AU. FemHarry. GW/JP.

A series of out of order moments over the span of their life during the time of Jade Lily Potter, while she deals with her own annoying stalker/ prankster – George Weasley.

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Year; First year

Moment; Boarding the train

Eleven year old, Jade Potter paced between platforms nine and ten in a panic. She was about to go off on her first year at her new school, Hogwarts, which happened to be a school of magic. The problem was her train ticket said she needed to be on platform nine and three quarters, but there was no platform nine and three quarters.

Jade was stranded with a trunk full of wizarding things and a snowy owl that was gaining too much attention from the muggles. Jade did hope that Hedwig – her majestic owl would not get taken from her. She had grown rather fond of the bird during her time spent with the owl.

"Packed with muggles of course!" Jade heard a voice mutter in what she assumed to be annoyance.

Jade turned to find the voice with an excitement. Only wizards and Witches used the term 'muggles', maybe she could show her the way onto the platform? In a hurry Jade grabbed her trunk and made sure Hedwig was securely placed onto the trunk before following the sound of the voice.

It was a family of red-heads. The mother who was a squat sort of woman, but looked kind if not a little bit tired as she tried to get her children organised. The oldest son who looked to be around fifteen, with horn-rimmed glasses and his own red hair slicked back.

Then there was two identical twins that looked scruffy compared to their older brother – they appeared to be around thirteen. The youngest boy there looked to be her age and he looked the most normal out of all his brothers and then there was a little red haired girl – who couldn't be too much younger than Jade herself was.

They looked like a big happy family; it was something that Jade herself had always wanted. Never the less, Jade decided to eavesdrop on the family before she approached them. How embarrassing would it be if they weren't wizards at all!

Jade watched as the red-haired family stopped in front of platform nine and the mother of the children said; "Percy, you first then."

The oldest child, Percy, looked at the wall and then slowly moved towards the wall. Unfortunately, the second Jade went to get a closer look a group of people blocked her view. Jade cursed being short at that exact moment – she had never had a problem with her height until that exact moment.

"Okay, Fred you next." The mother said gesturing to one of the twins.

Fred looked offended. "I'm not Fred! I'm George! Honestly women, you call yourself our mother!"

"Sorry, George dear."

George ran towards the wall but yelled back, "Just kidding! I'm Fred! Really!"

Jade had never been so confused. George - Fred? Had just run right through the wall! But that wasn't possible! But then again, magic wasn't meant to be possible was it?

At that moment the red-head twin that hadn't left turned around and saw her, he threw her a grin and a wink before he too ran at the wall.

There was nothing else for it. She would have to ask. "Excuse me! Sorry, but I was wondering if you could help me get onto the platform?"

The squat witch turned around and smiled down at Jade, and Jade returned the smile politely. "First time?" she asked the girl nicely.

Jade smiled at the women as she nodded her head softly. "No matter dear. It's Ron's first year too." The woman gestured to her youngest and currently only son with her. Jade smiled at Ron, receiving a smile back.

"To get on the platform you just have to walk right though the platform nine and ten. Don't be afraid. You can go now – before Ron."

Jade looked at the woman nervously before glancing over at Ron. "Do you mind?"

Ron grinned at her and shook his head and Jade nodded her head towards the red-haired mother. Stealing all of her nerve Jade ran at the wall.

Surprisingly she managed to get to the other side. Jade saw a sign read platform 9 and ¾. She had made it!

Jade grabbed her trunk and made her way on the train and stopped at the first empty compartment that there was and tried to get her truck into the room. Her trunk was very heavy though and getting it in would be a struggle.

"Hey, do you want a hand?"

Jade turned around to face the two twins that she had been watching on the platform. Fred and George, not that she knew which name belonged to either twin, although there was a slight difference between them – the twin on the right had darker coloured eyes than the twin on the left did.

Jade smiled at them. "Yes please!"

One twin smiled and went to help her but the other one stood there for a minute looking thunderstruck. Jade patted her fringe down nervously – had he realised who she was already?

Twin number one, looked back at his other twin with confusion and this seemed to be all it took to get him to move. In less than five minutes the twins had gotten her trunk into the compartment.

Jade smiled at them, brushing one her perfectly straight black locks behind her ear. "Thank you."

One looked dazed and the other just smirked. The smirking one decided to introduce himself to her. "I'm Fred, and this is George. Although, he's usually a right sight less thick."

Jade decided that she was going to go with the names that were just given to her, after all Fred looked like he was being truthful.

Jade smiled again. "I'm Jade – er, Smith."

"Fred! George! Are you in there?" Jade heard the twin's mother yell from outside the train.

Fred grinned at her. "Well the mother calls! See you Jade!" with that he grabbed George's shoulder and dragged him away from the compartment.

