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Dark Mother or Elektra Darkray is a character who is in the most simplest of forms a gushing mother for all dark creatures. Caring, if not a bit overprotecting, this woman has no problem mothering some of the ugliest things like trolls and goblins, doing so with a smile on her face. However she is one of the most powerful Dark Creatures of this world and will do anything she can for her children.

Focus: She has no form of magical focus, since she can't even keep her clothes on most of the time.

Magic: Grandmaster of Dark Arts and a great deal of knowledge in most magical arts.

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Harry is the child that most mothers would both love and hate to have. Obedient, but also a bit of a rogue devil, he likes to have fun in his own way, which means either fumbling with his slaves, learning or even teaching magic. However, Harry tends to drift away from the original point of a conversation and get lost on his own ramblings, something he is quite aware. Powerful with magic and capable physically, Harry makes for a very good character but not perfect, as he is both very picky with his food and his company, only allowing those that interest him to surround him and know his secrets.

Focus: A black sword and a wand.

Magic: Specializes in Dark Magic, Legilimancy and Oclumancy but has general knowledge of different branches of magic.

Fetish: Harry has only one fetish: to make the ones he loves happy. To that extent he will go along with any play that does not hurt them too badly. However he has a taste for unique individuals, whether human or not.

Slaves: Thyme the Kasha, Sarah the Nullifier, Merydia the Succubus/Dragon Hybrid and Valera the Amirikas goblin.

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Lily is a very smart witch who is wrecked with guilt due to losing her child and how her remaining one turned out. As such she often appears as a very tired woman who is slowly improving as she leaves the Potters behind. Now a teacher of Hogwarts, where both her children attend while trying to get a grip of herself, will she be able to avoid it or will she need a warm and dark embrace?

Focus: Wand.

Magic: Expert on Charms and Potions. Proficient in Transfiguration, Defense against the Dark Arts, Aritmancy, Runes and History of Magic. She is completely inadequate at Divination.

Fetish: Lily enjoys being treated sweetly and caringly during the act.

Now it is time for Daphne Greengrass.

Daphne Greengrass is a pureblooded witch from the Greengrass line and the oldest daughter of the Head of Family. Maintaining a cold, detached and noble pose, she is at a loss with her new mentor and the way he acts. Coupled with her big lack of trust for people, the pureblooded values that were forced on her and some dark secrets make her one of the biggest challenges for Harry to teach.

Focus: A wand.

Magic: at this point she has little to no knowledge of magic.

Fetish: Secret, which means I won't tell you.

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Tracey is a half-blooded witch who was raised in the magical community. Her only friend at this point is Daphne, since they were raised together. She is, however, completely different from Daphne, being a fun loving girl who finds joy in the simplest of things. However, she is not as dumb as many portray her and she will show it when it is really necessary... however that happens very rarely.

Focus: A wand.

Magic: At this point she has little to no knowledge of magic.

Fetish: Believe it or not, but this girl is not thinking about sex yet.

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Muggleborn witch or first generation witch, she is a very curious child. She never fit well with other students in the muggle schools, since most considered her a know-it-all bookworm. It didn't help that since she couldn't make any friends, she would take solace in libraries and followed what the Teachers told her to the letter. Thinking that she would have fitted better in the magical world, she quickly became disappointed when she met Bryan and Ron, and only started to feel more hope when she met Harry, someone who welcomed her and her insatiable curiosity with open arms.

Focus: A wand.

Magic: She has basic knowledge of the basic curriculum of the first year of Hogwarts and some spells of the other years' curriculums.

Fetish: While she is aware of what intercourse is, she has yet to form any sort of practical experimentation on that area nor has any ideas of doing it so soon.

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Chapter 6 Of Flashbacks and Meetings

Daphne was at a loss. She was considering her past few weeks since she became a... student under Harry Darkray, the supposed lost brother of the Boy-Who-Lived, champion of light and there is only one thing she knows for sure: the guy was a sadist, cruel boy. She formed that idea when they first started to learn occlumency, all those weeks ago.


Daphne and Tracey were now sitting on chairs in front of secretaries with Harry walking in front of a blackboard and looking at them. He slowly stated "Magic has many realms, many branches, many secrets and many dangers, but so far I have found no magic that is more important to start with than Oclumancy, one of the two mind arts, the shield of the mind. Can you guess why it is so important?"

Daphne grumbled at being treated like as a student by someone her age while Tracey was thinking, not at all that bothered. "Hum... to protect your mind against attacks?"

"Attacks yes! What attacks, by whom, can you specify?" asked Harry with a smirk.

"Hum... well..." Tracey was at a loss of words.

"You mentioned two mind arts, so if one is a shield, I guess the other is a sword." said Daphne. "So it is important to protect you against someone that has such power."

"Yeah, that!" said Tracey with a smile.

Harry had a smile of his own, but his spoke of amusement and not relief. "Congratulations, you found one of the things that makes Oclumancy so important. The truth is that that is, however, a smaller part of the true reason why oclumancy is so important." He then seemed to frown. "But then again you two are new to magic so I suppose I must enlighten you."

