*********6 years ago… **********


"Leave me alone Yukari. I'm leaving with Isabella. It's the only way that I can advance to the next level for my career. Don't worry Yukari, you'll do fine without me. After all, you're a great model and student… anything you do in life will have a positive outcome. Oh, and wear all the clothes that I'm giving you. I don't want it to go to waste"

"George I-"

"This is goodbye Yukari. Unless we meet again coincidentally, I don't think we'll ever see other again"


"Mmph, what? What is it?" I asked while yawning and rubbing my tired eyes.

"CAROLINE. You can never believe this! I just got a call from Love Light, and they want you to come to the States as soon as possible. Can you believe it? LOVE LIGHT?"

I groaned. It was only a week since I finally arrived in Japan to see my son after 2 months in El Salvador, finishing up the final touches of the newest magazine, Queen's Fashion. I was now a model and had a son named Yuuki. I never got married, I got pregnant right after George left for Paris and received much help from Miwako, Arashi, Hiro, my parents and many others. I looked at the photo beside my bed and smiled; the picture was taken just before I left for El Salvador in Narita International Airport. I looked at the clock and it read 7:30 am. It was time to get ready and go see Yuuki at my parents' house. I stumbled out of my room with Miwako following me to the bathroom.

"CAROLINE! Say something, I took such care to get you this job and you don't sound a bit thankful or excited. We're talking about LOVE LIGHT here! LOVE LIGHT! HEY, SAY SOMETHING!"

Right… Miwako was now my manager and publicist. She gave up designing and announced that she was now going to "take care" of me. Though… I don't think she's a bad manager… she's just a bit… cheery.

"Miwako… I don't know. I just came back from El Salvador… I don't want to leave Yuuki again. You know how he is. He won't forgive me for a long time if I'm not with him at all. Unless... is there a way for me to take him to America…?" I asked with a hopeful smile.

"Grr, fine, I'll see what I can do. Now, lets' go meet that cute and adorable Prince Charming! After you~"

"Yay! You promised!"

Little did I know that by going to America, I was going to encounter someone precious to both myself and my son….

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