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Chapter 5 First Day of School

Harry was putting on his sports clothes, just a dark green shirt and black running shorts, a pair of sneakers and an arm band that he liked to wear that had Nike's logo "Just Do It." "Man I love this clothes. Is Sarah ready yet?" He turned to the bag to see it open from the inside.

From there, a fully clothed Sarah came out, fixing her hair as she went. "Good Morning Master."

"Morning. How is Thyme?" asked Harry as he put his wand in his robes.

"She is much better after all the petting she had us do." Said Sarah with a smile.

"She wasn't rough on you was she?" asked Harry. Thyme was a great girl, but aside from Harry and Mother, she was submissive to no one, and she made sure that every slave knew she was top slave all the time.

"No, we know how to push her buttons." Said Sarah with a shrug. She then turned to the bed and saw a still clothed but sleeping Valera. "You didn't…"

"She is not ready yet." Said Harry. "I shall accept her when she is ready and not a moment too soon. Now come on, we have our workout to do."

"Yes master." Said Sarah as she followed him.

They walked out of the Slytherin dorms without seeing anyone as it was still too early. Outside it was still dark, but that did not stop Harry. He walked up until he found a suitable place to start. He did a few stretches, with Sarah doing a similar routine, the sound of joints popping and muscles stressing bringing relief to both before Harry turned to Sarah with a smile. "So, shall we my dear?"

Sarah smiled. "Yes, Master."

And so both started to run, the cold wind hitting their bodies like a soft yet cruel wall only enhanced by the humidity of the morning. They ran at a sedated pace, enjoying their time while looking around.

"You know, this is a nice place." Said Harry. "It's lush green, surrounded by forest, the air is just perfect. I can see why so many people like it here."

"It does have a very nice location doesn't it?" said Sarah.

"But location is nothing if the school itself is crap, and so far I am not impressed." Said Harry as he frowned while still running. "The Headmaster is definitely a problem, with his antiquated ways and his schemes. He believes too much in blood for someone that, according to everyone, is supposed to be a defender of Muggleborn Rights."

"You think so?" asked Sarah.

"Yeah, people like him should be the last ones to invoke reasons of blood, I think he actually supports blood supremacy. I have been checking the school rules and unless there is any form of physical violence or spells damage, verbal assaults on Muggleborns are accepted."

"Really? That doesn't seem right." Said Sarah as they started to slow down and walk. "It's like he"

"Wants that to happen? Yeah I thought so too." Said Harry. "That is why we must be careful with everyone in this school, both students and teachers. Time for some pushups."

Harry and Sarah got on the ground and started doing some pushups. As they did, Harry continued "And this business of something being kept on the third floor is fishy too. The way he said it, someone is bound to go to the third floor. He could have just explained 'Hey, I have a Cerberus on the third floor, if you come close, he will kill you, thank you and good night.' " Both then stopped their motions for 15 seconds before they continued with the pushups. "But no, he went with the mysterious 'it's forbidden to all who don't wish to suffer a painful death' crap."

"Which won't stop curious kids from taking a look." Said Sarah.

"Yeah except that I think that most won't go there." Said Harry. Once again they stopped and waited 15 seconds before returning to do it. "We are talking about a national idol. If Dumbledore said that his socks gave him super strength people would believe it. So at the very least the Purebloods and some Half-Bloods will follow his warning, but Muggleborns don't know shit about Dumbledore unless they read about him beforehand. This means that most will definitely try to take a look."

"Which will not end well." Said Sarah.

"Exactly. Yet another thing that doesn't match Dumbledore's image of Defender of Muggleborn's rights. The more I think about it, the more holes I see in this man's ideals." They stopped again before resuming the exercise. "Pfew, this workout is tough."

"You know it is tough."

"But you can't argue with results I know I know." Said Harry as he pushed himself. "Everything in life has a price. First time I heard this I thought that whoever said it was a greedy bastard who just wanted to get everything he wanted for the price he considered the right price. But the more I look at it, the more I realize: everything in life has a price, it doesn't have to be monetary, it may be effort and time spent, it may be hours of work, whatever it is, there is always a price and those willing or not to pay it." They then laid down and turned. "Let's start the sit-ups."


They continued their workout, each exercise they would due a set number then stop then again until they had done each exercise 4 times. When they were done, they were covered in sweat and the son was already peeking out.

"Huff… let's… go take a shower… I still have… classes today."

"Yes… master."

They both helped each other up and walked into the school. Harry chuckled, seeing no one up yet on the corridors. "Maybe if we are sneaky enough, we could share the showers."

Sarah smiled. "I would like that, Master."

However, once they reached the showers, which were conveniently placed inside of each dorm, they noticed that people were there already, as the sound of running water could be heard from the boy's showers. "Shit. Guess it will be another time before we can pull it off."

Sarah looked down a bit at that. "I… I will see you after your shower."

"Where are you going?" asked Harry.

"Girl Showers." Said Sarah as she moved away.

Harry shrugged and got in the shower room. To his chagrin, Malfoy and his two stooges were there, already using the showers.

"Look who it is, the Mudblood himself." Malfoy with a sneer.

"Mister Malfoy, how nice to see you again." Greeted Harry with fake happiness. "Look at all the brown in your nose, were you guys having fun?"

Malfoy blushed bright red. "Did you just called me gay?"

"Now now." Harry said as he lifted his arms up. "We all know that you are in that age were you want to try new things and discover yourself but going for the chocolate right away doesn't seem like a good idea."

"You are talking big, Darkray, but I don't see your bodyguard anywhere." Said Malfoy with a grin.

"Ah Sarah? She went to tell your mother not to expect grandchildren… I mean with all that brown I guess your priorities are set." Said Harry with a smirk.

Malfoy got even redder. "You are going to pay for that. GET HIM!" yelled Malfoy.

"Oh come on, can't we talk about this?" asked Harry as Crabbe and Goyle walked towards him. "I mean I would hate to hurt such fine gentlemen."

Goyle went for a punch only for Harry to turn his head to the side just enough for the fist to pass right next to him. "You miss." Crabbe thought he had a chance and went for a punch of his own, but harry simply bended his knees and let himself crouch down just enough for his fist to pass above him. "You miss as well." Both tried to knee Harry in the face but as they raised their knees Harry did a sweeping motion with his foot and brought both to the ground. "And you are out… ah well."

Goyle got up and tried to punch Harry who just stepped back enough to keep himself away from his punch. This was another thing he had learned with Ares, do just enough movements to keep your strength and infuriate your opponent so that it will be easier to finish them. Crabbe tried to go to and soon it looked like a dance between them: they would try to punch him but his face would always be inches away from their attacks, his body always moving through short yet precise movements.

Suddenly Harry's back hit a wall. "Oh dear…" was all that came out of Harry's mouth as both readied to punch him at the same time. When they were about to deck him, he crouched down and both hit the wall, bringing yells of pain from the two brutes. Harry got up with a satisfied look on his face as he said "I found a galleon on the floor. Lucky me!"

