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This is it the last chapter which means you should watch out for the squeal which is called "The New Girl in Town", It also means there will be one last code and I want you to send me your opinions on the codes and if I should include them in the sequel or not.

Chapter 5's code (when decoded): The Look Alikes

Chapter 6's code (when decoded): Stan's past

I will not put up the answer to the last code because it is Very Important to the sequel

Pacifica knocked on the door to the Mystery Shack and Gruncle Stan answered the door "What are you doing here?" he asked with a look of disgust on his face. "I came to see Dipper." she answered, Gruncle Stan let her in mumbling and then he screamed "Dipper some she devil wants to see you." Pacifica was mildly offended but then Dipper came downstairs and he stood next to Pacifica "Gruncle Stan I don't want you insulting Pacifica like that." Dipper said and Stan asked "Why Not?" before he started to take a drink of milk. "Because we are dating" Dipper said which caused Stan to spit out the milk "You are what?" Stan asked and Dipper repeated himself "I don't approve of this" Stan said but then Pacifica handed him a hundred dollar bill "I completely support this relationship" Stan said as he continued to make a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Dipper and Pacifica went up to Dipper and Mabel's room.

"Where is Mabel?" Pacifica asked as she stepped into the room. "She went out with Candy and Grenda". "Perfect" Pacifica thought it would be much easier to sneak a peek at the book without Mabel watching "So Dipper I was wondering can you tell me about any other creatures you have met?" She asked and he smiled as he pulled out book three and he started telling her about his first encounter with the gnomes and he told her about the Manotaurs and meeting the Multi-Bear for every story he would flip to a new page in his book that had a picture of the creatures. Pacifica was enjoying listening to his stories but she still needed to find a way to get a few minutes along with the book meanwhile Dipper was telling her about his adventure at the Dusk 2 Dawn convenience store and how he meet real ghosts and escaped (he left out the part where he had to do the Lamby Lamby Dance in a Lamb costume) "Dipper not that I don't love these stories but can you get me something to drink?" she asked and he went to go get some red Kool-Aid.

The minute Dipper was out of the room Pacifica started flipping through book three but she had to stop because she heard Dipper coming back. "Here is your drink" Dipper said as he handed her a glass and he set a pitcher of red Kool-Aid on the floor. Pacifica started to walk around the bedroom while she was drinking her Kool-Aid when she tripped and spilled the rest on Dipper. "Sorry" she said faking embarrassment "It's Ok I'll just go change" Dipper said wondering why Pacifica was acting so weird all of a sudden. Dipper got out a new outfit and he went to the bathroom to change, she used this time to look through the rest of the book before finding what she wanted "Perfect" she whispered as she closed the book not realizing the page was wrinkled and was almost torn out of the book.

Dipper just walked into the room when he noticed Pacifica laying book three on the floor. He was going to ask what she was doing but before he could she said she had to leave and Dipper walked her to the door and gave her a kiss before returning to his room. He grabbed book three and then he noticed a page was almost torn off, he turned to the page and he started to read he was about to stop when the page fell out of the book and landed on its back and he went to pick it up. The back of the page was covered in a dark red substance and there was only one line of text that was written in a way that made it look like the person was shaking when the writer wrote it. It said For the love of God avoid at all cost…... Even Bill has fears. "I got to find Pacifica" Dipper though as he threw on a jacket and headed into the forest.

Pacifica POV (First time writing in first person Tell me what you think)

I have been walking in this sorest for only a few minutes when I sensed someone was watching me but whenever I looked there was no one there so I ignored the felling. I finally saw the creature the book called a Boggart (Thank you J.K Rowling) It looked like a huge shadow and its back was turned to Me but then It turned around and rushed at me and I was absorbed into it. I saw only darkness when suddenly I saw the shape of another man, he looked like Jacen from the Friday the 13th movies and he rushed at me but instead of being scared I started to laugh. The Boggart screamed and I said "I haven't been scared of him in years you will have to try harder" Jacen disappeared and I was left in the darkness when suddenly I saw them and I started getting a little nervous. My adopted parents approached and they had a look of disappointment on their face. My adopted mother was the first to speak "A Northwest never apologizes" and she used the same tone of voice that made me so disappointed in myself when I was little and I tried to say something when my adopted father spoke "A Northwest doesn't associate with the commoners." I wondered why I was still so upset about disappointing them; I know I don't want to be like them but I don't want to disappoint them either. I tried to tell them but then they both spoke at the same time "Maybe the Next one will do better" this made me angry I wasn't some old toy that you could replace if it broke and I screamed "I don't need your comment I'm my own Person" my adopted parent just stared at me and then they both vanished. I waited for the next illusion to pop up and sure enough a few second later Lilly appeared. She was foaming at the mouth and her eyes started at me with a look of accusation.

