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"Now I'm haunted by dreams of you. And all of the things that we've been through. I'm sorry is nothing new. I'm haunted by dreams of you." - 'Haunted' by The Cribs

Humanity's Epiphany

Katherine choked, sputtering and coughing as she struggled to draw in a clear breath.. She was dying. She was sure of it..

The pain..she felt it pulsating throughout her entire body. It was as if every atom, every cell was being lit on fire.

She screamed, her sounds of agony drowned out by the pounding in her ears..

She could feel it. She could feel her vampirism being ripped away from her, feel her tissue being stripped of its immortal properties, replaced by mortal flesh and dna.

She was becoming human.

As if that weren't bad enough..

She was being filled with new magic. The cure was seeping into her brain, stirring up memories it had no right to. It was breaking down her walls, demolishing them and sending forgotten feelings and emotions rising to the surface like crashing waves, scenes and glimpses of her long, tragic life flashing before her eyes.

It was like a slow torture..a sick, twisted punishment for every evil she'd ever done as she relived the most painful experiences of her past.

She saw her mama's loving smile, felt her lips pressed onto her forehead..a tear slipped down her cheek, a whimper escaping her trembling mouth before she was ripped away into another memory.

She saw rose, followed by her own, lifeless body hanging from the scaffolding of that little cottage..she saw the first murder she'd ever committed, the deceit in her bloodshot eyes.

She sobbed, her nails digging and scratching at the marble floor as she yearned for it to be over. She wished she was dying.

But then it all just seemed to stop..memories of onyx curls, games, stolen kisses and pale blue eyes flooding her mind's eye.


She searched her mind, hoping to catch even just a glimpse of Stefan but she was only met with Damon. The man unable to be ejected from her thoughts..he was all she could think of.

She could see him beaming down at her, his face glowing with unconditional love and adoration. She could feel his strong, dangerous hands cupping her cheeks, she could hear his voice ringing in her ears, sweet words echoing around in her head.

She heard him promising to chase her wherever she ran, offering her his heart on a plate, she heard his desperate pleas for mercy on her behalf.

She gasped, her lungs constricting with the heartache brought on by the memories of the eldest Salvatore.

"You don't get a goodbye."

She felt her eyes water at the bitter words, her heart swelling at the harsh contrast between them and the loving promises of forever he offered once, a lifetime ago..

"Enjoy eternity alone Katherine."

That was the last she could take. She cried, tears spilling over and her now living heart racing in her chest as she convulsed, all the guilt of the world pouring into her as she screamed out the only thing in the world with a hope of comforting her..


Damon sat, drink in hand as he tried to drown out the sound of Stefan and Elena's voices from upstairs. They'd been going on about the same topic for over an hour, Damon's grip on his glass becoming tighter and tighter with irritation.

They'd been talking about him for over an hour.

"Stefan he hasn't gotten off that couch for days.." he heard Elena's voice say, his heightened vampire hearing evidently lost both her and Stefan as they continued talking.

"I'm pretty sure I've seen him go to the bathroom.." Stefan chimed in, Damon's eyes rolling at his brother's attempt at humor.

"That's not funny." Elena said, Damon could practically see the pout on her face.

"Elena, I just.." Stefan started, no doubt trying to wrap his arms around her in penance for his unappreciated joke, "I don't think he wants to be bothered right now-" he said, Damon giving a appreciative smile for his brother before Elena cut him off.

"I don't care if he wants to be bothered Stefan I care if he's okay.." she said, a shuffling of feet telling Damon that she'd pushed Stefan away a little.

"Elena he's fine!" Stefan told her, "Look I know my brother okay and this is just how he deals with things when he doesn't know what to do. He's working through it the only way he knows how, and right now he just needs us to leave him alone." he said, his voice taking on a slightly defensive tone that almost made Damon proud. It made him happy to know that even if he had no one else in this crappy town, he still had his little brother.

"No he isn't Stefan." Elena said, her voice sad and pitying as she continued, "It's been three weeks since the veil went back up and he still refuses to admit that he misses Alaric."

Damon frowned, that wasn't true, he wasn't refusing to admit that he missed his best friend. He just didn't want to discuss it with her. There was a difference.

Lately Elena and all her 'let's get together' crap had been grating on his nerves, he didn't need a therapist or some sort of emotional intervention. He needed to be left the hell alone.

"Elena don't."

Damon's ears perked, the sound of nearing footsteps catching his attention as he heard Elena's voice.

"He needs to talk about it Stefan." she said stubbornly, her voice clipped and final, he knew that voice. It was the voice she used whenever she was particularly determined to do something.

Damon sighed, stifling a groan as he got off the couch, vamp speeding over to the coat rack before shrugging on his jacket, barely missing Elena as she came down the stairs.

"Damon we need to-" she cut off, watching in surprise as he walked towards the front door.

"Where are you going?" she frowned, looking at him sadly, her eyes filled with innocent curiousity.

He turned to her, giving her a knowing look in return, "I," he said, "Am gonna get a drink." he told her, pausing.

