"You still have all of me." My Immortal, Evanescence

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It was short while of waiting before the tattooed boy returned, nodding his head backward at Katherine, a woman appearing a second later, stepping out from behind a curtain.

The woman froze, "Katherine." she breathed, wide eyed staring at Katherine as if she'd seen a ghost.

Katherine smiled at her, stepping forward, "In the flesh." she greeted, Marissa's head shaking as she tried to recompose herself.

"I didn't expect to see you.." she said slowly, "After the last time."

Damon looked between Marissa -he presumed- and Katherine curiously, sensing there was a story there that he wasn't privy to. He eyed the girl curiously, judging by her stiffness, he suspected it hadn't been a very happy ending, and he could easily guess which one of them was to blame for it.

"What are you doing here?" Marissa asked, her arms crossing suspicously.

Katherine smirked, "As it turns out, I need a favor." Marissa squinted at her, scoffing.

"Really." Marissa smiled doubtfully, shaking her head, "And what -dare I ask- could the great Katherine Pierce possibly need from me?"

Katherine smiled hopefully at her, taking a deep breath "What do you know about blood magic?"

Marissa blinked at her, a grave look flashing in her eyes as she swallowed, looking at the group of them thoughtfully before nodding her head toward the curtain she'd just walked through.

"Come with me." she told them, turning and walking off.

Katherine sighed heavily, moving to follow her when Damon caught her arm.

"What did she mean 'after last time'?" he asked her, a curious look in his eye. Katherine shrugged.

"You've got your secrets. I've got mine." she smiled, Damon frowning at her in confusion, about to open his mouth when Nadia interrupted.

"Uhm, I think I need some air." she announced, looking between the pair, Katherine's eyes narrowing when the younger Petrova turned to Charolette.

"Charolette, would you like to come along?" she offered, Charolette smiling at her, looking between her and Damon.

"Sure." Charolette nodded, Nadia smiling nicely back at her.

"We'll uh, be back later." she said awkwardly, giving Katherine a knowing look before ushering the smiling girl out of the shop.

Katherine smiled to herself, shaking her head as she chuckled. Nadia truly was her daughter. Damon turned back to her, a brow raised as he looked down at her suspiciously, "What was that about?" he asked.

"We should probably get in there." Katherine ignored him, walking around him to follow where Marissa had just gone, lifting the curtain to find a small back room littered with candles.

She looked around, her eyes flitting across discarded books and jars of herbs scattered about, her nose scrunching up in distaste. She looked at Marissa, smiling falsely, "Charming." she crossed her arms, "Now about-"

"Give me your hand." Marissa said cooly, Katherine turning her head at her, "Why?"

Marissa stayed silent, holding out her own hand expectantly. Katherine raised a brow, sharing a questioning glance with Damon, the elder Salvatore fidgeting when she complied, offering Marissa her hand slowly.

Marissa grabbed it, flipping it palm up she revealed a small knife, slicing it across Katherine's skin before her or Damon could react. Katherine gave a shout at the sting, wide eyes staring down at her bleeding hand in shock.

"Hey!" Damon jumped forward, going after the witch, teeth bared. Marissa raised her hand, Damon's feet stopping in their place. He looked down, willing his legs to move, but they refused. He was stuck to the floor. He struggled, thrashing about as he growled angrily.

God Damon hated witches. He really fucking hated them.

He was about to say something similar to Marissa when the witch smiled, her lips stretching unnaturally, in a way that made his skin crawl. She chuckled softly to herself, her eyes lit dangerously "Well I'll be damned."

"You're human." she grinned, allowing Katherine to snatch her hand away, the Petrova clutching her injured palm to her chest, glaring.

"Ever hear of using your words?" Katherine hissed.

Marissa ignored her, freeing Damon with a flick of her wrist. Damon didn't hesitate. He rushed to Katherine's side, keeping a wary glare on Marissa while snatching a rag off of one of the tables, cleaning Katherine's small wound as well and gently as he could, frowning apologetically when the brunette winced.

