You know what I love? Alphabet challenges.

This first one is simply a drabble, but some of the coming ones will be longer. Please forgive me for such a short work. It kind of just came to me and I was like, "Huh, yeah, alright. This is done. Better post it!" So, um, yeah. On with the show. Enjoy the first of twenty-six drabble-esque oneshots in this installment!

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"Ash, you're such a dumbass." The seventeen-year-old rolled his eyes at the girl who had just taken his red king and moved his pawn to the next square on the checkerboard.

"Yeah, well you're no prize yourself."

"Excuse me," Misty rolled her eyes, flicking her black pawn in the opposite direction, "but I happen to know plenty of people who think I am three times as smart as you."

Ash scoffed and jumped the king Misty had apparently forgotten about. "Please, I'm your only friend. There's no way you actually talk to other people enough to know what they think."

Misty glared at her captive king, absently moving another checker piece. "We're not friends, Ash."

Ash shot her a scathing look and jumped her last piece. Misty sweatdropped.

"I win."

He rose from the dining room chair and shot Misty a final smirk before retreating to the living room to lounge on the couch with Pikachu. Misty could only stare at the checkerboard. She had never lost a game before.

I wonder how he won...

"Ash!" she called as she stepped into the adjacent room. "How did you... well, you know...?" Ash looked up from Pikachu who was contentedly purring in his master's lap as Misty took a seat on the lounge chair a few feet away.

"How did I what? Win?" Misty winced at his last word but nodded nonetheless. Ash cackled evilly.

"You're just mad because for the first time in your life, someone beat you in a game of wits, or whatever that stupid checker game is about." Misty looked away, busying her eyes with the countless knickknacks Delia had decorated the quaint room with.

"Fine, you're ignoring me. Well, it's not like we're friends or anything, like you said, so I guess I shouldn't have expected anything else," Ash airily commented, reaching for the television remote.

However, this caught Misty's attention at once. She smacked her forehead. He's such a dumbass.

"Ash, you're not my friend." Misty didn't pause to see the pout spread across his lips. "You're my boyfriend, you idiot. Did you not realize it by the whole, I don't know, going on dates and making out and being in love thing?"

This, of course, seemed to cheer Ash up immensely. Pikachu jumped out of Ash's lap to avoid being crushed by the incoming red-head who was surely going to sit on top of his trainer. His long ears perked up and his little body shivered in anticipation of what vile activity was probably coming next. He hopped off the couch and ran out into the garden to find anything to busy himself with.

Misty, now sitting atop Ash with muscular legs wrapped around his waist, made no hesitation in thumping his forehead.

One of the last thoughts she could really remember before a familiar pair of lips was upon her was something along the lines of how he was smart enough to win a game of checkers but not astute enough to understand really anything regarding anyone.

Oh well, at least he's good at what he's doing right now.