A Super Christmas

Disclaimer: I do not own Justice League, Young Justice, or DC Comics. They are owned by Warner Bros. This story was written with only entertainment purposes in mind. The original idea and story foundation were PROFESSOR IMAGE's. Thanks for giving me a strong foundation on which to build. This story takes into account both Young Justice and Justice League cartoons and attempts to believably mesh the two together.

December 22, 10:31 AM

A thick layer of ice blanketed Metropolis the previous night. The streets were filled with the busy chatter of Christmas Eve late shoppers. Every street corner seemed to be lit up with a dazzling display of Christmas lights proclaiming the joy of the season and greetings to all. Today complete strangers would stop to wish each other a Merry Christmas before going about their way.

Today Diana Prince met with Dinah Lance in the very same coffee shop that the two had been frequenting for the past two years. The two usually stopped to have a cup of coffee together whenever Dinah was in town. However, the distance between them and their "full-time jobs" made these little "get togethers" infrequent. Diana and Dinah's conversations when they got together ranged from sports, to their jobs, to the men in their lives, they covered it all. Today though, the conversation was lacking. Diana couldn't hold Dinah's attention for longer than a few moments, and this was starting to worry her.

"What is troubling you, Dinah?" Diana asked for what must have been the seventh time that morning. In reply, Dinah sighed and shook her head, the same as she had last six times Diana had asked.

Seeing Dinah so troubled really bothered Diana, wondering what to say to break the other woman from her funk, reached across the table and took Dinah's hand into her palms and squeezed. This startled Dinah enough to cuss.

"Damn!" said Dinah.

"Dinah, what's wrong?" Diana asked letting go quickly.

"Nothing was wrong until you tried to break my hand! Dinah exclaimed, looking at her hand which was now bruised and discolored.

"I'm sorry about that. May I?" She asked. Taking Dinah's quickly swelling hand and aching into hers. A moment later Diana's hands glowed a gentle purple and Dinah felt the pain and swelling subside.

Dinah sighed, "So you can heal people now?" She asked.

A latent gift from my father… I haven't really explored it fully though, replied Diana.

Amazed by, Diana's new power, Dinah looked at her hand checking to see that the pain was really gone.

"So, what's going wrong" Diana asked.

"What makes you think there's anything wrong?" Dinah said.

"You have that Ollie's being an idiot expression on your face," Diana explained. The dark haired woman smirked at her friend, "Not that that is anything new."

"Oh hush," Dinah groaned, shaking her head. "And no, it's not about Ollie. It's more around your territory then mine" Diana raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, What do you mean?" Diana asked.

"He's closely related to your stud-muffin," Dinah offered off-handily, propping her chin up on her hand.

"What…?" Diana asked.

"Let me give you a hint," Dinah said. "He's young, he has a bad attitude, and he wears an 'S' shield."

Diana realized where her friend was going with this. "I'm assuming this has to do with the boy?"

"So we are talking about this Superboy then, right?" Diana asked.

"Conner," Dinah told her. At Diana's look Dinah explained, "Conner; Conner Kent. That was the name he chose or rather Miss Martian suggested and it stuck."

"Oh," Diana iterated, unsure of how to take that.

"Listen," said Dinah, changing the subject, "Has Clark talked to you about Conner at all?"

"No." Diana admitted. She explained, "It's a pretty touchy subject with him. I think … Conner unnerves him."

Dinah tsk'ed.

"That man." Dinah said as she shook her head. "He has no problem throwing himself at Darkseid or sacrificing his self for humanity but as soon as his son is mentioned he runs for the hills." Diana frowned.

"Well, how would you feel to suddenly be faced with a clone that was designed to end your life and replace you?" Diana defended.

"You're defending him? Don't tell me that you condone his actions, do you?" Dinah asked her friend. Diana frowned.

"No, no I don't. I admit that Clark's being extremely unfair to the boy, but I trust that Clark will do what's right in the end." Diana explained her reasoning.

"And how long will it take for the big boy scout to take responsibility?" Dinah asked staring Diana in the eyes. Dinah explained, "Right now there's a boy out there who has no idea who he is, what he can do, with no faith in himself, and he's about to spend Christmas alone. So do you really, honestly think that it's right for Clark to ignore his ties to Conner, especially now?"

