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Delfim: Dark but not evil Harry. Powerful and manipulative Harry… again not evil and not like Dumbledore, he manipulates his enemies.

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Lust: This fic has references to incest and maybe some scenes, but that is it.

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Lust: This fic has mentions of abuse, bullying and child neglect.

Delfim: All the referred are the most vile and cruel things and if you condone such actions I hope you drink a tank of acid and die.

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Delfim: And sexual themes... and Blood... and a bit of gore at some places.

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Quentol, a champion of darkness, the King of Nightspawn, whichever title you choose, is a being of myth. According to legend, it must be human of origin, but not be human itself. He must be chosen and nurtured by an entity defined as the Dark Mother, and must be a master of all the dark arts, with no exception, without losing himself to the allure of the dark. He will be a fighter for the rights and safety of the dark creatures, a cunning being, a leader for those who the light has forsaken. This is the myth, which will awaken...

James walked towards the door in the middle of the night. He had dark rings under his eyes after the last few days, and it was understandable.

Just a few weeks ago, Dark Lord Voldemort had come into their homes with the intent of killing their children. James fought valiantly, but who can face Voldemort and win? The guy is like dark magic on steroids!So he was quickly defeated... but not killed.

Then he went after his wife. That witch was a genius, and pulled every ounce of wits to beat Voldemort. Again, Dark Magic on steroids. Again, not killed.

Why neither where killed? Voldemort was sick and twisted bastard. He wanted to kill the children first and then show the corpses to them. Considering both were still alive, it is safe to say Voldemort failed. Though No one knows how.

All James remembers is being dragged to the room, Voldemort casting a spell and a flash of power. That is it. Not who was the target, what happened, nothing. Lily wasn't much better either.

And if you are wondering about the 'both' part, James and Lily had twins. Two little boys. Harry and Bryan were equals, no difference. Well there was a bloody difference now. Harry had a lightning bolt scar on his forehead and Bryan had a snake scar. All caused by the attack.

Now why is James looking like a walking corpse that hasn't slept in days? After Dumbledore scanned the twins, he came to the exciting conclusion that Bryan was the Boy-Who-Lived, vanquisher of dark lords. The press went nuts and people everywhere started to love them.

Except the followers of the former Dark Lord, who now publicly hunted the Potters day and night. The fact that Peter Pettigrew was still the secret keeper, the fact you need the secret keeper so you can undo that spell and cast a new Fidelius Charm and that he blabbed the position to a good deal of guys before going missing, made the Potter lives extremely difficult.

Lily was the worse though. Before the incident she was always playing with the two twins. Specially Harry. The lad was seemed to be smarter than he should be for a toddler. She swore his accidental magic moments were not so accidental after all. What with the animation of a toy airplane who hit his dad in the head when he was making a stupid comment, the small stinging hex to Sirius face when he pretended to forget about him, small things that happened while Bryan was things like turning his hair blue and levitating a ant.

But with everything happening the woman was paranoid. 4 nights with no rest, her eyes bloodshot as she guarded the two silently. You could barely recognize the brilliant woman behind the now straw like hair, pale skin, the already referenced bloodshot eyes over the dark rings of tiredness and the twitching of the head like a lunatic.

And if that wasn't enough, someone decided to visit them at 3 in the night. Who the bloody hell visits at 3 in the night. A thief or a loon, that is who! So James walked to the door, wand ready, prepared to dispatch whoever was at the door.

He slowly grabbed the doorknob and breathed deeply before with a sprung of action, opened the door and pointed the lightened tip of his wand to the face of... Dumbledore?

"Oh, Dumbledore!" said a very relieved James. "For a moment I feared..."

"I know what you feared my body." Said Dumbledore with a smile. "I do apologize for the inconvenience of the hour, but I had an idea about your problem."

James smiled. If Dumbledore had an idea, then everything was going to be alright.

"So, what is it?"

"It is a very complex blood ward." At James frown, Dumbledore continued "I realize that you are not a big fan of them..."

"Those things normally don't work well enough, or have a too high of a price." Admitted James. "Many were lost to that magic. Blood magic." He spat the name like venom in his tongue. "Must we resolve to such a thing?"

