Chapter 8

"I honestly don't know what to do you guys," I say, to Emma and Rikki. "I seriously hate lying to them."

We're walking down a sidewalk that leads to the beach. I told Emma, and Rikki about the phone conversation I had with my mom, and the conversation I just had with my dad, I even told them about what happened at The Siren's Lullaby.

"Sabrina, I know it's hard," Emma says sympathetically "but we can't tell anyone about us being mermaids, or we'll all be in serious trouble."

"Yeah I know Emma, but it's just so hard." I say tiredly

"So what's up with your stepmom?" Rikki asks, changing the subject.

"I honestly don't know what happened," I say truthfully "but it totally freaked me out!"

"Maybe, this Derek guy just has the hot's for your stepmom." Rikki says.

"Who knows," I say, then shutter. "But all I know is that I don't ever want to go through it again."

As we're walking onto the beach, my mind wanders back to how strange Jennifer's smile made me feel. It was so angry, so disgusted. it was as if that smile showed that she was hiding something, something extremely bad.

"So what is this thing you guys want to check out?" I ask, as the three of us stand on a huge craggy rock to avoid the tide.

"Emma thinks we can mentally wish this away." Rikki answers sarcastically. Emma just shoots an irritated glare at her.

"No, I think if we just show total concentration and discipline we can control it." Emma explains.

"Well, I'm totally game for it," I say "count me in."

Emma gives me a grateful smile. Rikki just rolls her eyes with a "fine, whatever!"

After getting off the rock and grabbing each others hands, we walk into the water where we just stand with our eyes closed, trying to focus control and concentration during the 10 second time limit.

Once the time limit was up, our little experiment came to an early conclusion…Epic Fail!

"Oww!" we groan in unison, landing hard with our tails.

"Well, anymore bright idea's Em?" Rikki says sarcastically, Emma just shoots her another hot glare,(if looks really could kill, Rikki would so be dead.)

"Hey you guys lets just hurry up and get in the water before someone spots us and decides to check it out!" I say calmly, even though I really wanted to strangle the both of them.

Even though there was no one coming our way, I somehow managed to get Emma and Rikki to go into the water.

Now since it was my first time swimming as a mermaid, all I can say about it is…FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE!

The water was so beautiful and crystal clear, and instead of feeling really heavy, my tail felt really light as we slowly swam over a part of the coral reef.

After 2 amazing hours of; slowly swimming over the coral reefs, doing some really cool underwater tricks, and playing with some dolphin's, Emma, Rikki, and I finally swim back to the beach, where after quickly getting ourselves dry (thanks to Emma for bringing the towels.) We decide to head over to Emma's.

The whole walk there, we talk about how awesome the "swim" was.

"Can you guys believe how completely amazing that was?!" Rikki asks us, as we just reach Emma's house.

"I can't even put it into words." Emma says

"I just can't believe how fast we were!" I squeal excitedly

"I know!" Rikki and Emma squeal in unison. I couldn't help but giggle a little, since just 2 hours they were sort of arguing.

We're just about to go in, when someone shouts "Wait!" turning around, we see Cleo, looking flustered and pale rush up to us.

"You'll never believe what just happened!" Cleo gasps, leading us inside.

As the four of us sit in Emma's bedroom; Emma, Rikki, and I are in complete shock and awe as we watch Cleo controlling with her hand; a tall pillar of water that was coming out of a half full glass.

After going up to Emma's room with the glass of water, Cleo explains about what happened when Zane tried to go after Lewis and her.

"And it just grows more and more!" Cleo says, still holding out her hand.

"Where's the extra water coming from?" Rikki asks.

When Cleo put her hand down to answer, that was a big mistake, because the second she let her hand down, the tentacle of water coming out of the glass quickly started to come down on us.

Right as the water is about to hit us, another freaky thing happens; the water completely froze.

"Okay, who did that," I ask shakily "because this time that so wasn't me!"

Cleo, and Rikki both shake their heads. They turn their heads to Emma.

As if to check it if it really was her, Emma makes a stop like hand gesture at a glass of water with a white flower in it. The resulting conclusion; the water completely froze.

"I guess It was me!" Emma says nervously

"Okay, this is totally over the top, I'm getting tingles now!" Rikki says excitedly

"I seriously don't think over the top's the right word for this," I say "it's utterly freaky that's what it is!"

"But you guys should have seen the look on Zane's face." Cleo giggles. Emma, Rikki, and I couldn't help ourselves but giggle with her.

After we stop giggling, I get up from Emma's bed and walk over and look at the two frozen water glasses curiously.

"What is it Sabrina?" Emma asks

"There's just something about this whole thing that bothers me," I say, then turn to Emma. "Hey Emma where do you keep your glasses?"