"Surely the others…" Diana began to say. Dinah shushed her by raising a hand.

"Barry's spending Christmas with Wally who invited Artemis, Cassandra's spending Christmas with Bruce and Dick, Kaldur's heading back to Atlantis, and M'gann, from what I hear is planning to spend Christmas with her uncle J'onn, and Rocket and Icon are going home to Dakota. His first Christmas and he's going to spend it alone," Dinah explained, glaring at Diana.

"Oh," Diana whispered.

"It's not just that, either. He's been dealing with feelings of insecurity because of Superman, and now with the holidays here his feelings of resentment are growing stronger with each day. Being alone now for Christmas really isn't something he needs," Dinah explained.

"Oh, well, what do you me to do about it?" Diana asked. Dinah gave her a long look, as if to say isn't it obvious.

"Well," Dinah drawled, sitting back in her chair, "I figure if anyone can get Clark to extend a hand to Conner I'd figure it would be you."

"Dinah," Diana sighed, looking like she was regretting what she was about to say, "Just because Clark and I are in a relationship doesn't mean I can get him to suddenly want to open his heart to Conner.

Dinah nodded. "True, but if anyone can reach Blue… it's you."

Seeing her friend's look Diana relented, "Alright, I guess I can try to get him to see reason. But I'm not making promises. He can be pretty bull-headed sometimes, you know."

"I can imagine," Dinah grinned.

"But if I'm going to do this then I at least want to talk to this Conner." Diana explained.

"Of course…" Dinah smiled.

December 22, 3:00 PM

"Team II" – as many of the leaguers referred to them – had earned some down time for the holidays. It seemed that villains everywhere had gone into overdrive to get their quota of evil done before the holiday. The Legion of Doom were mostly incarcerated, Lex Luthor was missing and presumed dead and even the Joker was quietly tucked away Arkham. When they weren't handling a disaster of some kind, or on a covert mission for the Batman, the team spent their time training and studying. Since the schools had let out for the winter break, Conner had busied himself with ignoring the holidays. As a clone with no family to go to, Conner knew he would be spending the holidays alone. He tried to ignore this fact as much as he could, but it was still ever present in the back of his mind. Conner spent much of his time in gym or the hangar bay with Wolf and Sphere. Superboy began to reflect on the events that occurred just the day before. Conner couldn't say he understood why Wonder Woman herself would come to Mount Justice just to see him. She had spent several hours just asking him questions. It seemed as if she wanted to hear his whole life story. His answers were short, but he couldn't help answering her truthfully. By the time she left it was dark. Conner walked her to the teleporters and watched as she left the Mountain. Even now he wasn't sure what he thought about Wonder Woman. Their meeting just left him confused.

At 4:35 PM that afternoon, he was interrupted.

"Conner?" Black Canary called as she entered the hangar.

Conner was sitting on the floor next to his motorcycle, a pile of bent and broken wrenches beside him just as Black Canary appeared, standing over him.

"Yes?" he asked, turning his head to look up at her. Black Canary folded her arms with a frown on her face.

"What are you doing down here?" The siren asked, arching an eyebrow. She jerked a thumb back to the doorway of the garage, saying, "You should be with your friends right now."

"Busy" Conner grumbled. He slowly stood, standing eye to eye with the female hero rubbing motor oil off his hands into a rag.

"Don't give me that bull," Black Canary argued. She frowned, saying, "You should really open yourself up more."

"Why?" Conner asked. He shook himself, saying, "Why is it so important that I socialize."

"It's not good for a boy your age to seclude himself away from the world," Black Canary explained. "You should go enjoy time with your friends before they go."

"Conner," Black Canary said, her eyes sympathetic, silence reigned over the two for several long moments. Sphere and Wolf remained silent, watching the two. "I think today will hold many surprises for you."