It wasn't that deep, but there were a lot of nerves in the hand. Without supernatural healing ability, Katherine would feel it worse than Damon would if he had the same injury. After centuries of vampirism, human pain was something Katherine was unaccustomed to. Vampires felt physical pain on a much lower scale, due to the healing properties in their blood. Recovery time was so advanced, pain barely had time to register before it was gone.

Katherine didn't have that luxury anymore. So any small hurt, she would feel the pain a hundred percent with no super advanced healing mechanism to dull it. Damon watched as she gritted her teeth, swallowing what he guessed were grunts and hisses. He could only imagine the pain she was feeling.

"Let me guess." Marissa smirked, bringing their attention back to her "You want me to perform a blood curse on you that will turn you back into a vampire." she laughed quietly to herself, "What are the odds?"

"Thousands of vampires, desperate for another shot at humanity. And a cure is wasted on the single one who would rather die." she laughed, Damon looking up at her darkly.

"The universe is one funny bastard don't you think?"

Katherine rolled her eyes unappreciatively, flinching when Damon jostled her hand "I highly doubt the irony is lost on any of us." she snipped, her eyes narrowing in irritation. "Now,"

"Can you do the spell or not?" she asked, gritting together as Damon applied pressure, offering her an apologetic look. Katherine smiled painfully back at him, gripping on to his arm with her other hand while he tried to bind it, being mindful not to hurt her any more than necessary as he worked.

Marissa watched the little scene thoughtfully, taking a minute before raising her hand once again.

"Move away." she demanded, walking up to the two of them. Damon glared up at her defiantly, "Not a chance." he said stubbornly. He didn't trust her.

Marrissa sighed, "Relax." she told him, "I'm going to heal her."

Damon stared at her, silent, hesitant to step aside. Marissa waited, raising a brow and staring back at him expectantly. He glared at her again, his jaw clenching tightly before he he stepped away, Marissa walking past him to Katherine's side.

Damon watched, ready to jump in and rip the girls head off if she tried anything again, his eyes fixed on the with as she took took a deep breath, her eyes focusing on Katherine's still bleeding hand as she began chanting under her breath. The air in the room shifted, becoming thinner and thinner the more Marissa chanted, Damon and Katherine both staring, captivated, as they watched Katherine's skin knit itself back together, leaving no trace of the cut behind.

Marissa stopped chanting, dropping her hand and moving away from Katherine while moved back to her. He took her hand, touching the now unmarked skin, inspecting it. He looked up at Marissa, the woman already looking at him with an expression on her face that said 'you're welcome'. Damon accepted the look, nodding in response, the witch smiling softly back at him.

Katherine chucked, the noise bringing Damon's attention back to her while she shook her head "That was a bit dramatic, don't you think?"

Marissa snorted at her, her softness gone, "Look who's talking." she retorted, walking over to one of her shelves, picking up a large book before turning to them.

"I can perform the spell." she said, dropping the book heavily onto a rickety podium, dust erupting from the pages when she opened it, "But it's not going to be easy."

Of course, thought Damon, why would it be?

Marissa waved her hand, motioning for the pair to move closer as she scanned over the pages of the ancient looking spell book.

"As I said before, it was designed to be a curse." she told them, "Not a blessing, as you seem to see it."

"Blood Magic is taboo for a reason. The original witches thought it was immoral. Impure. Offering way too much unnatural power and control to one being, and ever since it has been..blacklisted, in the witch community."

"Blood magic.." she trailed off, shaking her head, "It's raw and dangerous and the amount of power I'd need to have in order to perform it is overwhelming."

"Luckily enough, tonight just so happens to be a full moon." she smiled charmingly, looking between the two of them as though she knew it wasn't, in fact, coincidental.

"Gotta love the Universe." Damon muttered sarcastically, reaching out and turning a few pages, Marissa watching him quietly before turning to Katherine.

"So, you can do it." Katherine said hopefully, "It's possible?" Marissa nodded.

"It can be done and I can do it." she answered, shaking her head apprehensively, "But this is really dark magic." she reminded.

"It won't be pleasant for you. Are you sure it's worth it?"

Katherine looked over at Damon, the other man looking calmly back at her, his eyes soft and supporttive, his expression telling her I'm with you either way.