"Oh I think so." Said Dumbledore. "If not, you two will not survive. I was here just yesterday, my boy, and your wife looked like she was older than me back then. This is for the best."

James sighed. "For my family, I guess I can put my... insecurities aside."

"That is the spirit." Declared Dumbledore with a proud smile. "Now as I was saying, the blood ward will require blood from you and Lily and as long as it stands, no one that carries the blood of even one of you may be harmed."

"IT'S PERFECT!" yelled James before covering his own mouth, fear that he might have awaken the children. When he heard nothing, he sighed in relief before whispering "With that, we would all be protected!"

"Yes, the ward does have, however, some cons." Admitted Dumbledore.

"What cons?" asked James.

"First, the ward has a limit as too how much it can cover, though Godric Hollow is well within it's reach."

"That is great! Anything else?"

"Yes. This might be the hardest part, but there is no way around it... the blood ward... does not support more than three magical persons per ward."

It took a few seconds to realize what that meant. "No."

"I am afraid, that one of you will have to exist outside of the wards."

"NO! It's already bad, but having to separate from my children!" said James. "Even with the insurance of the blood ward, I shall not leave my children and wife alone. Nor will my wife."

"I was thinking more along the lines of one of the twins." Said Dumbledore.

"You mean you want us to abandon our own?" asked James.

"It is merely temporary until we find another solution." Said Dumbledore. "Besides, do give me more credit, I do have a plan."

"You do?" asked James.

"Yes. In order for the ward to work, more than one person of the same blood must share the home. If I am not mistaken, Lily still has a sister, correct?"

"Yeah, Petunia. She married a whale of a man and has a kid a bit older than our own." Said James.

"Then this is my plan. I will draw the blood ward here, and leave the three of you here. Then I will draw a new ward at Petunia's house and live little Harry there."

"Wait Little Harry?" asked James.

"James, Bryan is the Boy-Who-Lived. He will need the support of his parents more than ever."

"And Harry doesn't?"

"Harry will understand, James. He will grow safe and protected. Besides, as I said, this is only temporary."

James sighed. The idea was good, but he hated to just abandon his own. But Lily was at a breaking point, he was close, and they wouldn't last another week.

"Fine. Let's do this."

Unknown to both, they had begun Harry's ascension to darkness that same day.

********A Few Years Later********

Harry was 5 years old in a body more appropriated for a near dead 3, what with being small, skinny and covered in bruises, cuts, having a few broken bones, the kid was not in good shape.

And how could he? The moment he entered that house he became the punching bag. They gave him only enough to survive, which wasn't very much. We lived on a cupboard under the stairs which was so small that a full grown human would have to break himself thrice to fit in there.

And that wasn't counting with the abuse. Day and night they would call him only one name. Freak. Never Harry, never. Only freak. He was the anomaly, not them. It was perfectly natural to have a son that at 5 years old, weighed more than the rest of his friends put together. What a joke!

And then came the beatings. If he did something wrong, let's beat the freak. If he didn't do something, let's beat the freak. If something unexplainable happened, let's beat the freak. If there was bad luck, or they were drunk, or bored, or just felt like it, let's beat the FUCKING freak!

Harry could not count how many times he had been beaten. One thing is for certain, this wasn't the first time he was left with broken bones... nor the last. And he knew why this was happening. He knew damn well...

*****FLASHBACK: that morning********




Harry Hunting. If you are a bunch of 5 year old and want to make friends, you must participate in one. Everyone that didn't, or tried to defend Harry, was turned into the next prey. It is impressive how people learn quickly when pain is the teacher.

The game was simple: catch Harry, beat him up, and if the caretakers ask, he started it. After all, with all the stories that Petunia spits around in the gossip lines, the kid is a monster in the making.

So this is why, in the "Happy Smile Children Caretakers" yard, a kid was running from a mini mob. Not that one could blame the kid. When his cousin started this game, 3 guys entered it. Now more than half the kids were in it. It's a run or die.

Unfortunately, the playground isn't very big, so Harry is forced to run in circles and in between his pursuers to escape. Which is not easy considering the number of people in it.

