Police Report

At 0334 hours on May 18, 1999, dispatch received a call from the resident at 158 East Zodiac Drive, who claimed to have heard a cry from his neighbor's house. Captain Royston Long turned the case over to Officer Brice Tyler, Officer Lily Rayne, and I. At approximately 0358 hours we arrived at the house in question and knocked on the door. The young man answered with a smile on his face. I noted that he seemed wide awake, as if he had been up for some time, as he invited us inside. We told him of our cause of being there, and he immediately told us the old man was visiting his sister in another town. He did not give us more details. Instead, he showed us that the old man's belongings were exactly in their proper place. Afterward, he asked us to sit with him in a bedroom, chatting easily about his evening. Soon after, he seemed to become agitated, raising his voice and speaking angrily. He was soon pacing and hitting the table, threatening us to make us stop antagonizing him, even though my comrades and I did not say a threatening word to him.

Finally, he screamed, "Stop! Enough! Enough! Pull up the boards! Below the floor! Here, here! It is the beating of his horrible heart!"

Much alarmed, we did so; he was insistent. Underneath the floorboards were the arms, legs, head, and torso of a human body—male, it seemed. I confess I could not look long, so mutilated was the corpse. The cuts were not quite clean, a little ragged at the edges, and the bones seemed to have been cut part way through and snapped the rest. The head of the corpse seemed to be missing an eye. The blood had pooled underneath the remains. The remains themselves did not seem to be rotted in any way, leading us to believe the mutilation had taken place recently. Due to the state of the blood, I estimate the act was done less than two hours before our arrival.

The behavior of the young man in question leads me to believe he may be clinically insane. It is my recommendation that he be placed in a facility for a psychiatric evaluation to confirm or deny this belief. Should he be determined able to be held accountable for his actions, I would recommend pursuing the full penalty for desecration of human remains (Title 76, Chapter 9, Section 704) of five years in prison.