Aragorn's secret shame no.1#

Erm yes, I am back. ^_^

* * *

"Where are you going?"

Aragorn did not look up from his packing to answer the elf


"From Rivendale?" enquired Legolas

"Among other things"

Legolas tilted his head, well the ranger could do with a holiday. He narrowed his eyes as he caught a glimpse of something familiar in Aragorn's pack.

"Aragorn.." he began "what's that in you pack?"

"Why clothes of course" the ranger replied nervously and covered the object with a shirt. Aragorn looked at Legolas innocently

The elvan prince stared at him suspiciously in return. With super speed he snatched the pack away from the man and reached inside.

"Yumperdoodle!" Legolas clutched the teddy bear to his chest "I thought I lost you" he said and rested his head against its soft fur, murmuring comforting phrases in elvish. Unfortunately the reunion was interrupted when the bear was suddenly snatched away from the elf.

"This is *my* bear!" the ranger said, glaring at the elf

"No it isn't!" cried Legolas snatching him back

"Hey, give back Twinkie!" the man cried and tackled the blond elf

What ensured was an epic struggle, a war of attrition, finally, both exhausted, they lay on the ground pulling weakly at the teddy bear





With that last pull the already stressed fabric of Yumperdoodle/Twinkie gave way

"Noooooooooooooooooooo!" cried the elf "You killed him!" Legolas broke down crying, clutching the broken bear to his chest and sobbing into the stuffing.

Aragorn stood awkwardly for a moment. He knelt down.

"It's all right Legolas, we'll get you another bear" he said and uncertainly patted the elf on the back

"No bear could replace Yumpie!"

Aragorn nodded and rocked back on his heels, suddenly the elf threw back his head and starting singing in elvish.

Aragorn listened for a moment

"A lament for you teddy bear?" he asked incredulously

Legolas nodded and continued singing, unfortunately it was not up to the high elvan standard since the mourning elf was sniffing, gulping and sobbing at the same time.

Aragorn decided to leave the prince alone with his grief, it was also a good idea to put as much distance betweem Legolas and himself before the elf decided to avenge Yumperdoodle's death. Not bothering to grab his bag, Aragorn quietly left the room and caught the next horse out of Rivendale. Legolas was up to the second verse of his lament.

* * *

-3 hours later-

Lord Elrond approached Aragorn's room, he wished to bid his foster son farewell before he left for his holiday. As he drew near he caught fragments of elvan singing.

" soft, so warm, my Yumperdoodle.." here the singing broke down into sobbing and eventually hiccuping

His eyebrows furrowing erratically, Elrond decided it wise to make haste in leaving as silently as possible.

I still am going to update my Boromir fic, just bare with me.