Another Cliche Band Fic; An xxKaaat Original

Chapter One

The young girl stood in the middle of a cheering crowd. Her curls had begun to fall and her dark makeup was slightly smeared. Her short black dress clung to her body tightly, forcing her to sweat. Her heels made her slightly taller than she really was. Her face, a grim expression. Turning to her date she spoke, "I need to get some air."

The tall dark haired man to her left smiled, waving at her. "Great set huh?" He was clueless to her first sentence.

The girl rolled her eyes, her irises dimming. "Never mind." She muttered, turning away from the clueless man. Without a second thought he turned back to the stage, falling into sync with the surrounding crowd.

The two were in the gathering hall of the Uchiha mansion. The hall was an addition to the house, and it held a total of three thousand people maximum. Every Saturday the band, Akatsuki put on a show, followed by an after party. Only select few could actually get in, but thousands swamped the outside of the mansion, listening to the live band. The gathering hall was two stories high. The concert portion downstairs, and the party hall upstairs. Why this mansion? The bands founder and lead singer was the eldest son of the Uchiha family, Itachi.

Itachi Uchiha was a younger man with long black hair that flowed past his shoulders. He was tall and pale. His face was defined by long tear-troughs that lined the outer skin around his nose. He had dark red eyes that could never be read. His left arm was a tattoo sleeve. He was known for wearing black muscle shirts and dark jeans to every concert.

Itachi's best friend, also known as the guitar player of the back was a young blonde haired man by the name of Deidara. Deidara was tall and tanned with a tone body. He was the most attractive of the band members, and he ladies went wild for him. The man had long blonde hair that fell to his lower back. Often times he wore it half up, with long bangs hanging down to cover his left baby blue eye. Deidara was a free spirit who loved nothing more than being famous. He loved to party, and he loved his women.

Second to Itachi was Pein. He and Itachi were cousins, and when he wasn't playing his bass, he was switching places with Itachi. Pein on vocals and Itachi on bass. The two were good friends all their lives, and when it came to Pein, Itachi would do anything for him. Pein was known as the quiet man of the band. He was the tallest, and his head was lined with bright orange hair. The man had six piercings around the outside of each of his ears, and an industrial bar through the middle. Along the middle of his nose were three bars, and at the corners of his bottom lips were two more piercings. He had deep purple eyes and a smile that lit up the room.

In the back of the band was Sasori. He was the drum player, and youngest member of the band. He and Deidara had been close since they were young, and the two were inseparable. Sasori had shaggy red hair and dark brown eyes. He almost never wore a shirt, and he had a very defined body, contradicting his baby face. His skin was glossy and perfect and he was known to never be in public without Deidara. Sasori himself was known as a player, and he had a new girlfriend almost every week. He enjoyed nature, as well as drugs. Although he was a man with a kind heart, Sasori had an extremely foul mouth.

When the song was done, the man now standing alone turned to where his date once stood. He sighed, turned back to his left to reveal his best friend. "Shikamaru, will you and Temari go get a table? I gotta find Saku. She gave me a dirty look and left."

Shikamaru smirked. He nodded his head, forcing his pineapple shaped hair to bob. "You ever stop and think she didn't want to come? You kinda forced her into it. She's more of a behind the scenes person." Shikamaru paused, taking in Sasuke's glare.

From beside Shikamaru, a blonde woman smiled. "We'll get the table Sasuke. Just go find her." With that, the woman turned, pulling Shikamaru along.


Sakura Haruno found herself leaning over the balcony, a glass of wine in hand. It was autumn, her favorite time of year. It was particularly cool tonight, but she didn't mind. Anything was better than that hot dance floor. At once the girl sighed, leaning over the railing. Even if Sasuke had asked her, she didn't want to come. She loved Sasuke, even Itachi. But she hated large gatherings like this.

A deep voice pulled the girl from her thoughts. "Saku!" At once the girl turned to reveal a dark-haired man strolling her way. His smile was bright, and his long hair was pulled into a ponytail that was hanging to the right side of his head.

Sakura forced a smile. "Itachi."

Itachi took in the girl's appearance, smirking at her heels on the ground. "Rough night?" Sakura sighed. "I thought you didn't like crowds?" Itachi questioned.

At once Sakura turned, now leaning with her back against the railing. "Exactly. Sasuke pretty much forced me to come. I'd so much rather be at home though.." The girl trailed off, turning her head away. "He never listens to me."

Itachi smirked, taking a step closer to the girl. He set his hands on the railing, looking over the mansion grounds. "That's my brother for you. I figured you'd pick up on that by now. I think you're the first girl that just walked into his life and wasn't star stricken by..." He trailed off, looking down at the pinkette who returned his gaze. "All of this." He finished smiling.