Harry could feel his heart pumping out of his chest. Or at least almost. He had been running for at least an hour, an impressive record for a kid so young. However, even he had limits, and he was reaching them fairly quickly. That and they were tightening around him, making it impossible to escape in between.

As he was rushing to the one spot vacant, he saw Piers appearing in his front running towards him. NonononoNO! Fuck i got to get out of here. I got to get out of here now!

He closed his eyes, awaiting impact and... nothing. No punch, no kick, no grabbing, nothing.




Harry opened his eyes and shrieked. He was ON TOP OF THE FREAKING BUILDING! How he got there? No idea but he for one was enjoying the fact that he could just sit down and rest a bit.

Looking down, Harry saw everyone looking around for him. Let them wonder, he was not going to tell them where to find him. There was only one stair that lead to the roof, and he wasn't about to let the bullies get to it before he did... after some rest.

So he flopped down and stared at the sky. He fell asleep soon after. He was found by a caretaker 5 hours later, still sleeping with a smile on his face for the first time in his life.

*********FLASHBACK END*********

Of course, his uncle didn't enjoy it as much has he did. The moment he heard about his nephew vanishing only to be found in the roof made the man go purple before he decided to, once again, try to beat the freakiness out of him.

Have you ever heard of that type of father who thinks that the best way to stop his son from being an homosexual is to beat it out of him? This is not so different, except normally the victim would be a teenager, not a starved kid.

Nor would there be so many broken bones either. Nor the final declaration of "Even your parents didn't want a freak like YOU!"

The little boy curled on himself, the pain racking through his body. He couldn't take it. It was too much. The verbal abuse at the end. One that, try as he might, he couldn't deny. The Dursleys had made sure that he never knew that his family was still alive but decided to leave him with them. That not even them wanted him. But to ear it like this, and realizing that it was true, broke little Harry as he cried silently.

Though as silent as it was, his cries reached into the darkness. A few miles away, two eyes opened up as the cry of a child reached the being. The eyes looked normal except for the iris which was bright pink. The being got up, showing to be a very voluptuous woman. With grey/dark skin, and going for 1 meter and 85 she was no dwarf. Her silver air cascade until it reached her bubble but. Her enormous tits, each the size of a her head, were barely covered by her leather corset which also covered her intimancy, but exposed her legs fully.

This being was Elektra. And she was the Dark Mother. The Fabled Dark Mother. The jusge and mentor to every Quentol. It had been many years since the last one. Quite frantically, she just didn't have a good one. Her last one was a man called Grindewald, and oh how much she cried when he was killed over the delusions of the leader of the light.

She knew her child, Chaos, wanted to occupy the place of Quentol, but she couldn't choose him. He was neither of human origin, neither did he have the thing that she valued the most.

You see, the Dark Mother was a protector of the dark species. And to her, the Quentol must be one too. Just like her, the Quentol must be driven to protect the others. Chaos, as much as she loathed admitting, just wanted to be in charge like a petulant child when they say they want to be king. Except this one had the age and power to actually kill the king.

As she was thinking of this, silent tears echoed in her head. She was known as the Dark mother for another, deeper meaning. She was a being filled with maternal love for all who seek comfort within darkness, whether human, or creature. She always knew when someone needed her, and now, someone definitely needed her.

Stepping into the darkness, she allowed herself to be taken towards the cries as she wondered about them. They sounded so... young. Perhaps a child that got lost? That would be the lighter of cases, and she sure as hell hoped that was the case. However, being her, she knew that sometimes it was the worst cases that called out to her.

Harry never noticed as the entire cabinet was filled with darkness. Nor the fact that he was no longer touching the edges of it as the room expanded to allow the entry of the woman. Nor did he hear the soft gasp that echoed through the darkness.

Elektra was shocked. The child was obviously beaten up, starved and neglected. Something she most vehemently hated was kids treated like this. Killing the kids was far better. At least they wouldn't suffer. But torturing then like this?

She needed to know more before she could act. So before Harry took notice of her, she entered his mind softly. What she saw appalled her. The thing no one realized was that even if the person did not remember, the memories were always there. Being abandoned by those that were his family to these... monsters. No, not even monster would do that to their own.