Jade settled herself into her seat after she pulled out the 'standard book of spells grade 1' from her bag to read. Not too much later there was a knocking at the door to her compartment. It opened to reveal Ron, the youngest of the red-haired boys.

"Do you mind if I sit here? Everywhere else is full," He explained looking nervous.

Jade grinned and put her book down on the seat next to her. "No problem!"

Ron smiled seemly put at ease with her attitude. "I'm Jade ...Smith!"

"Ron Weasley."

Jade was about to open her mouth again before the compartment door swung open again to reveal that the twins were back again.

"Hello again, young Jade!" Fred said with an air of slight arrogance. Jade smiled politely back at them.

"We see you've meet our brother-"George began with a look of warning to the younger brother – Ron.


Ron scowled at his brothers. "Don't call me that!"

George and Fred grinned in union, "Ickle-Ronnikins!" They chanted together before they ran out of the compartment and away from a fuming Ron.

"You're brothers?" Jade asked Ron politely.

Ron nodded his face still red with anger at his twin older brothers. "Yeah."

Jade sighed and added, "It must be nice to have three older brothers."

"Five," Ron corrected absentmindedly. "Bill is a cursebreaker, and Charlie is a dragon handler."

Jade blinked. That was a big family. Jade found herself pitying Ron's younger sister, it must be hard growing up with six older brothers.

"Wow. You have a really big family."

Ron nodded without humour. "And their all really good at something. Bill, Charlie and now Percy are all Prefects, and Fred and George mess around allot but everyone loves them, and then theirs Ginny and she just has to be a girl..."

Jade nodded her head with sympathy. "It's alright Ron. I'm sure you'll find something that you're good at!"

Ron grinned at Jade.



"Potter, Jade!" The aging Professor called out clearly, although the hall filled with whispers.

Jade's eyes darted around nervously, before she took a small step forward. She ignored Ron's slightly surprised look. She didn't purposely forget to tell everyone she'd met on the train her last name... Or, maybe she did.

Jade made her way to the stool and sat down, letting the hat fall over her eyes. Jade jumped in surprise when she heard the hat begin to talk to her. How oddly novel.

"Hmm, Brave and not a bad mind either – You could do Ravenclaw proud. But... Such a sneaky mind! Slytherin would gladly accept you into their ranks. What to do?"

Jade stayed silent, she figured that the hat would put her in the house that she belonged in. Although she would prefer to be in Gryffindor, she was sure that's where Ron would go.

"Gryffindor, eh? Well, you could be great – it's all here in your head. Slytherin would help you with your desires. Ravenclaw would happily accept such a studious student? Such a difficult mind."

Jade bit her lip, and thought about wanting to be with her new found friends – even Hermione – a girl she met on the train, who Jade just knew she'd be good friends with was in Gryffindor.

"Well if you're sure? Better be – GRYFFINDOR!"

Jade took the hat off of her head to the uproar of the Gryffindor table. Jade went slightly pink before going to join her table, taking a seat next to Hermione – a bushy-haired girl, that jade thought would be marvellous friends with her.

The next name got called up, and Jade was sitting there feeling extremely pleased to be in Gryffindor.

"Hello Miss Potter-"

"If that is your real name!"

Jade turned to see Ron's older brother's Fred and George looking at her jokingly. Jade was slightly relieved that they didn't seem to take her lying about her name too seriously. "It is," Jade confirmed.

"Well Ickle Pottery-"

"Pottery?" Jade asked George utterly not amused.

"Uh, yeah, you know…"

"I'm afraid I don't know, and I find that offensive!" Jade snapped, she had gotten bullied enough back in her old school because of Dudley, she wasn't getting bullied any more.

"We didn't mean to-" Fred tried but Hermione shushed him. Jade glared at George's confused face heatedly.

"Hey! You can't shush us!"

"Do you know who we are?"

"Yes do you?"

"Shut up," Jade said as calmly as she could. "Your brother's getting sorted!"

"Oh well," George said shrugging his shoulders.

"He'll be in Gryffindor," Fred added confidently.

"How do you know-" Jade began only to get cut off with a loud shout of 'Gryffindor!'

Jade went slightly pink and the two boys laughed uproarishly at her, and Jade glared at them with annoyance. She made the pact with herself to ignore Ron's brother's after that.

Ron slumped into the chair next to her. "Congratulations Ron."

"Thanks," Ron whispered.

"Yes, Ickile Ronnikins!"

"We're so proud of you!"

"Don't forget-"

"Always wear clean underwear!"

Ron went red, and Jade turned to glare at the two red-heads heatedly. "Stop it!"

"Never Potty!"

"Don't call me that!"

"Sorry Potty!"

Jade turned around to face the headmaster, suddenly remembering that she would never have to talk to these boys again. Oh… How wrong she had been.