Malfoy just got mad. "You guys can't even hit him!"

"Hey don't be too hard on the boys." Said Harry as he flipped the galleon and then caught it and hit it on his palm keeping it covered. "If it is head, I am going to search for Lady Lily. Tails, and I will go find Daphne and Tracey." He then removed his hand and said "Daphne and Tracey it is."

Goyle tried to attack again only for Harry to circle around him and keep walking as if nothing is wrong. Crabbe tried the same only for Harry to sidestep his advance. Harry walked slowly but surely toward the door, a smile plastered on his face.

Malfoy understood what he was going for and yelled "No you buffoons he is going to…"

Too late for that as both Crabbe and Goyle ran like raving lunatics. Now here is a few things about our scenery: one, both are naked; two, Harry crouched beneath their attacks only to trust his shoulder into both their midsection and using their momentum to make them topple over him and fall on top of the door behind him; three, the door wasn't as sturdy as it might look.

The result was the door breaking and leaving the two naked guys to fall in front of everyone who was passing while a still dressed Harry walked out whistling a tune. "My my, this doesn't look safe." He then turned to all the other shocked students and said "Anyone knows where I can take a safe shower? This place is falling apart and there is a student in there with brown on his nose. Not the kind of place I would take my shower."

The two giant dopes got up and tried to cover themselves when a cold voice rushed through everyone. "What is going on here?" everyone turned to see Snape, looking at everything with a serious expression.

"Professor Snape, and what an impeccable timing. Very English if I might say." Said Harry with a smile "I have something to complain about: this place is not safe at all. This two gentleman just leaned upon the door and it broke! Someone should do something about it, before anyone gets hurt!"

Snape looked at the door and frowned. "One would think, mister Darkray, that these two didn't just… lean against the door."

"Well, one might think that… if he also thinks that these two may have deserved such an occurrence." Said Harry with a smile.

"A most unusual theory. On what do you base such?" asked Snape.

"The fact that I am a witness to the event?" asked Harry. "Except I already testified that they leaned on the door and it broke, so I guess that is what happened."

Snape inwardly smirked. Harry had just told everyone there that he was the cause of it without telling them just how or why and in a way that he doesn't get in trouble. "Very well, I shall repair the damage. But I expect everyone down there in a few moments, I need to speak with all the first year students."

"WAIT!" yelled Malfoy as he came out, dressed in a bathrobe and pointing at Harry. "It was him! He did this!"

"Mister Malfoy!" said Harry with a smile. "I forgot that you were there! At least the brown is gone. Progress!"

"He did it Professor, I saw it all." Said Malfoy before giving a sneer to Harry. "He attacked us. He threw those two through the door."

Snape narrowed his eyes. "What do you have to say in your defense, Mister Darkray?"

"Well, since that Malfoy decided to pin the blame on me, I can say two things, both truthful: one I did not lay a single hand on these two gentleman." Said Harry as he pointed to the two still naked buffoons. "The second is… I am more than willing to share my memories of the incident or even submit myself to veritaserum to prove my innocence."

Snape once again grinned mentally. Another big hit. Once discovered by the enemy, put up an infallible defense that leaves no room for argument. Already there were whispers among the students.

"There will be no need of that." Said Snape before turning to Malfoy and the other two naked dumps. "You go get ready and stop behaving like stupid Griffindors."


"This discussion ends here." Then Snape did a small movement of the wand and the door went back to its place, repaired. "Hurry up, all of you, I need to address all first years."

Harry reentered the bathroom and started to take a shower, ignoring the other students who shot him looks and whispered among themselves. Once done he went back to his room, clad in a towel, only to see Thyme and Sarah there.

"So what took you so long?" asked Thyme with a smirk. "Don't tell me you already wooed a girl while we were out. That is not your style."

"No it isn't. I like to take my time in order to savor the victory. No I am afraid that you can blame Malfoy for that. Where is Valera?"

"She rushed back to the bag, master." Answered Sarah. "Said something about a project to work on."

"Ah, I know what it is." Answered Harry. "I wonder if she can actually pull it off… But enough about that, I have to dress those pathetic robes."

Harry put on the school robes with a grimace. He hated this robes, they were heavy, hot, not practical at all and a bit restraining compared to his normal garb. Even his metal armor on the shoulders was not that heavy.

He loved clothes that allowed for quick and easy maneuvering. If there was one thing Harry had learned is that the best defense is not being in harm's way, so if something come towards you, get out of the way, and that would be tough with this garments.

"Oh well, every school has it's uniform I guess." Sighed Harry as he turned towards his girls. "So ladies, it's show time!"

"For you two perhaps." Said Thyme as she turned into her cat form. "Sorry but I do not intend on spending my day on a boring Classroom. I think I will just pick a fight with the other cats around here."

"Alright, don't go to the third floor."

Thyme grumbled obscenities and curses as she left the room. Harry turned to Sarah who gave him a small nod. The two left the room and went down where the first years were already in a group. Harry spotted the two persons he wanted to see and snaked his way behind them.

"And how are you my dears?" he asked with a smile, making both turn to him in surprise.

"Hey, it's you!" yelled Tracey.

"It's me! And I am glad that you are so happy to see me." Said Harry with a smirk before he turned to Daphne. "How about you? Are you as happy to see me as she is?"

"You wish." Said Daphne, looking annoyed.

"Oh, such hurtful comment. And here I was so happy to see your lovely face!" said Harry with a dramatic sigh while Daphne sent him a cold glare. Tracey just laughed.

"Hey is it really truth?" asked Tracey.

"What is? If you mean that I caught Professor Sprout and Professor Dumbledore fumbling in a broom closet, then yes, it is a traumatic truth."

Both girls made a disgusted face at that. "No you dummy, I was talking about that brother of Potter stuff."

"Perhaps. Define brother."

"Well… you know, you share his blood…"

"And again with the blood! Does everybody have a blood fetish or something?" asked an exasperated Harry. "Well I suppose I do share his blood yet I don't consider him, the Potters or even Lily Evans as family due to the fact that up until very recently I didn't even know of any relation I had with them. So to answer your question truthfully, we share blood, but we are not brothers."

"Ah… you were separated then?" asked Tracey.

"Tracey that is a bit rude, don't you think?" asked Daphne.

"Let her be rude, I don't mind." Said Harry with a smile before he gained a thoughtful pose. "Well… I suppose that is what happened. The how and why I am not really sure though. For all I know, they might have abandoned me."

"That would be quite the story." Said Tracey. "The Daily Prophet would be all over you. 'The abandoned child of the Potters returns has a haunting presence to punish is old family for their neglect'. People would go nuts."

"Haunting Presence? You make it sound like I am a ghost or a vengeful spirit." Said Harry with a mock hurt look. "I am no such thing, nor do I want to look the part..."

Tracey just giggled at his face. Daphne seemed to find that the right moment to ask "So is it also true that you attacked Malfoy and his goons? I heard it from other students."

