I'm done with you

The waves had settled unnaturally fast, leaving a smooth, blue expanse away to the horizon, where Neverland's main island was silhouetted against the sunset. Emma lifted her face from where she'd pressed it into his shoulder to protect her eyes from the spray.

"We're here? We made it?" She asked.

I'm done with you

"Seems so." Hook pointed with his free hand, "Lower the anchor. It's a bad idea to blunder about on the island at night."

"What? We can't, they've got Henry!" Emma protested.

"Yes love, and they took him. They didn't kill him. You're no good to him if you get et' by a beast, drowned by a mermaid or otherwise interfered with by any of the wild and wonderful things that infest this place." When she opened her mouth to argue he shook his head and put his hand on her shoulder. "I lived here for a long time lass, you're going to have to trust me. This land is... it's madness made flesh. Now I will get your son back for you, you have my word, but it's not going to happen tonight."

"He's right miss Swan. They've taken him for something, and I don't think it was to control us..." Mr Gold disentangled himself and shook water from his hair. "They've no way of knowing we could follow them. Surprise may be our best weapon at this stage."

Emma looked around helplessly, but the faces of the others while sympathetic, said clearly that they agreed with him. "I don't know where he is... I don't know if he's hurt, or if he's scared..."

I'm done with you

"Hey," Hook put his finger under her chin and tilted her face up to look at him. "He's your son. I saw you defeat a Giant. I saw you save a doomed town. He's even half the warrior that you are love, we'll go ashore tomorrow and find him waiting for us with his assailants hog tied..." He gave her a lopsided grin and tapped the tip of her nose with his index finger. "There are trunks with clothing below, I suggest you all get dry, while I try an' remember where I put my bloody maps. I wasn't really planning on coming back here, and I never was one for filing."

It was only then that Hook realised he still had one arm securely around Emma's waist. After a moments indecision he gave her a cheeky, suggestive smirk before slipping his arm up her back and finally releasing her.

"Why aren't you drenched?" Regina asked, squeezing water out of her scarf.

With a wide smile, Hook reached out and patted the helm. "Enchanted ship."

"Are you and I going to have a problem... Captain?" Mr Gold paused insultingly before using the title, as though it were beneath him to say it.

"Depends on how you define problem, crocodile." Hook tilted his head to the side and regarded Mr Gold with cool, calculating eyes. "I gave my word, and I will keep it." He moved closer, so that only Gold would hear. "I'll help Swan get her son back, and then I will get them home, and I'll take whatever risks are necessary for them... but not for you. This is a dangerous place, crocodile, and most of the locals wear skins."

I'm done with you

"You've put yourself in a bit of a bind there deary..." Gold smiled and learned forward, uncomfortably close to Hook's ear. "She will never love you..."

With a calm expression, Hook lifted his chin defiantly and met Gold's eyes. "You say that like it matters, when we both know better."

"Hook? Did you find those maps?" Emma asked, coming up from the hold in a pair of brown leather pants which were just a touch too big, and a billowing white cotton shirt.

"Coming love, if everyone would assemble in my boudoir." He gestured to the Captains cabin and swept past Emma to throw open the door.

"Hey." She stopped him with a hand on his shoulder and he turned and looked down at her. "Thank you... for coming back. I ah," she swallowed and fiddled with cuff of her shirt for a moment to avoid looking at him. "I'm sorry, about before, about leaving you..." she looked up at his face and swallowed hard. "I don't know if I could find Henry without your help and... and I'm glad you changed your mind, about being done with me..."

"I have this nagging feeling I'm never going to be completely free of you and your bloody noble family..." he gave a short laugh. "Ha, done with you? Bit bloody late for that now lass, isn't it?"

As he walked away, she turned to Mr Gold and looked at him steadily. "Don't antagonise him, OK? He's the only one who knows his way around this place."

"Is that the only reason?" He asked knowingly.

"... I made a mistake, Gold. I think... I think things might have gone differently if I hadn't been so, so paranoid. If I'd just taken his word to begin with. But I needed to get back to Henry, I needed to be with him and I wouldn't take any chances. Well that's come back to bite me in the ass now, hasn't it? He asked for my trust, and I spat on him, and now if we're going to get Henry back I need him better than I gave him credit for."