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The next few days were awkward and uncomfortable. Especially lunch, when Emil and Lukas were closest. Both of them knew what Feliks had said, but neither of them wanted to bring it up. But it was slowly eating away at both of their minds. Emil continues to grow more in love with Lukas and Lukas was slowly realizing that he loved Emil as well.

Lukas slapped his face as he thought about what had happened earlier that day. Emil had finally come up to him with a blush covering his face. He seemed to fidget more than usual and Lukas wasn't feeling too comfortable himself.

"Hey Lukas, I have something that I need to tell you." Lukas tried to act as if he really didn't care, but to be honest, he was very curious to see what Emil had to say.

"What is it?" Emil started to talk more than once but seemed to be failing very badly. Finally he built up the courage and quickly spit it out.

"I really like you Lukas! Would you go out with me!?" Emil was so red it was hard to believe he wasn't a tomato. Lukas was shocked.

"I need to think about it." Emil seemed to deflate rapidly. He nodded his head and ran away down the hall.

Now Lukas was at home and feeling as guilty as ever. He had finally figured out that he did love Emil.

"I just have to suck it up and tell him. Maybe I can accept his offer from earlier. Lukas walked out of his dorm and started to run to Emil's. He knocked on the door, and Emil answered. His face immediately turned red.

"Oh, hi Lukas. What did you want?" Lukas was out of breath and as soon as he could speak he stood up strait and looked at Emil. He took a step forward and pressed a sweet kiss to his lips. Emil stood in place but soon kissed back.

"I'm sorry about earlier. I love you Emil, can I please take the offer from earlier?" Emil nodded and they both kissed again.

"I love you too, stóri bróðir..."