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Okay, I feel like all I've written lately has been on the darker side and needed to write something with fluff. So here it is! This is me purely daydreaming. Plus I been hating the storylines on the show and hate what they have done with Danny having cancer!

So this is my take on how Danny's birthday should had gone!


Danny's Birthday

Sam couldn't help but smile at the sight of her son as she stepped into his room. The tot was already wide awake and standing up in his crib. He let out a gleeful chuckle in greeting as she approached him.

"Good Morning!" cooed Sam as she lifted her baby boy from the crib and smuggled him against his chest. She couldn't believe how big he was already. Adjusting him on her hip, she planted a series of kisses onto the soft doughy skin of his cheek. The tot just looked up at Sam with his big blue eyes and grinned. After everything he had been through in his short life already, he was a happy boy.

"Let's go get you some breaky, Danny! shall we?" asked Sam towards her son as she carried him out of the room. "You have a big day ahead of you!"

Sam placed the tot in his highchair as she began to prepare his breakfast, of dry Cheerios and a handful of grapes. Placing them on the tray of his highchair, she allowed for the tot to feed himself as she put the coffee machine on while preparing him his bottle. This was a routine she had gotten use to over the past months since Danny had been returned to her. She couldn't believe it had been a year today that she had given birth to him in that motel room with John by her side. So much had changed since that day, she thought to herself as she gave the bottle of milk to her son. Tears immediately stung her eyes as she looked on at the healthy happy tot before her. She loved Danny with every fibre of her being. But she couldn't help but feel a little sad that something was missing from her life.


If it hadn't been for him, then she would had never gotten to see her son again. It was because of him that she had this beautiful baby boy before her. He hadn't given up hope that her son was still alive and had been switched with Tea's stillborn baby. And he had gone on to prove it. Bringing her baby boy back to her arms.

She couldn't help but let the tears fall down her cheeks as she thought back to that night when they had brought Danny home together, as a family. It had been a fantasy of hers for years and it had finally come true, only to be cruelly taken away from her. She wished Jason's hadn't left that night. That he had ignored his phone and stayed with her and Danny. If he had, he would still be with them today. Celebrating their son's birthday together.

"Sam," spoke a voice towards her, " are you okay?"

Sam quickly brushed the tears away from her eyes at this and looked over towards Rafe who had just appeared in the threshold of the kitchen. "I'm fine," she replied quickly, giving him a reassuring smile before turning her attention to the coffee machine.

The young man watched her as she poured herself a cup of coffee. He wasn't convinced that everything was fine but didn't push her. It wasn't his place to step. Looking away from his foster mother, he then turned his attention to the birthday boy. "Hey Danny Boy," cried Rafe as he lifted the tot from his high chair and tossed him into the air.

Danny let out a joyful giggle at this.

Sam watched as the two boys interacted with each other. She couldn't believe how good its been since she took Rafe in. He was a good kid and Danny loved him. She was staring to love Rafe as one of her own too. The kid had been through a lot in his life that was something she could sure relate to. Her childhood had been less then perfect. She knew what it felt like to be on your own at such a young age. To have to support and look after yourself. She had hesitated at first with taking the teen in but she now knew it had been for the best.

Before he had come into her life, she had been barely getting by.

Rafe could never replace Jason. But in a funny sort away, having the teen around made it easier for her to move on. His presence was welcoming to her. Rafe was good for her and Danny. And she knew that Jason would think so too. She knew that Jason would have taken the kid in too.

She was both happy and sadden by this thought. She missed him terribly. And couldn't help but think about him when she saw Rafe and their son together. She hated how she was raising their son on her own. That Danny would never get to know his father. That he would miss out on having Jason as his father. It didn't take much for her to image Jason there with them. In the kitchen. She could see all four of them around the table, having breakfast together. Laughing and watching as Danny ripped open his first present.

"Sam, are you alright?" asked Rafe with concern as he looked up once again from Danny towards Sam.

"What?" she asked as she came out of her daydream, "I'm fine!" She added quickly as she drank from her now lukewarm coffee. She smiled broadly at the young man before turning her attention to her son. "Are you ready to open your first birthday present?" she asked towards Danny as she placed her mug onto the table and lifted the baby from Rafe's lap. Danny smiled up at her as she lifted him onto her hip. She had wanted her present to be the first present her son opened on his birthday. They were having a party for him later on in the afternoon but she wanted the morning to be just her and Danny.