And she knew it was true. If she changed her mind, right now, and chose to be human, he would still be there. He would protect her through the years, stand by her side through the slow decay of her human body. He would stay with her till she took her last breath.

She loved him. God she loved him. And she would have her eternity with him. She would. This time, it was her choice. Hers freely to make, with no dire circumstances to make the choice for her. And she'd made her choice.

She chose him.

She chose the man she loved and she chose her daughter. She chose a life, an eternity, to she spend with them. For the first time, she was making a choice that wasn't just about her.

She chose family.

Katherine nodded, "Yes." she said determinedly, "Whatever it is you have to do..

"Do it."

Elena walked, brushing branches and leaves out of her way, her legs moving of their own accord as they led her somwhere she didn't recognize.

She looked up, a hazy glowing orb shining high above her, the soft white light acting as a small comfort as she moved onward, her ears picking up on faint, muffled noises the farther she went.

Suddenly she stopped, having stumbled upon a shadowy figure, standing completely frozen, their back to her as she looked around in confusion.

"Where am I?" she said to herself, a hand rising to her head as she tried to figure everything out, looking to the shadowy figure, swallowing thickly as she took a step away.

"Who are you?" she said, gaining no response from the frozen person, her brows knitting together as she took a step forward.

"I said.." she started again, her fists clenching together as she walked closer.

"Who are you?" she repeated, reaching out and turning the person around, her eyes widening as she realized who it was.


Stefan stared at her, his eyes a burning red and his mouth dripping with blood, Elena's heart dropped, her mouth opening in shock as her eyes filled with tears.

"Stefan, what did you do?" she asked, frowning when a silent, lone tear fell from Stefan's left eye, his expression unchanging as he looked at her in pain.

"I-" he uttered, his words tight as he tried to say them over the blood in his mouth, "I-n-" he sputtered, "I-need."

Elena jumped forward, cradling Stefan's face in her hands, her head shaking as she looked at him in concern, "What! What is it Stefan?" she asked him, wiping away at the blood.

"Stefan I'm here," she told him, "I'm right here." she said, "I'm here.." she promised, brushing her thumbs against his cheeks as she shushed him softly.

"What do you need?" she asked, searching his face for some sort of clue.

Stefan closed his eyes, his hands reaching up to grip onto Elena's as they reopened, a fresh batch of tears glistening as he whispered.

"My brother."

Damon scowled, eying his surroundings with a look of disdain. Marissa and Katherine were talking amongst themselves, going over preparations for the spell, leaving Damon to his own devices.

Damon crossed his arms, letting his mind reel in a little, thinking back on the events of the past couple days.

So much had changed in fourty eight hours. He and Elena were no longer on speaking terms, his hopeless devotion to the girl now replaced with a burning hatred. He shook his head, his teeth clenching painfully.

Elena was parasite. Feeding off of other people's love and pity in order to stay alive. She'd done it to him, leading him on for three years knowing full well she had no plans to leave his brother's side.


Damon rubbed his face roughly, Stefan. Saint Stefan Salvatore. Too good for his own good. Elena had somehow batted her watery brown eyes and convinced him to forgive her. It made Damon sick. The control Elena and over his little brother. Stefan was supposed to be the one with a good head on his shoulders. Damon just couldn't fathom how the kid couldn't see just how wrong Elena was for him.

Elena was selfish. She was selfish and self consumed and spoiled. Stomping her foot and throwing a temper tantrum whenever she couldn't get her way. She played sweet and pure well enough, but Damon had always been able to see through the cracks. It's what had drawn him to her to begin with. The possibility that she was like him and not Stefan. That he might be able to find a kinship with her, like the bond he'd shared with Katherine.

But he'd been wrong. Completely, utterly, laughably wrong. Elena wasn't like him at all. And she especially wasn't like Katherine. She played everyone. Denying her flaws till she was blue in the face. Pretending like they didn't exist. Fooling everyone around her into devoting themselves, body and soul to her, until nothing else mattered but her.

But Elena didn't matter to him. She could go straight to hell for all Damon cared. The only thing that mattered to him now, was Stefan. He frowned, remembering his brother's face from the night before. His shattered heart on display. His fists clenched.

