Hello, xx Kaaat here!

As you all know, I've recently finished this story. It's been my most popular story on FF and I'm truly proud of it. Thank you to everyone who stuck through until the end.

With school starting, along with show choir and theater... I haven't really had much time to write. Although, I have brainstormed. As sad as it sounds, I've got a complete block for a sequel. With idea after idea, I've attempted and fell short with four different attempts. Although, I've come up with many ideas for other stories and one shots and such.

I'm leaving it up to you all. For my appreciation for you all... I'm letting you decide if you want me to continue with a sequel or not. I'd do anything for you all! You're my family and I'm so thankful for every one of you. I've read every review and I still smile each time.

So please do me a favor and leave a review letting me know your thoughts on this whole matter! Thank you all!

- xx Kaaat