"I did no such thing." Said Harry as if he was really upset about it. "All that happened is that Malfoy talked to me about joining a secret and dangerous Secret Society of Hogwarts."

"Yeah sure." Said Tracey, not really believing it. "What Society was it, the 'Mudbloods can go to hell'?"

"No the 'Bratty Kids with Brown on their Noses', BKBN, he was very eloquent about it, very poetic, I never knew there was so much to be said about brownies, but I really am not the type of guy to stick my nose on another guy's chocolate if you catch my drift."

Tracey broke out laughing her ass off while Daphne snorted. Just then, Snape decided it was time to start. "You all have been selected to the Noble House of Slytherin. We are, by far, the house that has won the most times. We are ahead in everything by whichever means." At this he started walking while eyeing everyone. "We have been running home cup for years, as have we ran for the Quidditch one. I expect this year to not be different. We are about to become history on 8 years with the both cups and we will break this record even if I have to lock you up in the dungeons to do it." He took a few sharp glances. "Now I only expect one thing from you all. If you do something, make sure you are not caught, or the consequences will be…" at this he looked at Malfoy and his group. "…most dire..." He then left the students, who started to talk among each other again.

"Well well well. What an inspirational speech." Said Harry with a smirk. "I feel like cheating my way through the year. What about you two?"

"That sounds just about what he wants us to do." Said Daphne with a frown.

"He just likes to win, and is too close to the record." Said Tracey.

"Which means that whoever screws up will face a very angry Snape." Finished Harry. "Well, shall we go eat breakfast?"

"And pray tell why are you coming with us?" asked Daphne with a frown.

"Because I would prefer the company of the two most beautiful girls of this house then the Secret Society of BKBN." Said Harry with a smirk.

Tracey just laughed about that. "That is good enough for me."

"Unlike you, I am not that easy." Said Daphne. "What makes you think that I will allow you to just… I don't know, hang around with me?"

"So cold. However, I might have something to convince you."

"I doubt it."

Harry smirked and made a gesture for her to come closer to him. When she did, he whispered to her ear "I can help you with your Dark Magic."

Daphne stiffened and then glared at him. "What makes you think I need help?"

"I did not say that you need it, I am just offering my expertise." Said Harry with a smirk. "It is up to you whether or not you take it."

"Expertise? You speak as if you know a lot of Dark Magic." Said Daphne.

Harry smirked. "My mother had me practice since I was very young…"

"Impossible, it takes too long for the core to set, you would have to have started last year."

"What are you two whispering about?" asked Tracey, pouting at being ignored.

"Oh nothing my dear." Said Harry with a smile. "I was just offering Daphne here my help in an area of my expertise."

"Really? What dealing with snobs?" asked Tracey with a smirk.

"Would you like to learn that?" asked Harry with his arms open. "I can teach you that as well."

"I'll pass." Said Tracey. "So what is it that you are an 'expert' on?"

"Will you promise not to freak out?" asked Harry with a smirk.

"Huh… I think I can do that." said Tracey.

Harry came closer and whispered "Dark Magic."

Tracey went pale at that, her eyes wide. Then she started shuttering "B-b-b-b-b-but you d-d-don't have the signs!"

"The signs my dear?" asked Harry, already having an idea of what she was talking about.

"The p-pale skin, t-t-t-the deteriorated look, the madness, t-t-t-the red eyes, the… I don't know y-you have none!" said Tracey, completely freaked out.

Harry smirked. "Do you two want to learn a little secret?" Both were a bit uncomfortable, but still leaned closer. "There are two ways to learn Dark Magic: you can do it by letting Darkness control and destroy you, and you get the cool signs to show for it, or you can do it the right way, and have no sign for others to see."

"I don't know if I should trust you." Said Daphne.

"How about this: today we have some classes, right? What if I can prove to you that I am not only prepared for such classes but after classes I show you a bit of dark magic? The bits I can do here, of course."

Both girls looked apprehensive but before Tracey could stop her, Daphne had said "We agree."

Harry smiled. "Excellent." Then he walked towards the exit and said "Come on, big day today, we have to get going!"

Both girls looked at each other, both nervous. "Hey, what if he is right Daphne?"

"… I don't know." Said Daphne. "He is… strange."

"Yeah… but he is so awesome." Said Tracey. "You know, I hope he is right, cause if he truly is a Dark Wizard like he says, then I think I could learn some dark magic."

"… tsk, throw in a cute boy and you are already lining to get him." Said Daphne with a scold.

"Aww! You called him cute!" Said Tracey.

Daphne just snorted and turned away.

After they reached the tables, harry once again looked in disgust. "You have got to be kidding me. I know it is a British tradition but seriously?"

Harry complained because the table was filled with bacon and eggs, and a lot of other meats. "Where can one get a bowl of milk and cereal? Or at least something more healthy?" asked Harry. "This is insane. Who eats all this meat at breakfast?"

When he saw both girls pointing behind him, he turned to see Bryan and Ron attacking the food with gusto.

"… oh well, I didn't want to eat anyway." Said Harry with a grimace as he pushed the food away. "But the fact that the food is not good means… Sarah."

"Yes master?"

"Do you have the resources to cook food here?" asked Harry.

Sarah looked a bit caught of guard. "Hum… I have some premade food preserved by magic, and even some products… however…"

"What is it?" asked Harry.

"The… there is no kitchen for me to cook in." Said Sarah as she looked down. "The bag as bedrooms, and even a smithy, but not a kitchen. And with you sharing the food we have left, it will last, at best, this week."

"Shit, I knew I had forgotten something." Grumbled an irritated Harry.

"The bag has bedrooms?" asked Tracey. "Wait, you have one of those custom made house bags?"

"Yes, however I forgot to add a kitchen." Said Harry. "And it's a shame, because we have some good muggle raised food."

"Muggle raised food? Why not Wizard raised?" asked Daphne. "We produce tons of food!"

"… I recognize that in terms of production wizards are the best." Said Harry. "Using magic to increase not only the number but reducing the time it needs to grow make for huge amounts. However, the quality is… very lacking. The thing is that magic makes food disgusting, horrendous even, and a plantation that has suffered the effects of magic once will suffer from after-effects for a long time."

"It can't be that different." Said Daphne while crossing her arms in front of her stomach.

"Want to bet?" asked Harry as he turned to Sarah and said "I think an apple will be enough."

Sarah nodded and left the hall. Once she returned, she had 4 apples and gave one to Harry, another to Daphne and another to Tracey, keeping the last one to herself. "Now here is the thing, have any of you ever tasted a magically grown apple?"

"Yes." Answered both.

"Good. Has any of you tasted muggle raised apples?"

"No." answered Daphne without even blinking.

"Well… I was raised by my mother in the magical community, so I never really tasted muggle food." Said Tracey.

"Alright… then go ahead and take a bite."

Tracey didn't need to be told twice and took a big bite on the apple. "This is Great!" yelled Tracey as she kept eating.

