Well, Here's the second chapter of Paranoia!

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But Mazie Evans is my OC.

Chapter 2-


I made the house a bit darker, and took a seat next to Alexis in the computer chair.

She'd already started the game. It looked a bit scary, but you know, the usual setting for anything scary is in dark woods.

"Typical." I rolled my eyes. Uninterested in the game, I went to the kitchen and got some popcorn and put it in the microwave. But Alexis made a blood curdling scream that made me shudder. I ran to see a fuzzy computer screen and Alexis holding her knees and peeking through her hands. I couldn't help but laugh.

"Shut up you bitch!" Alexis said. "You play it! I've never…no…just fucking play it."

I cocked my head. "Seriously? Its that scary? I've never seen you act like this Lex,"

I knelt down to put my hand on her head. I tried to be comforting, but I ended cracking up again so hard I started crying.

"Ok Ms. I'm-Not-Scared-Of-Anything, you play it!" She said.

"I wiped my eyes, still giggling, I said, "Ok then I will."

I got on the computer and restarted the game. Alexis sat up and anxieously waited for my reaction. I had got three notes. But I had yet to see him.

"Is he even going to pop.."

My sentence was interrupted as my computer screen went fuzzy. Then I heard an ear shredding noise that seemed to bounce of the walls in the house. I jumped out of the chair and covered my ears.

Alexis was doubled over form laughing at me.

"What the hell Alexis?! Don't you hear that?! Ow!" I exclaimed.

"Hear what you retard?" She replied.

I was getting agitated, Alexis was an airhead, but not to this degree. The sound felt like my head would implode right then and there. How could she not? Right before I was going to scream because of the pain, it suddenly stopped.

Alexis finally stopped laughing and came over to me.

"Mazie, Are you ok? She said, concerned.

Very slowly, I sat up. My head was throbbing and the back of my neck hurt.

"Mazie, you look pale. Oh my god Maze, you're freaking me out." She said.

"Can you bring me to the couch please? I said, holding my head.

She got up and lifted me up by my shoulders. She slung my arm around her and very gently put me on the my couch.

"Maze, What the hell? I swear if you're tricking me," She said.

"Alexis how could you not hear that?" I asked.

"Hear what?" She asked back.

"Ok, never mind." I said.

"Do you want me to call your parents?" Alexis asked.

"What the hell are they gonna do? Fucking take the ship down here so they can tend to there daughter?" I said.

"Oh right…Your parents went on a cruise to Italy. I still can't believe they left you here." She replied.

"Eh…Its like them to do that. Its not the first time…Speaking of which, can you stay hear with me?" I asked.

"I cant…My parents wouldn't let me." She said.

I mumbled.

"Ok, its getting dark out… I need to get home. If you need me I'm down the street." She said.

And just like that, My night begun.