He then made a drawing of the outline of a human body. "You see, every magic you study will always have a side effect on you. Those that study charms tend to have a more cheerful personality." He then wrote charms and made a smile on the drawing's face. "Those that study transfiguration have both more resistance to forceful transfigurations and may be capable of self-transfiguration." He wrote Transfiguration and animated the drawing in order for it to transform itself in a drawing of a cat. "The taking of different potions slowly builds a resistance. EVERY magic leaves marks on you."

"Is that so?" asked Daphne. "Cause my father is quite adept at using charms and is not that cheerful."

"Have you ever watched him when he is casting?" asked Harry making Daphne frown as she thought about it. "Have you ever seen his eyes, how they shine that bit more when using charms? You will notice it, it happens to all. And maybe he is just fighting its effects ever thought of that?" He then turned back to the drawing and erased transfiguration and charms and forced the drawing back to normal. "So what effects do you think that magic that connects to your mind will have on you?"

"Anything that deals with... thoughts and... memories right?" asked Tracey timidly. Harry pointing at her.

"CORRECT!" yelled Harry pointing at her. "Correct! Nice one Tracey! Yes, magic that deals with the mind will leave effects on your thoughts and your memories."

"Is that a good or a bad thing?" asked Daphne.

"It depends." said Harry. "It's like Dark Magic: if you learn it the wrong way, it will leave bad marks. If not it will be good side effects. It all depends on how you learn it." He then turned back to the board. "Oclumancy is your mind's only protection against legillimens, people that can read your mind. Did you know that while there exist natural oclumens, and when I say natural I mean people who possess the power to use this ability without having been taught a single thing about it, the number of natural legillimens is far superior?"

"Which means that most people are open targets." said Daphne. "Their secrets are completely exposed."

"Correct. In fact you girls." He pointed to both. "Have already been victim of one of the four great legillimens of this school."

This alarmed both of them. "What?"

Harry just shook his head at their expressions. "Tell me, how where you sorted?"

"The thinking cap. He..." Tracey then frowned before she looked horrified and turned to Daphne, who was just as freaked out.

"Yes, he went into your mind." said Harry. "Not only that, but he did one thing that only the best can do, he changed your ideas about it so you wouldn't notice until it was pointed out, thus allowing him in without any form of resistance. And as I said, he is only one of four."

"Who are the other three?" asked Daphne seriously.

"Well, me for once." said Harry, making both look at him. "I advanced far enough in legillimency to be able to not only scan surface thoughts, alter some ideas or memories from others but also gain the bonus that comes with this magic, which includes faster thought process and what is called the magical vision."

"Magical Vision?" asked Tracey.

"It allows me to see the mind and core of other people. By seeing the mind I can see if people are legillimen, which makes it look like they have tentacles coming out of their heads, or oclumens, which makes it look like they have walls around their minds... or if they have none of those skills, which shows the thoughts of the person without requiring that I enter that person's mind. And by watching the core I can see how much power one has, if the person has been learning only light magic or other branches of magic and if they have their core blocked or restrained."

"What about the other two legillimens?" Asked Daphne.

Harry was about to answer when he paused and face-palmed. "I did it again. I just can't stop drifting away. Well, the other two are our dear Head of House, Severus Snape, and the last is our esteemed Headmaster, Albus Dumbledore." At their wide eyed look, he said "I kid you not, the man himself tried to enter my mind during the sorting but I was able to repel him, and this is why I want you to learn oclumancy first, we can't be too cautious."

"You think he might read our mind?" asked Daphne.

"My dear, the Headmaster has an obsession with me, what with me being the long lost child of the Potter family, which he seems to be strangely fond of, and will do anything to find some leverage against me. I would not be surprised if he entered your mind just so he could find something that may help him on his quest to get me under his and my old family's thumb."

"So let's start! The sooner I can keep those creeps out of my mind, the better." yelled Tracey.

"Ha, but you see, there is a problem with that." said Harry making them turn to him. "Witch method shall I use to teach you. There are up to 3 methods to teach you oclumency: I can use the faster and more common way, which involves me forcing myself into your heads, breaking down your defenses in the most painful way which forces your mind to reconstruct those defenses before going in and doing it again until the defenses you create can keep me out. The good thing about this one is that it is fast, I can get you to the point of being able to defend against Dumbledore in a matter of days, two weeks tops. However... can you see what the problem with this method is?"

"You mean beside it being painful?" asked Tracey.

"My dear Tracey, no pain, no gain!" said Harry with a wicked smile.

Daphne was in deep thought, analyzing everything that had been said up until then while Tracey just looked lost. "... You said you destroy the defenses on the mind of people to force their mind to reconstruct them..."

"Yes, like building a muscle, you make it hurt a lot with exercise in order for it to grow." explained Harry.

"But what if the mind has no defenses to begin with?" asked Daphne.

Harry just stared at her, his smile slowly growing and unnerving the two girls. Then he spoke. "I love you smart witches, you are something else… Indeed, if there is no defenses to begin with, then I am destroying nothing, and nothing will be rebuilt."

"And since the hat got in on us so easily..." continued Tracey. "I suppose we have either little or no oclumency shields."