"Poor child. Cast aside by those that should care for you." Her soft voice reached Harry's ears like the sound of gentle waves, making the pain leave. Harry looked up to see the soft eyes of Elektra radiating with worry and care. "Despised and abandoned by those that would worship the light, would you consider the comfort of the darkness?"

Harry was dumbfounded. The woman was... unique... yet she radiate a feeling of love that he had never felt before. It drew him in, like a moth to the fire, yet unlike the moth it wasn't death that would claim little Harry.

"Wha...what?" asked Harry confused.

"They call you freak, yet they hit you as if they were the freaks. But do not worry, my dear, with me you are safe."

"Safe?" asked the hopeful child.

"I am Elektra, the Dark Mother. I offer you new life. Do you want it? The chance to be free from these evil people? The chance to grow strong? To protect yourself and your own?"

The little child didn't need to think twice. "Yes... YES!"

"Then embrace me, child. Embrace me, and accept me as your mother."

Slowly but surely he crawled towards her just as she slowly reached for him. "Yes, my child. Come to me. Delve in the darkness they fear and live the life they wanted to take from you."

And as Harry hugged her, a feeling of peace hit him as he lost his sences.

Line Break

Harry slowly woke up to a feeling of being licked in the face. Scared, he threw away whatever was licking him, opening his eyes wide. On the floor, looking at him with a green, a black cat of unruly fur with bright golden eyes and... two tails, looked at him and... smirked?

"Ha, the Chosen awakens. Good Morning Master Harry." Said the cat in an obviously female voice as she bowed.

Harry was shocked. The cat... just... spoke! I mean he had seen strange things happening around him, but a cat... speaking?

"Huh... who are you?" asked Harry.

"The name is Thyme. Thyme Ross. And that is enough introductions. You need to get up, dress those clothes that are on the chair over there and meet me outside. Mother awaits." And with that, the cat simply... vanished.

Harry looked around. The room was nothing short of luxurious. The walls, floor and ceiling were made of a dark stone he could not identify... not that he knew much of stones anyway, but it was elegant. He was laid on a king size bed, with green silk mattresses and covers, making it the softest thing he had ever laid on... or even felt. The pillow itself was green with black lining. There were a pair of dark brown doors imbued to one of the walls that, when opened, led to a, right now, empty wardrobe. The carpets were of dark green, kind of like his eyes. A door led to his bathroom, complete with a big bathtub and shower. At one side of his room, there laid a dark brow chair and table, where the outfit laid.

He decided to inspect his outfit. Black sports t-shirt and black jeans, completed with dark shoes with dark green lining and shoe laces. There was also some dark green fingerless gloves, with extra padding on the knuckles.

He dressed up and looked for a way out. There was an extra door, completely black and... gooey? Harry took a closer look. No, the door was dark brown, but there was something that covered it's entirely. As he tried to touch it, a giant golden eye opened in the middle of the black mass, making Harry yell loudly as he fell on his ass.

"HA! Good morning, master Harry. I was wondering when you would wake up." Said the... thing? It was difficult to define, but it scare the shit out of Harry.

"Don't eat me!" yelled the boy as he pushed himself away from the door.

"Eat you? Dear mother no! I don't eat children! Much less my new master!" said the voice in a chuckling manner.

Harry took a closer look as it laughed. The eye seemed to express every emotion of the entity, as it would tremble as it chuckled, and move around as he spoke. "Who are you?"

"Master, I am Balthazar, your Door Keeper."

"Door Keeper?" asked Harry.

"Yes sir. Certain doors lead to important things, like your room, or a chamber of riches! My species, the Door Keepers, make it our life mission to protect such places. In return, we ask for some magic, whether from the house or from the person, preferably dark."

"Wow." Said Harry. "Does that mean that you choose dark too?"

"Choose? My dear boy, I was born dark. It was not a choice. Though if I had to choose, I would still choose the dark."

"Why is that?" asked Harry.

"Cause between you and me, I prefer to serve the Dark Mother than the Leader of Light. Now that is enough of a conversation for now, my dear master. The Dark Mother awaits."

