Author's Note: A random plot I had stuck on my mind, and I just had to get it out of my system. It might be a story I pursue in the future but for now here is a taste. Let me know what you guys think!


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"I came here as a favor to Victoria." Laurent's ruby red eyes shimmered, bright and wild. He slowly circled me, in the dry dead clearing.

Each word uttered from his mouth like a soft prayer, his voice deep and languid as it carried through the wind. The words were nothing but menacing, as they sunk into my ears. They shook me with a shiver to my spine, and an impossible sweat through this cool weather.

"I suppose" he paused to gulp. "that it is good I found you first."

He stopped his slow predatory dance. His eyes never wavered in their intensity. They swallowed me, suffocated me, their red depth caused me to forget to even breath.

"You see Victoria wished to make your death extremely …. Slow ….. and agonizing." He reached his hand out as if he was persuading me that he meant no harm.

He was everything but harmless. The proof was there, as he licked his lips and began to take small and careful steps towards me. My instincts, for once working in my favor, urged me to match each step he took forward with a step back.

"But I can be merciful. I can give you a quick death. I did not take much attention to how appealing your blood was before. Now, sadly for you, it is all I can think about."

My human frailty caused me to foolishly blink. And just like that, Laurent was mere inches away from my face. I froze as he brought his hands up to cup my cheeks tenderly. His eyes pinned me. And until now I just realized that I couldn't even speak. Gone was my voice. Paralyzed was my body.

"The Cullens left you. You are suffering. I can see. I will end it all for you. I will be kind and relieve you anguish."

He brought his face to the curve of my neck. His lips skimmed feathery light over the dominant pulse. He kissed my neck, over the vein. Like a lover's caress. I shivered violently.

"It will be over soon." He breathed over my skin. His icy breath blew through my hair, dancing across my back.

Laurent tipped my head over, my eyes fluttered shut as I felt and heard his growl reverberate on my neck, his sharp teeth pushed into my soft skin. It sliced me so easily, as I felt his mouth press on me and drink my blood.

I faintly felt a burn where his mouth was draining my blood. But the burn kept vanishing the more he drank from me. My knees weakened, I can feel my energy slipping. Laurent wrapped his arm around me, holding me to him, not pausing as my blood slipped from my body and into his mouth, right down his throat.

Suddenly, he stopped. And the burn that was relieved with every pull he took from me started to increase. It was agonizing, and I wished he wouldn't stop so that this burn would be dulled. Yet I knew it will eventually kill me, but really what do I have to live for anymore?

While my head was fuzzy and cloudy from the blood loss and the burn on my throat, I suddenly became aware, if so faintly, that there was a chorus of growling behind us.

Laurent ripped his mouth from my jugular as a gasp slipped through his lips. And then he dropped me hard on the flat, soggy, mush floor.

My eyelids couldn't open. But I heard large bodies jump over me and growl loudly, padding the clearing, like giant paws. I can see the shadows pass my closed eyelids.

Then nothing mattered, as that small and annoying burn on my neck became a hot, scorching, blaze that began to accelerate in its magmatic flare. I couldn't hold it in as a blood-curdling scream passed my lips and my body began to thrash wildly.

"Bella!" an all too familiar voice called to me. Jacob!

"Oh my god! Sam ….. SAM! What's happening to her?" Jake asked.

"She has vampire venom in her system, Jacob." Answered a deep, rough voice.

"How do we get it out?!" Poor Jacob, he was panicking. I can just imagine him running his hands through his hair and clutching his scalp.

"We cant. She is going through the change. We have to put her out of her misery."

"What?" he gasped. I barely heard it over my shrieking yells. "No Sam … just no! We will not kill her. This is Bella! .. just …just .. think of Charlie! ... think of what it will do to him!" Jake screamed exasperated and desperate.

"She is dead to him either way, Jacob." The deep voice, Sam, grunted.

"Please …. don't … kill me." I tried to utter. But god knows if Jake heard, as it was muffled with the cries of my pain.

My screaming didn't stop, the burn didn't recede, if anything, it kept increasing more and more and more. It was unbearable. But at that point, tired was my voice from all the howling, crying, and yelling. I felt like I was burning for a long time. And in my red haze of pain, I knew one thing for certain.

I was becoming a vampire.