"I love you, Jinxy bear!" He yelled. They all gasped and then everything went quiet, nobody dared to laugh. Flash was so screwed.


All the lanterns shattered.

Chapter 3: Titans Tower Musical

Disclaimer: I obviously don't own Teen Titans or the songs. Chill.

10:30 PM

"Ouch." Kid Flash hissed as Starfire put an ice pack on his arm. Jinx had finished beating him up about half an hour ago after he had yelled that he loved her. Well he did, what else was he supposed to do? Leave well enough alone? No, that is simply not the Wally West way, and now he was sitting on the couch while Starfire and Kole helped him with ice packs. In the far corner of the room, Raven and Argent were trying to calm down Jinx, while everyone else was playing charades with pencils and paper, since no one could talk except for the people helping Kid Flash, along with himself, and the people who were trying to calm Jinx down along with herself as well. The game of charades was surprisingly enjoyable. The lights had come back on, sometime during the mad chase of the unlucky teenage boy named Wally. No one was really exactly; sure how Jinx had managed to catch the roadrunner and they didn't really wish to find out. It was dark and they just really did not want to know. When she caught him, however, the outcome was not that good for Kid Flash. She had sprained his left arm and punched him in the nose, cracking the bone. Along with those minor injuries, were dark bruises on his right side. She would have done more if it weren't for Raven, who threw up a barrier before she could reach him again. Of course, Jinx knew that Raven could heal him, so it wasn't like she meant to cause long term damage. Raven would come over to heal Flash, as soon as she finished helping Jinx calm down.

"I am sorry, friend Kid Flash if it hurts, but it will make your arm the all better until friend Raven arrives to heal you." Starfire sat beside him on the sofa, still holding the ice pack to his arm.

"Geez, she sure knows how to throw a punch." Kole said, as she examined his nose. Kole then sat on his other side. "She's a keeper." Kole smiled sincerely.

"Thanks, even though I knew that, but did she really have to hit me? I just figured that she would throw hexes at me or something. I didn't know she was going to use her hands, I'd rather be hit by magic." He whimpered and rubbed his sore side.

"Well, I am the very sorry to say this, friend Kid Flash but you deserved the beating of downs friend Jinx gave you." Starfire told kid Flash, he looked confused.

"What, why?" He asked, he thought for sure that Starfire would be against violence, since she is always encouraging them 'not to fight, friends, because you may initiate the drifting'. Instead Starfire simply shrugged.

"Friend Jinx does not enjoy when you inform the others of her business that is the personal, even if you are only doing the teasing. She does not find your jokes humorous, she find them to be quite embarrassing." Starfire informed him, Wally glanced at Kole on his other side and she nodded, agreeing with the Tameranean.

"She's right; Jinx isn't really the kind of person who takes embarrassment well, as you've noticed. You really should ease up on the teasing before she ends up killing you." Kole explained. He shrugged.

"I guess I could apologize." He said sullenly and looked up at them for confirmation.

"Yes actually, that is the idea I was waiting for you to have, friend Flash." Starfire said happily. "Friend, Raven!" She called Raven over, now that Jinx was only mildly murderous and Argent was there. Raven floated over to the three titans.

"Where?" She asked Kid Flash. He pointed to his nose, his arm and his side. Starfire and Kole stepped aside, so Raven could heal him.

"She's really mad." Raven mumbled while she healed the speedster. He sighed.

"I know."

"You should apologize." She paused her healing to look at him. "Without making any jokes." Raven added sternly and continued her healing.

"I will." Then it felt like something stung him. "Ouch!" Raven smirked.

"Whoops, did I do that?" She said smugly. Unknowingly quoting Jinx from their fight with the Brotherhood of Evil. Flash angrily mumbled something incoherent. Raven stepped back to examine him.

"Done, now next time try not to be an ass to your girlfriend." Raven scolded. Kid smiled cheerily up at Raven.

"Thank you Raven, now I'll be going." He ran in the direction of Jinx and Argent.