December 23, 11:32 AM

The Fortress of Solitude, home of the worlds' greatest super hero but now it was a second home for Wonder Woman. It had only been a few short months since Superman asked Wonder Woman to live with him. The days were spent juggling both of their dual identities. They'd wake up in the morning, share a shower together, eat breakfast, and then head their separate ways, Superman to Metropolis, and Diana to London. As Clark Kent, Superman was one of the best reporter's at the Daily Planet. As Diana Prince, Wonder Woman spent her time in London as an Ancient History teacher, at an all-girls private school, plus training her younger sister to one day replace her as Ambassador of Themyscria. When they returned to the Fortress at night the two let down their guards and dropped the masks that they wore throughout the day. In more ways than one the two were equals. But it wasn't just her strength or looks that drew Clark to Diana. In a lot of ways she grounded him, helped to buffer his rougher sides. By the same token, he acted as the link that helped her understand man's world. For years the two skated around the idea of being together. They had other relationships; Clark dated some pushy reporter and Diana dated a solider turned government official. Neither relationship amounted to anything as they were mere attempts at finding true love. Clark and Diana completed each other, so it was rather easy for them to adjust to each other's presence in their daily lives. Today started like most days. Diana woke up early, smothered in the arms of her lover, and lavished in his higher body temperature. She enjoyed the sense of belonging she felt from being held in his arms. Diana idly traced a finger along her lover's jaw line. The radiant glow of the early noon sun that managed to peek into the Fortress highlighted the Kansas natives' masculine form. Diana admired the man. For long minutes she stared at him. He was an Adonis, powerful as a god and he was hers. Kal began to respond to the afternoon light. Eyes churning behind their lids, he fidgeted slightly as he started to wake. When he finally opened his eyes Diana graced him with an angelic smile.

"Hey," She said.

"Hey," Kal returned, with a smile of his own tugging at his lips.

The two of them admired each other for several long moments, basking in the noonday sun and the warmth of each other's embrace. For now it was too early for them to think of much else save each other. So they welcomed the quiet. Diana slowly planted a gentle kiss on his lips. Kal-El growled something lowly in the back of his throat, which brought a smile to Diana's lips. Kissing her, Kal relished in the touch of her skin. The two traded kisses for several more moments before Diana finally pulled away and straddled him.

"What brought that on?" she laughed, shaking her head. Kal smiled.

"I was just thinking of how lucky I am," he admitted. Diana smiled.

Caressing his powerful chest, "As am I she said". "Now – how about we finally get started on the day?" she asked. "Shower with me!" She said as she moved to the bathroom. Her words were more of a command than a request.

"As you wish," Kal-El blurred to the bathroom.

An hour later found the two in the kitchen of the Fortress. For all its technological advances the Fortress had all the amenities of any household just on a much grander scale. Diana strolled into the kitchen area, wearing her crimson silk robe with the House of El crest on the breast. She sat at the granite counter and was toweling her hair and Kal was looting the refrigerator. He had pulled out a veritable banquet for them. Kal knew Diana would be hungry and he always took care of her needs.

"So – Bruce is holding Christmas with all the 'bats' this year?" Diana asked, though already knowing the answer.

Kal nodded anyways, but since his head was in the fridge he said, "Yup."

"And Barry and Wally are having Christmas with Artemis, Arthur's holding a feast for Aqualad, and J'onn's entertaining his whole family," and Augustus will be in Dakota with Raquel, Diana went on to say. What do you suppose Conner will do while his only friends are away?"

"Who?" Said Clark.

"Conner," Diana explained, patiently. Kal drew a blank.

"Who is Conner?" he asked.

"Conner, Conner Kent. Project Kr, he has a name now! Kal.

"You're not talking about who I think you're talking about, are you?" Clark asked with a straight face. Diana sighed.

"Yes, Clark, I'm talking about Superboy," Diana watched as a torrent of emotions quickly flashed across her man's features. Kal-El sensed Diana's tone change as she called him Clark.

"I thought we agreed not to discuss him," Kal said, a hint of anger in his voice. He really couldn't be angry with Diana, but this subject was very touchy for him

"And I would still be silent if he wasn't going to be spending the holidays alone," Diana sighed. You know how important the holidays are too you… You haven't missed a Christmas with your parents since I've known you. "And Conner has no one… no one but you!"

"I'm not his father!" Clark denied. Diana raised an eyebrow.

"I never said anything about you being his father, Clark," she explained.

"But he's not going away. What are you so afraid of?"

"I don't see why we're having this discussion to begin with," Clark argued. He set aside his orange juice before his mounting anger caused him to make a mess of the kitchen.