Daphne was a bit skeptical, but after both Tracey and Harry had taken their bites, she took her own. Her eyes went wide and she stared in shock. "How…"

"Magic affects the quality of the food, and not in a good way." Explained Harry. "By using it to influence the growth, you are forcing apples to take something that is not part of it and it cannot use. The result is the taste, which is deteriorated because of the mixture of magic in it. Muggles may not produce as much as magical folk do, but by taking their time to raise it naturally, they bring out the good flavor behind each food. This is what an apple is supposed to taste like."

Daphne nodded. "And this applies to any kind of food?"

"It's mostly fruit, cause they don't use that much magic on growing animals, but yeah it generally applies to all kinds of food." Said Harry as he took another bite. "And let's be honest here, this apple is better than this shit here in the table."

Meanwhile, Lily Evans observed Harry as he talked with the two Slytherin girls. His words last night stung her deeply, the fact that he didn't see her as his mom. She had tear tracks down her face, her eyes were bloodshot, black marcs under her eyes and even her hair looked like it was against her.

"First day and you already look beaten." Joked Sinistra. Since she got no response, she sighed. "Things didn't go well?"

"He doesn't see me has his mother." Whispered Lily, not taking her eyes from him.

"Well duh? He was raised by another family, it's going to be tough for him to accept that you are his mother." Said Sinistra. "Besides, maybe it is a bit too late for you to be his mother."

"Heh?" Lily was shocked at his friend's words.

"Seriously? He will be a teen in no time and teens are impossible to handle. You want to be his mother now? Bad idea. You will have to handle his rebellious times, the girlfriends, the staying out without so much as a call…"

"This is serious, Sinistra!" scolded Lily, angry that her friend was making such a joke out of it. "He is my son, yet he doesn't accept it!"

"Then don't be his mother." Said Sinistra with a smile. "Be his friend. I know it sounds weird, but that kid will accept you more if you aboard him like a normal person rather than the son you want him to be. It will make things a lot easier believe me."

"… Do you think so?"

"Of course I do. Besides it would be really awkward to just let you keep staring at him. Many would think that you have a crush on him."

"W-w-w-WHAT?" yelled a startled Lily. "WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING?"

"Relax, I was just joking." Said Sinistra with a big smile on her face. "Now stop yelling so loud, everyone is staring at you."

Lily then noticed that everyone was indeed staring at her and whispering. Blushing in embarrassment, she sat down and ate with a grimace. School food was always something that had never attracted her.

"Okay… that was interesting." Said Harry with a smile while Severus passed through them and left the schedules in their front.

"Seeing your supposed mother flip out is interesting?" asked Tracey with a hint of mirth.

"Perhaps..." said Harry with a smirk. That smirk only got wider as he spoke "So what do I own your presence to, Mister Potter?"

Behind him, Bryan Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger were standing, the first looking at Harry's back, the second sneering at all the other Slytherins and the last one looking apprehensive about being there.

"I would like to talk with you." Said Bryan.

Harry turned to them and opened his arms. "Here I am, Mister Potter."

Bryan gritted his teeth with impatience. "I meant in private."

"Well I would comply with such request, but the time for the first class is coming sooner than it should. So I will have to say no, another time perhaps for now I shall escort this two fine young ladies to their classes." He then got up and told them, after a theatrical bow. "May I escort you, Mademoiselles?"

While Daphne rolled her eyes, Tracye giggled and said, in a mock tone "Oh please do."

As the group got up to leave, Bryan blurted out "WHY ARE YOU IN SLYTHERIN?"

Harry stopped, turned back with a look of confusion. "The hat put me there. You remember right? You were there when I was sorted."

"I meant why did it put you in Slytherin?"

"Oh why did it put you in Griffindor? I don't know!" said Harry, feigning innocence. "Why does this seem to bother you, Mister Potter? Did you want to be a Slytherin too?"

"The Potters have always been Griffindors…"

"Then there is nothing wrong now is there?" said Harry with a smirk. "Now we really have to go to class, please excuse us."

Bryan fumed. "This is not the end of it." He then left with Ron and Hermione right behind him.

Harry looked thoughtful. "Why do people say it is not the end or this isn't over when it definitely is? Most curious."

"One last attempt to look tough, can we go?" asked Daphne coldly. "I want to see if you are as skilled as you preach."

"Patience is a virtue!" said Harry with a smirk.

Tracey giggled. "Yeah but keeping a lady waiting isn't!"

"AH!" gasped Harry as he put a hand on his chest. "A girl after my own heart, a devilish minx! You are quite the character, Miss Tracey Davies."

"And you are quite the rascal, Mister Harry Darkray." Said Tracey with a smirk.

"Could you two stop behaving like a married couple?" asked Daphne, annoyed.

"Don't worry Daphne." Said Harry as he laid his arm over her shoulder. "I love you to."

The smack in his face and a booming laughter was the only answer he ever got.

McGonagall was observing the entering students in her cat form. Most assumed that she wasn't there and had left her cat. There was an inscription on the board that said "Read the first chapter of your Transfiguration Books until I arrive", something she was glad the students were following.

Suddenly, an odd group entered: a girl, blushing while trying to maintain a cold and furious expression striding forcefully towards her desk; another girl, this one holding her laughter by putting a hand on front of her mouth, was slowly making her way next to the fuming girl. Then came Darkray… except he had a red imprint on his face… hand shaped too. He seemed to not care, as a roguish smile was glued to his face. He walked up to her desk and turned to her, in her cat form, and said "Professor McGonagall, oh what a surprise. I didn't know you were an animagus! Well considering that you are our transfiguration teacher I shouldn't be surprised but still! You are a very lovely Maine Coon."

McGonagall was shocked that she was found out so soon. Much more by the fact that the kid even knew what an animagus was. "Don't be so surprised, I have met a few animagus myself over the years, I know one when I see one. I look forward to learn from you." He finished with a tricky smile as he walked back to sit with his group. A third girl that only now she had noted bowed to her and then sat behind Harry.

"Are you sure that that is Professor McGonagall?" asked a skeptical Tracey.

"Have you ever seen a cat sit so stiffly?" said Harry. "It's definitely her."

"And if you are wrong?" asked Daphne.

"Then I will eat my school robes." Answered Harry without a thought.

"I will hold you to that." Said Daphne.

"Hey what if he wins?" asked Tracey in a suggestive tone. "Will you eat your robes, Daphne?"

"Now now, as fun as that would be, I won't force such a condition." Said Harry. "It would be most unsportsmanlike to just use a sucker bet to force Daphne to do something."

Daphne turned away from him and huffed, annoyed. Harry took a look around and saw that everyone was sitting with members of their own house, avoiding the other house. He saw Hermione, who surprisingly came alone, sitting close to the Gryffindor tables.

"I am curious, is it set like this?" asked Harry.

"What is?" asked Tracey,

"The placement order? Is it every house to its corner?"

"No not really, it's not like there is a set rule." Said Daphne, still mad. "But why would you sit with guys from other houses?"

