Chapter 1: Red Mouth, Black Eyes

Sirens burst the silent purity of the November night as the teenage boy ran. He was roughly '5, 8", toned and build for speed as he raced through the forest. He stumbled and fell, tears falling anf irritating his already wide eyes. "You know what...*hiccup* fuck it all." Jeff grabbed the lowest branch near him and climbed towards the top, his trusty knife stored in the front pouch of his white blood-splattered hoodie. A hard rain-shower began, causing the angry biy to groan in despair. "OH FUCK ME."He yelled out, at the exact moment a flash of lightning illuminated the gray sky. The surens died down, much to Jeffs delight. 'Finally.' He sighed. The barren trees, their colorful leaves on the floor, provided a not-at-fucking-all comfortable nest for the young killer. Jeff sighed, flipping his long black hair out of his lid-less eyes. He leaned against the trunk and let sleep take him...

Across the forest, an 8-ft-tall wait, wait man... nevermind. Across the forest, an 8-ft-tall man reared his head to the sound of a loud male shout, coming from the northeast of the forest. Correction, HIS forest. And Slenderman did not allow goddamn , the rain was beating down heavy on the roof of the abandoned cabin he called home, and although he didnt sleeping often, he was quite weary. Then he heard another yell, this time he heard it loud and clear "OH FUCK ME. " Well that settlrd it, no desperate prostitutes in his forrest. He ducked and started toeards the noise.

Woah. He woah. The boywas layeout on a sturdy branch about eye level with the face-less man. His long black hair glistened in the heavy rain, and the dried... (was that blood?!)...blood on his dirty white sweater was dull and old- looking. He was stretched out and snoring softlt, his chest rising and falling with the effort of his strained breathing. Slenderman cockedhis head and listened to the boys heartboy. He stared at the horrendous smile permanently etched into the pale white face of the teen. Slendy paused, should he help this child? He was human. ..but therr was something different about this one. Long black tentacles winded around the teens body, lifting him gracefully. He held him by his tentacles in front of him, to his chest to shield him from the rain. Jeff, felt the rocking familiar sway of walking and awoke staring into the red tie of some THE FUCK . Jeff immediately grabbed for his knife, plunging it into the random chest, before back flippin out of the many arms and landing in a crouch, knife in hand. Slenderman stumbledbackwards, clutching his chest falling to his knees. He sat still, healing himself . Jeff backed upinstinctively licking some blood from his knife. The black blood was different from everyone elses, sharper, much more sour. 'Well what a wonderful good morning to you too.""What the hell, get outta my head!? Dude, what's happening?" Jeff clutched his raven locks, gasping loudly as the static in his head got louder and louder."This is the only way I can communicate with you. Only way I can find out why tHE FUCK YOU STABBED ME" The static clouded his mind again and Jeff screamed. "I'm sorry but I didnt kindly to stramgers cuddling me." Slenderman reared back, which must be the equivalent to a sigh. "I was not cuddling you. I was trying to be kind and take you out of this rain . But fine. Find sone other stranger to help you. You have until the rains tops to get the hell outta my forest. " Fully healed, Slenderman raised himself to full height and stalked off, rain beating on his shoulders . Jeff raced after the man, every step of Slendys was equivalent to 5 of Jeffs. He followed him to a homely little cabin far in the surrounding thicket. Slendy walked in, using a tentacle to hold the door open for the boy, who almost stumbled trying to get in.

PART 2 MUTHAFUGGGAS (lol thxs for sticking with me this far.)

"T-Thanks...I probably would have died of hypothermia or some shit." "Your welcome. There are sheets and comforters in the shelf although there probably old. The family that used to live here hasn't been here in a very long time." "Cool. I'll be out by morning, thanks aa lot. I heard a lot of bad shit about you Slendy ma' man. Maybe their wrong about u like they r about me. I'm not a monster..." Jeff's blacks eyes roamed over Slender, before Jeff genuinely smiled at the face-less man. Warmth covered Slendys heart. Maybe, their was something interesting about this human. As he watched Jeff snuggle down onto the ratty old sofa with blue blanket, Slenderman found himself gazing a little to long at the boys face. He shook his head and retreated to his room.