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This is my first story and this is not a chaos story or a guardian of the hunt story, it's my own shit and the beginning is just stuff I have to get out of the way for my actual plans to happen.

Percy pov one month after the war

It was a month after the war and two weeks since the gods gave us our rewards for our effort in the war. For our rewards, the members of the seven who had survived were granted one wish but not god-hood, just immortality at the most. Piper, Annabeth and Hazel asked for immortality, while I had asked for Hestia and Hades to have their thrones returned to them. The gods decided that was not a gift for me and decided to give me immortality anyways. Hestia and Hades were very thankful I had gotten them thrones on Olympus, Hestia hugged me and told me to never to lose hope, while Hades just gave me a handshake and a nod of respect.

I was thinking of all the losses we had in the war. The biggest losses were those of the seven, Jason died protecting Piper from an arrow covered in centuar blood, Frank died fighting the giant, Mimas, with his father, Clarisse died protecting her boyfriend, Chris, and many more lives lost. Even some of the gods were killed but they will be back including, my father Poseidon, who ironically was killed saving Athena from an apparently fatal blow, Ares fell in battle because he was an arrogant ass that charged in recklessly. Nearly all of them hit me hard except for Ares, who's just a cocksucker that nobody liked. Piper, Reyna, and Hazel were hit hard at the loss of loved one's, I was too, I just didn't show it as much. As I finished my thoughts up, I began walking to the beach looking for Annabeth after checking her cabin and the arena for her.

when I got to the beach, I saw Annabeth sitting there and I was about to go up to her but the new son of Zeus, Mark walked up before she noticed me, so I stayed back in the shadows and watched their interactions.

"Hey, Babe" Mark said.

"Yeah babe?" Annabeth replied.

"When are you gonna Break up with that Pussy, we both know I'm a better hero and better lover than him?" He questions with his cocky arrogant personality shining through.

Annabeth pecked him on the lips and says "i'll do it today before the meeting. You should be at the meeting I'm mean you saved the camp from a pack of hellhounds, you should be the one that's getting rewarded not him."

I had, had enough, so I walked out of the shadows, a minor but still strong earthquake starting up adding to the effect the now raging seas were having on the scared couple.

Annabeth finally noticed me "p-Percy, w-what are you doing here?" she stuttered

I laughed humorlessly "what am I doing here? I could ask the same question, but what's the point? I find out i've been dating a slut for the past year and a half, when I could have been with sweet, beautiful girls, like Reyna, or Katie, who by the way, are way better looking than you, and they aren't prostitutes who dish it out for free, unlike you."

Mark then tries to run me through with his sword, but I just sidestepped and grabbed him by the throat and throw him into Annabeth, knocking both of them down. After that little incident I made my way back into the camp, to my cabin to take a nice nap.

In my dream I was in a huge room that kinda looked like Hades throne room without the skeletons and bones. As I looked around I saw a Throne that seemed to pull in the light from the candles around the room. The man sitting on the throne stared down at me for a little bit before speaking "you will be ready soon, Perseus. When the time comes you will know where to go, and we will finally meet." I was confused "what are you talking about and who are you?" I asked. He just chuckled and while waving his hand the scene vanished but I heard a faint reply to my question "soon, hero, soon".

The next few days were slow except for the fact that people started glaring at me for no reason, avoiding me, and swooning over Mark. The trend continued for the next few days getting worse and worse until I was just done with it all, I packed a bag with some nectar, ambrosia, clothes, some snacks and drinks, a lighter to start fires with and some pictures of my real friends and family, namely my mom and step-father, who were killed by some monsters while I was asleep because of Hera, the Stolls, Piper, Nico, Reyna, Katie, Thalia, and Hazel. I also, left my real friends a letter telling them I was going to take a long leave of absence. After I wrote the letters, I slung my bag over my shoulder and set off on my long journey to nowhere in particular.

First story I have written or am writing. Tell me how it was. This was just the betrayal part I had to get out of the way. The rest of the story will be original from what I understand.. . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . .. . . . .. .. .. .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Thank you for reading if you did, I will try to update soon and hopefully get updates weekly if not quicker, after next week I am on vacation, but I'll try.