Year; Seven

The Final Battle

"I will give you one hour; treat your wounded, dispose of your dead with dignity. Lord Voldemort is merciful. I will give you one hour, when my faithful Death Eaters will retreat. Now, Jade Potter, I'm talking directly to you. You've let your friends die in your place, come to me and fight me like it's meant to be. Don't use others shield you, you have one hour…Jade Potter."

The voice cut out, and Jade was left standing in the door of the great Hall, watching as the dead got lined against the walls. Healers were darting around the hall, swerving between bodies trying to heal as many as possible – getting ready to start fighting again. Preparing themselves to get killed in Jade's opinion.

They wouldn't die. Jade – of course – really should have gone to him before now. But now she knew the truth, she needed to die anyway, so what was the point? Jade didn't see it anymore. Jade's eyes automatically sought out the red-haired family that she considered her own.

They were all standing around a prone figure, Fred. He was gone, dead. Because of her, it was all her fault. It was Jade's fault that Mrs Weasley was on her knees tears streaming from her face as she mourned her son – her son that was so young. It was her fault that Ron's head was buried in Hermione's shoulder, his shoulder shacking from the tears that he didn't want to fall. It was her fault that poor Ginny was standing there with a dumbstruck face, her eyes red and blotchy, a deadly look in her eyes – her fighting spirit, revenge gone.

It was Jade's fault that George Weasley was sitting next to his twin, with a blank, dead look. Emotion whipped from his pale face, all traces of who he was – gone. George Weasley seemed to have died with his brother. It was all Jade's fault.

Jade left, as she just couldn't bear to see it anymore – she just couldn't.

She knew this day would come; really, it wasn't like she'd deluded herself into thinking that she would never face Voldemort. She just wished that she was braver, that she'd faced him off sooner.

Jade was going to die.

"Potter! Where do you think you're going!?" A furious voice halted her at the entrance to the castle. Jade knew where he'd be, she always knew. It was the first time that this talent had come in handy at all.

Jade turned around to see who she would once consider one of her very best friends. Before he allied himself with the one person that swore to kill Jade. "What's it to you, Malfoy? Shouldn't you be glad that your Master is finally getting what he wants?"

"I don't have a Master," Draco snapped back. He seemed thinner, paler, with dark circles around his usually sharp grey eyes. "Malfoy's don't have Masters."

"Of course," Jade scoffed. "I need to go, Malfoy. Unlike you, I have a moral code."

"Shut up Jade, you don't understand! It's not like we can just say no!" He said in frustration. "But you can't just give yourself up!"

"I did," she answered calmly, ignoring the part about giving up. She wasn't giving up. This needed to happen.

"But your Jade Potter!" Draco cried throwing his hands up in annoyance, Jade simply raised an eyebrow. "You're as light as you can get, the Potters! The Malfoy's always support the dark arts!"

"I believe in what I want to believe in!"

"Then you won't do this," another voice cut into the argument. Draco's wand arm raised and he pointed his wand at the intruder, but then lowered it again – slightly – seeing the numb face of George Weasley. Jade winced; she'd done this to him – his family, that she considered part of her family. Why hadn't she give up sooner?

"I have too," Jade said looking between the two boys – stark opposites, and yet she cared deeply for both – for some reason. Wild, arrogant, and annoying verses, cool, calm and collected – an odd combo to stop her from going to Voldemort.

Not that they'd succeed. "No you don't." George said harshly, his tone biting. "You don't have to do anything. You never do what anyone wants you to do. You do what you want to do – but you can't just go off yourself!"

"Why can't I George? You know by now that it's always been on me!" Jade snapped back, wanting to just walk out. She was wasting time, she needed to find Voldemort.

"No," George said simply and he said nothing more.

"No?" Jade asked back, her eyes firmly on the red-head. Draco stood by them awkwardly, his face despite.

"No," George confirmed. "It hasn't. Jade, no one wants you to go… We will all protect you to the end of the earth."

"I never asked for that," Jade said, surprised when her voice came out as a whisper.

"But you got it," George said at the same level, walking closer to Jade, ignoring Draco's uncomfortable cough. "And you're going to have to deal with it."

Right then, Jade had an idea, she was wasting time. George would never leave her to go to her doom, so this was the only way for her to progress really. Jade closed the same gap between her and George, and she kissed him.

Surprise. That would be the overall emotion in the hallway, George's eyes winded drastically – and for a moment, Jade enjoyed herself, she forgot herself. She almost couldn't believe that her stubbornness was the reason that this would be the first and last time that she could experience this.

Jade then jabbed George with her wand, silently casting the stunning charm. Jade tried to watch dispassionately as he fell to the ground, but it killed her. Jade's head snapped to Draco's, his face wide and even more surprised than George had been.