"Clark," Diana frowned

"What?!" he said.

Standing to make her point."You have a responsibility to this boy that cannot be denied and you can't push him off onto someone else," she exclaimed. Continuing, Diana pointed a finger at him, "I've watched you avoid this boy for months now, Clark not so much as a word have you given him! How can you just be so cruel?"

"Cruel?" Clark growled, "How am I being cruel? Have you forgotten that he was designed to destroy me and take my place?

"He isn't like that," Diana denied with an outraged expression clearly evident on her face.

"How do you know? Have you even talked to him?" Clark asked.

"Yes, I have!" She said.

"Clark… What we have here is an incredibly powerful, teenage boy with the extreme feelings of insecurity and low self- esteem caused by you."

"What?" Clark exclaimed.

"You heard me, Clark," Diana finally sank back down in her chair, feeling more exhausted then she looked.

Sitting down in the chair opposite of her, Clark kneaded his hands together.

"Are you serious?" Clark asked, finally breaking the silence.

Sighing, Diana reached across the table and clasped Clark's hand in her own.

"Yes, Clark, I'm serious," she told him.

"It seems Black Canary thinks so." She said.

"She sometimes talks to me about the teams she explained.

"Do you trust her diagnosis?" he asked. Diana sighed again.

"We both know how good she is when it comes to the reading people." She told him.

"And yes, Kal, I trust her opinions completely."

"I'll…try…" he said. He seemed to cringe inwardly, saying, "No promises, though."

"You can do it, Kal," she said, "You can do anything… You're Superman!" She said with conviction and tenderness then kissed him.

December 24, 12:59 PM

The whirr of the air condition cut through the silence of the room. He stared up at the walls of his room, imaging his friends getting ready to leave. He tried to ignore the biting anxiety in the pit of his gut, but it was a little hard to do. Then he heard someone knocking at his door.

The knocking continued for several minutes, growing louder and sharper with each knock.

"Conner," it was M'gann's voice that came through the doorway.

Conner tried to tune the girl out, but she continued, saying, "Conner, I know you can hear me. Open up."

"Go away," Conner whispered.

"Conner, you better quit pouting and come open this door right now!" she ordered through the door between them.

"Leave me alone!" Conner exclaimed.

Conner heard her sigh audibly, even through the door.

"Conner, I just wanted to let you know that you have a visitor – and it would make me really happy if you'd quit sulking. Came out and greeted him," she said.

"Who is it?" Conner asked.

"You'll have to see." She said.

Conner grumbled lowly, pulling himself from his bed. Heading to the door, the clone threw open the door and was greeted by the sight of Miss Martian standing in his doorway.

"Conner!" M'gann exclaimed. She threw her arms around her boyfriend's shoulders and hugged him close.

As she pulled away Conner said, "Thanks." It was obvious that he felt a little awkward after that display of emotion.

"I'm sorry," M'gann said, all smiles, "I'm just really happy for you."

"What are you talking about?" Conner asked, alarmed and cautious at her words, "Is this about my visitor?"

"You'll have to wait and see," she promised. She took his hand and led him through the mountain.

They eventually arrived back in the living room to find that a collection of people were waiting. The Flash's, J'onn, Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Aquaman, Aqualad, Icon, Rocket and Artemis. Everyone was busy talking. But it was the last person that stood waiting that drew Conner's attention.

"Superman," Conner breathed in alarm.

"It's okay, Conner," M'gann said, "He's here to see you."

M'gann led Conner towards Superman, who was silently staring at Conner with an expression that mirrored the clone's own. They were both stone-faced, jaws tight and brows pinched.

"Hello, Conner," Superman said, looking as if he'd rather be anywhere but here.

"Superman," Conner curtly replied. M'gann nudged him in the ribs.

"I'm sorry, Superman, but Conner is just surprised to see you here, that's all," M'gann told the Man of Steel. Superman nodded.

"It's all right, M'gann," Superman told the Martian. "Truth be told, I'm a little surprised to be here myself."

"What ARE you doing here?" Conner barked. Superman frowned.

"I was asked…I am here…to invite you to spend the holidays with me. You don't have to come if you don't want to, but it would…make me happy if you did," Superman told him.