And with that, Balthazar opened the door. On the other side stood Thyme waiting.

"I should have warned you about him. Sorry my bad." Said Thyme. "Well come on, no time to lose. Chop chop!" she said as she turned around and walked down the great hall.

Harry, however, froze. In front of him, walking through the enormous hallway, were creatures and beings of all types. From Trolls, Minotaurs, some serpent-like-people he didn't know about, women in strange clothing, women with bat wings and with tails and other appendages that kept directing some very strange looks to him. Like they were hungry as they watched him but they wouldn't eat him... would they?

"Hum... why is everyone looking at me like that?" asked an unsure Harry.

"Come on, with looks like yours, it's no wonder they are looking." Said the sultry cat.

"But... my looks?" asked a confused Harry.

Thyme stopped and stared back at Harry. "You mean you haven't noticed yet? I mean I know that you have been asleep for... shit you haven't noticed! Check your hands kid."

Harry did so only to stare in shock as the once callous and scar filled pale hands were now bigger yet delicate tanned hands with flawless skin, not a single scar in them. Thyme then ran to one of the woman that had bat wings and a heart tip tail. After a quick talk she came back with a small hand mirror. "Here, take a look at yourself. You are hot!"

Harry did so and for the first time, he liked what he saw. He wasn't vain, but when you go from looking like a starved and beaten 3 year old to... well this! His skin had a nice tan, giving him a much healthier look, which was enhanced by the fact that he wasn't scrawny either, but had a few pounds to his body, still letting him keep a slim figure. His green eyes glowed with a power they didn't have before and his untamed hair was now a little wilder. All in all, he looked damn great for a 5 year old.

"Wow, I look great! But that still doesn't explain why they are looking at me like that." Said Harry.

Thyme shrugged. "Might be because they, like me, are already anticipating the hunk you will become. By the way, if you want to thank someone, thank the Dark Mother. She was the one that healed you to what you are now. Come on, we have a meeting to attend."

Giving back the mirror with a rushed "Thanks", Harry was back to following Thyme. At one point, a gigantic leopard walking through the hallway towards one of the larger doors.

"Huh... what was that?" asked Harry.

"A nundu." Answered Thyme. "That thing is one of the most powerful dark creatures. It's breath is death, he is big enough to throw you out of this house in one swipe and is magic resistant to a point that it takes 100 wizards to kill a nundu. Sadly, they have difficulty in breeding, often capable of only one offspring per life time, but they are still damn powerful."

"So what are you?" asked Harry.

Thyme laughed cruelly as she answered "I'm a Kasha."

"Kasha?" asked Harry confused.

Thyme sighed. "I suppose I shouldn't have expected you to know. I am the darker form of a species known as the Nekomata. We Kashas are known as the cats of hell because of our powers and our myth."

"What do you mean?"

"I have the power to control fire and necromancy, which is the magic associated with the dead. There is also the myth that our purpose is to wander the land in search of people to drag to hell."

Harry paled a bit at that. Being a child, he couldn't help but ask "Do you actually do that?"

"Master, I said it was a myth. People only believe that because our method of apparition leaves a trail of dark fire. Bunch of idiots... by the way, there is something you should know."

"What is it?"

"Until you are old enough, stay away from the West Wing. You are sweet and all, but if you go there now, you will not get out of there alive... or want to."

At this, Harry paled yet again, much to the laugh of the small cat. They soon reached a gigantic double door. "Well, come on, she is inside!" Harry, supported by these words, pushed the door.

The inside was a huge dining room, with the traditional too big dark brown table to be true, with far too many chairs, some which will never have someone sitting in them. The wall to the right was filled with windows that led to a balcony. Sitting in a chair close to such windows, the Dark Mother was drinking a glass of red liquid while looking at the outside.

"Mother, I brought him as you requested." Said Thyme.

The woman turned and a big smile filled her face. "My sweet Harry, how wonderful to see you awake!"

Harry gulped. While he had felt safe with this woman, and so far had no reason to complain, there is still one thing he always wanted to do, to call out. After seeing so many kids say it so loosely, it was his turn to try.

