Author's Note: Alright, guys, well this fic was intended to be a oneshot, but after a lot of demand on Tumblr, it has become a multichapter fic! It's kind of big on Tumblr and AO3 so I thought I'd also post it here. Enjoy!

Okay so maybe choosing to work at a coffee shop wasn't the best idea for a guy who loved coffee as much as Castiel. It had made sense to apply for the job considering his love for the rich, warm drink, but now he was beginning to think it was really just a way for him to torture himself. The enticing aroma filled the little shop, silently begging him to just keep one cup of coffee for himself. But, as his boss, Gabe, had emphasized, "the coffee's for the customers, buddy, anything you drink is coming out of your paycheck."

Castiel didn't have much money so he couldn't afford to just pick up a pot of the liquid heaven and gulp it down. No matter how tempting it may be, it was his first day and getting caught breaking the rules that quickly would certainly be bad.

He stood leaning up against the counter, his eyes scanning the empty room in hopes that someone would finally walk in. His shift had begun at the ungodly hour of six in the morning, and he had been left to aimlessly pace behind the counter for the past hour. Well, this is going to be so much fun, Cas thought with a snort.

A small ding suddenly broke the silence, indicating that someone had walked in. Cas jumped a little, quickly straightening up and running his hands over the front of his shirt to smooth out the wrinkles. He was supposed to look presentable after all.

When Cas glanced up to see who had just saved him from his boredom, he let out a surprised gasp. It was a good thing he had tried to change his zombie-like appearance. The guy who had walked in was hot.

Alright, so Castiel wasn't one to openly stare at someone or ogle them. In fact, the few friends he had always teased him for being shy, unaware of the fact that he was nervous around women because he had a feeling that he wasn't completely straight.

The man was a few inches taller than Cas with short, golden brown hair and piercing green eyes. He had broad shoulders and the confident stride of someone who was used to being acknowledged for his appearance. As Castiel was unashamedly doing right now.

He approached the counter, his emerald eyes glancing around the room before coming to rest on the thin, anxious-looking boy watching him. His lips turned up into a crooked smirk, his demeanor resembling that of a predator stalking it's defenseless prey.

Castiel swallowed nervously, averting his gaze away from the male model sauntering his way over to take his order. As the man continued to focus his attention solely on him, he began to wonder when the room had gotten to be so unbearably hot.

"Hey there… Castiel," the man began, his deep, gravelly voice sending excited shivers up Cas's spine as he read his name tag, "I'll have the usual."

Cas blinked. "I'm sorry, I don't know-"

"Oh, that's right," he chuckled, "you're new. I'll just take a venti Americano, please. You know, the good stuff."

Castiel laughed weakly, finally chancing a glance at the other man. At this proximity, he could make out the array of freckles dotting his nose and the soft skin of his cheeks below each of his eyes. He had the biggest damn grin on his face, and when their eyes met, he fucking winked at him. Oh shit.

"Oh yeah," he replied, his voice becoming embarrassingly high pitched, "the Americano is a classic. It's my favorite because it keeps the coffee's rich flavor. The milk or cream added to the other drinks always masks the flavor."

The man tilted his head to the side and rested his hands on the counter. "Wow, they need more guys like you working here. You seem like you know your coffee, damn."

Cas felt his cheeks redden. He felt the sudden urge to throw himself across the counter and kiss the hell out of the guy, twisting his fingers in the short hairs at the back of his head and running his tongue across the soft flesh of his lower lip. He smiled and nodded before quickly turning on his heels, anxious to start brewing the green-eyed man's drink to distract himself.

The heavenly scent of brewing coffee filled the air, effectively drawing Castiel's attention away from the temptation leaning up against the counter only a few feet away. He breathed in the intoxicating aroma, pushing all of his crazy fantasies to the back of his mind.

A couple minutes later, the little red light on the machine began flashing. Cas inhaled once more before opening his eyes and pouring the dark liquid into a cup. He turned back to face his waiting customer, blue eyes meeting expectant emerald eyes. The man grinned and straightened up.

"Smells good," he called, watching Cas make his way over with his drink.

"Mhm," Cas mumbled in agreement, setting the warm cup on the counter and entering the order into the cash register. He purposely avoided looking at the brunette, knowing full well that one more glance would just add fuel to his surprisingly creative imagination.

"$5.30," Castiel announced, reaching out to grab the money from the other man's grasp. As he gripped the bills, his fingers brushed against the brunette's calloused fingers. His eyes widened, flinching and pulling the money away from the man's grip as if he had been shocked.

They locked eyes for a split second before looking away. Cas quickly gathered the man's change and set it down on the counter, worried about what would happen if their skin accidentally touched again.

"Have a nice-"

"Hold up," the brunette interrupted, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a small card, "if you ever need a lawyer, you know who to call. Or if you just ever want someone to talk to. Here."

He laid the card down on the counter and flashed Cas another dazzling grin. "Bye, Cas," he purred, dropping all of the change into the Tip jar before turning and strutting out the door.

Castiel's jaw dropped, warmth pooling in the pit of his stomach and spreading throughout his body. He had given him a nickname. Cas. When he finally regained the ability to move, he picked up the card and skimmed over the information.

"Winchester & Winchester Ltd. Dean Winchester." A phone number and address were also neatly displayed at the bottom of the card.

"Dean," Cas muttered, liking the way the name sounded as it passed across his lips. An image of he and Dean sitting down at one of the tables in the shop, talking animatedly and drinking two perfectly prepared Americanos flashed before his eyes. He could just imagine the way Dean's lips would look as they pressed to the rim of his cup, the warm liquid gliding down his throat…

"Hey, buddy," Gabe trilled, his excited voice pulling Cas out of his trance, "looks like you met one of our regulars!"

Castiel just nodded his head, turning his head away in an attempt to hide the pink flush on his cheeks.

"Oh geez," the shorter man sighed, rolling his eyes, "you're already in love with the guy, I can tell. That always seems to happen to my newbies."

Cas's head jerked up, eyes wide like a deer in the headlights. "Was it really that obvious?" he asked softly, chancing a glance at his boss.

"It's okay," Gabe chuckled, patting him on the back, "he was the one hitting on you. Besides, you should be proud."

He leaned in close, ignoring the confused expression on Castiel's face as he whispered in his ear, "you're the only one who's managed to get his card and an invitation."