Disclaimer: Nope, I dun own Tasuki & Chichiri, or Fushigi Yuugi for that matter. I just own this stupid story with no plot, and myself. Lol

Short wittle note: This whole story was random … no plot … no meaning … just to laugh at and to make weird comments about me … lol. I love randomness ^_^ (that's cuz I AM random 99.9% of the time…)

And another thing: Oh yeah the story is taking place in our NYC apartment I guess … and it's just the three of us … Mits and Mitsukake are somewhere o.0 … if you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, read my other fic: "Fushigi Yuugi no Sugoi … ! Revelations!" then go on to: "Fushigi A-kugi: The Idiot Adventures!" ^^ If you don't, then I KNOW for sure I will get negative reviews about this! (because, again, you don't know what's going on …) *coughs* Oki, let's get started!


Chiri: *whistling* la de daaa *gets weird looks from Tasuki and Chichiri* dum de daa dumm hmmhmhmmmmmhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …………… *gasps for breath*… *passes out*

Chichiri & Tasuki: *sitting on either side of her unconscious body* o.o v.v o.o;; *exchanges glances*

Tasuki: *sitting to the left* You check her this time !

Chichiri: *sitting on the right* Nuh-uh, it's your turn no da !

Tasuki: Are you nuts ?! She'll beat the crap out of me like last time !!

Chichiri: That's because you shoved your sock in her face no da ...

Tasuki: Whhhhhaaaaaat ?? They smell perfectly fine !

Chichiri: Obviously, Chiri had different thoughts no da ...

Tasuki: Maybe her smeller is broke ... *takes out tessen and pokes Chiri's left cheek with it and her head lolls around*

Chichiri: Yup, she's out alright no da .

Tasuki: Not faking it like that time you almost thought she was dead .

Chichiri: Thought I had to give her CPR no da ... *blush*

Tasuki: *rolls eyes* Yeah, she woulda enjoyed that

Chichiri: Shut up no da !!

Tasuki: Oooh so you say you wouldn't do that to her ?

Chichiri: ....

Tasuki: *eyes him*

Chichiri: ....

Tasuki: Want me to do it ?

Chichiri: *pulls staff out of nowhere and whaps him across the head with it (not too hard tho)* Baka ...

Tasuki: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?? *rubbing head*

Chichiri: Whhhooopppsss ... did that hurt no da?

Tasuki: Hell yeah !!! Want me to do a lil reenactment ?! *jumps up*

Chichiri: *stands up too* Bring it on, baby no da (doesn't that sound weird ? lol)

Tasuki: REKKA SHINEN ! *flames Chichiri, who is totally blackened with ashes with huge dinner plate eyes*

Chichiri: *raises right hand veery slowly and pokes the staff head into Tasuki's forehead*


Tasuki: *clutches heart* OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH YA GOT ME ! Sayonara cruel world !! *faints, but lands full-force across Chiri* OOF!

Chichiri: MWA HAHHAA! EAT THAT FANG-BOY NO DA ! *sickening laughter with thunder and lightning in the background*

Tasuki: *raises head* Oh, give it up already...

Chichiri: *eyes him dangerously* WHAT are you still doing DOWN THERE NO DA ?

Tasuki: *blink* Ooooooh right ! Hehe ... *coughs and sits back to his original spot* What were we doing before this ?

Chichiri: Sitting here ... no da .

Tasuki: No, I mean before that. Or is that after ?

Chichiri: *looks at Chiri* Oh yeah ! She's still unconscious no da ... o.O;

Tasuki: Oops.

Chichiri: Yeah "oops" is right no da ! When you crushed her with your dead weight you prolly killed her no da !! -___-;;


Chichiri: *whips out a scale from behind his back* Wanna bet no da ?

Tasuki: Are you KIDDING ?! I don't have any money ! *under breath* I used it on my Saké ... and he ain't gettin' THAT neither!

Chichiri: *puts it away* Guess you're safer that way no da .

Tasuki: What's that supposed ta mean ?!

Chichiri: *crosses arms* Nothin' no da ...

Tasuki: I think it does !!

Chichiri: Nope!

Tasuki: *growls and stares down Chichiri*

Chichiri: *eyes closed, nose up and arms crossed*

Tasuki: *scoots closer to Chiri*

Chichiri: *eyebrow twitches*

Tasuki: *feels her forehead*

Chichiri: *lowers his head so Tasuki could see the top of his head and both eyebrows twitch, as well as a waterfall of sweatdrops run down all over his body*

Tasuki: *menacing laugh and feels temperature by putting the back of his hand on her cheek*

Chichiri: *shoulders start to twitch .. a lot o.O*

Tasuki: *huge grin as he does the same thing with his other hand on the other cheek*

Chichiri: *explodes* DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! *tackles Tasuki SD form and they start fighting in that cloud... of ...dust...yeah like on the cartoons (lol)*

Chiri: *wakes up and sits up, then looks over at the SD seishi in the cloud of dust fighting* Ché .... idiots. *gets up and walks out*

Owari !

[Told yeh it wouldn't make any sense!! Muhahaha!!]