"Top cabinet in the kitchen, why?" " Emma says

"Because I want to test a theory," I say, carefully grabbing the glass with the frozen tentacle.

After carefully and properly taking care of the frozen glass, I grab another glass and fill it up with water, then go back to Emma's room.

After setting up the water filled glass on Emma's desk, I explain to Emma, Rikki, and Cleo, that what happened at Cleo's house this morning and what Cleo and Emma just did, suddenly got me thinking that maybe there's something that we weren't seeing

"Since we already know what Emma and Cleo can do, I want to see what me and Rikki can do" I say. "Okay, I'll go first."

Turning to the glass, I make the same small twisting hand gesture I did before.

Instead of tipping over, the glass stayed in place, but as for the water in the glass…It turned into a water tentacle!

"Woah!" I gasp, slowly gesturing the water back into the glass.

"Okay looks like I have the same power as you Cleo." I say calmly Cleo just smiles.

"Okay looks like it's my turn." Rikki says, turning to the glass.

First she makes a Spider-man like hand gesture when nothing happens, Rikki just holds out her hands.

"Not fair, why don't I get to do the cool stuff!" Rikki whines, after nothing happens again. Emma, Cleo, and I just shrug our shoulders in a we-don't-know response.

The second Rikki balled up one of her fists in frustration, I notice something happening to the water in the glass; it started to bubble a little as if it was being heated up.

"Rikki!" I say excitedly

"What?!" Rikki says, confused on what's got me so excited.

"Look!" I say quickly, pointing to the bubbling water.

Once she saw the bubbling water, first Rikki looked shocked and surprised, then looked at her balled up fist, then un-balled it, the second she did; the water suddenly stopped bubbling.

With a sudden smile on her face, Rikki stretched out her hand in the direction of the glass, slowly balled up her hand back into a fist, which made slowly the bubbling in the glass turn into boiling.

"Well, I guess that answers my theory." I say, feeling torn inside on which to be more excited about; the fact that my theory was right, or I just controlled water with my hand!

"So you guys, we have to keep this a secret now more than ever." Emma says

"Yeah Emma's right," I say "if we don't; we could end up as somebody's science experiment or military weapons or-"

"Sabrina!" Rikki shouts, interrupting my rambling.


"We get the point!"

"Oh, sorry." I say quietly

"I still think we should tell Lewis." Cleo says. Emma, and I both shake our heads in disapproval, Rikki just gives out a frustrated sigh.

"Cleo, we've already went through this, this morning," Emma says. "We can't tell Lewis!"

"Come on you guys, Lewis can help us find out what happened!" Cleo pleads

"Our answer is still no Cleo!" Rikki says, irritable

"Fine!" Cleo pouts

"Look Cleo I know you think Lewis can help us," I say, kindly as I could. "But I think I can find out what happened to us."

"You can?" Rikki asks.

"It might take a while," I answer seriously "but yeah." I quickly turn back to Cleo.

"So, until I've taken a crack at finding out what happened to us," I explain. "We put off any talk of telling Lewis."

"God, I sounded just like mom!" I think irritably to myself. But the girls surprisingly agreed.

After taking my phone out of my pocket, I check the time, it read's; 5:49.

"You guys I really hate to say this again," I say "but if I don't get home soon, my stepmother will make sure I'm grounded until I'm 30." (No Lie!)

"Yeah, I've got to get home too." Rikki says, getting up along with Cleo.

"Me too." Cleo says

After saying goodbye to Emma, Rikki, and Cleo, I leave for home.

Since my house was just down the street, it only took 5 minutes.

The second I opened the door, a extremely familiar and yummy smell filled the air.

"Oh my gosh, are you fixing what I think you're fixing?!" I ask excitedly, quickly spotting dad at the kitchen stove.

Dad turns around and smiles at me.

"Hello, sweetheart," Dad smiles. "Yes, I'm fixing spaghetti for dinner tonight."

"Awesome!" I squeal giddily,

I know it's really stupid to get extremely happy about a pasta dish but you've never had my dad's spaghetti. The way he cooks the meat, the sauce, and the fact that he adds mushrooms and zucchinis into it… All I can say is, once you've taken a bite of it, you'll be begging for more even in the afterlife.

"So, what's the special occasion?" I ask.

"Hey, can you go upstairs and tell Penny and Stella to wash up for dinner please?" Dad asks, suddenly turning back to the stove.

"Umm, okay." I say, before heading upstairs.

"Stella, Penny, are you in there?" I ask, knocking/opening the door.

When I entered the room, Penny was sitting on the floor alone playing with her Barbie dolls.

"Hey what cha doing guppy?" I ask, knelling down next to her.

Guppy's my little nickname for Penny, ever since she became a Little Mermaid fanatic.

