Izaya was across the living room, plopped down on the plain white sofa. He had his reading glasses on; the ones that Shizuo found to be too god damn adorable on the raven, although he never would have admitted it at that point.

He was reading some philosophical shit by some English guy Shizuo didn't know. The book was resting on his big, round stomach.

Shizuo was staring at the sleek flat screen mounted on the wall with a brainwashed expression. He didn't even know what he was watching, but Izaya was ignoring him and he had no other means of entertainment. Apparently, Shizuo was an inconsiderate asshole that night because he didn't bring Izaya a watermelon when he stopped by after work. It was December. Watermelons didn't even fucking grow in winter...

Izaya was of course just moody and craving random food items. It had become a usual thing at that point and Shizuo just learned to put up with it.

They sat like that for at least two hours. Izaya finally stood and placed the book back on the coffee table. The sound shook Shizuo from his zombie-like state.

"I feel really sore, I'm going to bed," muttered the raven. He placed at hand on his swollen belly. The clock behind his head only read 9:30.

"Sore?" Shizuo asked, sitting up. "How so?"

"Like I'm gonna explode..."

Shizuo's hand rose up to the round, pale stomach of his former adversary. He felt the other jerk a bit before finally relaxing.

"Aish... your hands are cold, protozoan..."

The porcelain flesh underneath his hand was nice and warm. Shizuo rubbed it gently with his palm in a rare show of sincere affection.

He felt a kick and couldn't help but smile a bit. He didn't know why; somehow it was unreal that there was actually a little person in there... His and Izaya's little person, more specifically. That's why the smile confused him. If someone had mentioned the possibility of them even being together a year ago, their face would have been unrecognizable by the time Shizuo was done with them.

He heard a grunt from Izaya above him. "She's been doing that all afternoon... She kicks really hard... Like she could kick right through me."

"Wants to come out, a flea like you probably isn't that comfy," Shizuo replied, standing up in front of the other. His hand didn't want to move, but Shizuo finally took it away. He tried to hold back a smirk when those crimson oculars shot a death glare his way.

"Go lie down then."

Izaya trudged away towards the small staircase, leading to his bedroom, as the blonde still stood by the couch and watched him until he was out of sight.

Shizuo plopped back down on the couch with a huff and glared back at the TV screen. The nine o'clock news was on, which was typically the same crap about the violence that had taken place in 'Bukuro that day. Probably why Shizuo had spaced out. Always the same boring crap.

He started to rest his cheek in his palm while reaching for the the remote next to him when he heard a thump from upstairs. Then a pause, with only the news anchor from the TV to break the silence. Finally, a pained yell. Izaya.

"Shizuo, get Shinra!"

Shizuo found his legs launching him off the couch towards the staircase, his surroundings all a blur as he dashed as fast as he could. He began to feel his heart race speed up out of nowhere, so loud it was reverberating against his eardrums. The mad dash up the stairs felt like an eternity, but he finally reached the doorway.

Izaya was on his knees, doubled over with his forehead pressed against the ground and his hands clutching his rounded stomach. His eyes were clenched shut tightly, with a tear pooling up at the side of each. He had his teeth bared, air rushing out the cracks of them in a hiss of pain.

Shizuo had no time to be in shock. His legs were still rapidly moving to the nightstand to grab Izaya's cellphone.

He found that his fingers were shaking as he mashed the keyboard, setting off a random string of numbers and letters. He tried typing Shinra's number with his trembling digits until he nearly broke the phone in frustration. Another groan from the man below sobered him, and he finally managed to dial the number.

Celty was on her way to get Izaya. Shizuo picked his body off the floor with ease. Izaya was in too much pain too protest. Shizuo was still letting his instincts assume control, which lead him down out of the apartment. He was sprinting down the sidewalk to meet Celty.

In his mind, under all the cluttered thoughts, through the deafening thrum of his heart on his eardrums, Shizuo was asking how this all could have happened. If he was about to be a father, or if he was about to wake up from the nine month long dream.

~...Nine Months Earlier...~

The two's bodies were intertwined in Izaya's bed. Shizuo's arm was lazily draped over Izaya's waist and both of the raven's rested on the blonde's shoulders. Light was flooding in from the open window and cloaking the two in its warmth.

As pleasant as the warmth was, the brightness that the morning sun brought was a different story altogether. Shizuo shifted his head, shoving his face in to his pillow and groaning out as if it would send the sun away. He heard the lips that were pressed against his neck in their current position emit a little chuckle.

When Izaya shifted, the arm came to life and pulled him back. Their bare bodies pressed against one another.

"Shizu-chan, no..." the raven teased, hands pressing against that wonderfully toned upper torso. "Time to get up. Won't you be late for work? You have to be there in ten minutes..."

There was a pause as the thought registered in that thick skull of the brute. But when it came, the man shot up, nearly falling to the floor as he scanned the floor for his clothing and shoes.

"God damnit, why didn't you tell me?!" the informant heard. His smirk grew into an actual smile at Shizuo's rather endearing display, so he shoved his face in to his feathered pillow to hide it, along with the light blush. He listened to the scuffling of his 'boyfriend.' They denied that term when most people referred to them as such.

Shizuo straightened his bow tie, nearly dashing out the door in his rush before spotting the curled up body still on the bed. He grumbled at himself and hurried over, planting and kiss on the other male's temple. "Go die, flea," he mumbled in his ear.

"Love you too, Shizu-chan!" The Orihara finally called after the blonde as he quickly beaded out for the front door, uncovering his face from the pillow to do so. Those words still felt awkward coming from his lips.

He heard the door slam in reply and snuggled back against the pillow.

That was the first morning those two woke up with one another. The whole city had been shocked when the two made a sudden truce a few short weeks before, but would have never foreseen something even deeper. Even Erika, who had of course been the one to inquire about their relationship.

It honestly had started as a truce, as simple and sudden as the hate they both felt for one another the day they had met. Their excuses were the same; they had grown bored of their constant skirmishes through the years. The true reason, of course, had been revealed that night before they had awoken.

And that morning wasn't the last.

But soon after, Shizuo got that onetext that would start it all. That one simple demand from his new lover...

Come to my house tonight, I have to talk to you.

It was six weeks since their 'relations' had begun, and Izaya had complained at least ten different times about feeling bloated, feeling hungry, and feeling sick. It was to the point where it didn't even piss Shizuo off anymore. It almost started to worry him.

He entered his lover's apartment, holding a bag of cheese puffs in his hand. Izaya was sitting on his sofa, as if he'd been waiting for him. Shizuo found that a bit odd in itself. Usually when he came, Izaya was at work at his computer or pouncing on him with his clothes off.

"What's up, wasn't I supposed to come tomorrow?"

He didn't get a reply at first.

"Did you bring them?" he finally heard the man on the couch say.

"Oh, right." He tossed the bag of snack food on to the couch next to him and watched as he tore in to it ravenously. His brows furrowed impatiently as the raven stuffed his face. He didn't even like junk food, right?... And he hadn't even shot a smart remark his way yet.


Said flea seemed to snap out of it. "Ah, right. I have to tell you something Shizu-chan." He licked the orange cheese flavoring off his fingers. Even though they had a so called 'truce' their nicknames had obviously stayed.

Shizuo sat down next to him and kicked his feet up on to the coffee table. "Make it quick, louse."

"You're going to think I'm messing with you. But I'm not."

The blonde looked at him skeptically, getting the feeling that Izaya was about to say something... Well, completely idiotic that would most likely piss him off.

And he was pretty spot on.

"I'm pregnant."