" mother?" he asked softly as he looked to the ground, embarrassed at his weakness.

Suddenly, a hand beneath his chin brought his head up to meet the joyful eyes of Elektra. "Yes my child." Said Elektra with an encouraging smile. "I am your mother..."

It was too much and Harry hugged the woman, his head resting just beneath her breasts. She laughed gently as she hugged back before she said "Oh dear, the process made you taller. You are almost tall enough to breastfeed again. Would you like that, sweetie?"

Harry turned completely red at that, his eyes darting to her breasts, turning him even more red, making both Elektra and Thyme laugh at him. Elektra then softly patted Harry in the shoulder and said "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist the tease. But we are here to discuss some important things, Harry."

"Important things?" asked Harry confused.

"Yes my child. Very important. But first I must welcome to Mansion Le Fay. This was constructed by the last successful Quentol, Morgan Le Fay, to protect us, the dark ones, from our enemies."

"Enemies?" asked a confused Harry.

"Yes, enemies. The light doesn't understand us, and hell doesn't accept us. Forced to exist in between, we are the dark ones."

"The dark ones?"

"Creatures or people who use the darkness to fuel their strength, magic and or power. To us, darkness is like blood, it flows in our veins and it is more than natural for us to use it. But the light doesn't understand that. To them, you either use the light, or you are an enemy. They fear the power of darkness because they are so difficult to control, often making the wielder lose control of himself, turning him or her into a twisted shell of their former selves. Thus the dark powers were banned by those too weak to control them."

Harry got really nervous. He was supposed to be a dark one, yet if it was so difficult, could he do it? "Can I... wield the dark?"

"You already are." At this Harry looked at the big predatory smile in the Dark Mother's face. "You are really intriguing child. You took to the darkness so quickly that it is already empowering you as we speak. That is what made the change, actually. I shall teach you how to use it but for now, perhaps a demonstration is in order."

Before Harry could ask what she was talking about, he felt something hit the back of his head and break while he felt no pain. He looked back and saw a troll holding a broken club in his hand.

"As you can see, you are unconsciously turning your skin tougher." As Elektra spoke, the troll then threw a rock that was in his other hand. Well, a rock for a troll is a very big rock for a human. However Harry caught it with his hands by surprise. "You can lift heavier things. Try jumping." Harry did and he jumped over the Dark Mother "As you can see, every aspect of your body has been improved and with time it shall evolve even more. Thank you Garned, that is all."

The troll made a mock salute with a grin in his face before he left. The Dark Mother chuckled. "You are such a prodigy, my child. Taking in the darkness at this level so soon. You make this mother so proud."

"Geez mother. You are really gushing about this one." Replied Thyme.

The Dark Mother looked surprised at her for a few seconds. Obviously, she had forgptten about her presence. But that soon changed when with a smile, she walked to the cat and grabbed it by the back of her neck. "Jealous my dear? You know I love every single one of my children." And with that, the dark mother started 'mothering' the small cat to death as she hugged and petted the little feline.

"Okay okay! I get it! Enough STOP!" yelled Thyme as she tried to get out by pushing, with both paws on Elektra's left breast, away from her. When she finally got out, Thyme breathed a sigh of relief before glaring at the sniggering Elektra. "Shouldn't you inform Harry about me?"

Harry was trying not to laugh at the sight of Thyme being mothered. But Elektra's predatory smile, he gulped a bit. "Harry..." came the slow and tantalizing voice of Elektra. "While serving the dark, the dark rewards you."

"Huh... what does that mean?" asked a confused Harry.

"I believe you have met Thyme. She is to become your first of many slaves."

"What? What is a slave?" asked Harry.

"Slave is a being that is forced to serve your every whim and desire. She is yours to do as you see fit my dear." Answered Elektra.

The cat then started to change as she grew and her body became different. Tanned skin, just as much as Harry, covered only by bits of black fur that covered her breasts, nether regions and her entire arms and legs. Her hands, also covered in black fur, had red curved claws looking menacing, just like her feet did. Her two tails had fire in their tips. Her hair was just as messy as her fur and she had a playful look in her eyes. "Master Harry. I, Thyme Ross, proud Kasha, hereby pledge my life and soul in your service. May I be of use to you for as long as you will have me."