"I have to do this, you're not going to stand in my way are you?"


A flash of green light, and it was over. She was in a fluffy space, it felt odd to call her soundings fluffy, but in truth that's what they were. "Jade?"

Jade's head snapped to the left before a bundle of red-hair attacked her, she took a step back before she realised that the red-hair wasn't attacking her. It was hugging her. It took her another few moments to realise that the hair was attached to a woman around the same height that she was, with the same bright green eyes.

Jade's eyes widened when she realised what was happening. "Mum? Is that… is that you?"

The woman's eyes – her mother's filled with tears. "Oh my baby, you've grown so much. I'm so very, very proud of you! You've been so brave!"

"Mum? I… I'm sorry."

"What for, squirt?" Another, taller man said, walking up from behind her mother. His black hair short and messy, a pair of glasses perched on his crooked nose, hiding his hazel eyes with the lenses. Her father.

"Dad?" Jade whispered, letting her mother let go of her.

James Potter gave her a crooked smile. "Yep, although I want to scold you for being here… It's nice to finally see you, squirt."

Jade felt terrible suddenly. "I'm sorry you died protecting me, I'm so-"

"Don't be!" Lily said cutting her off, sternly. "Don't ever be sorry! I would never want to live in a world that you wouldn't be in!"

"Plus, you would never have gotten a chance to meet that rugged red-head!" James said with a wink, causing Lily to hit him in the stomach with her fist.

"Shut up James!" Lily said, sharply.

"Ow Lily, what was that for!?" James cried, clutching his stomach, causing a small smile to appear on Jade's face.

"You're not meant to remind her!"

"Ow woman! Stop hitting me!" Her father cried, ducking out of the way of another punch.

"Stop being an idiot then Potter!"

Jade's eyes were wide as plates. "I like him Jade!" James said, dodging out of his wife's path, Jade watched with intrigue. It reminded her of her relationship with George.


The crowd was silent, Jade Potter's dead body before them. They're hope. Gone. After all if Jade Potter couldn't do it, then who out of them could? Rationally they knew that she was only a teenage girl – but she was the only one to ever survive Voldemort. Until now that is.

George watched on, a wall building. He'd lost – everything. Gone. Dead. His brother, his soul – at least half of it, died with him. His best friend, his confident, his… his everything – his twin. George didn't know how he'd last without his twin.

But he'd survive of course he would.

But Jade. Jade was gone too. What the hell could he do without those two? Without his love, without his brother. He couldn't… wouldn't be able to ever function again properly. Any other two people, George wished, if they were only two other people…..

George started fighting again, this time, not bothering to protect himself from other curses. With any luck, he wouldn't have to live on without them.


It had been a week since George Weasley locked himself in his room, his old room. Back home. The one he'd shared with Fred. It had been a week since he'd had a decent sleep, and eaten a decent amount of food.

George knew he was pitiful, and he also knew that he didn't want his family to see him this way – mourning. But he didn't want to leave them either.

George heard the door creek open, like it always did. But he made to move to look and see who had the unfortunate task of bring him food. He fully expected it to be Ginny bringing him food and then leaving a few seconds after. He smelt the food – his mother's creations.

He heard the door close, but he was confused, the food wasn't placed where Ginny usually would. Instead it was hovering in front of his face. George frowned. His eyes flickering up, wondering what Ginny was attempting to do now, the annoying little girl that she was.

To his surprise he saw Jade Potter. Jade. She'd died and then come back, now the biggest celebrity in the entire of the Wizarding World. He fully expected to never see her again.

Jade was staring at him –with worry. But he just lowered his eyes and continued to ignore her, like he would Ginny. That was when she began to talk. Placing the food by his bed-side table, sitting on his bed, he was on Fred's at the moment.

She talked for hours, George was surprised, and it was the longest she'd ever talked to him, about anything. She was content. She told him about how the world was progressing, how she was offered many jobs, how Hogwarts was re-opening the next year, how many were choosing to re-do their year. She kept talking about creatures Hagrid was getting.

He never responded or ate anything, and Jade eventually left. She came back the next day though, and the next and the next. Always with more food and something new to talk about. She never got tired or annoyed with him, she was soft – caring.

But George couldn't respond, he just couldn't do it. It hurt too much – he hurt too much. He simply couldn't do it anymore. He was broken – and he couldn't fix himself anymore. Not without Fred.

"George?" Jade asked one day, he couldn't remember how long that she'd been coming but she'd come every day so far. "Do you want to go eat with everyone else?"

George made no move to answer her. She always asked this question, he never responded, sometimes he might eat – mostly he wouldn't but he'd never leave the room. One day though, she snapped.

