All Characters belong to Stephanie Meyer. I am just using her genius to tell a story. All names, persons alive or deceased, and events are fictional. If they have a resemblance to anyone, you're thinking too hard about it. It is a coincidence, promise.

Chapter Two:

School seemed to drag on forever, especially when you are smarter than the adult standing at the front of the room reading straight out of the book because they have no clue what they are talking about. Seems like anyone can be teachers now a days, I have no clue why people complain about job shortages. Wow. That was bitchy, Bella. I shrugged off my conscious as I inwardly groaned watching the calculus 'teacher' erase the equation the class was working on. She added random numbers each time she erased the problem and redrew it, there was a reason she was lost.

I yawned loudly; cutting Mrs. whatever her name is off from her mumblings. She quickly turned to look at me with her rat like beady brown eyes. Leaning back I looked at her amusingly with a smirk playing on my lips. I used to be well behaved in school, a huge goody-goody in fact, but that changed once I was left on my own to care for the house.

"Ms. Swan, is there something you would like to say?" I opened my mouth to tell her off when the classroom door slammed open. Everyone, including me, looked to the front of the room to meet the strange violet eyes staring back at us warily.

She was the image of perfection in human form, the gift to all men. Her long golden wavy hair hung loosely around her shoulders, cascading to the middle of her back. She wore eye makeup that made the strange color of her eyes pop out. Luckily for the rest of the female population, she didn't wear anything to revealing, just a deep red v- neck quarter inch sleeve shirt, black skinny jeans and ballet flats.

If you strained your ears hard enough you could hear all the males in the room heart beats pick up dangerously high. I turned to see each guy in the room fixing their hair, shirts and discreetly adjusting themselves for the new girl. Great a new toy for the mindless boys, hopefully the girl can take care of herself if they get too riled up.

"And you are?" Ms. Whatever her name is asked in a jealous tone while tapping her foot impatiently. I rolled my eyes.

"I'm Rosalie Hale. Just moved here." Rosalie clipped as she took in the class again and handed the teacher a bright pink slip from the office.

"Oh, well in that case, Ms. Hale, you can take a seat next to…" She trailed off while she looked for a spot to put Rosalie. I looked around as well and almost laughed out loud. There was only one seat, and that was next Mike Newton, who I might add, was in the middle of smelling his under arms.

Mike was an annoying dog like boy with blonde spiked hair and big blue eyes. He had the tendency to follow girls around, always hitting on them and making crude jokes. If you ask me, he was way too touchy feely with everyone he came into contact; maybe he never received attention at home.

"Mike, raise your hand." The 'teacher' called as Mike grinned like he won the lottery. "Go take a seat next to him, Rosaline." Rosalie glared at her before walking down the aisle and taking her seat beside Mike.

Class stared up again, and I ended up avoiding trouble due to the interruption. Unfortunately, I really wanted to tell her off. Scratching the light brown wood with the tip off my sharpened pencil, I looked at the clock on the wall. I can do this, I chanted in my head, stupidly sounding like that train from childhood. I think I can, I think I can. Only fifteen minutes until lunch. Briiing! Briiing!

I jumped from my seat. Thank goodness it's over. I gathered my stuff and quickly glanced around the room to see it nearly empty already turning from my

My eyes sprang open and glanced around the room to see it nearly deserted. I gathered my textbook and notes in my bag before I quickly got off my stool and turned to the door. A small yelp left my mouth as I dragged someone to the ground with me in my furry to leave.

All the air rushed out of my lungs as the person's elbow dug into my ribs. "Gah! I am so sorry!" I looked up to see the golden hair of Rosalie as she scurried off of me. "It's okay, I was so eager to leave this awful class I didn't see where I was going." I said as Rosalie helped me up. "Thanks." I said as I motioned for the door.

We made easy conversation as we walked together to the lunch room. Surprisingly this beautiful girl wasn't full of herself, and was easy to talk to. I learned that she moved here with her family to escape the city life until college. Then we started talking about her school day so far and what classes she was taking.

"Are all the guys here always pervs?" She asked as we walked by Mike's table on our way to the lunch line.

I looked at his blue eyes trailing after Rosalie and I laughed without humor. "You have no idea how bad your life just got." I said seriously as she flipped off some guys whistling at her.

So now we have met our newest classmate. What do you think is to come? More drama coming soon! Review to see Edward sooner!

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