In his mind Clark had practiced that little spill all the way from Metropolis, and it came out better than he expected.

Before Conner could reply M'gann stilled him by mind linking them.

"What are you doing he demanded?

M'gann replied "Look all this time you've wanted to get to know Superman, so here's your chance." Then she shut off the mind link.

"He'd love to, Superman," M'gann told the Man of Steel.

"Well – if you'll just get your things together then, we can get going," Superman told his clone. Conner dragged M'gann to a secluded area of the living room.

Tapping his temple which was their signal to mindlink."You knew why he was here, didn't you?" Conner growled. M'gann gifted him with an awkward grin.

"Maybe," she said.

"Why didn't you tell me?" he demanded. M'gann cupped his cheek.

"Conner, this might be your one chance to fix things between you and Superman. Do you really want to pass this up?" she asked him.

And before he could speak she answered "Well, I couldn't let you pass this up before hearing what he had to say."

"You heard him," Conner growled, he's not even here of his own free will. He was convinced to come invite me. Why should I want to go spend time with a man who doesn't even want me around?"

"Conner," M'gann said, with sad eyes, "Whatever reason he has for showing up today doesn't change the fact that he did. Don't look too hard at the reasons why he's here, you should be looking at ways to grow closer to him. After all, he is your father," she told him.

"He's not my father!" Conner denied vehemently.

"And he never will be until you two can patch this rift that's grown between you," she told him. Patting his cheek, M'gann asked, "Conner, please go with him. If not for yourself then please do it for me. I don't want you to be here alone during the holidays."

"M'gann," Conner began to say.

"Don't, Conner," she told him; placing a finger to his lips, "I know you won't regret this."

"All right, M'gann," Conner conceded, nodding his head. M'gann smiled.

"You won't regret this," the Martian girl said, throwing her arms around his neck. "Have a good time. She said. Ending their mindlink, M'gann gave Conner a sheepish smile before hurrying towards her uncle who was looking at her intensely. The other heroes were already starting to depart.

"Well, I suppose this is it for now," Kaldur said as he took Conner aside. Kaldur extended a hand for Conner to shake, which the two young men quickly did.

"Stay safe out there, fish stick," Conner told the Atlantian. They both traded a smile before Kaldur returned to his king. Aquaman quickly escorted his protégé out of the room.

Batman, who was watching the exchange between Superman and Superboy moved closer to Clark "Took you a while to memorize that little speech" he said with a scoff.

"That obvious huh?" Asked Clark.

"I don't have to be the world's greatest detective to see that Diana put you up to this but I am." said Batman. "Listen Clark for its worth, (placing his hand on his shoulder) I believe you are doing the right thing."

"I hope you enjoy your time with Superman," Cassandra Wayne said as she approached Conner. Hers was the first face he had seen when he was awakened from cryo-sleep. Though he attacked her and tried to crush the life out her he never forgot how beautiful she was or how great she smelled like pumpkin pie and lavender. Giving Conner a tight hug she said "Remember I'm always here for you, call me in Gotham if you need to."

"I'll keep that in mind," Conner smiled.

Cassie left with Batman, soon to be replaced by Wally who zipped over to say farewell.

"I'm not good on the whole goodbye scene," Wally said, bumping knuckles with the clone, "so I'll just say 'take care'."

"Right," Conner nodded.

As Icon waited, Rocket approached him. It looked as if she was going to say something before she shrugged it off and just said, "Take care."

"You too," Conner told her. Then she and Icon disappeared from the room.

Finally, it left the two Martians and Superman in the room with him. M'gann approached him one last time, throwing her arms around him again "have fun okay".

"Okay," he said. Then they were gone.

And then Conner was alone with his idol.

Both Superman and Superboy shifted uneasily. Finally, Conner said, "I'll go get my stuff."

Teleporting to Clark's Metropolis apartment, Conner kept to himself. It was awkward being around his clone. It was like being around a younger version of yourself. Superman walked into his bedroom and changed out of his uniform and into a red plaid shirt, blue t-shirt and jeans. When he came back Conner was standing in the very same spot.

"Uh, this is my apartment!" Gesturing around.

"I stay here sometimes during the week when I am not being Superman" He said.

