Title: Five Stages

Summary: Disconnected memories of the late Yancy Becket.

Disclaimer: Pacific Rim and all things related is property of Guillermo del Toro, Travis Beacham and Legendary pictures.

001: Denial

It wasn't a post apocalypse. At least, that's what his parents kept telling him and Raleigh. Everything around them argued otherwise, though. If the world was in bad shape before monsters ate bridges for breakfast, it got even worse when people realized they were appearing just about everywhere that was close to home.

After the news reports (that told them nothing because no one knew what to do, really), their parents were on edge, more so than usual. They would spend nights burning holes in the carpet just walking around, worrying about looters. Dad either had a shotgun either in one hand or lying somewhere he could get it. San Francisco was burning from radiation fallout and a corpse that bleed itself into the earth. Manila was experiencing roughly the same aftermath and people at home were going crazy.

Going to sleep was a chore; whether he admitted it or not, he had nightmares about the things he saw on the television screen and forums following the news most weren't supposed to be privy to. One particular twitpic of a woman after she was exposed to the blood of the monster left him wide awake or tearing at his own skin his nightmares. He didn't use the computer for a week afterward.

The school was buzzing with gossip about the end of times: Aliens, fucking Cthulhu and everything conjured from the human mind was suspect for the woes that were sending the economy and the public state of mind sprawling down toward madness. His mother put up a good front, reassured them the military would get the situation sorted out before long. The monsters couldn't stick around forever.

"What could we possibly have that they want? Bad air?" The false sentiment worked for maybe about a second. The words weren't quite enough to convince him the universe would roll back what was set in motion. This wasn't something out a fantasy, this was real. And the worst part about their situation was never knowing when it would hit them.