"Why not? You might find some unusual people there." Said Harry. "Why would you restrain your deck of options to one house?"

"Why would you trust someone from another house?" Asked Daphne. "They hate us. They group us with the Death Eaters and their children!"

"So it is our job to prove them wrong." Said Harry. "And if we are proof that there are Slytherins that are not sons of Death Eaters, then there has to be people in other houses who don't hate us."

"… tsk. Highly unlikely." Was the answer that Daphne gave.

Harry continued to stare around, looking at all the students as if trying to spot people of interest. Things stayed like this until 5 minutes past the time at which the lesson should have started, the door opens and in come Bryan and Ron rushing and panting.

"Pfew… we made it." Said Ron while Bryan just panted. "Can you imagine old McGonagall's face if we were late?"

McGonagall decided it was time to end the charade, so with a mighty jump, she reverted to her human form. She was stopped, however, when she heard a slick voice saying "Welcome back to the realm of human, Professor."

She turned to see a smiling Harry, a giggling Tracey and a grumbling Daphne. Sarah tried to keep an impartial face, but she too cracked a smile. "Thank you, Mister Darkray." She responded courtly before turning to Weasley and Potter. "Perhaps I should both of you into clocks? Then, you would be able to arrive in time."

Both looked thoroughly ashamed. "We got lost." Muttered Weasley.

"Then perhaps I should turn you into maps!" She left the suggesting tone of it linger in the air before pointing to the seats around. "You don't need one to find your seats."

Both sat down, grumbling about it being unfair. The teacher paid them no mind as she went into a new speech about the dangers of transfiguration and making a warning about "Whoever is playing in her classes" for they will "Leave and never return".

She then turned a table into a pig, and reverted it, getting everyone excited. Until she gave everyone a match with the objective being to turn it into a needle.

Harry ignored her speech and focused on the match while pointing his wand at the very tip of it. He knew that Tracey and Daphne were watching and decided to do what most magicians do: make it so fast and flashy no one knows how you did it. So with a quick gesture of wand the match was completely turned into a needle, to the gasping shock of Tracey and Daphne, which in turn drew the attention of the teacher.

"Is there any problem with what I just said?" she asked as she came closer only to blink as she saw a perfect needle on Harry's desk. She slowly grabbed it and gave it a look. "How did you?"

"I have been learning magic from a very young age, from many places around the world." Said Harry with a soft smile. "This is not the first time I have met this challenge, so I already knew what to do."

"Well… all the same, it is a very good job. 5 points for Slytherin." Said the teacher, making some Griffindors grumble. "As you can see, this is…"

"How did you do it?" asked a shocked Tracey. "You just… wosh… and made a needle!"

"I transfigured that needle, it is fairly different." Said Harry. "And this comes from practice. First time it was tough, I took more than an hour to do it, but I found a way that is easier."

"How?" asked Daphne, wanting to hear it.

"Forget the spell." Said Harry. "Close your eyes." As soon as they did that, Harry whispered "Visualize the match, recall everything you know about it: size, color, scent, touch, even taste if you know just recall everything you know. Now slowly change those ideas. Change its size slowly, paint it in a different color, see the changes happening in your head, the scent is no longer the match's, but the needle's, the touch of it is metalized, see every detail of your new object. Now put into every fiber of your being the need for this change to happen… Now try out the spell."

Both turned to the match and pointed their wands. Suddenly, their matches started to change and before they knew it, two needles rested in their front.

"How is this possible?" asked a surprised Daphne while Tracey stared with her mouth open.

"Magic is divided in 3 parts: preparation, will and power. You can't do a spell without these three. Preparation can be something that can take a lot of time, or you can make it so you do it instinctively. It's the time before you cast your spell where you see what you want to happen in your mind. Will is the necessity, why do you need this to happen, this is why when you cast spells in a desperate time they will work that much easier. Power should be obvious."

"Where did you learn that?" asked Daphne.

"You want to be surprised? I learned that in Africa with a Guru that lives there and goes by the name of Atakatawan. He was the one that taught me the three parts of magic. Oh sure, someone with an enormous amount of power may force the spells out, but they will cost that much more to use. Someone with an iron will may be able to cast spells even when powerless, but they will take a lot more time. Preparation alone can't help you at all. You need the three of them to succeed."

"A most enlightening speech, mister Darkray." The voice startle the three as they turned to see McGonagall looking at them. "However, I have never heard of such a thing."

"Well… as I said, I learned this in Africa. Quite far away from here."

"I see…" said McGonagall as she searched for what to say. "Whichever the case, your colleges were able to do it. Take 5 points for both of you and another 5 points to Mister Darkray for not only helping you but for this enlightening speech."

"Oh really, it was nothing." Muttered Harry humbly.

As the rest of the class tried to do the exercise, Harry turned to both and smiled. "Do you guys trust me more now?"

"I still have to see just how good you are with dark magic." Said Daphne while crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"I look forward to show you." Said Harry confidently before he pulled a few lose papers. "Now if you excuse me, I have lost interest in seeing the others getting there, I will study my own interest."

Both girls got confused and took a look at what he read, only to get nothing as the scrolls were all written in hieroglyphs. "What the hell is that?"

"Homework." Answered Harry simply. "A friend of my mom assembled a few spells for me to learn while I am here. Simple stuff, really."

"That is simple?" asked Tracey pointing to the papers which were filled to the brim. "Can you even read that?"

"Of course I can! Why wouldn't I?" asked a confused Harry.

"That looks like ancient Egypt stuff." Answered Tracey.

Harry chuckled. "That is one way to put it. Indeed this is old language."

"Then how can you read it?" asked Daphne. "It takes years to learn how to read that and even then there is a lot that people can't decipher yet. How can you?"

"Simple, that friend I was talking about taught me." Said Harry. "I might not look like it, but I was always studying since I was 5. I have learned as much as I can as fast as I could."

"You don't look like a nerd to me." Said Tracey.

"Aw, I love you to." Said Harry with a smile.

Tracey just laughed about it while Daphne grumbled. Once Harry's attention was back in the papers, Daphne whispered furiously "Why do you just let him get away with stuff like that?"

"Come on, you got to take a chill pill. It's alright." Said Tracey. "He is just kidding, and even if he wasn't, he is a cool guy!"

"A guy that could be leading you on."

"That hurts Daphne." Said Harry without looking away from his papers. "But I understand your point, me being flirt all the time, so I won't hold a grudge."

Both girls were startled that he had heard them while Harry just grinned without turning to them.

McGonagall spared a few looks to the trio as he passed through the students. Since they had finished the task, she simply allowed them to have their time, as long as they didn't disturb the rest, it was fine with her. She was sad to see the son of one of her greatest students not being in her house, but at the same time couldn't stop thinking about the differences: when James first got in the school, he was a snobby arrogant kid who wanted to get into trouble. Harry looked nothing like that, composed yet not cocky, he seems to be more interested in flirting than getting into trouble. A though made her almost chuckle, imagining what would happen if Harry had attended at the same time as James. James would hate the kid that's for sure.