"What do you want?" Jinx hissed, while Argent cautiously stepped in front of Jinx, trying not to make any sudden movements, like she was going to stand in the way of a snake. A snake with pink hair and cat eyes. Wally tilted his head innocently, as if he had no idea what Jinx was referring to. His stance then went back to normal.

"Actually, I came to apologize." He said mater-of-factly. Jinx raised an eyebrow and Argent cocked her head to the side in question.

"As if." Jinx said with her arms crossed.

"Argent, could you give us a minute?" He asked her. Argent shrugged. She patted his shoulder on her way to the charades game.

"Try not to get yourself mauled, speedster." She smirked and went on her way. As soon as she was gone, he clasped his hands and got down on both knees, he looked like he was going to beg.

"I'm sorry, I am an idiot and I deserved the beating you gave me." She rolled her eyes and snorted at his pathetic apology.

"If you forgive me, I promise that we can watch the whole season 7 of Castle." That turned her head slightly, so he decided to pull out the big guns. He pulled out his puppy dog eyes and pouted.

"Please, please, please, please, please, plea-"

"Alright! Just stop it with the 'pleases'. God Wally, you're so-"

"Charming? Dreamy? Handsome? Lovable?" He interrupted her mid-sentence.

"Irritating." She retorted. He mock pouted.

"Sweetie, I think you mispronounced 'attractive'." He said before quickly kissing her cheek when he knew no one was looking. Surprisingly, she allowed it, Jinx even smiled a little. Then she leaned over to his ear.

"Wait here; I have a surprise for you." Anticipation crawled its way onto his features, but he stayed put while she walked over toward Raven. She nudged Raven's shoulder and Raven nodded.

"Wait could you leave Wa-Flash's speech if you can, for now?" Raven nodded

"Good I didn't think I could leave them all with their speech much longer, the singing spell still needs to ride out for about another fifteen hours." Raven explained, and then retracted the spell from, Starfire, Kole, and Argent.

"Thanks, now if you could please levitate me a mic and tell Cyborg to play the first song on here, instrumental of course." Jinx handed her an old iPod. "Oh, could you also get Argent and Bumblebee and ask them if they know 'London Bridge' by Fergie?" Jinx added. Raven's eyes widened.

"You're singing?" Raven asked, confused as why Jinx would sing if she didn't have to. Jinx blushed furiously.

"No reason and I like singing." Jinx replied quickly. "I'll be waiting at the stage, thanks Raven."

"This could be interesting." She mumbled to herself and headed towards the stereo, where Cyborg was talking with Robin.

Raven thought the whole thing over; she shrugged, even though she knew the real reason Jinx was doing this. To impress a certain roadrunner, even though Raven knew that Jinx didn't have to impress him. They had something special, she saw the way he looked at her and she also saw the way she snuck glances at him. They were absolutely perfect together; Raven wished she had someone like that, though she wasn't sure she was ready. She was still recovering from the whole Malchior thing; that bastard.


Soon, Argent, Bumblebee, and Jinx were all standing on the coffee table, with Jinx front and center of course. Luckily, Bumblebee and Argent had known the song, because they were probably the only girls with the guts to get up and sing backup on such an upbeat, sassy song. Jinx was actually excited to sing this song; it was one of her favorite Fergie songs, and one of her favorite songs in general. She had a lot of favorite songs. One of them being 'Young Volcanos', which is what Wally sang earlier. She really wanted to kill him sometimes, but other times, she just wanted to chain him to something and-, you know what she isn't even going to finish that sentence, because she had a song to sing. She gave Argent and Bumblebee the signal and gave Cyborg a thumbs up. The music started and she had everyone's attention immediately.

When I come to the clubs, step aside (Oh, shit)

Part the seas, don't be having me in the line (Oh, shit)

V.I.P 'cause you know I gotta shine (Oh, shit)

I'm Fergie Ferg

And me love you long time (Oh shit)

All my girls get down on the floor (Oh, shit)

Back to back drop it down real low (Oh, shit)

I'm such a lady but I'm dancing like a ho (Oh, shit)

'cause you know I don't give a fuck so here we go! (Oh shit)

Jinx was one hell of a performer, and she made sure that everyone knew that. She had taken out her hair so she could flip it at appropriate times during the song and she extended her stage to the whole room. She would strut past everyone during the music and when Bumblebee and Argent were singing, then turn around and sing some more.

