Waiting in the dentist's office always takes too goddamn long, Zoro doesn't want to get into that chair, even though he knows that it's best. Getting dental work done is no fun and he sure as shit doesn't relish the opportunity. Even so it doesn't have to take so long to be called and would it kill them to update the magazines so that there is something to read that has been published in the last six months?

Zoro's restlessness vanishes though when the smoking hot blonde struts into the waiting room, his hips having just the right amount of shimmy to attract 100% of Zoro's attention to what is possibly the best ass that he has ever seen. The guy has long, lean and muscled legs in jeans that may as well be spray painted onto him for all the good they do him. He's practically drooling by the time blondie finishes up with the receptionist and sits down into a chair vaguely opposite him with a bored huff.

Ok, this is his chance.

"What're you in for?" Zoro asks suddenly, noting the bruise on the bridge of the blonde guy's nose. The blonde looks at him with narrowed eyes, or rather, eye as one of them is covered by blonde hair.

"My teeth, shit-brain." The blonde says as if Zoro is especially slow.

"Yeah, but you've got a big bruise on your face. Did you get in a fight?" Zoro asks, hoping that the answer is yes and that this guy actually has the feisty streak in him that Zoro adores in his partners. From his aggressive answer he would bet that the answer is yes.

"Some guys were intimidating a customer at my restaurant. They got a lucky punch in but they both left in an ambulance so I won." The blonde sniffs and scowls at Zoro as if challenging him to deny that statement.

"I believe you. Uhh...?" Zoro says, fishing for the guy's name.

"Sanji. They knocked a tooth out but my dentist says he can do a replacement easy, look." The blonde says, opening his mouth to reveal a missing canine. Zoro lets out a low and impressed whistle, no wonder the sexy blonde kicked their asses for that, it must have hurt.

"Impressive." Zoro agrees, moving to sit near to Sanji so that he can see the imperfect yet still attractive smile even better.

"What about you? That's quite a cut you're sporting on your chin there." Sanji comments, reaching out and touching a finger to the underside of Zoro's chin. Right where the blonde's long fingers are is a huge graze and a big cut where his chin spit open.

"Bunch of guys tried to rob a friend of mine whilst we were drunk. I fought em off but I was drunk enough to lose my footing when one of them kicked me from behind and I bit pavement, check it out." Zoro explains and opens his mouth to reveal his jagged and chipped front upper teeth.

"Oh shit." Sanji murmurs, wincing in sympathy.

"Did you win though?" The blonde asks with a sultry looking smile, leaning to his side and watching Zoro intently.

"Hell yeah, you should have seen them." Zoro boasts confidently. He watches as Sanji's gaze flickers from his injured chin and down over his chest and- yes, that was it, Sanji just checked out his groin! The blonde is looking him over!

"I would have paid to see you." Sanji says smoothly and Zoro grins, showing his chipped teeth. Yeah, there's no way he's imagining this, the blonde is into him too.

"Well, either way it's lucky that I'm getting it fixed. Chipped up teeth really fucks with my blow job abilities, and that's a real shame considering how mind blowing mine usually are." Zoro purrs, betting it all on this line as he leans a little more into Sanji's space.

The blonde blinks at him in stunned surprise for a second or two before settling into a confident grin.

"Lucky for me I guess. Lucky for you too that I think getting this fixed is going to take about the same amount of time that you getting that fixed will take. Maybe I'll see you afterwards." Sanji grins at him.

"Zoro?" The receptionist calls out for him. Zoro stands up with an entirely unneeded flex and totally uncalled for stretch of his back that makes his shirt rise up in what he hopes is a tempting manner.

"Maybe." He agrees and saunters off.

"See you later Zoro." The blonde calls after him as Zoro disappears up the stairs to see his dentist, certain that his mind isn't going to be on his dental work for the next hour or so.