Automatically Conner was confused.

"But you are Superman!" Conner said.

"But I'm also Clark Kent, mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet. I hear you've taken a name … Conner..Kent

Superboy interrupted "Look I wasn't trying to...when I agreed to this name… I had no idea that…."

"It's okay… It suits you. Come have a seat and I will explain" (Sitting on the couch across from him) I wasn't born here but I was raised here as a human and I have a human name. Superman is what I can do, Clark Kent is who I am! I was actually raised in Smallville, Kansas. That's where we are going. It's were my human parents live." (Picking up a picture of them and handing it to Conner)

"Martha and Jonathan Kent!" He said.

"We have a few minutes", Clark blurred out of the room and returned with his High School Year and some other photo albums. Conner began thumbing through the albums.

"I look like you" he said under his breath.

Page after page Conner looked into the history of Clark's life. He saw him as a child with his Earth dad, as a teenager with his friends Chloe Sullivan, Lana Lang and someone he swore was Lex Luthor, but he had hair. Conner was speechless as he flipped through the pages. For the first time he saw Superman…as something else. Conner was so involved with the albums that he didn't notice the mountain of wrapped gifts that was surrounding him.

"Gifts for … my family. Uh, we should get going it's a three hour ride to Smallville."

"Will you give me a hand carrying this gifts? By the way here is a change of clothes for you. (Remembering Diana said he seemed to were the same thing over and over) It can get pretty cold in Smallville during the winter."

Clark handed Conner a box with a thick black hoodie, a red vest, gloves and a scarf in it.

Conner said "Cold doesn't bother me. I was created to be as invulnerable as you, programmed too…"

"Yeah, right… We both know why you were created, but as someone pointed out to me we need to get past that. When Batgirl, Kid Flash and Aqualad freed you from CADMUS's control you gained the right to choose, to choose to be more than the sum of some program, to be more than some weapon, to be a person and choosing a name was a good first step. Step Two would be to change into some winter clothes. Step Three would be helping to get these gifts into my truck." Clark said.

Conner asked "Why are we driving?"

"You ever try flying with two arms full of Christmas gifts?"

Conner said "I see your point."

The ride to Smallville seemed to fly by and in no time to Clark's truck was pulling into the Kent's driveway. Clark turned the ignition off. He turned to Conner with a look that seemed part stern, part dread, and part hope.

"This is my folks," Clark told the clone. He motioned to the farm, "every year they invite me back to have Christmas dinner with the family. This year I invited a few extra."

"Do they know about me?" Conner questioned. Clark frowned.

"It'll be fine," Clark said.

"Okay," Conner said... not feeling the least bit confident it would suck to be rejected by what were essentially his grandparents he thought. Clark offered an awkward smile.

"It won't be so bad," Clark promised. Conner sighed.

The two got out of the truck, taking a calm pace towards the door. They both could hear the Christmas music playing inside.

Opening the door Clark said "Coming in."

Standing at the doorway, Conner saw, a blond haired girl coming down the hallway. In one hand she had a steaming hot pan with mouth-watering smell wafting from it, and in the other hand was a large pitcher of sweet tea.

"Clark!" the girl exclaimed. In a rush of excitement the girl floated towards the Man of Steel. However, she paused short of hugging Clark, as not to waste anything.

Kara, you know the rules…no flying in the house. Clark said

Sorry… Just glad to see you big guy!

Clark smiled easily towards his cousin. The young Kryptonian smiled ecstatically.

"Where have you been hiding these last two weeks? I've tried to reach you but I always get your answering machine."

"I've been busy in the Fortress," Clark said, with a light blush decorating his face. Kara's gaze focused in on Conner, who was shifting uneasily at seeing this girl talk so easily with the man that his DNA sprung from.

"I bet you have," Kara said, winking her eye back to her cousin. Jerking her head in Conner's direction, she asked, "Who's this?" Conner didn't miss the implied meaning in the girl's words. She was asking if he knew Clark's secret. Martha and Jonathan came from different parts of the house along with Donna Troy.

"This is Conner, Conner Kent," Clark said, motioning to the boy. He paused, seemingly uneasy with what he wanted to say, before finally blurting, "He's my son."