Hermione fumed silently. She was doing everything by the book, and while she had turned the match into a needle, she just couldn't understand why she could only do it way after the other three students have done it. She was outdone by not one but three persons. She was fine with one or even two, Harry and Daphne looked studious enough, but Tracey looked like she wasn't taking thing seriously, and yet surpassed her.

And Harry's speech baffled her. She had never heard of this three parts of magic and if the teacher's reaction was to be accounted for, neither did her. Why wasn't such important information mentioned in any of the books she studied from before she came to Hogwarts.

The thing that irritated her the most is that while she heard parts of his lecture, she didn't heard it all cause Ron and Bryan started grumbling about know-it-alls and trying to show up to others. So there she was, just done with the exercise while trying to help the same two that had deprived her of whatever knowledge might have been on that speech!

The class left with only four students completely turning the match into a needle. Harry was casually walking with Tracey and Daphne, Sarah following them silently when…

"WAIT!" Harry turned to see Hermione Granger running to him. "Could you repeat what you said in the class, I didn't quite catch it."

"Oh!" Harry smiled before he turned to the others. "I will meet you in Snape's classroom." When the others left except for Sarah, Harry turned to Hermione and said "Well it's not much, it's about the three parts of magic: preparation, you focus on what you want to happen before you start casting the spell, going over every step, the moves you have to make, the spell coming of your wand, the effect of the spell all in a methodical way…"


"Next, Will. Now that you know what you want, you have to focus your will, the need for that to happen. Why do you want it? Why do you need it? You have to force yourself to want it with all your heart."

"That… sounds difficult…"

"Hell yeah, toughest part really. If it's in a stress situation the spell just flies of your wand out of desperation but when you are not really desperate, the spell is like a lazy cat on your couch, it won't just get out on its own. Now the final part is the power. Only when you have enough power, can you pull of the spell."

"How do you know you have enough power?" asked Hermione.

"Well there is a thing I like to think when I have that doubt: you don't. You never have enough, so you have to always work hard to make your magic grow so that when the time comes, you have enough power and even more to spare."

"How do I increase my magical power then?" asked Hermione.

"Easy! Magic is a bit like a muscle. The more you use it, the more it grows. The moment you stop using it, it shrinks. So all you got to do is practice. Practice spells you already know every day and always try to do more, your magical power will grow for sure."

"But is there no way to measure it?" asked Hermione.

"No not yet." Said Harry. "You have to understand that the idea behind this is pretty new. As far as I know, there is no way to measure magical power beyond what you feel. For example…" Harry then pondered a bit and said "You know that there is no way that a student has more magical power in his first year than, say, the Headmaster, you know that because you can feel the difference."

"I see." Said Hermione. "Thanks, hum..."

"Please call me Harry, and sure, no prob. I am always willing to talk with a cute witch like you." With that, Harry blinked at her, turned and walked away, leaving an embarrassed Hermione to come to grips with what he had just told her.

Harry casually walked down the stairs until he felt something jump to his shoulders. He looked to see Thyme's face over his shoulder. "Great timing, I have something I want you to do."


"I want you to find the kitchen in this school. I don't feel like eating school crap for the rest of the year." Said Harry. "And since we have the food and the cook, I wondered if we could convince the Kitchen staff to allow us to use the Kitchen for ourselves. Worst case scenario, they throw us out."

"I can do that, so long it is not in the third floor." Said Thyme as she jumped down. "Alright, I'll warn you if I find something."

"Please do." Said Harry with a smile as his cat disappeared. He turned to Sarah and said "So what is next on the schedule?"

"Double period of Potions with the Griffindors again. Actually you have a lot of classes with the Griffindors master."

"It's an old coot's way to incite the war between the houses, to put them together in most classes, forcing hatred level to skyrocket."

"Some say that situations like that may lead to forbidden romances."

"And there might be a few, just not on our class… not yet."

They reached the dungeons and found the class waiting outside, the door closed, and all of them talking to each other. Harry walked up to Tracey and Daphne and said "I think I am going to start breaking the taboo."

"Eh? What do you mean?" asked Tracey.

"I mean I am going to seat with a cute little Griffindor." Said Harry with a smirk.

Daphne grumbled. "Snape might not like it."

"Oh he is not that unreasonable." Said Harry. "Don't worry."

"You might ruin that girls chances in her own house." Said Tracey.

"Pff, if they are that childish, then they don't deserve her anyway."

"You speak of Granger, correct?" asked Daphne. "She wanted to talk to you after transfiguration."

"You got her right. I just feel like spending a little bit of time with her, no biggie."

Hermione, Ron and Harry arrived just as the door opened. Snape only said "Get in." before going back inside, the students followed him quietly and sat down the same way. Hermione was about to open her books when she felt someone sitting on her unoccupied side. She turned to see the smiling face of Harry Darkray, with Sarah sitting right next to him.


"Hello Miss Granger!" called out Harry jovially. "I hope you don't mind that I sit here, but your curiosity awoke my own, so to speak…"

"What are you doing here, snake?" asked a very angry Weasley.

"Oh my, have I grown scales already?" asked Harry as he looked at himself. "At any point, Mister Weasley, I am sitting right next to a very bright witch."

Weasley fumed at being told off in such a snobby way. "You can't seat here, this is the Griffindor tables!"

"But Mister Weasley, there is no rule that dictate such!" said Harry with a smirk.

"It doesn't mean you can sit here!"

The voice that followed was far colder than Harry's. "And why is that… Weasley?" Ron turned to see Snape glaring at him. "Such disrespect in the middle of classroom is inexcusable. 5 points from Griffindor."

"What?" roared Ron, mad.

"And an extra 5 point deduction. In my class, you can't raise your voice like that, some of these potions don't react well with noise." Said Snape as he walked away, leaving a very satisfied Harry and a pissed off Ron.

"As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted." He casted a cold glance towards Ron at that before readdressing the class. "There will be no foolish wand waving, or silly incantations in this class. As such, I don't expect many of you to appreciate the subtle science and exact art that is potion making. However, for those select few…" he turned to look at some of the students. "Who possess the… predisposition…" He took a step forward, his robe billowing behind him. "I can teach you how to bewitch the mind and ensnare the senses. I can tell you how to bottle fame, brew glory and even how to put a stopper… in death."

Harry smirked. He knew all that was possible, but potions, while powerful, was one of the areas that he still wasn't a master of. So he was actually grateful to be able to learn from Snape. He had read about him and knew he was one of the best Potion Masters of the country, and the man's specialty was the Defense Against the Dark Arts, not Potions.

Nonetheless, Harry still knew it would be a while before anything challenging would appear in class. So he decided that maybe some visits to the Library would prove to be beneficial…

"Then again…" Snape's words brought Harry back to reality, especially cause the man looked pissed at something. "Maybe some of you have come to Hogwarts in possession of abilities so formidable that you feel confident enough…" Harry followed Snape's stare and almost facepalm as he saw Bryan writing something into his notebook. "To Not Pay Attention."

