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Another Cliche Band Fic; An xxKaaat Original

Chapter Six

"And with breaking news tonight, the new up and coming band Akatsuki had a rude ending to their sixty day winter tour. Lead singer Itachi Uchiha and his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha, had an argument over an alleged mistress caught between the two. This footage currently being shown is drummer Sasori, engaging in a physical fight with the younger Uchiha brother. The fight was broken up by a number of people. It's been reported that the band will be forced to cancel their tour due to Sasori's broken arm. There is no known rescheduled date yet. That's it for the famous Uchiha family. This is your news anchor Anko Mitarashi reporting live."

Sakura moaned and flipped the television off. At once she buried her face in her winter coat. Itachi sighed as he wrapped an arm around the girl who was practically sitting on him. The two sat in a wide recliner that sat in the corner of Sasori's hospital room. The sound of many voices filled the hallway. Deidara sat fast asleep in the windowsill and Pein sat beside Konan in two plastic chairs. Everyone was exhausted.

"I don't understand why you're all staying here. I mean, I'm fine by myself. Seriously, the security had the door protected. There's no use in us all being here." Sasori complained. "This mattress is awful. It's too thin and too lumpy. We're rock stars. Don't you think they should give us some better treatment?" The red head pouted and threw himself back into the bed.

Itachi called from the recliner. "Be careful Sasori. The doctor said you have to limit your hard movements. You're lucky nothing else happened to you." The dark haired man sighed.

Sasori groaned. "I can't believe he cracked two of my ribs, broke my fucking arm and gave my a concussion." He raised a hand to his head. "Of all people to seriously hurt me it was your dumb ass brother." The red-head crossed his arms and sighed.

"I can't believe that Sasuke really actually got physical with everything." Pein's voice was low and distant. "He went too far and you know it Itachi. He's gonna pay eventually." Slowly Pein leaned down and covered his face with his hands.

Itachi sighed and looked down at Sakura who had finally fallen into slumber. He smiled and pushed a piece of hair back out of her face. She never moved. "I know Sasuke. He'd got something up his sleeve. He's more of a wait and then strike kind of guy. I should know. That's what he did when we were kids." Sakura slowly turned and curled into Itachi's side. He simply tightened his grip on the girl.

"If he hurts her Itachi I swear." Sasori's glare was cold. "I'll kill the bastard. Hurting me is one thing. Hurting her is a whole different level. I don't deal with that shit and you know that. I mean, I've never liked the guy and yeah..." He paused. "I mouthed off and I deserved the beating. But what he doesn't realize is that Sakura's gone now. His little stunt pushed her off the edge. She's in the fucking news now. Do you know how much shit is going to be said about her?"

Itachi sighed. "I know Sasori, I know. Let them think what they want. We'll sit back and relax when you get out. Things will get back to normal. Sasuke knows better than to strike me. I doubt he'll go for Sakura again. If we get lucky he'll probably just drop everything. Sasuke's an idiot, but he's not stupid enough to come after us again." Itachi's voice was cold. "When Sakura wakes up I'm going to drive over to her apartment and we're getting her things. She can stay with us..." He shot a look at Pein. "We'll go to Pein's and stay there for awhile. We'll lay low in Vermillion. But for today, I'm taking Pein with me to Sakura's. Konan, you and Deidara will stay here with Sasuke. If anything suspicious goes on you make sure to call me." The purple haired woman nodded her head.

Pein took a deep breath. "He'll regret the day he fucked with us."


Sasuke sat with a glass of wine in his hand. He watched as two black figures closed a door in the distance and quickly sped back toward the vehicle. At once the limousine door opened and the two figured slid in, slamming the door behind them. Sasuke swayed to back into his seat as the the vehicle started to speed away. "Well?"

Across from him sat a panting red headed woman. She wore black glasses and a tight black shirt. Against around her legs were a baggy pair of sweats that cuffed against her ankle. "The place is trashed. It didn't take much sir." At once she reached out to grab a glass.

Beside her sat a much taller white haired man. He sat back sighing as he wiped his forehead. "Nothing was left unbroken. Her clothes were left in a pile in the bedroom and we started the fire there. The way everything was left, it seems as though there was a simply burglary. The fire department will guess that the fire started in the room above her." The man sat up and smiled. "Piece of cake sir."

Sasuke smiled and nodded in approval. "Suigetsu, Karin." He held out his glass. "I thank you both for a job well done. You are both very fantastic." At once Sasuke reached for the briefcase that had been hidden behind his leg. He passed it toward the red headed woman. "Your ten grand my friends."

The red head slowly opened the case and nodded in approval. "The pleasure has been all ours."


The tour bus was silent as the band sat in shock. In the window seat near the back sat a pinkette who stared into the distance. A mere hour ago she'd gone home to find that her apartment building had been burned to the ground. Nothing could be salvaged from the rubble that found itself upon the ground. She didn't cry. She couldn't speak. She was simply stunned.