"Oi get up George, have a shower, we're going."

George looked up in confusion, not budging an inch. He was sure the question was written all over his face. Jade tried to give him a smile but it ended as a grimace. "I owe you a date remember? We bet a date that you couldn't run a shop. And guess what? It's still running. You getting ready?"

George gave her a blank stare, like he was confused as to why he would want to go now of all times. Jade raised an eyebrow. "Are you going to get up and live your life like Fred would want you too or are you going to sit here and let life pass you by?" she challenged, causing him to pause for a moment.

Jade took a step closer to him, giving him a stern look. "Come out in an hour if you want to, if not.. You know you're never going to get another chance.. You know that right?"

George thought for most of that time, after she stormed out of his room. He thought. She was right – she always was. George stumbled out of his room, exactly two minutes before his deadline, looking just as horrible as ever.

Jade didn't seem to mind that he looked like a monster – and the rest, was as they say History.


Jade Potter-Weasley was not one happy woman. This was enough to scare the living daylights out at least three of the men in her house. Jade sighed watching her only daughter Roxanne Lily Weasley cry her eyes out because her older brother somehow managed to turn her hair green on her first day of Hogwarts.

She'd been looking forward to the day on the train but now the red-haired, green-eyed girl was absolutely distraught by the idea of going with green hair. "But Mum, I don't – I can't! I'll get mocked! My life is over!" She cried dramatically. Dear Merlin, Jade wondered where her flair for the dramatics came from.

Jade's eye twitched before she stood up violently. Roxanne smirked, and Jade knew she really wanted to see her brothers in trouble. "James Sirius Potter-Weasley, Fredrick Orion Weasley-Black, Albus Severus Weasley! George Weasley, get in here right now!"

In a line, her red-haired husband walked in followed by her black-haired, blue-eyed twin sons and green eyed, black haired youngest son. "I didn't do it-! Mum you know I'd never!" Albus cried, clutching his 'standard book of spells grade 2' to his chest.

Jade quelled his blubbering with a glare. Albus shut up. "Well love, I think I heard Teddy come in-!"

"We're meeting him at the platform George," Jade said her voice coated with her annoyance.

"Oh? I still think I hear him~! OW woman! Don't hit me!" George cried ducking away from her fist. Fred and James looked slightly panicked.

"You two," she said finally turning to her fourth year twins. "Fix it before I report you to the Ministry for the use of underage magic."

"But Mum!" Fred protested.

"You wouldn't," James said confidently.

"Would you?"

"Not to your,"

"Favourite set of Twins?"

Jade's eye twitched again. "Wouldn't I? Wouldn't I?"

"She would," George warned his sons. James looked at him suddenly terrified. Fred gulped, and Roxanne looked like she had just won the best prize ever. Albus though, seemed to relax, realizing that he wasn't in any trouble at all. "Trust me, your mother's crazy like that."

"But dad-!" Fred protested.

"You wouldn't let her,"

"Do that to us,"


George gave his sons a serious look. "One day you two will learn that in a relationship like mine and your mothers… I would never have any control."

"But dad,"

"Just run!" George commanded and the three of them ran out of the room, Roxanne's hair turning back to its natural red-haired state. Roxanne sighed, wanting her brothers to be in more trouble – but she didn't fear. Even from home, she knew her mother could make their lives at Hogwarts embarrassing.

Perks of being the Chosen One and the Saviour.

Albus looked at his mother, seeming to consider something. Albus hesitated. "Mum? Do you want me to keep an eye on them at school?"

Jade raised an eyebrow. Roxanne looked at her older brother with a slight amount of curiosity. "…There's this new Transfiguration book on animal transformations coming out soon and…?"

It was times like these when she questioned if Albus should be in Ravenclaw or even Slytherin over Gryffindor. Jade sighed and nodded her head at the boy. She needed a drink. Her sons… were a handful, and her daughter… even worse.

Jade wondered briefly why she wanted children again, they made her happier than anything in the world, but still. Her twins, James and Fred II, were both respective heirs of the two families that she'd inherited, the Potters and the Blacks, and maybe that was the reason they were extremely arrogant – and well, mini-Georges.

It was horror and pain. Her youngest son on the other hand, was even more drastically different, just like her, he'd inherited her love of books and learning to a compulsive level. Of that, she'd been proud. Her very youngest, and only daughter, Roxanne, was one of the most dramatic young girls that she'd ever seen.

Where could she get all that drama from? Anything that happened to the red-head, was the end of the world. Jade hoped it was just a faze that she was going though.

Living with all very strong personalities was difficult, but in the end, Jade would never have it any other way.

She'd finally gotten her happily ever after.