"Many drinks." he corrected, smirking at her as he raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Elena sighed at him, her eyes tired as she shook her head, "Damon-"

"No." he cut her off, answering her demand before she could demand it, he didn't want to talk about it and she couldn't make him.

"Damon," she whined desperately, "Please, you need to talk about this.." she told him, her eyes pleading.

"No Elena, you need to talk about this." he told her, turning to face her head on, "I need to get wasted." he finished before pausing at the sudden silence upstairs.

"Coming, brother?" he hollered, smirking in amusement as he heard things bumping and falling on the second floor.

"Uh," came Stefan's voice, "No thanks." he hollered back, "I'm good."

Damon shook his head, turning to meet a pouty Elena staring him down with that kicked puppy expression, "Damon please." she asked him, her voice full of emotion.

He frowned internally, searching himself for the even the smallest part of him that wanted to stay, wanted to be there for her..

"Don't wait up." he said, stepping around her and walking out the door. Leaving a disapointed Elena behind..

Damon signed in contentment, his elbows resting on the counter of the bar as he drank lazily, his lips turning to a frown as his phone rang in his pocket.

He reached for the noisy device, scowling at the unknown number, albeit a little relieved to see that it wasn't Stefan or Elena as he answered.

"Whoever you are, you're disturbing my drink." he griped, finishing off the last remnants of his 7th glass of whiskey, his hand gesturing to the bartender for another.

"Hello Damon." purred a voice that had his eyes widening and his hand stiffening on his glass, "How is my favorite alcoholic Salvatore today..?"

"Katherine." Damon breathed, practically hearing her smile through the speaker as she chuckled.

"Miss me?"

Damon smirked, his lips curving upward "You wish." he said, nodding his head in thanks as he was served his new drink.

"How are you Katherine?" he asked, surprising himself at how genuinely he wanted to know the answer. Although in his defense, it wasn't everyday that a vampire got a magical cure shoved down their throat. He was curious. Sue him.

"Mm.." Katherine started, her lips pursing as she thought it over, "Fine." she decided, "Been better." she muttered before smirking.

"Ofcourse I would be much better if I had a certain blue eyed bad boy to keep me company.." she teased, smiling when Damon scoffed.

"In your dreams." he teased back, deciding that was enough beating around the bush, "So." he said.

"How's humanity?" he asked, Katherine's breath catching as she closed her eyes.

"She told you.." she sighed, shaking her head.

"Yeah, she did." Damon nodded, taking a drink, "And for what it's worth," he said turning and pushing away the glass.

"I'm sorry..Katherine.." he said, his voice filled with sympathy. Katherine froze, the apology shocking her to her core as he continued with a shake of his head, "to have your vampirism ripped away like that.." he trailed off.

"I wouldn't wish that on anybody." he finished sadly.

"So," Katherine started, trying to snap herself out of it, "You're not mad?" she asked doubtfully, Damon's lips turning to a smile.

"Now what would I be mad about?" he asked, knowing full well what she was talking about.

Katherine scoffed, "Oh I don't know," she said sarcastically, "I did almost kill saint E-lena." she offered, "And I actually did kill little Gilbert." she said, smirking proudly.

Damon shrugged, "Bonnie managed to bring big Jer back from 'the great beyond' before she died and in all fairness," he paused, "Elena did try to kill you first."

"I mean not to expect a little retaliation was stupid." he bit, scowling before smirking sarcastically, "That's more Stefan's area."

"Wait a minute." Katherine stopped him, backtracking as she realized what Damon had just said, "Did you just say Bonnie's dead?"

Damon frowned, "Yeah," he said somberly "Turns out the whole bringing somebody back from the dead thing is a little tricky." he paused.

"She practically traded her life for Jeremy's."

Katherine sighed, bringing a hand up to her forehead, "Well," she mumbled, "That's just great." she muttered grumpily.

Damon squinted, "Why?" he asked, "Katherine what's going on?" he asked her, sitting up straight, his brows furrowing at her tone of distress, "Why did you call me?"

Katherine sighed, opening the door in front of her and walking inside, "I didn't just call you Damon." she told him cryptically, his eyes crinkling in confusion before realization hit him and he turned around.

Katherine pressed 'end', pocketing her phone as she looked at Damon, the tugging at her heart starting up again at the memories that still layed fresh in her mind.

Now that she wasn't a vampire, she couldn't shut it out anymore, she simply had to stand there..looking into of the eyes of the man who had once been willing to give up the world for her, who had offered her everything..the man she tortured..and suffer.

She shook her head, tearing her gaze away from his beautiful blue eyes. She couldn't stand to see them now.

She remembered how they were before, they used to be so open, so warm, so kind..

So full of love, and care for they were hard. Indifferent at the sight of her and the sound of her name..

He too had been fooled by her lies..

"I need your help." she told him, walking over to where he was seated at the bar.

Damon hesitated, eyeing her apprehensively, "With what?" he asked cautiously.

Katherine sighed, praying to anyone who would listen to let him want to help her as she answered, a look of hope in her eyes, "I think there might be a way to turn me back.."

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