Jonathan and Martha were, understandably, shaken by the revelation that a secret government group had cloned their only son, and that the clone was anything but like their son. But being who they were, they easily accepted the clone into their lives just as they had Clark all those years ago. Plus, Clark was damn sure he heard his mother muttering something about "grandbabies" after she had regained consciousness from fainting.

Martha's first words after she came to was … "Does Diana know about this?

Dinner had been postponed with the introduction of Conner Kent into the Kent family. Naturally, there was a round of "why's" and "how's" that Clark had to answer. Kara and Donna – Clark's Kryptonian cousin and Diana's little sister respectively – grilled the young Kryptonian on everything from his academics to his choice of toothpaste. Kara and Donna were fascinated with Conner. It was understandable. There were very few teenage superheroes at their scope of power. It was easy to see that the two had already accepted Conner.

As for Conner, he was still reeling from Clark's admission to their relationship. The fact that Clark called him "son" instead of "clone" threw the young superhero for a monumental loop. Why would Clark so easily claim to be his father now but be so distant on a usual basis? What was the reason for Clark's sudden change in attitude?

Even Clark couldn't say the reason why he had called Conner his "son". Clark would like to say that it was easiest explanation available but Clark knew that was untrue. In the Kent family saying that Conner was his "clone" would have been easier to accept then saying he was his "son". Clark didn't know exactly why the word "son" was the first description that came to mind when he was explaining Conner to everyone, but it was the first thing to pop into his head.

December 24 8:00AM

Clark was up early. Diana had come in late as she was delayed at the Themyscrian Embassy with the induction of the Bana-Mighdal and re-uniting of the Amazon Nation. She was still fast asleep. The sun was rising. The morning rays filled his room. He knew that Kara would be up as well. It was cold, 25 degrees. His parents and Donna were sleeping in. Clark got dressed and headed downstairs. He put several logs on the fire to keep the house toasty.

Conner didn't sleep a wink. He stayed up all night trying to figure out Clark Kent! In an instant he went from being a clone with no one to a real person with a father, cousin, and grandparents.

"Conner, I know you can hear me…Can you meet me in the barn? Oh and can you put a coat on Ma would scold me for letting you come without a coat.

Conner arrived at the barn and saw Clark in the loft. Clark was right it was colder than he expected and he was glad to have the extra layers.

Come on up Clark said.

"When I was young my father made this loft for me so that I had a place to go when I wanted to get away from the world," Clark said as he took a seat in a chair, "he called it my 'Fortress of Solitude'."

"Why did you call me up here?" Conner asked, bluntly. Clark took a breath.

"I called you up here because there're some things that we have to clear up before we can continue," Clark told him.

"Like what?" Conner asked.

"All this time I've been running from the truth because I didn't want to face it, I didn't want to face you."

"I can move mountains, swim through lava and not miss a step, fly around the world and save the day a dozen times over, but when it comes to being a father I'm stopped cold."

Conner listened.

"You were designed to replace me. Not created by some freak super villain out for world domination, but by my country, by the same people that I live to protect. That's a reality. In truth I felt betrayed and even threatened. Then I started being an ass towards you and for that all I can say is I sorry... Ma and Pa taught me better than that. You are part of me Conner and nothings going to change.

"Superman doesn't fear anything," Conner said.

"But Clark Kent does," Clark admitted, "and that is the truth."

"So you're afraid of me?" Conner demanded angrily.

"Yes, and no," Clark said. He cupped his hands together.

"I'm afraid that your anger and hatred of me will lead you down a path where you will eventually look at yourself and realize that you hate the man that you'll become," Clark told him. "I think that that's a fear that all father's share. And it's one I've been running away from for a while now."

"With the powers that you have and the one's you will one day possess, there's a lot that you need to learn. How to control your powers, how to control your anger…

"There's others teaching me… Black Canary, Batman, Red Tornado and Shazam," Conner said.

"Yes, but they don't know what you're going through," Clark sighed, "believe me, being a teenage Kryptonian is a lot harder to understand then what others believe."

"What do you mean?" Conner asked.