"Precisely! Thus making this method useless on you. Moving on, method number two involves me forcing you into your own mind where YOU create your own defenses. This method is not painful..."

"Thank goodness." said Tracey.

"However it takes years to perfect and we do not have years." said Harry. "As such, I propose a mixed method: I force you into your own minds in order for you to build your own defenses, then I go there and break them, which then will not only force your mind to build new natural defenses, but you yourself can go and build new or reorganize the natural ones you gained, before I break them again until you are powerful enough."

Harry then went to the black board. "With this I wish to work on:" he then wrote 'Objectives' "One, the defenses of your mind and two, the organization of your thoughts and memories, thus leaving you with good barriers, improve your ability to remember things and to control your own thoughts, which will latter allow you to control your emotions more easily."

"What do you mean?" asked Tracey.

Harry turned to her confused. "I'm sorry what?"

"What do you mean with control our emotions better?" asked Tracey.

"Oh that, pretty easy to explain. Have you ever been in that situation where you want to keep yourself calm, but your mind keeps picturing worse case scenarios, getting worse and worse and making you more and more worried? How about that moment when you see something that touches you deep in your heart and you can't stop the tears? Newsflash! That is all controlled by the mind and while you can't stop yourself from feeling, you can control your feelings better and this makes it easier to use dark magic without being controlled by it which leads to yet another reason to learn Oclumency."

"How long does this new method take?" asked Daphne.

"... A minimal of 4 weeks... but it will probably take you this year to get to the level I want, since I will be teaching you more than oclumency." said Harry.

"Then how are we going to protect our minds until then?"

"My dear, that is where my knowledge comes in, you see I have advanced so far in oclumency that I can create what is called a magical tulpa..."

*******Flashback end*******

After the explanation, both Daphne and Tracey had tulpas put in their heads to protect them. At first Daphne was against having something like that in her head, but so far it kept himself quiet and had already proved its worth...


"The Headmaster wishes to speak with you." said Snape as he stood behind the teens who were in the great hall avoiding once again the food. It was dinner time, and while everyone else hate, they ignored the food entirely, knowing that they still had their reserve to fall back to.

"Certainly." said Harry. "I'll just..."

"Not you..." said Snape, making Harry raise an eyebrow. He then turned to give Daphne and Tracey a look. "The Headmaster wishes to speak with you both."

"What? What have we done?" asked an alarmed Tracey.

"I have no knowledge of the why you were summoned however if you are not guilty of anything then you should have no reason to worry." stated Snape. "Now move along, the Headmaster awaits you."

Both girls gave Harry unsure looks who just winked at them. They slowly made their way, following Snape to the Headmaster's office, who was waiting for them behind his secretary.

"Ha, Miss Greengrass, Miss Davies, please sit down." He mentioned for the two chairs in front of his desk. "Severus, that will be all." Snape nodded and left the office.

As both were sitting down, the tulpas inside their heads brought out a memory of Harry's lessons.

"When dealing with a legillimens, you must focus on a few things: first, he is as much if not more adept at hiding his body language and his true feelings from you than you are from him."

"I called you both here because I have a few things to ask you about your... acquaintance."

"Second, do not let him believe he is in control, take the conversation away from the topic he wants to discuss, or focus on a point he does not wish to aboard..."

"And why would you speak to us and not our acquaintance? Surely it would be better right?" asked Daphne.

Dumbledore seemed uncertain for a moment. "Well... he and I have our divergences, but I am here to ask you a few questions..."

"About Malfoy? Certainly, what do you want?" asked Tracey.

Dumbledore blinked once before getting back on track. "No, I'm afraid that the acquaintance I speak of is not Mister Malfoy but Mister Po... Darkray." He then tried to look into their eyes, but they looked at his beard instead, remembering another lesson.

"A legillimens will try to make eye contact because while the rest of your head is protected by bone infused on your own magic, your eyes are direct links to your brain. Until you are powerful enough with your oclumancy, don't look a legillimen in the eye!"

"Well we know next to nothing about him, so you knocked on the wrong door." joked Tracey.

"Indeed. We have just met him and he is not the most forthcoming person. There is nothing we could tell you about him, for we know nothing ourselves besides the fact that he is a genius in magical theory."

"Yes, I have heard about his accomplishments in class, very impressive." said Dumbledore. "However, I wanted to know..."

"Headmaster, we already told you we know nothing of Darkray, there is no point in continuing this discussion." stated Daphne.

Then it hit her, like a worm trying to force itself into her skull, the same feeling she got when Harry first showed her how legillimancy feels when the eyes are not a possible entry point. The pain that went through her skull almost made her miss the words that echoed in her head.

"When cornered, the legillimen will push all his might into a single probe and try to invade the mind of another to not only get info but make him complacent. While you will have a tulpa with you, and I can assure you he will protect you, I want you to try and do some quick oclumancy tricks: keep your mind filled with thoughts, different random thoughts for they will create a fog that will obscure your memories."

Daphne started to bring up her school work, transfigurating the needle, the potion, her recent class of charms, everything came rushing in and she could feel the probe stop for a second before trying once again.

"Be as mentally loud as you can. Scream in your own mind and think of as much noise as you can. Legillimen are vulnerable to the noise your mind makes since they are diving head first into it."