Harry was shocked about this. "But... ha... what?"

"Harry." Turning to the Dark Mother, he saw a serious expression. "In the Dark Legions, the more powerful rule, the weak serve. Accept her and let her help you become what you are supposed to be."

"What am I supposed to be?" asked Harry.

"A Quentol. Destined to bring glory to us."

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Teaching of the Dark

"Hello everyone!" said the voice of Elektra. "Don't mind me, I will take over this class today. So let's learn a bit about the dark. We will start with... the Nekomatas and the Kashas."

She then pulls a board with a picture of two beings: one was a cat girl who only had, for fur, her ears and tail, and then an image of Thyme. "We will start with the Nekomata." She then pointed to the first catgirl. "Nekomata are demon cats whose habitat extends through most of Japan, though you can find them in other places. Even though it is considered that they are demon cats, most people love Nekomatas as they are a symbol of good luck and prosperity, as well as how useful they are. The magical community of Japan has great use for this beings. Their magic comprises of accidental yet lucky moments where they can make most anything happen."

"However, that does not mean that they can't do normal magic, but their normal magic is reduced to what a 4th year student at Hogwarts can normally do. Meaning that in the end, they are somewhat lacking in that department, and prefer to use their agility and speed to overpower their foes."

She then pointed to the second image. "The Kashas are a different story. Like the Nekomatas, they are indeed demon cats, but are hated and fear due to the superstition behind them. This was built by the legend of Kageyo, the Kasha, who would hunt down any man that made her fancy, kill them by burning them alive in what Kashas call 'Hellfire', making it seem like she was bringing punishment from hell itself, and then she would revive him using Necromancy, making him her new toy in more ways than one. If you didn't catch on to my meaning, she was also a necrophiliac. So between the killing of innocents, bringing them back to life, using them against their loved ones and sometimes even fucking them in front of their loved ones, this Kasha brought fear to her entire race. She was later killed by a Kyubi, but we will talk about those on another lesson."

"In terms of magic, Kashas have power over fire and death, meaning that they control the element of fire to near perfection, so using fire against them is... not advisable, but they also can bring their enemies back from the dead to become their undead servants. It is said that the maximum of undead that a Kasha has invoked is over 500 people in one go before she collapsed in exhaustion. Because of that it is safe to say that they don't have the same limitations of magic has do their counterparts. In addition, they are much wilder fighters. Those claws aren't for show you know. They can tear through the metal of a muggle car, so you can bet what they can do to a human being."

"In terms of personality, Nekomatas tend to act like spoiled house cats, complaining when stuff is not as they would like, acting all naive and sweet and loving a good petting. That and they have a speaking pattern of adding Nya at the end of every phrase, something that every Kasha consider inferior. Kashas on the other hand tend to extremely mellow and submissive towards who they love, though they do make some sarcastic comments just for fun, but they are very, very aggressive to other people that hasn't broken their shell yet. Curiously, the man they love doesn't need to break such shell, as the moment the Kasha lays eyes on him, she pretty much is smitten about him."

"And no. To all you guys out there, they do not kill the ones they love to sate their necrophiliac urges. That was only Kageyo, remember?"

"A few curiosities, but both species can turn into normal cats and even a legillimens can't see the difference, as both have a passive form of oclumency in this form: they create the mind of a cat to cover their own, protecting their thoughts subconsciously. Another curiosity is that you can't have a Nekomata and a Kasha in the same room with a ball of yarn, a butterfly, or anything that may catch their attention. This is because they will fight over it and it can be vicious. Of course, most of the time the Kasha wins due to not only her advantage in magic, but due to her physical advantage as well, since the Nekomatas' claws are... not that impressive."

"And with this we close today's lesson. So there is only one thing left: TPC! I want you to answer me the following question: how many different ways can the battle between a Nekomata and a Kasha go. Make sure to not just put Kasha would win, but explain of how many ways they can win or which ways could the Nekomatas win. That is it, and I will see you guys next class. Xiao!"

Peace Out.