How come every time you come around

My London London Bridge want to go down

Like London London London wanna go down

Like London London London be going down like

The drinks start pouring

And my speech starts slurring

Everybody start looking real good (Oh, shit)

She was also a magnificent dancer; nobody had ever seen this side of Jinx, not even Wally. She was so, intimidating, and not scary intimidating, that kind of intimidating when you walk down a high school hallway and all you see is pretty girls, while you're just, there. She was fierce right now and she loved it. Everyone was gaping, everyone except for Wally, who was drooling.

The Grey Goose got your girl feeling loose

Now I'm wishing that I didn't wear these shoes (I hate heels)

It's like every time I get up on the dude

Paparazzi put my business in the news

And I'm like get up out my face (oh, shit)

'fore I turn around and spray your ass with mace (oh, shit)

My lips make you wanna have a taste (oh, shit)

You got that? I got the bass (Uh)

(Ah, da, da, da, da, doo, doo, doo, doo)

Me like a bullet type, you know they comin' right

Fergie love em' long time

My girls support right?

(Ah, da, da, da, da, doo, doo, doo, doo

Doo, doo, doo, doo

Ah, da, da, da, da, doo, doo, doo, doo)

How come every time you come around

My London London Bridge want to go down

Like London London London wanna go down

Like London London London be going down like

The drinks start pouring

And my speech starts slurring

Everybody start looking real good (Oh, shit)

And right before she sang the final verse, she strode over to Wally and pushed his chin up with her finger and gave him a wink. Everyone 'Ooh'ed' suggestively.

When I come to the clubs, step aside (Oh, shit)

Part the seas, don't be having me in the line (Oh, shit)

V.I.P because you know I gotta shine (Oh, shit)

I'm Fergie Ferg

And me love you long time (Oh, shit)

All my girls get down on the floor (Oh, shit)

Back to back drop it down real low (Oh, shit)

I'm such a lady but I'm dancing like a ho (Oh, shit)

'cause you know I don't give a fuck so here we go! (Oh, shit)

The song ended and the room erupted into cheers from everybody, even Argent and Bumblebee who were still standing up on the coffee table where Jinx had finally come to a halt. Wally's jaw had fallen again and he was still drooling. Luckily he was in the back of the room so no one could make fun of him. This was going to be a long night.


"What's up, roadrunner." Jinx sat down next to the speedster in question and nudged his shoulder, he looked upset. "What's wrong? Did you not like my song? Well maybe it wasn't for you-"

"No, no I loved the song, a lot." He wiggled his eyebrows, but then went back to being upset. She sighed.

"Then what's the matter, you dork." She asked him irritably.

"Well almost everybody else has gotten to spend time with you tonight except for me, and it's not fair." He crossed his arms as he made the child like argument and Jinx began to laugh.

"Why are you laughing? It's not funny!" He yelled, and then paused. "Wait how can I still talk when no one else can?" He asked. Jinx stopped laughing slightly to answer his question.

"I asked Raven to let you keep your voice for now, even though it is extremely annoying." She said, still laughing. He nodded, and she noticed that he was still sulking, so she did something out of the ordinary for her. She was doing a lot of that lately. She kissed him, right on the mouth, hard. He was shocked at first but he kissed her back just as fully. Nobody really noticed them though, everyone was dancing. They kissed for a good minute before coming back up for air. That was the third time she made his jaw go slack that night.

Who knew Jinx could do all that? Definitely not her, sorry about that surprise I promised, I Just realized that it fit in better next chapter. I'll have that one up hopefully, soon. Don't worry about Argents part, there's more of her coming up soon too, along with more Robstar and more BBRae. I kind of just wanted to focus on Flinx this chapter. I hope you guys liked this chapter; I had a lot of fun writing it. See you guys next time on Titans Tower Musical.