Daphne didn't think of any sound, she just screamed. No words, no coherent thought she just screamed in her own mind. Once again she could feel the probe stopping, even trembling under her screams, but it pushed on.

"At this point, this is all you can do. However do not despair, the tulpa in your head won't let you down."

She heard a mental scream and the probe left her mind. She was back to the Headmaster's office, with a few differences: first, Tracey was looking at her worried. Second, Dumbledore was grabbing his head in pain. Third, some of the objects in the room were now broken.

Dumbledore breathed deeply. This did not go as planned. It was bad enough that she was using the baser forms of oclumancy, but once again he was stopped, by the same brat that has been stopping him all along. He saw him just standing in his front, a smirk in his face as he uttered a simple "Boo!"

Then pain hit his mind like a wrecking ball to a concrete wall. He now had the biggest headache he had ever felt, the magical backlash had wrecked some of the objects tied to him and had gotten nothing out of her. But he had to keep face about things. Perhaps he could still avoid any questions from the two witches.

"Well, I think it is pretty late is it not?" he muttered as he got up. "Professor Snape will escort you to your dorms, he is patiently waiting outside."

Once again, Harry's words came into their minds.

"Most advanced legillimen are so used to getting into the mind of someone easily that when confronted with a wall, they try to deny that their attempt ever happened, behaving as if they have never even tried to get inside your mind. Go with it. The less you press the legillimens, the less he will try to probe your mind."

"Yes, it is pretty late." said Daphne as she got up.

"Yeah, we have classes in the morning." said Tracey as she got up. "Well, have a goodnight Headmaster.

"Ha yes, a goodnight for you two." muttered Dumbledore.

They left the office and Snape escorted them silently towards the common room. Once they got in the girls dorms, Tracey turned and asked "Okay, what happened?"

"... I will admit, I am really glad for this tulpa things."

*******Flashback end*******

But however useful the tulpas were, Harry still went all out into training them in Oclumancy and he was not kidding, it hurt. She passed out the first time and Tracey still shivered when she remembered her first lesson.

However, if that was all they had learned from Harry, then she would be disappointed. But what confused her was what he began teaching them alongside oclumancy. It started when one day, Sarah came to them with a bunch of muggle clothes - she called it sport clothes - and told them to be on the entrance of the school the day after at 6 o'clock.


"It's freezing! What is that git thinking making us come here at this hour?" asked a furious Tracey.

"He will have a lot to answer for, this muggle clothes feel weird." said Daphne as she tried to pull her top down a bit more. She found the clothes to revealing for her taste.

"The clothes are okay, it's just too bloody early for god's sake!" muttered Tracey.

"My my, such foul language." they turned to see Harry jogging towards them, dressed in his muggle sport clothes with Sarah right behind him. "My heart nearly stopped! But since I love you I will forgive you, my dear."

"You will forgive me?" asked Tracey incredulous. Then she yelled "You are the one that made us come here at this ungodly hour! You should be asking for forgiveness not forgiving me!"

"Ha!" said Harry as if he understood. "Sarah didn't told you, did she? Well let's start with the reason why we are here, dressed as we are, at this hour shall we?"

He then made a few gestures with his wand, which he took from god knows where, and there were now much warmer, to the relief of the two girls.

"I have made a few observations about this magical community based on this school's students and this is what I came up with: due to their lifestyle, their eating habits and a bit of genetics involved, nearly half of this generation will end up obese or having health problems related to bad eating habits."

Tracey and Daphne looked at each other before looking at him. "It can't be that bad." said Tracey.

"Oh no? This school offers little to no physical exercise to students, promoting a more sedentary lifestyle which is only more supported by the fact that most jobs here in Britain tend to be bureaucratic, less physical jobs, thus not stimulating a healthy lifestyle. The food they eat here is the normal traditional English cuisine, except the food they use is magically raised, which I already explained how bad that is for you, and is dripping with grease, focusing on meats and more fattening food, thus not promoting a healthy diet. Finally, basing of what I have seen and heard from a few of my contacts, nearly 25% of the previous generation is obese. From those numbers, at least 15% is genetic, thus it plays its role."

"So what, you are going to have us work out?" asked Daphne.

"Yes I will." said Harry surprising both of them. "Come on, girls, there are good reasons for it! First let's talk about the benefits to you. My training regime is one that focus on improving your muscle tissue..."

"Muscle?" asked Tracey, not liking where this is going.

"Yes, muscle. You see muscle tissue burns more fat than normal tissue, and the more developed it is the more fat it burns, creating more energy. This process of burning fat for energy is called metabolism and is something your body does naturally, but I want better than that. So my workout promotes more muscle tissue, which increases the efficiency of your metabolism, more fat loss and more energy production, turning you more active. Second, your magic will benefit from this." this got the attention of both of them. "Magic is affected by 3 things: your core or the amount of power you have, which is trained by repetitive use of spells and such; your mind, the saner you are, the easier it is to control your magic and finally how fit your body is, which determines how much power it can wield at a specific time. In a matter of speaking: the core determines how much you can spend, the mind how much you can control and the body how much you can use at a given time."

