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Raven sighed to herself, her laptop lay open on her bed, its screen long since gone dark despite the fact she could hear the whir of the fan as it kept running. She'd turned it on in order to make her account on the site that Robin had appointed; he'd done some quick research and ensured that this particular website had more happy couples than any others in the statistics.

Raven didn't quite understand why that mattered, she didn't want to be part of a 'happy couple', she just wanted to quickly and effortlessly find someone bearable for a single evening, and if signing up for some wretched website could put the odds in her favour then she couldn't exactly refuse. Robin had made a good point earlier in the evening, though. Being matched by a non-partial outside party would make this experience a lot less awkward, and would certainly help list young men with whom Raven could converse with about shared interests. Maybe afterward, if all went well, she'd even make a friend out of this harrowing ordeal. Heaven knew there was a sinful shortage of people Raven had anything in common with, that were currently in her life, that is.

Raven pressed a button at random to bring the screen back to life, and gave another heaving sigh as the dating site's homepage once again mocked her. She held her breath as she trailed the cursor across the page and clicked the daunting 'sign up'. She's been thrown for a loop when this revelation first came about, and the knowledge that she was required to do this had not yet fully sunk in. So, of course, Raven hadn't even considered the process she would have to go through to set up this blasted account. Before her eyes endless streams of questions appeared. She was typing away at top speed for what seemed like hours. They wanted to know everything, her interests, talents and hobbies, her favourite holiday, her favourite food, colour and place, her sexual orientation, her star sign, her preferred hair colour, eye colour, build and main characteristic in a potential match. Raven grumbled to herself as she supplied each answer.

Raven had long along realised that she certainly would not be someone to fall in love conventionally. Raven cared for very few people, but those she did, she held incredibly dear. She didn't believe that these tidbits of information she gave would ever be enough to find her someone with whom she could ever have a genuine connection. Raven believed that there was something more than the parts in the sum of our whole, and that something explicit comes into fruition when you truly feel for another. These feelings can only be real and can only exist when you see someone's darkest moments, and understand their darkness as well as your own, someone who can make you smile and bring the sun when all you see is rain. Raven liked to believe that whoever her person may be, it would not matter what colour his hair was or whether or not he played sports as a hobby, because those things would not define him.

So, needless to say the relentless interrogation was absolutely pointless to her, but Raven persevered regardless. After she's successfully completed the questionnaire she skimmed through the very few photos of herself she had available, to decide which one should represent her on her profile. She decided on a group shot of the Titans, they were in civilian clothing, having spent the day along the shore in the sun. Raven had been forced into the picture of course; she was wearing a grey camisole and ripped skinny jeans. Raven tilted her head as she stared at the photo, oddly pleased with her appearance. In the photo the rest of the Titans had the largest of smiles, even Robin had been carefree, and Raven was on the fringe of the group, Beast Boy's arm around her waist to hold her in the frame. Her one arm had reached across her middle to clutch nervously at the opposite elbow, she'd always been a little more than camera shy, but in this particular photograph her face was peering up slightly and turned to the side, looking at Beast Boy as he pulled a ridiculous face at the camera. Her posture was tense, and gave every indication that she'd wanted to be anywhere else, but her pale skin glowed in the sun, and wisps of her hair danced in the breeze. Her eyes seemed tender, and if you squinted, you could see the hint of a smile.

Raven refused to dwell on it any further and applied the photo to her profile, cropping it appropriately so you could see from her midriff to the top of her head, all of the other Titans now absent from view. She took a quick glance and her now completed page. With a disgruntled sigh and a feeling of slight disappointment in herself for having actually created it, she closed her account and her laptop before standing up, intending on getting herself some freshly brewed tea.