He wouldn't let Elena hurt him again. He wouldn't just stand by and watch his little brother be manipulated any longer. He was going to free him. No matter the cost.

Even if it meant ripping Elena apart with his bare hands.


Damon turned toward the two girls, watching while Katherine took a step backward, hands in the air, revealing a large wet spot on her shirt. She cursed under her breath, her top was drenched.

"What happened?" Damon walked over to her, reaching out a hand when Marissa stopped him "Don't touch her." she said, holding her arm out toward him, Damon looking at her strangely.

"It's vervain." she warned.

Damon backed up, his hand dropping to his side, watching from a distance while Katherine rubbed at her top in frustration, "Crap." she muttered, thanking Marissa when she handed her a small rag.

"You might want to change." Marissa suggested, "You don't want to be wearing a shirt full of vervain when you turn."

Katherine sighed, Damon able to see her annoyance radiating off of her in waves.

"I'll go with you." he turned, picking up Katherine's jacket where she'd tossed it on a chair, holding it out to her while she walked over to him.

"Actually," Marissa interrupted, "I could use Damon's help."

"Part of the spell requires blood that's already been cursed."

Damon looked to Katherine, the brunette sighing once again, "Stay." she told him, taking her jacket and throwing it on "Help her. Make sure she doesn't screw anything up."

Damon made a face, "You mean stay in the creepy, dark, dank room with a bitchy witch?" he whined, sighing dramatically.

Katherine smirked, winking at him flirtatiously before ducking under the curtain.

Damon rolled his eyes, a smirk on his own lips as he watched after her, taking a moment to reflect on how far he's come. Witchy business, Elena drama and unwanted cures aside, he couldn't remember a time he'd ever been this..happy.

He turned back to Marissa, metaphorically rolling up his sleeves, going to stand beside her.

"Alright. What do you need?" he asked, "innocent souls to sacrifice? Blood from a virgin? Candy from a baby?"

Marissa scoffed at him, smiling, "Witty." she said approvingly, "I can see why Katherine likes you."

Damon shrugged, "I'm also strong, dark, handsome, and badass." he teased, picking up a jar with a werewolf heart in it, laughing inwardly at the poor s.o.b. it once belonged to.

"Plus, I'm mind blowing in bed." he smirked.

Marissa smirked back at him, "Really?" she said, running her hand over his arm, Damon's eyes snapping up to her, her eyes flashing with lust.

"Prove it."

She shot forward, crashing her lips against his, Damon shoving her back without thinking, sending her into the podium. He backed up, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, looking angrily at her where she landed on the ground.

"What the hell?" he said, "What was that?"

Marissa laughed darkly, looking up at him, "You stopped me." she laughed again, her head shaking as she tried to rise to her feet, "That alone shows how much Katherine doesn't deserve you."

Damon glared, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end, "And the fact that you even tried shows how much you don't give a damn about her." he retorted.

"You were never going to do the spell." he continued, "You were playing us the whole time."

Marissa smiled twistedly, "Wow. Pretty and smart. Looks like Katherine scored the full package."

The two stared at each other, Damon's eyes shifting from her to door. He lunged forward, using his speed to get passed her. He had to get to Katherine before-

Damon collapsed, his head feeling like it was on the verge of imploding, seeing Marissa holding out her hand toward him in his peripheral vision.

Damon wanted to scream, the pain was stronger than any time Bonnie had ever done this to him, it was excruciating. The swelling of his brain pressing against his skull was unbearable. He tried to yell, but the noise died in his throat. He could feel his eyes bulging out of their sockets, his temples screaming when he felt a sharp prick in the side of his neck, and everything stopped.

He felt himself drop, his head hitting the cement floor as he tried to keep his eyes open, a searing pain traveling through his veins, causing his head to become cloudy. He could feel his chest moving with every breath, the weight of his body causing each one to be thinner and shorter. He willed himself to move. His arm was the only part of him that would listen, his fingers stretching out toward the door.

Marissa's face appeared before him, something that felt like fingers carding gently through his hair. Her mouth moved, but Damon couldn't hear her, his eyes able to read something along the lines of 'sorry bab' from her lips before his eyes finally closed. His own mouth whispering the only thing on his mind.


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