"So even if we have more power we can't use it because our body can't handle it." said Tracey.

"Correct! Can you see now why this is important?"

"That's all well and good, but you assume we will just go along with this." said Daphne in a cold voice, making Harry look at her confused.

"What my friend is trying to say is that... having big muscles does not look that appealing to us." said Tracey.

Harry blinked at them, not understanding what they were getting at until it clicked. "OH! I get it, you are speaking of those Muggle Body Builders. No no no no. They get those muscles through a combination of insane workouts and drugs. No, what I am proposing is smaller but more efficient muscle grown. You will see, you will look great. Look at Sarah for example, she looks good, right?"

They both turned to look at the fighter and had to recognize that she did look good. No fat could be seen but she wasn't all bones either, her skin still looked soft but she had a look of strength on her. The final point is that while you could see some muscles on her, she still maintained a feminine charm and appearance. "Fine, I see your point. So we have to work out."

"Every day, I pick this hour cause after this the most you will do is sit down and take notes, allowing you to rest, which makes this easier then wait for the end of classes, when you are mentally exhausted and not able to do your best. Now let's start with light jogging."

*******Flashback end******

Of course light jogging was anything but light, and if it was only jogging than Daphne wouldn't complain. What was the deal with all those exercises? Surely they didn't need to do so many! Daphne had to groan at the pain she felt after the first workout, but she could clearly see his point. They had to work out, it had too many advantages for her to ignore.

Leaving the realm of physical pain behind, it was only in the last two weeks that he started teaching them magic, and even then it was nothing like she expected it to be.


"Well I think it's time I taught you some magic for real." said Harry making them both look at him. It was after their oclumancy workout and him recharging the tulpas within their minds. Apparently they have a time limit, go figure. "And the first magic I will teach you comes from Ancient Greece, from the time of the myths and legends of old. I will teach you how to strengthen your bodies."

"Strengthen our bodies?" asked Tracey while Daphne narrowed her eyes.

"Yes, to make your bodies do the impossible. In Greece, many years ago, people didn't know how to use magic and not many possessed the gift of using magic. Not only that, but the world of magic and the world of muggle weren't separated by discreet yet efficient ways, they were completely mixed together. So how did they face the amazing creatures of that time? How does a man beat a Minotaur when the creature can break your bones with one punch? How can you face a centaur that can run faster than you? Any ideas?"

When neither answered him, he continued. "Simple, they would fight like soldiers did, armor, shield and spear. However, there were some among them that awoke the gift in a most unique way. They would use their magic to augment their bodies, making them have the strength to beat a Minotaur, or the speed to outrun a centaur, or even to be able to think faster, jump higher, anything that could give them the advantage. Those became known as heroes of legend, whose stories are still told today."

"And how does that help?" asked an angry Daphne, making Harry look at her surprised. "I thought you were going to teach us Dark Magic, but so far all you taught us is how to protect our mind and to tire ourselves out with muggle exercise! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO TEACH US SOME REAL MAGIC?!"

Harry's eyes took a hard look while both Tracey and Sarah gasped. The room was filled with shadows dancing and distorting themselves around them as his eyes shined with more and more power, yet he seemed to not even sweat. "Real Magic?" he asked, barely a whisper, yet his tone carrying a hint of danger. "So you don't consider protecting your mind real magic?" He then nodded. "So you would prefer to have Dumbledore going all over your mind, doing as he wishes with you and leaving you an obedient puppy?"

Daphne trembled, fear gripping her insides as she felt her entire core enveloped by his aura, and felt how much he outmatched her. Gathering whatever courage she had, she yelled "No, that's not it!"

"You don't consider important to prepare your body." continued Harry, as if he didn't hear her. "Considering that there are some spells that will demand your body to wield a large amount of magic which can and will kill you if you're not ready, I would consider preparation a very important part, don't you?"


"And your body is your ultimate weapon. What if your wand breaks, huh? What if you are left defenseless against an enemy? Wouldn't it be better to prepare your body to fight in such situation?"

Daphne was left speechless as she just stared, not knowing what to say, scared at the power he was wielding. Harry was now in front of her and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him, only for the darkness to disappear and his eyes to return to normal. He then spoke in a much more tender tone. "Everything I am teaching you has a reason. Before we can attack, we must have the means to defend. I understand this is frustrating to you, who has such thirst for dark magic, but you must understand that the greatest of wizards are those that don't focus solely on one art!" As she stared in confusion, he smiled. "As much as I don't like him, Dumbledore is one of the strongest wizards of Britain, and he doesn't only specialize in one branch does he? I mean he is a legillimens, has skills in alchemy, knows a lot of combat spells but that is the thing, he has knowledge in many different arts allowing him to act accordingly! That is what I am doing with you two, I am giving you that knowledge which may prove invaluable when the time comes! You will see! One day you will look back and you will be thankful for these lessons, I guarantee! So let's put this behind our backs and focus on the lesson, shall we?"

Daphne could do nothing but nod. His words slowly sank in, and as she frowned at her own action, she grabbed her wand, now much more determinate.