Hermione had finally caught on to what was happening and nudged Bryan on the side. He looked at her, pissed off, until he noticed Snape looking at him.

Snape came to Bryan's front and acted surprised. "Mister Potter… our… new… celebrity…" Some in the class snickered at this but Snape paid them no mind while he stared at Bryan and Bryan stared back. "Tell me what would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?"

Harry blinked. That was tough, but he had to go with the Draught of the Living Dead on this one. It was the only potion he knew that had this ingredients. To his surprise, he wasn't the only one that knew the answer as Hermione raised her arm, hoping that the teacher would ask her. Harry decided to raise his quietly, to see if he was right.

Bryan just looked confused.

"You don't know?" asked Snape. "Well, let's try again. Where would you look if I tell you to find me a Bezoar?"

Once again, Hermione raised her arm high and this time Harry was confident of his answer: the stomach of a goat. However, he didn't raise his arm, knowing that Snape was doing this to Bryan on purpose.

Bryan was once again left dumb. "I… I don't know sir."

"And what is the difference between Monkshood and Wolfsbane?"

They are the same plant. Harry looked at Bryan, knowing that at least this one he would get it. Once again, Hermione raised her arm, looking to be near tears and ready to answer. Bryan, however, was nowhere near knowing what the heck he was talking about. "I don't know sir."

"… Pity… clearly fame isn't everything… is it, Mister Potter?"

Bryan just couldn't keep it cool though. "Well clearly Hermione knows it. Seems a pity not to ask her." Everyone chuckled at that while Hermione looked horrified at what he said. Harry saw there an opportunity.

"Professor, if I may…" Snape looked at Harry surprised but nodded. "But that was an excellent idea, Mister Potter. Let us prove that even someone that is new to magic can answer better than you. And who better than Miss Granger?" asked Harry, playing it off.

Snape took the hint. It did seem more fun to do it that way. "Very well. Miss Granger, answer to the First Question."

"It's a sleeping potion so powerful, it is called the Draught of the Living Dead." Answered Hermione.

"And the second?"

"The bezoar is a stone that grows inside the stomach of a goat!"

"And the last one?"

"They are the same plant, also known as Aconite."

Harry smirked. He just loved smart witches, they were always something else, whether in the way they thought or acted, there was always something that made them attractive to him.

Snape, however, maintained his cold expression. "You were right, Mister Potter, it was a pity that she wasn't the one with the fame." Said the teacher. "We would all have a better opinion of yourself if you had answered that… and why aren't you all copying this down?"

Everyone was suddenly in a rush to copy what was said down. Snape walked up to his table and said "And Gryffindors… note that 5 points will be taken from your house…" as the Gryffindors looked shocked, Snape finished "For your classmate's cheek."

The rest of the class was nightmarish for Gryffindor and a very good time for Slytherin. Snape would scribble directions on the board along with the potions name, and then go around the students and either give advice to Slytherin or mock the Gryffindor's attempts.

Harry worked alongside Hermione, both seemed to be synchronized as they would do the exact same notions and the potion evolved the same way. Through the middle of it, Hermione said "Why did you asked Professor Snape to ask me?"

"Truthfully, because the best starts shine in the spotlight."

"Can you be serious?" asked an exasperated Hermione.

"Who says I am not?" asked Harry as he added a few more ingredients. "You are a very bright witch but you ain't gona prove it if you don't have a chance. So I gave you one."

"…You think so?"

"I know so." He then took a peek at Hermione's cauldron and whistled. "Not bad,that is some good color."

"Your potion looks the same!"

"That is good, right? Means we are both doing well."

"I guess."

At the end of the class, Gryffindors hated potions. Harry had just walked out of the potions class when his arm was pulled… hard.

"Come on!" muttered an impatient Daphne.

"So forceful my dear, but I like that rough side of you as well." Said Harry.

That earned him another slap in the face, a blushing Daphne and a laughing Tracey. Deciding he had his fun, Harry held his hands up in mock surrender.

"Fine fine, follow me, both of you." Said Harry as he turned and walked deeper into the dungeons, Sarah right behind him. The girls were a bit nervous about it until he turned to the next empty room and entered. They followed after and found Harry looking around the room as if appraising it. The room was small, like a small empty classroom, but with no chairs or tables.

"It will have to do." Said Harry. "Keep an eye out, Sarah, I don't want anyone to come snooping around."

"Yes master." Sarah left the room, leaving the three of them alone.

Silence filled the room as Harry walked around and sat down on a chair neither of the two knew where it had come from. Then they were even more admired as he laid his feet on a table that just appeared out of nowhere, leaning on the chair and just seemed to relax.

"Dark Magic is a very emotional magic." Harry started as he closed his eyes as if sleeping. "It has a life of its own, and will not tolerate just anyone manipulating it. She likes to dominate, to control and twist people into their little play things unless you prove that you are strong enough… to make her yours."

"You speak of magic as if it is a girl or something." Said Tracey.

"Dark magic is. Light… I am not sure, but if it is alive like dark magic is, then it's a eunuch man. Anyway, Dark Magic is alive, and will only bow down if you can control your emotions and resist her temptation. Once you have proven to her you can, she is as docile as a puppy, your puppy. Now I have my core blocked…"

"Why?" asked Daphne.

Harry smirked. "Cause I am at a level that if I let my core free, anyone can feel my darkness. Considering Dumbledore is the Headmaster, letting him feel my darkness is not a good idea. Now as I was saying, my core is blocked." He then put his feet down and the table disappeared. "However, I do know a couple of dark spells that I can teach you. What would you like to see: a Japanese, a Spanish, Egyptian or an American dark spell?"

"Why not an English one?" asked Daphne.

"Cause honestly, I don't know how much Englishmen know about dark magic. Not much considering you call Voldemort a Dark Lord. I ask again: Japanese, Spanish, Egyptian or American?"

"What is the difference?" asked Tracey.

"The language. There are spells in between these cultures that are very similar in effects, but the language is different. This is because the rest of the world is trying to unite themselves after being shooed aside by the 'Great and Powerful' ICW." Said Harry as he spat on the ground. "The truth is, the rest of the world is evolving, and these guy aren't. So which one?"

"How about one of each?" asked Daphne.

"Oh, I like that idea. Very well." Harry then prepared. "I will start with Japanese, cause it's my favorite culture." He then focused both his hands, where two black orbs formed as he yelled "Kurai Rapiddoshotto!"

And just like that, thousands of small darkness orbs left Harry's hands at bullet speed, making it look like Harry's hands where a machine-gun of darkness, making both girls jumped at how fast it was. The shots flew against the wall and dispersed as they hit. Harry then stopped, breathed deeply and turned to them. "Weak, but very fast and it can wear down most shields, this spell is good when you want to intimidate someone. Now Spanish."