Itachi sat across from the girl, watching her every move. As much as he didn't want to reveal it, seeing Sakura like this killed him. Her emerald eyes seemed foggy and her smile was gone. She was pale and her hair was a mess. She was breaking on the inside, her strong person a shell of herself.

After nearly twenty minutes Itachi stood up and moved toward the back of the bus. On the couch laid a sleeping Sasori who was being nursed by Deidara. Across from the two sat Pein who caressed a sleeping Konan's cheek. At once Itachi shot a look to Pein who's gaze went cold. His hand clenched into a fist as Konan stirred.

"You feel it too huh?" Pein growled through his teeth.

Itachi nodded. "Sasuke had something to do with this." Deidara looked up at Itachi who sat down on the floor. He continued. "Sasuke wouldn't be so stupid to do it himself. No. He had someone do this. Because there is no fucking way that this is all a coincidence. All this family drama blows up and suddenly Sakura's apartment goes up in flames? This is low. Even for that coward." Itachi's face was blank.

At once Deidara's voice broke through the growing tension. "First Sasori and now Sakura. Who's next? What's next?" Both Itachi and Pein looked distant. The bus rocked as it passed a bump in the road. Sasori stirred. "He doesn't scare us and he knows that. What he does scare is..." The blonde male trailed off.

"Sakura." Itachi closed his eyes as the realization finally hit him.


Itachi stood in the bathroom that connected to his guest bedroom. He leaned back to peer into the dark room. Sakura paid peacefully in the large bed, she didn't move. The man sighed and turned out the bathroom light, slowly moving across the room. When he reached the bed, he pulled back the cover and settled in next to Sakura. Slowly he wrapped an arm around her.

"How's Sasori?" The small voice made Itachi flinch. He frowned in the darkness.

"He's in pain. Bitchy as ever, that's for sure. He's alright though." He paused. "I thought you were asleep Sakura."

After a few silent moments the pinkette replied. "You think Sasuke did it... don't you? You all do." Her voice was shaky. At once the girl turned to face Itachi. When he didn't reply she went on. "Sasori, Deidara, Pein... you all think he started the fire. Answer me Itachi."

Finally the man sighed. "Yes, Sakura. We do."

Sakura choked. "He won't stop." It was clear that she was crying. "He'll keep going until he wins me back Itachi. But I don't want him.. I want you. Why me?"

Itachi slowly blinked and put his open hand to Sakura's face. With his thumb, he wiped her tear streaked cheek. "Sasuke's got demons that none of us know about. He's too wrapped up in himself to let you go. He's trying to get you back by scaring you Sakura." At once he pulled the girl closer. "Sasuke is going through a lot and eventually he'll see the wrong of his actions. He's pushing you away."

Sakura trembled. "Why?"

After a few tense seconds, Itachi sighed. "There's more to Sasuke than you know." His voice was low.

"What do you mean?" The girl inhaled.

The room was dark, but Itachi's outline showed him to be staring at the ceiling. Something was on his mind. "When we were young... Sasuke was sexually abused." A long silence. "He tried to kill himself to get out of it. I saved him. He wanted to die, and he hated me when I stopped him. An old friend of the family, Orochimaru did it. It went on for more than three years, yet none of us saw it." His voice was quiet. "Sasuke was fifteen when he stabbed Orochimaru to death. He left him to die, then came home and tried to jump from the balcony of his room."

Sakura stared at the black frame beside her. "What did Orochimaru do?" The question seemed to break free.

Another silent minute. "Orochimaru was big into shrooms. He'd get high, fuck a few girls, let Sasuke fuck a few girls. He raped Sasuke. He fucked Sasuke up mentally. He's got anger problems, he's got attachment issues."

"That's why Sasuke hated drugs."

"Exactly... I'll never forget that night on the balcony. He was so broken and he fell apart. He told me hated me, that I got everything and everyone. He said the only person who wanted him was a psychopath. He was bloody... he was crying..." Itachi trembled as the memory flooded his mind. "He went to a mental hospital for a full year. Mom and dad kept his wishes, and we weren't in contact. When Sasuke finally came home he was different. He was cold and he avoided me. Eventually we started talking and we came to terms. He always told me that my lifestyle was wrong and that the carefree life I lived would end up breaking me. He tried to get me to give up music and take on dads wishes as new head of the business. But, that clearly never happened."

Tears began again as Sakura whispered into the darkness, "The one thing that came into his life left him. He thought he had someone with Orochimaru, but.."

"Orochimaru wanted him for filth and he didn't want that." Itachi paused and he turned his head to face Sakura. "You didn't want him and he couldn't accept that Sakura. In his games, he's Orochimaru and you're Sasuke. He's mentally unstable... This time I can't save him."

"This time no one can save him Itachi. This isn't your fault. He pushed me away.." Something struck in Sakura's mind and she trembled again. "This is no one's fault but Sasuke's. He's cracked, and he has to save himself."