*********Flashback end*********

And she had to admit, after learning how to strengthen her body, she felt much more powerful. Harry later explained that this was one type of magic that worked both body and core, thus making it a very good exercise to prepare a person for more powerful spells.

However he still confused her. She knew that he didn't enter her mind, outside of the times he did to break apart her defenses of course, as she would have felt it by now, but she still felt compelled to listen to him. Him, the goofy, sadistic prick that was either giving them long lectures about whatever they were learning or cracking jokes. He was nothing but a buffoon with power.

And yet, she felt it, something that told her that she was better off following him, learning from him. Whether it was his explanations, his talent with said teachings, perhaps the inadequacy that was shown by the other students who weren't learning the things she was or something else, she didn't know, but she had never felt this kind of connection to anyone, and it confused her.

For now, she would follow his lead. Once she figured out what was wrong with her, she could act on it.

******With Harry******

Harry couldn't be happier. He had two very hardworking students and so far no one had a clue to what they were truly learning. He had been quite proud of their achievements, especially in the dark arts which was in the beginning of this very week.


"SO! Your first dark spell, how exciting!" said Harry with his fists raised up, making Tracey giggle and Daphne to roll her eyes at him. They were once again on their little unused classroom, with Sarah looking outside so they wouldn't be disturbed.

"Yes yes, how exciting." said Daphne. "So what are you going to teach us?"

"Well I figured that if I went for something defensive, you madam would try to bash my head in." At Daphne's glare and Tracey's laugh, he continued "So I thought of something more offensive. This is a basic dark spell and very good at preparing you to deal with the others. But first!"

"A lecture!" said Tracey, mocking his enthusiasm.

"A lecture yes!" said Harry, also in a joking manner. "You have to understand what you are casting and why this is important, no?"

"Why is this room always empty, this is like the 3rd week we are using this room and it always looks the same." commented Tracey.

"Well... I can't really give you an answer but I can tell you there are no bugs or any sort of monitoring devices or spells in this room. I should know, I searched the room quite extensively."

"What?" asked a surprised Tracey "When did you?"

"My theory is that at the time of Hogwarts creation they were either teaching far more branches of magic then they do today…" Harry kept on as if he didn't hear her. "Or planning to teach a heck of a lot more here, but just couldn't find the resources or people to do it, though I could be wrong I mean..."

"And about the dark spell?" asked Daphne, making Harry blink as his train of thought was broken.

"... I drifted away again... well about the spell..." He went to the now familiar blackboard and wrote a date. "1127. In this year a wizard first created this spell as a means to make it easier for him to teach his apprentice about dark magic. He was so successful that his spell his now used as initiation to dark magic in many countries. The Spell was called Sorrow Shot and it is a spell that combines magic with emotions that turn it into a dark spell."

"Emotions turn it into a dark spell? You lost me there." said Tracey.

"Haven't I explained to you yet?" asked Harry. "Dark Magic is a living and very emotional force. It will use your own emotions to control you, and this is made much easier to her when her spells require you to pour your own emotions into the spell."

"So how do we avoid being controlled?" asked Daphne.

"Luckily for you, you have learned the art of Oclumancy with yours truly." He said with a smile and open arms, as if saying 'ta-da', making Daphne roll her eyes at him and Tracey to giggle at his theatrics. "So now you have an advantage as you can control your emotions more easily. However, don't let this get over your head." at this he turned serious, making both look at him, knowing this was important. "For you can still be a victim... of the allure."

"The allure?" asked Tracey.

"Yes, the allure. Some spells make you feel good, like really good." explained Harry. "So good, you can't stop yourself from using them... and again... and again. Until you realize that something is wrong with you: the other spells which you knew before now feel weaker and make you feel bad, almost like you are committing treason or something, while that one spell remains strong and makes you feel good, powerful. At one point that spell is the only thing you can use, while all the other spells are nothing short of impossible, and you became a slave of that one spell. That is the allure and Dark Magic is filled with spells that have that effect."

"Like what?" asked Daphne.

"Well, your so called Unforgivable Curses! Each of them has a different form of allure that affects different people. Like Bellatrix Lestrange, who became a slave to her Cruxio, and is completely insane. Or Perhaps your own Dark Lord! I heard he was quite adept at just firing Avada Kedavras around and I don't really need to point out what went wrong with him do I?" At this both girls shook their heads. "There are many, oh so many spells which have this effect, too much to count really. So let's just learn this spell and try to keep you from falling into the allure, okay?"

Both girls nodded, not wanting to end like any of those two examples. Harry turned and with a wave of the wand, a dummy appeared... which strangely looked like Dumbledore. "Hum... should have made him taller... and have more beard." he then turned to them. "Sorrow Shot is a pretty easy spell to start with. It is a spell where you must amass, to either the tip of your wand or if you prefer the palms of your hand, an equal concentration of magic and one feeling: sorrow."

"Sorrow?" asked Tracey.

"Yes, Sorrow. This spell is pretty good because the two components will mix creating the dark spell Sorrow Shot, which will attack both the physical part of your enemy..." He then proceeded to create a grey almost white orb which he threw at the dummy, whose head fell of and the rest of his body emitted a pale light. "... But also the emotional part, making him feel the sorrow you put into the spell. Now this is a good spell for practice because if you put too much sorrow compared to magic ratio..." he created it again, this time the orb was much more grey and when he shot, the dummy suffered no damage while it still emitted the pale light. "It will only affect the emotional part of the enemy. Too much magic, and it will burst in your hands like a little bubble of soap, since it will be sorrow that keeps everything together. Any questions?"

