Emma clung to the rigging with both hands as the ship descended into the great maelstrom. Even as she opened her mouth to scream, and tasted salt, she saw Hook at the helm. His feet planted firmly on the deck as though magically welded there, his hand gripping the wheel and his hook hauling against the pull of the current on the rudder. The Jolly Rodger sank below the surface of the water off the coast of Maine and was surrounded by green light and tearing winds whipping stinging sea water into Emma's eyes.

The pitching and lurching was completely unpredictable, and while the others had thought to tangle themselves in ropes and rigging, Emma had thought to make do simply holding on... when the ship pitched forward violently and her feet left the deck, she screamed and lost her grip.

"Emma!" Several voices yelled at once, and she felt herself snared painfully as Hook snagged her clothing with his hook and hauled her against him, pinning her between his body and the helm.

She scrabbled for purchase, something to hold on to, and nearly reefed the wheel from his grasp. "Don't grab the wheel!" He yelled over the roaring around them.

With no other option she turned against his chest and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, planting her feet between his. He wrapped his left arm around her and held her tightly, maintaining control of the ship with his right hand. "Why aren't you flying away too?" Emma yelled in his ear.

"She's an enchanted ship, I'm her Captain... don't worry Swan, she's not going to throw me." To their right, Charming was trying to untangle himself from the ropes without pitching Snow over board. "Stay where you are, Prince!"

"Emma!" Charming called, one arm reaching for her across the impossible distance.

"Have a little faith, Charming! I wont let her go." Hook glanced down at Emma's face for a moment before returning his concentration to the ship. "We keep ending up like this."

"Why did you come back?" Emma asked, her mouth close to his ear and her voice raised to be heard above the noise.

"Because I had a stupid thought." He half laughed against her hair.

"What was that?"

Hook tore his eyes away from the green, swirling magic around them long enough to catch her eyes. "I stupidly thought you'd die if I didn't..." His arm tightened around her and for a moment, Emma thought he was going to kiss her, but instead he threw his head back and called out "Hold on! We're breaking through!"