Penny looks up at me with her usual over happy smile.

"Playing mermaids," Penny says cheerily "wanna play?"

"Umm, maybe later guppy," I say, getting a little tired of being reminded of what I was. "But right now we need to get you washed up for dinner."

"K, Sabby." Penny says, puts down the dolls, then takes my hand.

It was surprisingly easy to get her into the bathroom.

"Okay, you know the drill." I say, after putting her stool in front of the sink. Luckily, I get through the whole thing without getting splashed.

"Okay, now go downstairs and tell daddy to fix your plate." I say, handing her a towel.

"K Sabby." Penny says, then walks off.

I shake my head with a smile.

Now since Stella wasn't in her room with Penny, there's only been one other place she likes to hang out in since we moved here.

I walk up the aqua color carpeted stairs that leads up to the attic and that's between Dad's and the girls room.

Once I get up there, I have to carefully maneuver past a few piles of unpacked boxes to get the balcony where I see Stella sitting on the floor with her headphones on looking up at the sky.

As I look at her, (or at least the back of her.) It still amazes me how much her and mom look alike.

Their long wavy honey colored hair, their smile, and the way both their eyes sparkle when curious about something.

I tap on her shoulder, at first she looks startled, but once she takes off her headphones and looks at me, it quickly changes from startled to annoyed and angry.

"What!" Stella snaps.

"Dad wants you to get washed up for dinner." I say, holding my temper.

"Okay." Stella says irritably

Since I was just the messenger, I leave.

I head back downstairs, where I see the front door open and Jennifer walks in.

The look she gives me when she spots me, it was so icy, I could have sworn her eyes were forming ice daggers to shoot out at me.

She's just about to say something, when Dad walks in.

"Welcome home honey." Dad says, wrapping his arm around her waist, then kisses her forehead, I'm both extremely grossed out, and relieved at the same time, Jennifer's icy daggered look melts into a warm smile.

"Saved by the dad!" I think gratefully.

"So, Sabrina tells me that you two had a great time." Dad says. I suddenly felt my stomach go sour.

Crap! I completely forgot that Jennifer wasn't with me when I told dad that the shopping trip went great to spare his feelings. The second she tells him that I walked out during the shopping trip and didn't come back, first he'll look sad and tell me that he's so disappointed in me for not telling him the truth, and I'll spend the entire dinner feeling really guilty.

After bracing myself for an unbearable guilt trip, Jennifer does something totally unexpected.

"Yes, we both had a great time, didn't we Sabrina?"

I'm so taken back by Jennifer actually going with my lie, that I just stand there for a minute.

"Um, yeah we did." I finally say nervously. Again Dad buys it.

"Good, nothing makes me happier than seeing this family getting along." Dad says happily.

The second I heard "this family", a hot wave of anger suddenly washed over me.

I really wanted to scream at the top of my lungs that we weren't a family, and to give Jennifer a well deserved shove out the door. But instead I just give them a pained smile.

"Well, dinner's ready so I guess we better go eat it." Dad jokes, gesturing Jennifer and me to go to the table.

"But, Sabrina should go out and get the clothes we got out of the car first," Jennifer says sweetly, as if her voice was made out of freaking honey. "Right, Sabrina?"

The look she gave me, had one very clear message for me which was; I so own your ass!

"Yeah, I'll go get them and put them away." I say, before taking the car key and shooting her a look that also had a very clear message; Thanks for the save, but this is so not over!

I go outside where Jennifer's black Sedan's parked in the driveway. After unlocking the car, I pop open the trunk, where I find 7 shopping bags full of clothes.

"What did she do, bring back half of the store!"

I somehow manage to get all of the stuff, shut and lock the trunk and the car, and get into the house.

"Need some help with that sweetie?" Dad asks once he spots me.

"Thanks Dad, but I've got everything under control." I say, carefully heading up the stairs.

Once I finally get up to my room, I just quickly plop the bags in the middle of the room and leave.

When I get back downstairs, I see everyone including Stella sitting at the table, (Ha!, not even Stella can resist Dad's spaghetti.)

I quickly sit down between Stella, and Penny, and fix my plate.

After saying grace, I quickly take a bite of spaghetti, I'm instantly put into an extremely happy bliss, that I completely forget about being a mermaid, and the fact that Jennifer was going to make the rest of my life miserable.

We spend half of the dinner talking about everybody's day, (including mine, but with extremely limited details.)

Through the rest of the dinner, I notice a look on Dad's face that tells me he's got something he needs to say but doesn't know how to say it.

"So, that's why he made spaghetti tonight!"

Okay, here's the thing about Dad, whenever there's bad news that need's to be told, Dad does this thing that I like to call a two part system, (or more known as the bad news receiving system.)