Sakura laughed, a genuine smile took over her face. "Stars are people too. Doesn't really matter to me.. you know?" A comfortable silence fell upon the two.

"You and Sasuke getting serious?" Itachi finally broken the silence.

At once Sakura turned her head. "What?"

Itachi leaned back and turned to face the girl. "You and Sasuke... are you guys getting pretty serious?"

Sakura stood dumbfounded. "You think we're dating?"

Itachi smiled. "Well, you've been around for almost a year. You know the family, you're always first to be invited to the parties. Sasuke's completely nuts about you... I think anyone would get the impression that you two are a thing. He constantly talked about you." He couldn't help but laugh as Sakura's clueless expression. "He couldn't stop talking about how you were his date for tonight."

"Itachi we're friends... I don't have feelings for Sasuke." Sakura felt a hot red force its way to her cheeks. "Who all thinks that?"

At once Itachi rested a hand on the back of his head. "Sasori, Deidara, Me, Pein, Konan, mom and dad." He shrugged. "A lot of people think that. I mean, we're kind of famous and you know how that goes with paparazzi. Remember the first time you went into public with me and Sasuke? That was all over the news."

Sakura sighed, putting a hand to her eyes. "Damn it."

"No need for that. Just tell Sasuke how it is, clear shit up." Itachi's smile faded. "Sakura, you're an upcoming artist and you're constantly in the news as being seen with us. That's gonna give a lot of people the impression that you and Sasuke are a thing. Welcome to the life of the famous, kid."

At once the two were joined by another man. "Sakura." His hands were on the girls hips.

At once Sakura pushed him away, "Sasuke stop." Her voice was stern as she look him in the eye. "How many people have you told about us?"

Sasuke shot a glance to Itachi who turned away. "What do you mean?"

Sakura turned away. "How many people have you told we're 'dating'? When was I gonna be informed about this?"

The man sighed, "Shikamaru... a few others..." He looked down.

At once Sakura took off toward the doorway, not turning back once. After a few seconds Itachi looked at his brother. "She's pissed."

Sasuke sighed. "No shit Itachi."

"Why the fuck would you just randomly tell people you guys are dating? Don't you think it'd get back to her sooner or later?" Itachi crossed his arms.

After a few seconds Sasuke turned toward his brother. "Itachi, please talk to her..."

Itachi replied with completely monotone. "Why?"

The man was now begging. "Please Itachi, I've never asked you for anything. Sakura means a lot to me and I can't talk to her when she's this pissed at me... I'll repay you please Itachi please?"

A few more minutes passed and Itachi sighed. "Fine Sasuke. I'll calm her down. You're such a pansy." Without waiting for a reply, Itachi slipped back into the party room.


A hand landed on the girls shoulder. "Sakura." She turned to show a panting Itachi. She was a mere few feet from the door. Her eyes were dark, she looked like she could burst into tears at any minute.

"What Itachi?" Her voice cracked.

"Come party with the guys and me. We're throwing our own little party away from all this, only a few of us. It'll be fun. I swear." Itachi smiled, and reached for Sakura's hand.

Without anymore words, she accepted and followed as he pulled her through the large crowd once again. They passed the dance floor, bar, and even the sitting area. Before she knew it, she was up in the DJ booth, following Sasuke out the back door. Finally she asked, "Where are we going?"

Itachi smirked, "My special hiding spot Sakura." Without any more words, the man led her through a long hallway that was dimly lit by neon lights. She could tell by the muffled sounds that this hallway secretly led around the party hall. After a few more seconds the two came upon a dark door. At once Itachi turned around to face the girl, still holding her hand. "You don't tell anyone about this okay? If you leak a word it'll be the end of both of us."

Slowly Sakura swallowed, intimidated by the cold glare in Itachi's eyes. "O-Okay Itachi..." She managed. Upon those words, Itachi smiled and turned back to open the door.

The room was dark except for the various neon lights that lined the walls. There were no windows. In the middle of the room stood four couches that sat around a large table. On one couch sat an orange headed man who was being straddled by a purple haired woman. The two were kissing each other. On the couch to the right of them was a blonde headed man who sat back with his eyes closed.

On the couch opposite him was a red headed man who glanced toward the door. When catching glimpse of Sakura with Itachi he smiled. "Well if it isn't princess?" He smirked. "Come on over Sakura, I'd like to get this show on the road." His voice was low and strained.

Before Sakura could reply, she felt a warm hand wrap around her waist. Slowly she found herself leaning into Itachi as he led her to the last open couch. When the two sat down, she caught sight of the table in the middle. On it were various bottles, small lines of white powder and white wraps that looked like cigarettes.

Seeing her stare Itachi smiled. "Joints Sakura." He paused holding one up. "Weed."

At once Sakura's eyes grew wide. "Itachi... no."

