Chapter Ten

The gear was left setup in the Satan mansion for now and they watched as the Briefs family left, even though they were certain it was the correct universe it didn't hurt to wait a while just in case plus they wanted an update from the other universe to find out how they went with dealing with the androids with the extra information they were able to provide.

"Dad, Gohan's who I want to marry" Erasa exclaimed to her father after Gohan and the Briefs had left.

Her father was silent for a few moments. "He's certainly a lot different to your previous boyfriends" the scientist pondered. "I wouldn't mind having a boy like that as my son in-law."

Sharpener also thought about having a brother in-law and knew that if his sister did end up with Gohan that he wouldn't mind. He'd grown close with the other teenager when his sister and Videl had gone missing and could now see what his sister saw in him. He knew that he would treat his sister right. He'd never thought that about anyone that his sister had liked previously, normally he wanted to beat anyone who his sister liked to a pulp and knew that his sister felt the same way about all the girls he'd ever dated. He could also see that Gohan wasn't trying to steal Videl from him, Videl had never been his in the first place and he also wouldn't be as upset if Gohan ended up with his childhood friend as he previously thought he would be. Though he would still chase away other boys that came near Videl and his sister like he'd always done.

"I also wouldn't mind him as a son-in-law" Hercules declared. Surprising everyone in the room especially Videl. "He was the true person that beat Cell and the only person who'd be able to defeat me which is the conditions for Videl to get married."

"Looks like you've got competition Eraser" her brother teased.

"Dad" Videl yelled at her father. She'd never thought she'd hear anything like that in a million years.


It was late evening and it was finally just the two girls and Sharpener, their fathers finally leaving them alone. It had been nice spending the all day with the two men, they had missed them a lot when they'd been in the other world but they also needed space. "What are you thinking about?" Erasa asked her brother. She was sitting between him and Videl, it felt nice to be back with her real brother again.

"I was just thinking about how you added Gohan to our group. He's been a really good friend to us all and I want the four of us to remain friends."

"You've grown up Sharpener" Videl told him with a slight smile, ever though it hadn't been a full twelve hours since she was back in her correct universe she'd realised that even though she did love Sharpener, it was as a brother not as a potential lover or husband.

He sat listening to the two girls adventures, without parents interrupting. It was a frightening experience he wished he could've gone on with the girls to protect them though it seemed to be for the best that he stayed behind. The three teenagers had done a lot of growing up in the past few weeks that they'd been separated and he wasn't sure that they would've got the same amount of growth if they all remained together.

"As much as I liked that other world, I'm glad to be home" Videl told her two best friends.


Monday morning came all too quickly and it was time for the girls to head back to school. Gohan was the happiest he'd been in a long time as was Sharpener. The gossip mill was going, questioning where the two girls had been for the past few weeks. The favourite was the Erasa had been pregnant and Videl had left with her for support. People where going around trying to work out who was the father and where the baby was. Sitting in the classroom listening to the teachers Videl now knew why her father had insisted that she give up the police work, at least until she was settled back in, she was behind the other students in school work. She had enough trouble keeping up normally and it was going to take a lot of work for her to catch up again. Erasa on the other hand didn't have too much trouble keeping up with what was going on, this was the girl that got less marks then her on the exams. That just went to show that if Erasa actually put any effort into school she could do a whole lot better than she was and the same went for Sharpener, but from her experience in the other dimension she now knew that school wasn't everything.

"I can tutor all of you if you'd like" Gohan offered both girls and Sharpener.

"Really Gohan, that would be great" Erasa exclaimed cheerfully, her eyes lighting up, looking forward to spending time with Gohan outside of school.

"Thanks Gohan, that would be a big help" Videl sighed, not knowing if even Gohan would be able to help her catch up. It felt hopeless when it came to school work.


It was agreed that the teenagers would go between Videls place and the twin's home for studying after school. Gohan's home was just too far out for any of them to travel to but they planned to spend a whole weekend out that way one weekend since they were all were interested to see what it was like where he lived and Gohan's mother Chi-Chi had been just as excited to meet her sons friends.