First Harry pushed the chair that was still there in front of him and then whispered "Respira…" He then took a deep breath and when he breathed out, a green smoke came out and as soon as it touched the chair, slowly melted the chair. Both girls were shocked at what had just happened. Harry then stopped and smirked. "Gives a new meaning to bad breath, huh? This spell can be a double edge sword, because once it leaves your body, if the wind brings it back to you, you become a victim too. Egyptian is next."

Harry concentrated and around him darkness started to gather like a cloud. Then he whispered "الطاعون الأسود" and suddenly, the cloud distorted and formed into thousands of little bugs, small as flies, but flying at high speed around Harry, which made both girls pale considerably. "انطلق" The bugs then flew off and flew to form like a black tornado around the remains of the chair. When they were gone, nothing was left. "They are so good with the cleanup. This guys can make a man disappear in a matter of seconds, but are easily destroyed by any fire spell. Well, American at last. And because American like big, we have to honor the Americans with one of my favorite spells, though it works better with my sword."

He then took a small knife from his pocket and held it like he would a sword. He raised it up, where a dark energy formed in it. He then brought it down, and a black wave that seemed to consume all light and all sound, specially the girl's gasps, left the knife and went unrelenting to the wall, where it left a big scar. A few seconds later both girls started to hear their own breaths, which were heavy and quick.

Harry smirked. "Silent Death. I just love that spell." He then turned to them. "And I am quite limited so these spells are not as powerful as they could be, I assure you. But I guess I proved my point."

Both girls nodded dumbly. Then Tracey gained a megaton smile. "I'm in, this is so wicked!"

"Tracey!" scolded Daphne before coughing. "Well… you seem… competent."

"Great. So you want to learn from me? Well there is one thing I got to teach you first. It's called… Occlumency."

Author Notes:

Delfim: This was a bitch to finish. New chapter everyone.

Lust: No sex!

Delfim: Shut up. Anyway that wasn't Egyptian, it's Arabic. I am sorry, I couldn't find a way to translate it to Egyptian.

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Teachings of the Dark.

"Good Evening." Came the calm voice of Krueger as he appeared in the show. "Sorry for taking over but Elektra is busy today, so she asked me to do today's show. I am a bit pissed that I didn't get last show, since I could have told you so many fascinating things about us tentacle creatures, but I guess this will have to do."

"So to answer the homework question, most of you seem to believe that pheromones is the only way we attack. You might have a point with over 60% of us using such methods, but we do have other ways of getting what we require…"

"Let us start with the plant tentacle creatures: they first find a spot where they can pass as simple and inoffensive plants, then release pheromones that attract females to them, which they use to implant their seeds. This are some of the gentler tentacle creatures, as not only they prepare the victim and take great care off her, the victim feels good due to pleasure and pheromones and giving birth is very easy as they come out as very slender tentacles, not issuing any pain on the mother. The best way to deal with this is have a lighter with you. Just show the flame that they run away."

"Animal Tentacle creatures are trickier. They tend to dominate their victims with a mix of superior body strength and speed and then rape the victim. They are animals through and through, and just as they are rough in mating, so the giving birth is hard, as it can go from small creatures to very large, life-threatening sizes. They ambush their victims as a predator would, they hide, seek and capture when the target is alone. The best way to deal with them is never be alone. They can be quite the cowards…"

"Slime tentacle creatures use ambush as well, but of a different kind. They patiently wait for the victim to go to them, in the form of a puddle of water or hiding in small lakes where they can pass by innocuously. They involve the victim's lower half and depending on the gender of the victim they either use their tentacles to fuck their victims or to suck the seed from a male to get impregnate themselves. They tend to be quite gentle with their way of mating and giving birth is not really a complication, but you will never find this creature on the same place you found it before, as it will move in order to avoid being caught. The best way to deal with this is throw salt in it, slimes dislike salt. Whatever you do, don't through any sort of electrical device or magic into the slime, as it will not hurt them and give them an edge, as their bodies conduct electricity. It would be like throwing your hair drier into the bathtub… not a good idea at all."

"Finally, the mechas are the worst. There are two types of mechas: those that are one hundred percent mechas which means that they were created and even if they are raping someone, it is not for reproduction nor for fun, it is just because it is in their code. The other type is the parcial mecha, which is a mechanically enhanced tentacle creature, and being mechanically enhanced hurts, so they will not be the easiest guys to deal with. They study the human life style and adapt to it, by turning their bodies into things of our dally life: toasters, tvs and what not and then trap whatever victim they are targeting. The good news is, they always target a specific person, so as long as you are not that person, you should be fine. Bad news is, if you are close to the target, you become the target as well. They might kill their partners after the raping, so this guys are the worst. One of the tasks of a Quentol is to eliminate this fiends."

"As a curiosity, some tentacle monsters may enter a symbiotic relationship with a human who has a strong enough magical core. The being gives the human the power that comes with the tentacles and complete control so long as it can feed of his energy and sustenance."

Krueger then pulled a world map. "Today we are going to talk about three places with more dark creatures in the world. This places have an enormous variety and very interesting cultures. They are: Greece, Egypt and Japan."

"Greece was arguably the place where dark creatures started to gain more power. Birthplace of beings such as the Minotaurs, Gorgons, Cyclops, Chimeras, and so many others, this place has been wrecked by wars of light versus darkness for as long as it exists. Back then humans didn't knew how to do magic, so they would face the creatures like true warriors did: spear and shield. Many of the Heroes of legend where actually people unconsciously used their magic to increase their normal capabilities, making them more than a match for the creatures. Nowadays, Greece is a prosper place for both light and dark creatures, a classic yet open minded culture which opens the doors to magical teaching and learning to all who which to learn. Their preferred focus is the sword, shield and spear, them being a more warrior community and all. Just a curiosity, everyone believes they are part and obey the rules of the ICW, but they are actually allied with the Dark Mother."

"Egypt, the home land of my fiancée, is quite similar yet different. In the past, Dark creatures where a problem, but Egypt was always a bit more open about magic, so since very early magic was used against Dark Creatures. Even dark magic was used if it could bring victory over the creatures. With the ruling of Osira, however, the war took a different turn. Now most of the previous enemies are part of the community, except for a few exceptions which, I might as well say it, don't deserve to live in society. Their preferred focus is the Staff and the Ankh, and the practitioners of magic in Egypt have a preference for long range spells and curses."

"Japan magical community was always pretty open. The only enemy they truly fight is demons, who might I say do deserve quite the pounding. AS long as the creature obeys the rules, he is welcomed. The ones that have the higher appraisal are the kitsunes, them being closer to one of the gods, Inari. They are very set on their traditions but don't force others to follow their practices as long as they follow the basic rules. Their preferred focus is the staff, the beads of praying and talismans, which take the form of papers with incantations. Japan's magic is viewed as a divine practice and those that learn magic are often monks or at least religious persons."

"The Homework will be: there is a magical community that has been raising in it's acceptance to the dark creatures. I want you to tell me who it is and why you think so. Elektra will be pleased. That is it, thank you for watching."

Peace Out.