1.) he makes a really big pot of our favorite food, (depends on how bad the new is.) 2.) Once everybody's had their fill, he deliver's the news like it was band-aid that needed to be ripped off.

This system and food has been used for; the trial separation, then divorced, Dad wanting to get back into the dating pool again, introducing Jennifer, then proposing to.

So, in a very sort explanation; spaghetti equals extremely bad news.

As I think about what it might be, my mind drifts to the moment at the Siren's Lullaby, and to Jennifer's smile. I come to a very jumpy conclusion.

"Oh dear god, please tell me their not going to tell us that we're expecting another baby!"

Just the thought of a mini Jennifer running around here, suddenly makes me feel totally sick to my stomach.

"Sabrina, is everything alright," Dad asks "you look a little green."

"Oh, just feeling a little queasy," I lie "must have been the nacho's I had for lunch."

"Do you need to go upstairs and lay down?" Dad asks, showing real concern.

"Yeah, I really think I should just go to bed early tonight," I say, getting up from my chair. "excuse me, and goodnight."

I'm just about to move from my chair, Dad tells me to wait.

"There's something I need to tell all of you," Dad says "I promise it's just a quick announcement."

Even though I knew exactly what that announcement probably was or wasn't particularly in the mood to hear it, I sit back down.

"Okay, I got a very exciting phone call from my office this morning," Dad pauses.

"probably the doctor warning you that your going to have to deal with another demanding she-demon!" I think bitterly.

"What was the call dear?" Jennifer asks, trying her best to hold her patience.

"I've just been offered to go to a seminar in Florida!"

Okay, that was something I was so not expecting.

"Now, I haven't accepted the offer yet," Dad says "But this is the type of seminar that I think could really help my career!"

"How long is it?" I ask.

At first he's a little reluctant, but when he finally answers my question it takes everybody by surprise.

"Three weeks."

"Three weeks! I'm going to have to be stuck alone with Jennifer for whole three weeks!"

"I know it's really sudden, so if everyone doesn't want me to go, I'll decline the offer." Dad says.

Thinking back to a time when he and Mom were still together, I suddenly do remember Dad talking about how much he wanted to and going to at least one seminar would help him start getting some major clients, (yeah, that was the thing that mostly got a major argument between them going .)

"You should go." I finally say.

Even though everyone is staring at me with surprised looks,(heck, I'm even surprised by my answer!) But even though three weeks without Dad will be torture, I know that Dad's had to sacrifice so much because of me, Stella, Penny, and Dawn. So he deserves to go.

"Really?" Dad asks, shocked.

"Yeah, definitely," I smile at him, then look Jennifer. "Me and Jennifer can hold down the fort while your gone."

Jennifer sits there, totally stunned by my comment, just smiles with a nod.

I can see tears start to form in Dad's eyes as he smiles and says; "alright, I'll go then."

Deep down, I know Dad's proud of me; because I'm living up to my reputation in this family as being the tough responsible one. During the sixth month separation trial, I kinda had to play mother hen to keep both Dad, and the household running, so I'm practically used to it by now.

I suddenly hear a scrapping sound, I turn around and see Stella getting up from her chair and quickly head upstairs without saying a word to anyone. I close my eyes, and sigh.

"Dummy, you completely forgot about how the others would feel, nice going Sabrina!" I think irritably.

When he looks at me, I can sense that Dad wants to go up there and try to talk to her, but I shake my head no.

Because it's pointless, ever since the separation trial, no one's been able to get through to her.

"Um, is there anything else?" I ask.

"No, you can go to bed now If you want." Dad says

I give him a quick sympathetic smile and a kiss on his forehead, before getting up from my seat, then heading upstairs to my room.

When I walk into my room, I quickly change into my blue Tweety shorts and a white tank top, and braid my hair with a small blue ribbon. After getting all that done, I walk over and take out a small bottle of instant drying blue nail polish, and a baby blue, yellow, and white nail styling pens.

I also grab an old rag from my closet, that I always use whenever I'm painting my nails on my bed.

After climbing up to my bed and setting up the rag, I start painting, after drying them, I use the pens to draw a small winking Piplup on each nail.

(Okay, for those of you who haven't figured it out, I'm a total Pokemon freak, have been ever since I was 9.)

After waiting five minutes for my Piplup's to dry, I close my eyes and lay on my back.

I let everything that happened today run through my mind; discovering that I was a mermaid, what happened at Cleo's then at Emma's, the breath taking swim.

Even meeting both Derek and Jayden somehow managed to slip into my mind. I felt my checks burn with blush.

But, the one thing that kept drifting to my mind; Dad going to that conference for three weeks.

"What am I going to do?"

The question runs through my mind, as I finally fall asleep.

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