noideawhatasked: I suck at prompts, but can you write some fluff about Zoro and Sanji meeting in the night, when everyone are sleeping, and having a cute moment between them? :)

During the day was when they fought. Well, in fairness they fought at night too, whenever other people were around, or if it was daytime was the rule. But when the sun went below the sky and when their nakama went away to bed or somewhere else… that was different.

It's Sanji's watch tonight so Zoro waits until the others have gone to sleep and the moon has risen before he drops silently out of his hammock where he'd been feigning sleep. He sneaks out on deck and climbs the mast to the crow's nest.

You'd assume that he was going up there to screw the cook's brains out, and okay, sometimes they had sex at night but mostly not. He preferred sex with the cook during the day, fighty and lively, trying to keep quiet so their nakama didn't walk in on them.

Night was different.

He slides into the quiet dark room, the only light is the light of the moon, making Sanji's one visible eye shine in the pale light as he scans the horizon for ships. The cook is always far more serious about watch than he is. When Zoro gets to him he settles down onto the bench next to Sanji, lying stretched out with his feet up on the cushions and his head in Sanji's lap.

The cook smiles softly in the dark and blows a smoke ring up to the ceiling. Zoro watches as it floats up to the ceiling and dissipates. The cook's hand finds its way to Zoro's stomach and strokes in lazy circles. Zoro shuts his eyes, if he could purr right now he would.

"Marimo." Sanji hums affectionately, leaning down and pressing a kiss to the tip of Zoro's nose. Zoro wrinkles his nose and shakes his head, he doesn't like that so much.

"Watch for ships later, we can handle any that show up anyway." He huffs, rolling up onto his knees and pulling Sanji down from his seated position to lying down. The jolt nearly makes Sanji drop his cigarette and actually startles a yelp out of him. During the day that'd earn him a kick to the head. But at night… at night he can do this. He can curl against Sanji's form in the dark, he can press a worshipful kiss against the blonde's lean muscled belly and just have it be an expression of adoration with nothing else to complicate it.

Sanji's hands card through Zoro's hair, stroking it this way and that. Clever fingers thread through his locks and Zoro finds himself dozing off to sleep. In the morning the sun will rise again, as will Sanji's temper. He'll get kicked onto the floor, called lazy and the fights will begin again. They'll bicker and argue until the sun goes down and then Zoro will have this again. He smiles against Sanji's skin as sleep takes him. He likes the night.