"Yes, you talked about an attack to the emotional part of the enemy, what you mean?" asked Tracey.

"Well, imagine you are fighting someone and you are hit with this spell. You are hit with a feeling of sorrow and grief you cannot understand, since not only they aren't your own, but they come very suddenly and strong. This will leave you confused about your own emotions unless, of course, you can control them. Now imagine this: you are damaged in both physical and emotional ways, so the pain your feeling plus the emotional disarray makes it difficult to control yourself, your oclumancy fails and you become an easy target from that point on."

"A perfect spell to bring down people who normally would have the advantage." said Daphne.

"Yes except remember it still depends on both your control over the spell, your emotions and the amount of power you have. So let's start this show!" said Harry as he sat down on a chair and opened one of his hieroglyph filled sheets. "Focus your mind and slowly pour both your magic and that feeling of sorrow and helplessness onto the spell. Remember to do so slowly."

"Shouldn't you watch over us? We might do it wrong." said Daphne.

"I am watching over you, I am just readying this at the same time." said Harry. "Now come on, time is wasting."

Daphne huffed as she looked at Tracey, whose magic was starting to appear in front of her wand until POP! "HA!" yelled Tracey in fright as she saw her little sphere pop.

"Too much magic, too little sorrow. Come on Tracey you can do it." said Harry, not even raising his head from the page he was readying.

"Does it have to be sorrow?" asked Tracey.

"Not really, but emotions that bring you down are the best for the spell. You want to demoralize your opponent, not give him hope." answered Harry. "Daphne, I want to see you try too."

Daphne nodded and turned to her wand, slowly pouring both magic and feeling. A dark grey sphere started to appear before Harry's voice said "Too much feelings, Daphne, let that spell go and try again."

Daphne let go of the spell and looked up at him. He was still readying the text, no move to indicate that he was watching them. Then as Tracey tried again, Harry commented "Not bad, using fear, but you need to pour more feelings Tracey. It's a bit like painting or writing a poem, you have to go into your heart and pull out those feelings."

Daphne decided to just go with it. He seemed to have everything covered even if he wasn't looking at them, and she wanted to learn this spell so she went to try again. "No Daphne, you have to pour them at the same time or they won't mix. Try again." she heard him say as she once again let go of the spell to try again.

It took both of them up to 3 hours before they were able to cast the spell. Harry took a good look and nodded. "Alright, you have the spell there, but let's see you throwing it." said Harry has he pointed to where now stood two Dumbledummys. "Come on, shoot!"

"Sorrow Shot!" said both as they trusted their wands. What happened next surprised them as the spell left their wands... and grew weaker as it went until it touched the dummys with no effect.

"Don't worry, I wanted this to happen." said Harry. "You see you learned how to create the spell, but using the spell is more than just creating it. You have to have control of it before you send it, or it will just disperse as it goes! This is the toughest part. Remember the three parts of using a spell?"

"Preparation, will and power." answered both Tracey and Daphne.

"Yes. Now you girls have finished preparation, have enough power for the spell so what is missing?"

"The will." said Tracey, now understanding what went wrong.

"There we go!" said Harry with a clap of hands before pointing again. "So, now you have to focus, onto the spell, the why you want it to happen, why it must happen, and how you want it to happen. So let's try that again, okay?"

Both girls nodded before fixing their stare on the Dumbledummys (I know that this may be breaking your concentration from the story, but is it me, or does this sound like some form of Dumbledore shaped gummy bears?). It would take them 2 days to finally have it down, but when they finally did it, they couldn't have been happier.

******Flashback end********

He still had them practice that spell today, just so they got the hang of it, but he knew that this one was in the bag. He was already thinking of what to teach them next. Maybe something a little bit more challenging. Respira maybe?

But those were not the only good news, no sir it wasn't. His mother sent him a letter today...


Harry was eating with the girls. He was starting to get worried since his food supplies were running low and Hogwarts food still didn't seem safe to eat.

"When will they learn that not all the students are capable of eating this garbage?" asked Harry as he glared at the School's food.

"Patience master, Thyme is doing her best to find the Kitchen but it's not easy when the food is teleported here instead of being brought here." Sarah tried to appease Harry with her words but she too felt distressed about the situation. Being a capable cook, having to deal with a place that served this… junk was vexing for her.

"How is your cat going to find the kitchen?" asked Tracey. "I mean, she looks smart, but she is still just a cat."

"Just a cat? JUST a cat? Oh Tracey, you should know by now that nothing is just something with me. If anyone can find the kitchens, it's going to be that kitty." said Harry.

Just then, an owl dropped an emerald green letter on Harry's front, leaving everyone but Harry himself surprised. They knew that some letters color meant that they were special, the prime example being the howlers, but they had never seen a green envelope.

Harry opened it and pulled the letter out. As he read the letter, his smile couldn't be wider.

