Chapter 27

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Hours, minutes, seconds I couldn't tell you how long I have been sitting here, hoping to hear good news. Henry has been in surgery for a very long time. My eyes are sore and red from all the crying. Kate's been a good friend trying to keep my mind occupied. I can't help but feel horrible for what I said to Christian and I should really call him and apologize; I shouldn't have said such hurtful words. I smile at Kate when she hands me a cup of tea. What would I do without her?

"I should check on Teddy." I reach for my purse looking for my cell phone.

"I just talked to Gail; he's fine, she is taking good care of him."

I nod, thanking her for helping me through this.

"Hi, I'm looking for Henry Cavill's family." The surgeon stands a few feet away from us.

"Yes, I'm his mother," an older woman with long blond hair says.

I've been so out of it I hadn't even noticed them.

"Henry's just come out of surgery, the next 24 hours are critical."

"When can we see him?" I ask.

"Not for a few hours, it will be a while before he comes around and l clear him for visitors."

With that she makes her exit.

"May I ask who you are?"

"Yes, I'm sorry, I'm Anastasia Steele."

"Anastasia Steele?" she smiles, and reaches for me embracing me into a hug. "Henry has talked to us about you so much, if only this was a different situation."

"Yes, I wish it was."

"My son adores you. I am very excited to meet you, with the wedding and all."

"Wedding?" I ask with mounting apprehension.

"Yeah, Henry asked me for his grandmother's ring, he told me you were the one."

I didn't correct her, at least not yet, I don't want to upset her worse than she already is.

"Come, you need to meet Henry's dad and sister." She holds my hand and leads me to where they were sitting. " This is Nicholas and Dakota Cavill."

"Mom, we met already," Dakota smiles. "We had coffee together earlier."

I reach for Henry's dad's hand. "Anastasia Steele."

"I feel like I already know you," he smiles. "Henry has talk about you so much."

I just smile politely, if not a bit stiffly.

"This feels like a dream, not real, but he will pull out of this, he's so strong." I say.

They all agree, my phone rings and I excuse myself to take the phone call.

"Ana, I hear Christian's tentative voice, I'm sorry, I know it's all my fault."

"Christian, I should be the one to apologize, I shouldn't have said what I did."

"Oh Ana, baby I wish I was right there with you right now."

"I know, but it's best you're not."


"I will call you later, ok. I better go." I gently cut him off, and hang up, needing time to see this in a better light. I need Henry to feel better; I want things to be better. I love Christian; however, how can we be together now when Henry is laying there hurt because of me? I truly care for him and I just want him to pull out of this, so he can move on and be with someone who can make him happy. He deserves that; he's an amazing man with a huge heart of gold. I feel so sorry for his family for having to go through this. As a mother myself, I would die if Teddy was going through something like this; I am heartbroken for his mom. The next 24 hours will tell how this will go and I am really hoping everything turns out well.

I want some much needed fresh air, so I make my way outside, where I am immediately surrounded by paparazzi.

Great, the last thing I needed.

Just my luck.