"You've probably never noticed it," Clark said. He explained, "A Kryptonian has two sides to them. In humans these sides are called the Superego and the ID. The Superego is the conscious state of mind, the sane, coherent part. The ID is the primal, child side, the one where all the dark thoughts and intentions come from, and the one that says 'it's mine'. In Kryptonians the ID is especially prominent, even more so in teenage years," Clark told him, "If it wasn't for my parents Kara and I could have turned out a lot worse."

"So I'm a danger to everyone then?" Conner asked.

"Yes, and no," Clark said.

"Everyone struggles with good and evil, it's just in Kryptonians our own desires manifest a lot stronger than in other species. It's why there are so many bad apples in Kryptonian history," Clark told him. "After all, before Kryptonians were scientists they were a warrior people."

"And you want to teach me?" Conner asked.

"I do," replied Clark.

"Does that mean you want me here…in your life?" Conner asked.

"I do," Clark said.

December 25, 9:00 AM

Christmas Morning!

Martha Kent out did herself. With Kara, Clark, Diana, Donna, Jonathan and now Conner Martha put on a culinary show. Flapjacks, two dozen eggs, a pound of bacon, biscuits, three links of sausage, steak, fruit, and coffee for Jonathan. Then it was gift unwrapping time. Everyone filed into the family den and gifts were exchanged and joy spread. Conner who wasn't expecting anything received the most gifts. Having super powers made picking up gifts or making them quite easy.

After breakfast Kara, Donna, and Conner went outside to compete in a super powered snowball fight. Of course, both girls naturally teamed up against Conner, dousing the Kryptonian in a layer of snow. Kara even went so far as to use her super freeze breath to turn the snow into super hard ice. She then put a top hat on Conner and called him Frosty the snowman.

Jonathan and Martha were busy inside, enjoying some hot cocoa and relaxing on the couch together. However, Clark and Diana were seated out on the porch on the swing, Diana lying across Clark's lap.

"Even though I said I was proud before," Diana claimed as she watched the three super powered teenagers celebrate Christmas in their own way, "you have no idea how proud I am of you now."

"It's because of you, you know," Clark told her, also watching the three teenagers, "if you hadn't of pushed me so hard I would never have attempted this." Diana knodded.

"What can I say? I'm a miracle worker." She said. Clark chuckled.

Moments of silence later, Clark asked, "Do you think I'll be any good?"

"Hmm?" Diana asked.

"As a father?" Clark asked.

"No doubt about it, my love," Diana told him as she kissed his cheek.

"You sure?" he asked. Diana laughed.

"Of course!" she wrapped her arms around him and kissed him tenderly. "You're Superman… you can do anything!" she said.

"I love you, you know that, right?" he asked her. She laughed again.

Getting up from his lap, Diana hurried away, exclaiming, "Then why don't you marry me?

Clark watched her join the snowball fight with the teenagers. At that moment millions of thoughts circled round in his mind. The foremost was that he hoped he'd live up to Diana and Conner's expectations of him. The second was that he'd have to ask his dad for a few pointers in how he dealt with a teenaged Kryptonian not once, but twice. The third was that he hoped that Kara wouldn't corrupt Conner like she had Donna. And the last was a simple "Maybe I will…"

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay first I want to thank PROFESSOR IMAGE for allowing me to take over this his wonder idea and run with it. For without him I wouldn't have the foundations for my other stories; YOUNG AND RESTLESS, HARD KNOCKS: TRAINING WITH WONDER WOMAN, and ABSOLUTE. Now to clear a few things up, in my version the Young Justice, there are three teams. TEAM ONE consists of the first graduates, we meet them in HARD KNOCKS: TRAINING WITH WONDER WOMAN, TEAM II we meet in YOUNG AND RESTLESS and TEAM III will consist of the expanded team from the rest of the series flowing into ABSOLUTE. In case you missed it, Barry Allen is my Flash and Wally West is my Kid Flash and Cassandra Cain-Wayne is my Batgirl and takes the place of Robin for the sake of the story. Now Robin will be featured later but it will be Tim Drake as Robin. Being an older comic geek I remember their run as Young Justice from the comics and wanted to honor that. I also wanted to keep Wally with Artemis. In my version Connor is found by Batgirl (Cassandra Cain-Wayne), Wally and Aqualad, who is the leader of Team II. Hope you guys enjoyed this prequel. Don't forget to check out my other stories…. Later days :X