"Murder" she screamed at me and I didn't say anything which seemed to confuse her, she rushed at me put her face so close to mine that only a inch separated us "Fear me" she whispered but I shook my head still not saying anything. Lily took a few steps back from me and I could tell that my silence was bothering her "I am you biggest secret...If anyone finds out you "Nice" image will be ruined" she said but it sounded more like a question. I knew this should bother me and I knew that if what I did to her got out it could ruin everything but a part of me actually hoped it would get out that way I won't have to keep the secret. "Say something?" Lilly screamed which caused me to jump because I had forgotten she was there. "I'm sorry" I whispered and when I looked up she was gone. I started looking for a way out of the creature; I was convinced that there was nothing else it could use against me….I severely underestimated it.

I had been looking for an exit for five minutes when I saw a new figure approach me. It was a woman but when I looked at her face it was so black you couldn't make out any of her features but still I knew who she was and I felt a new wave of fear. Even without being able to see her face I could feel the smugness radiating off her and then she spoke "To think a part of me actually regretted giving you up but look at the damage you did to that poor girl." I backed away from her and I asked "Who are you?" even though I knew the answer but a part of me was hoping she would deny it "I'm your mother" she said and she started to laugh. "No" I whispered which seemed to please her and she laughed again. "I knew the minute you were conceived that you would ruin someone's' life and I would have been damned I if it was mine" I was speechless and even though I tried telling myself that she wasn't real my "mothers" words still stung. "I didn't ruin your life" I said but it sounded like I was whining. My "mother" just laughed again before responding "It was because of YOU that my boyfriend left me, it was because of YOU that my parents disowned me...I. should have taken my friends advice and got an abortion before anyone new but I was weak, sentimental, and foolish" This hurt and I couldn't say anything because a part of me was convinced that she was right and suddenly I realized that this was my worst fear before me and I was powerless to stop it. The insults kept coming and I fell to the ground "No…No…it's not true...No…It's not real" I said as darkness claimed me

3rd person

Dipper was about to give up his search when he head Pacifica screaming. He found her crouched up in a ball and it looked like she had been crying, she was also mumbling something but Dipper couldn't hear what she was mumbling. He picked her up and started to carry her out of the forest when he saw the Boggart escape from her body. Dipper ran as the Boggart realized what was happening and chased him. Dipper got to the edge of the forest and the Boggart threw itself at him only to hit a barrier that separated the forest from the outside world. Dipper let out a sigh as he sat down with Pacifica to catch his breath. He looked over at her and she started to open her eyes

"What happened?" she asked and Dipper smiled as he said "your amazing boyfriend just saved both of our necks." He puffed his chest out heroically but then he saw that she wasn't smiling. "Why did you chase after that thing?" he asked and she said "I was trying to get the courage to tell you something." She started to chew her lower lip because she was nervous. "What did you need to tell me?" Dipper asked. She took in a deep breath "you see…I….I' she couldn't get the rest out. "Pacifica what's wrong?" he asked as he put his arms around her. Dipper's arms felt so good around her and it seemed to give her courage "The truth is Dipper I knew Lilly." She said and she noticed that he looked confused. "How could you have known her?" he asked and she started to cry "because….I've been bullying her online…it's my fault she died." Many different emotions went through Dipper in an instant, confusion, anger, betrayal, and finally sadness, he couldn't process all of these emotions so he did the only thing he could think off. He stood up and ran leaving Pacifica behind. She sat there for a few minutes before whispering "I guess this means we are over." And she started to cry as she headed home.


Me: well this story is finally over what do you guys think

Dipper: the ending is kind of depressing

Mabel: And I'm hardly in this thing

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