From across the table she saw Deidara lean forward and grab an open bottle. Quickly he chugged it, smiling when he was done. "You mean, princess is clean?"

Slowly Sakura nodded. From beside her she saw Sasori pick up a joint and light the end. He inhaled, pulled it away then waited a few seconds before blowing it out. "It's not bad Saku. Everyone does it." He paused. "The smoking bit takes a bit to get used to but after that it's easy."

Slowly Sakura leaned back into the couch, she tensed. At once Itachi slid an arm around her. "Listen Sakura, it's okay. I promise. You don't have to if you don't want to. But it doesn't hurt to try." The girl watched as Sasori passed his joint to Itachi who took in a long drag. Slowly he blew it away from Sakura. After a few seconds he looked back toward her. "Are you scared?"

After a few seconds, Sakura shook her head. "I'm not scared."

"Good." Itachi smiled. "Close your eyes and open your mouth." Sakura did as she was told.

Itachi took a long drag and handed the joint to Pein who was watching. After holding his breath for a few seconds he leaned into Sakura's face and pulled her close. At once he pressed his lips lightly against hers and blew the smoke into her mouth. "Close." He said, she did. "Swallow twice." She did. "Now blow out." She did as she was told, then opened her eyes.

From beside Pein, the woman spoke. "That's secondhand. All the effects, none of the burn. That will be best for you until you start smoking. The burn hurts at first, but after that it just wears off. Nothing too bad."

Deidara smiled, leaning forward over the table. "Konan's right." Slowly the blonde man rolled up a twenty dollar bill and snorted the white powder through his right nostril. He leaned back, then repeated the process with his left nostril.

Seeing Sakura's gaze, Itachi smiled. "Coke."

The girl questioned. "Cocaine?"

"Yep." Itachi leaned forward to the table and rolled a nearby twenty. He did the same as Deidara did, then leaned back on the couch. He snorted a few times, then smiled. "Here Sakura." Itachi pulled another joint from his pocket. He lip it then handed it to her. "It's just like a cigarette. I think it'll be easier on you if you start off with smoking it firsthand. It'll be a better effect." He watched as Sakura eyed the joint. "Keep the whole thing. The first one we light is the only time we puff then pass."

Slowly Sakura put the end of the joint between her lips and she inhaled. It burned her throat, forcing her to cough. "Breathe Sakura." Deidara's voice was calm. She did and her coughing subsided. Once again she put the joint between her lips and she inhaled. This time she didn't cough, but the burn was worse.

After ten minutes the joint was dead and Sakura sat leaning back in the couch with a beer bottle in her hand. From the couch beside her, Sasori smirked. "Shit. Look at princess here." He smiled and leaned back, downing his second bottle of beer.

Another ten minutes passed by. Konan and Pein were practically having sex behind their couch. The others couldn't see, but the sounds made it obvious. Beside Sasori now saw a black haired woman by the name of Kureani. She was beautiful, she was fucked up. The room had begun to spin as Sakura sat up, eying Itachi who leaned back blowing rings into the air.

"I-Itachi." Sakura's voice was slow.

Slowly Itachi opened his eyes to reveal red. He smiled and let out a laugh. "You okay Saku?"

At once Itachi sat up and scooted closer to Sakura. "Y-Yeah." The girl smiled. "I'm sorry for bitching out earlier and leaving."

Itachi smiled. "No problem, Sasuke can be a prick sometimes. You have every right to be pissed."

Sakura stopped, thinking about what to say next. But her head was a jumbled mess and her head spun. "Can we do this again?" She smiled.

Itachi sat up. "You mean really? You like this?" Sakura nodded. "Well damn, sure. I don't give a fuck. First time I'll have brought a friend to the room. Shit, I never bring anybody."

Sakura looked across the room Deidara smiled, drinking another beer. "He's never brought anyone here. This is our secret place. We can fuck whoever we want, smoke, even drink whatever we want. It's great."

Slowly Sakura turned to Itachi who was staring at her. For the first time in her life, she looked at Itachi, really looked at him. He was famous, he was wanted by millions. He lived a family life during the day, but when he disappeared at night all those times... he was in this room. Itachi was a pothead. This was the real Itachi. But with those negative thoughts came another feeling. Of want and need. Sure, all the time she'd known him she always had thought Itachi was attractive. He was beautiful. He was built. He was Itachi. "Itachi." Was all she could say before leaning up and kissing Itachi. One by one she wrapped her arms around the man's neck, and he did the same. Before Sakura knew it, she was underneath Itachi on the couch.

In the twenty years she'd been alive, she'd never been like this with anyone. Yeah, Sakura had had sex and she was intimate with a number of people. But the want and need she felt for Itachi at that moment was something she'd never felt before. It was like a wave of lust. She knew what she was doing, and she liked it.