Leaving the kitchen, she carried Danny into the living room. She kissed the baby's doughy cheek as she placed him down on the couch. She then called Rafe into the room.

"Yeah?" asked the teen as he came into the room.

"Can you watch Danny for a second while I run upstairs and get his present?" asked Sam as she looked up from her son to Rafe.

"Yeah, sure," he replied with a smile as he came around and took a seat on the couch by Danny. "You hear that Danny, you are going to get a present!"

"Thanks," spoke Sam with a smile before heading upstairs where she had the present hidden in her closet. Danny wasn't quite walking yet but she knew he would be soon. She had gotten him a little motorcycle shaped push car. It was suppose to help with learning how to walk. But as he grew, he could also sit on it and ride it. When she saw it, she knew it was the perfect gift.

She knew that Danny was too young to understand and probably wouldn't know what he was getting. But she couldn't wait to give him his gift. She had even gone out of the way to wrap the motorcycle. She wanted Danny to have something to open.

Opening up her closet door, she lifted the oddly shaped present into her arms and carried it downstairs.

"Oh Boy, Danny Boy look at that!" cried Rafe as he lifted Danny up so that he was on his feet and looking over the side of the couch. "That's for you!" he added as Sam walked down the remainder of the stairs. Danny smiled broadly at his mom.

"Yeah, this is for you!" spoke Sam as came to where the two boys were seated. She smiled broadly at her son. She couldn't believe how much he looked like Jason as he continued to look up at her with those blue eyes of his. "Put him on the floor," she advised Rafe as she pushed the coffee table out of the way with the back of her legs, before she placed the wrapped gift down on the floor.

Rafe nodded his head in reply as he lifted Danny off of the couch and onto the floor. "There you go Danny Boy!"

Sam then knelt down beside her son, "Baby open it!" she whispered as she smiled at Danny, who was looking at her. He was sucking on his hand. He showed no interest in the package in front of him.

"Danny, look!" spoke Sam as she got her son's attention and tore a piece of the wrapping paper off. She was showing him how to do it.

This caught the young boy's attention. He looked on at Sam with a steady gaze before fixing his eye's on the package. Taking his hand out of his mouth, he reached out towards the gift. It took him a few tries before he got a hold of the wrapping paper and tore a small piece of it off.

"That's a boy!" cried Rafe as both he and Sam clapped at this.

This caused the baby to laugh with glee and clapped his own hands at his accomplishment.

"Do it again!" spoke Rafe, encouraging the boy to reach out and tear another piece of paper off.

Danny looked over at him at this before leaning forward and ripping another piece of paper off with his hand.

The baby couldn't help but laugh as each piece of paper was torn off. He was enjoying this new game he had been introduced too. It didn't take much longer before the entire gift was unwrapped.

"WOW DANNY! Look at that!" cried Rafe with enthusiasm. "Your first motorcycle!"

"You want to try it out?" asked Sam towards Danny as she lifted him up onto his feet. Holding him by the waist, she placed his hands onto the bar on the back of the plastic motorcycle.

Danny's little hands gripped onto the bar with all his strength as a look of determination came over his face. It didn't take him long before he knew what to do. Sam held onto him the first few steps, towering over him as she held either side of him, making sure he didn't fall. She walked around with him for a few feet before letting go and letting the little boy push it around on his own.

A wide smile was on the boy's face at his new skill. He continued to giggle and laugh with cheer as he walked on his little legs around the living room, being closely watched by both Sam and Rafe.

And this continued on all morning as Danny pushed his new toy around with enjoyment.

"Where's the birthday boy?" asked Alexis as she stepped into the Penthouse and looked over at her daughter as she closed the front door behind her.

"He's right here!" spoke Rafe as he came into the living room. Danny was seated on his motorcycle and Rafe was pushing him.

"Say Hi to Grandma, Danny," spoke Sam as she came to stand beside Alexis.

Alexis shot her daughter a look at the word Grandma but quickly turned her attention onto her grandson. "Oh Wow Danny!" she cooed as she leaned down towards the toddler. "Is that your bike?"

Danny just looked up at his grandma and smiled proudly. He clapped his hands gleefully together before lifting his hands above his head. His blue eyes focusing on Alexis. He wanted up.

"Here, mom let me take those from you," spoke Sam as she took the wrapped present from Alexis's arms.