The twins usually did bare minimum when it came to studying which was doing their homework and assignments and then once that was over they would chat and try to convince Videl and Gohan that they needed to do other stuff. Today it was martial arts and Videl had to admit that she was curious to know if how Gohan compared to the other dimensions Gohan.

"We want to know how good you are" Erasa begged him. "It was amazing watching the you from the other dimension fight Videl."

That had Gohan's interest sparked and he began asking questions about his other self's fighting style.

"I haven't really practiced much in the past seven years" Gohan admitted, slightly embarrassed.

Videl looked at him horrified. "How could you just stop training like that! It's a crime to martial arts" she lectured him.

"Tell that to my mother, she's the one that wouldn't let me train. I guess I never really pushed the issue since it was always something I did with my father and without my father around ..." Gohan's eyes looked painful as he remembered his father, guilt crossing his features even though his father had recently been bought back with the Dragon Balls.

He agreed to fight Videl, Videl was stunned, this was someone who claimed he hadn't practiced in seven year, and yet his skill surpassed the other Gohan. She didn't know how it was possible, if she didn't practice for seven years she wouldn't even be able to beat her father's worst student.

"We need to add sparing to our study sessions" Videl panted out at the end. This Gohan had a different style then the other Gohan. "If anything like the androids from the other timeline or Cell from our own, would you be prepared?"

"Well, while you girls where in the other dimension we were attacked by someone called Majin Buu. He was far stronger then the androids and Cell. I didn't last long against him. If my father didn't have permission from the Kai's to come back we would've been screwed." Gohan admitted. "After what happened with Buu it shouldn't take much for mum to allow me to start training properly again."

"Well if she doesn't I'll just go and knock some sense into her." Videl threatened.

"No offence, but my mother surpasses you in skill, you wouldn't be able to touch her." Gohan told the other girl.

"After meeting your mother in the other timeline I believe you" she agreed.

"I like the other Chi-Chi, she taught me how to sew. I wonder if your mum can continue my sewing lessons." Erasa pondered.

Gohan fought Sharpener next, Erasa had no interest in fighting with the boys, there spar ending sooner than the fight with Videl. The two boys and Videl then began working out a study and training schedule. The gap in skill between Sharpener and Videls skill had grown while Videl had been in the other dimension, but Gohan didn't think it would be to long before his male friend caught up.


The three teenagers were stunned by how beautiful it was where Gohan lived. The spent the morning outside exploring the forest, swimming by the lake and just having fun. The hottest part of the day they spent some time studying and once it had cooled down Erasa had sewing lessons with Chi-Chi while Gohan did martial arts training with Sharpener, Videl and his brother Goten. They also found out more about what really happened the day of the Cell games and why Gohan became Saiyanman and kept so much about his family life a secret. It had caused the bond between the four friends to grow and they were now inseparable. The teenagers enjoyed learning ki based attacked from Gohan and his father. It had been hard work, but before long they had mastered some basic ki attacks and could both now fly, though no-where near as fast as Gohan.

Before long they'd slipped into a routine of studying, training and just being teenagers. Sharpener and Erasa both started dating again after a long break, both slipping into their old habits when it came to dating.


"Erasa, I thought that you liked Gohan, why are you dating everyone else but like you used to." Videl asked her friend after Erasa had broken up with her fifth boyfriend in a few short weeks and had just started dating number six.

"I confessed to Gohan and he turned me down, told me that he only liked me as a friend." The blond haired girl replied with a sigh. "But there are plenty of other guys out there and one day I'll find Mister right and I have to admit, after spending so much time with him I only think of him as a friend, kind of like having a second brother." Noticing her brother, she pulled him over showing him a picture of her boyfriend. "Sharpener, my current boyfriend has a twin sister; she'd totally your type."

Erasa pulled flicked through the pictures of her current boyfriend and his sister, and watched as he leered at the girl in the picture. Videl sighed, this was the reason any romantic feelings had vanished as soon as she'd come back, he'd was so childish when it came to love as was Erasa. He had matured slightly but not enough, the only mature person their own age was Gohan.

She was looking forward to what the future had in store for them and knew that if anything horrific like the androids happened it would only bring them closer and that they'd take anything that life threw at them.

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