and all his adorable over protectiveness XD There's also a good dose of Tony in here. No, Tony and Steve did not have a kid together. It is a Steve/OC but it never mentions a name so you can imagine it's anyone (ex: Tania from my other story) as long as it's not Pepper, Natasha, Betty, or Jane because they will be in the other drabbles and they are all interrelated even if it doesn't show. You can think of this as part of my Coffee With You universe or not, you choose. Hope you enjoy! :D

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"Alaina." The name rolled off his tongue with ease as he stared at his little girl, lying asleep in his arms. He rocked back and forth, unable to take his eyes away from his daughter as she slept peacefully. "Alaina," he said again, feeling the corners of his lips turn up into a smile. "You're beautiful," he whispered, "and you look just like your mother."

He turned his head to gaze upon his wife, lying in the hospital bed, unconscious, with her hair about her head and tangled and disheveled. And yet, she was gorgeous to him.

A small sniffle from the baby caught his attention immediately and he fussed with the pink blanket surrounding his little girl. Alaina stirred slightly, wrinkled her nose, and then fell back asleep. Steve let ou a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding and sat down on the plastic chair by the bed, cradling his daughter to his newborn daughter to his chest.

How could it be that something so small could worry him so much? The need to protect this child – his child – was so intense that all his other senses seemed dulled. Just a small sniffle and he was on edge. What would happen should she fall as a toddler or cried over something she believed to be devastating? He loathed the thought of one of his enemies bringing harm to her or his wife.

He held her tighter to him, ever careful of her fragility and delicate nature of her body. He vowed then and there never to endanger their lives and to forever be their sworn protector. And damn those who tried to make it otherwise.

"My little Alain, my little girl… you'll grow up to be the most amazing person the world has ever seen," he whispered to her softly.

A knock on the door nearly startled him to death and he jumped to his feet, covering his beloved daughter as best he could with one arm. The doorknob turned and Steve tensed; but it was just Tony. Exhaling slowly to calm his pounding heart, the Captain sunk back into the chair.

Tony gently closed the door behind him and smirked. "Jumpy, much?" He walked over to the father in the room and bent down to get a good look at Alaina. He wrinkled his nose. "It's red. And squishy."

Steve chuckled dryly. "Her name is Alaina and that's normal."

Tony reached out to her but hesitated, flicking his gaze up to his friend as if to ask silent permission. Steve smiled awkwardly and nodded. Tony continued the motion and trailed his finger down her tiny face gently.

For a few seconds, the billionaire's mask dissolved and Steve was able to see the real man; the one who wanted children but was getting a little old to do so and was scared that he would turn out like his own father. But then the mask was back and Tony removed his finger.

It was enough for Steve to make a split second decision. "Tony," he called quietly to get the man's attention, "I want you to be the godfather."

A second passed, sparked with shock. "Wha…? Me? But… why?"

"Because you and Pepper are the most stable couple I have ever seen. You both have so much to offer her and… I know how much you want kids."

Tony looked about ready to cry. "Are you sure?"

Steve nodded. "I'm sure."

Tony gestured to the sleeping mother. "Does she know?"

"We haven't discussed it, no. But I know she'll have no objections to my decision."

Tony sucked in a deep breath. "Okay," he finally said. Standing up, he sent father and daughter a cross between a genuine smile and a smirk. "You know that with me as the godfather, your kid's life is gonna be insane, right?"

Steve sent him a knowing look. "Her father is Captain America and she lives in Avengers Tower. Having her godfather be Iron Man and her Uncles be Hulk, Thor, and Hawkeye along with Aunt Natasha, Jane, and Betty isn't much of a stretch."

Tony shrugged. "Point taken." With that said, the industrialist exited the room, but not before he turned, mumbled, "Thank you" and shut the door.

Steve sighed, gazing into the face of his little girl. "I hope I did the right thing," he said to her, staring at her adorableness.

Another knock sounded and his wife stirred. Steve sighed again. "Time to let the others in."