"Thanks Sweetie," spoke Alexis smiling at Sam before lifting Danny up into her arms. "Hi there Birthday Boy!" she spoke as she smuggled her grandson against her chest. "Did you have a good birthday morning so far?"

"He did," replied Sam as she walked towards the coffee table, and placed the present down amongst the others that were there.

"That's good!" cooed Alexis as she smiled at her grandson and kissed the top of his head.

"Where's Molly and Krissy?" asked Sam as she met her mother's gaze.

"Oh they are on their way. I sent them to pick up the cake," replied Alexis, "They shouldn't be long." Sam had asked her mother weeks ago if she could pick up Danny's birthday cake from the Metro Court the day of the party. She had gotten Carly to get the pastry chef at the hotel to make a chocolate cake in the shape of a monkey for Danny's birthday.

"Okay," spoke Sam, nodding her head.

"The place looks good!" complimented Alexis as she adgusted Danny on her hip and looked around at the decorated Penthouse.

"It does, doesn't it?" replied Sam, "Spinelli and Ellie did it mostly!" There were streamers and balloons everywhere around the living room and dinning room of the Penthouse. The party had no reason theme but the colours of lime green and blue. There was also a banner over the fireplace reading- HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY DANNY! Which Rafe had handed painted.

"Since I have no decorating ability, they had agreed to come over early and help!" added Sam as she too looked at their work. It was ten times better looking then anything she could had done on her own.

And just then on cue, Spinelli and Ellie emerged from the kitchen, both carrying platters of food.

"Greetings Mother of the Goddess!" greeted Spinelli towards Alexis as he noticed her presence in the room.

Alexis looked both amused and pissed off at Spinelli's old nickname for her. She gave the boy a small smile, "Hello Spinelli!"

Ellie turned to look over her shoulder at this exchange between her boyfriend and the older woman. A puzzled look was on her face, "Mother of the Goddess?! Damian, that sounds like a sexist remark!"

"Oh but it is not! The Jackal means it in all respect and adoration for Fair Samantha's mother. Who like her daughter gets more and more stunning! The name was created back when I was a young one and was most smitten with Faire Samantha, who at the time I had called the Goddess. It is meant as a compliment and my fascination with Samantha. And Mother of the Goddess was to show respect to the mother of my crush at the time. But I do think the title still holds true, both Alexis and Sam are goddesses!" Spinelli looked away from his girlfriend and smiled broadly in the direction of both Sam and Alexis who was looking at him with amused looks on their faces.

"Well, thank you Spinelli!" replied Alexis as she adjusted Danny in her arms.

However, Ellie didn't look to pleased by her boyfriend explanation of the name. "And what am I Damian to you?" she asked arching an eyebrow and gazing intensely at Spinelli.

Spinelli cleared his throat loudly at this before turning his attention once again to Ellie, "But of course, no woman can compare to you my dear. For you are my Queen!" and with that he leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.

Sam couldn't help but feel a slight pang of sadness as she watched as the couple shared a intimate moment. She missed that dearly. Small kisses and light touches. She couldn't help but feel sadden that she would never have that again with someone. She had had a brief, a very brief moment with John McBain. But that had been months ago. He was no longer in town and probably would never come back. They had emailed back and forth but nothing had come from their moment in the hotel room before they had departed. They both agreed they were better off as friends. After that moment too, she had realized she wasn't ready to move on from Jason and wasn't sure if she ever would be. Jason had been the love of her life, her soul mate.

How could she move on from that?

Tearing her eyes away, she looked over at her son, who was smiling broadly up at Alexis. Maybe she wasn't meant to move on? she thought to herself. For she had the perfect man for her right here, her son. At that moment, Danny turned and looked over at Sam. The toddler smiled as he reached out towards her.

"Oh, looks like I'm old news," teased Alexis as she handed Danny over to his mother.

"Hi Buddy!" spoke Sam softly in Danny's ear as she held him close to her. She had all she needed right here. Her son.

The party went off with out a hitch. Molly and Kristina arrived a few moments later after Alexis had with the cake. Carly had also shown up with them since they were all coming from the Metro Court. Michael arrived with Josslyne and Morgan. Sonny came alone. Monica , Tracey and Aj also arrived shortly after everyone else had. Maxie had also stopped by to drop off a gift and wish Danny a happy birthday before heading off to work.

Sam had been happy to see her friends and family come together to celebrate Danny's first birthday. She found it crazy still to be on talking terms with both Carly and Sonny at times. Jason's death had defiantly brought them more closer together. She found it odd but comforting at times to think that both of them had her back if she needed it. Which a year ago, she would had thought differently on the matter. The same went for the Quartermaine's. Monica had always been welcome to her and Jason's home. But Tracey was a new addition to the mixture. But they were Danny's family and she wanted him to get to know them. Even if she didn't see eye to eye with them in the beginning.

As she watched as everyone sat around the living room, eating birthday cake and talking, she couldn't help but smile at what Jason would think of all this. He would for sure be amused to see her on talking terms with both Carly and Tracey. And that Aj was alive and well. He would both hate and love this party she thought to herself. Jason wasn't one for social gathering. But she knew that he would had put up with it all for their son. He would had liked the idea of everyone he cared and loved about coming together to celebrate this milestone in Danny's life.

Elizabeth had even stopped by earlier to drop off a gift for Danny. Sam had been touched by this. Both women had loved and cared for Jason. And with his death, they had put their differences a side. Just like her and Carly had. She knew that Jason would had been happy to see her and Liz get along. She did wonder what he would think of his brother dating his old love flame, though? He wouldn't had been happy. Again a smile appeared on her face as she imaged Jason scolding at the thought of Aj and Elizabeth together. She imaged he would had acted the same way when he had found out that Sonny and his sister Emily had been dating. But she hoped that Jason would had seen how Aj was a changed man. He had defiantly grown on her. And Elizabeth could take care of herself. She could see him pacing back and forth in front of the window which overlooked the landscape of Port Charles. Deep in though like he always was when something had happened that he didn't like and was out of his control.

Tears stung her eyes as she looked over her shoulder, towards the window, half expecting to see Jason there, his blue eyes staring back at her.

Her heart strings pulled heavy at this. She only saw her own face staring back at her in the reflection of the window.

Rapidly blinking the tears away, she reached for her own piece of cake that sat untouched on the dinning room table.

Taking the paper plate, she made her way towards where everyone else was seated. She forced a smile on her face. She knew that Jason wouldn't had wanted her to be sad but happy. And she was trying too. But days like this made it hard to be. For all she could keep thinking about was how he wasn't here, celebrating with her. How he should had been with her. Amongst them, holding Danny on his lap and feeding him a piece of birthday cake, instead of Michael.

"Here Sam, take my seat," offered Spinelli as he stooped up from the dinning room chair he was seated on and offered it to Sam.

"Thanks Spinelli," she smiled warmly at the younger man, reaching out and touching him lightly on the arm. She was touched by his kindness.

Spinelli noticed the sadness in her eyes as he met her gaze and returned the smile. However he did not push her on the matter. He knew this was a hard day for her. They wished that Jason had been here to celebrate with them. They all missed him.

Just then the party was interrupted by the sound of knocking on the front door. Sam's brown eyes looked away from Spinelli's to the door. Her brows fussing together rapidly in concern. It was a natural reaction for her to think that it was the police. Over the years, any interruption on the Penthouse door had been a unwelcome visit from the PCPD.

Moving passed Spinelli, Sam placed her untouched plate down onto the desk as she moved towards the front door. Her nerves from before had slightly settled as reality once again had quickly kicked in for her. Jason wasn't here anymore. The police hadn't come by the Penthouse in nearly a year now looking for Jason. She had no run-ins with the law anymore. Letting out a slight sigh, she placed her sweaty palm onto the cold door knob and turned it.

Sam hadn't known what to expect on the other side of the door. But what had greeted her had been the last thing. Her mouth fell open in surprise as she took in the figure before her.

Her brown eyes blinked rapidly as she stared up at the face that haunted her dreams. She had to make sure her eyes weren't playing tricks on her and the face that was staring back at her was really the one she was seeing.

"Jason," she let out in a shuddered breath as tears once again filled her eyes as she locked with those unforgettable blue ones.

A smile appeared on his face as he continued to stare down at her. "Sam," he whispered back as he reached out towards her.

She responded immediately to his touch. She wrapped her arms around his waist and buried her face into his rock-hard chest. It was really him. It wasn't just a dream. He had really come back to her.

"This is really happening, right?" she asked in a whispered as she titled her head and once again looked up into his eyes.

"Yes, it is Sam. It really is!" he whispered back, before leaning down and capturing her lips into a kiss.

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