My dear son

Rejoice, you won't be the youngest member of our family anymore, for I am once again expecting a new child. I can hardly wait. You should have seen the face of the trolls when they heard, it's like Christmas came early for them.

I have heard that not only you are at the top of your class but you already have two girls under your wing. Very good my dear. If I know you, they must be quite the interesting duo. You always were attracted to the most peculiar people.

I almost forgot, but Master Shinegumi asked that you meet him when you are off school. Apparently something is going on in Japan and he wants you to help him deal with it. So I am afraid your Christmas vacations will have to be reprogramed, dear.

On another note, we have to find a different form of communication. I have nothing against this adorable creatures, but walking to an owl office to send letters might become a bit of a problem later on with your new sibling coming up.



"Finally!" said Harry after readying. "I was tired of being the youngest."

"What?" asked Tracey, surprised.

"You are going to have a brother?" asked Daphne.

"Or sister... or both, wouldn't be the first time... maybe if I am lucky I will have three!" said Harry with glee.

"That is pretty rare you know." said Tracey.

"Rare, not impossible." said Harry, his smile never leaving has he looked up to the fake sky with his hands behind his head. "Besides who cares at this point, I am going to have a younger sibling! That is all that matters!"

*******Flashback end*********

The news still brought a smile to his face. He was definitely looking forward to have a younger sibling, and teach him as much as he could, to turn him or her into yet another legend among the dark forces... the anticipation was killing him.

Of course, not all was well and good. Harry was getting a tad sick of Malfoy's plots of revenge...


Harry was walking with Daphne, Tracey and Sarah behind him towards yet another potion class. "This is the thing that most people ignore about nundus. Sure they don't breathe fire or fly, but it can take up to 100 wizards to bring down a Nundu while it takes roughly 10 to bring down a dragon. They are just so rare nowadays that most people ignore those little facts."

"Well Dragons are much more intimidating..." said Tracey.

"No, what you meant to say is that pure dragons are uglier. Nundus don't look so ugly, so people write them off as less threatening. A Nundu specialist wizard can tackle a dragon, but a dragon specialist will have a very hard time with a nundu."

They sat down on their usual places... which meant that Harry and Sarah sat beside Hermione, who was slowly opening up to the idea of having a Slytherin friend. Especially because he shared a lot of her curiosity towards magic or had the answers to her questions.

"What is this Quillie creature? The fur is nothing like I have ever seen before!" asked Hermione as she looked at one of the ingredients for the class´ potion.

Harry chuckled. "You want to know the funny thing? It isn't a creature, it's a tree. Quillie tree is a tree that covers itself in fur that can, if threatened, act like a porcupine's spiky fur: standing up and pricking anything that comes to close. When that happens, the fur look like small little quills, hence the name."

"I have never heard of it." said Hermione.

"Probably because he is lying to you." muttered Ron. "That's all you Slytherins are good for."

"Mister Weasley, Have I done anything to offend you? If so I am so sorry." said Harry.

Bryan took the chance. "Yeah, I'm sorry you are a no good Slytherin too."

"Bryan!" whispered Hermione furiously.

"And why are you all not paying attention?" asked Snape, making them look at him. It was only at this point they realized he was in front of them, and not in front of the class. He turned to look at Bryan and smirked. "Well well, Mister Potter. Clearly keeping yourself silent is a monumental task however I would ask that you stop disturbing your classmates. 5 points from Griffindor."

Bryan groaned while Harry smirked. He had to admit that it was quite funny to see Snape messing up with someone. He turned to his cauldron and was about to return to his work when the hand of Sarah stopped right in front of his face, catching something that was about to fall in his potion. He took a good look and saw that they were...

"Mister Darkray." Harry turned to see Snape look at him. "What is your bodyguard holding?"

Harry just smiled. Time for some payback. "Curious that you may ask, professor. Sarah?"

"Yes sir. Apparently it's some sort of miniature explosive device which would have exploded inside the cauldron of my ma...charge. The trajectory indicates that it came from back there." she then pointed to a table from where Malfoy and his friends were watching, who rapidly paled when the finger seemed to point at him specifically.

Snape followed the tip and went into that table. His face contorted into anger. He walked into the table and whispered furiously. "Foolish child! Don't you know that we are dealing with very delicate components? One mistake and you could have killed us all!" He then took a deep breath before continuing, now much calmer. "Mister Darkray, Mister Malfoy, you will stay after class so we can... deal with this matter in a more private setting."

*******Flashback end*******

Malfoy had to ear the biggest sermon of his life about how much was at stake: winning the cup, beating the record, and staying united and how much his behavior was hurting such endeavors while Harry just sipped a cup of tea while watching. They were forced to shake hands at the end of it, much to Malfoy's chagrin.

However, that meant nothing for Malfoy for that was not the first nor last time he would try to do such tricks. That was 4 weeks ago and he still tried to do anything to take revenge on Harry, which never worked: he would call some of the older students who knew who is dad was, Harry would deal with them with a mixture of his own physical skills and a more than happy to help Sarah. He would try to get him in trouble with the teachers, and Harry's charming demeanor and manners got him off whatever Malfoy planned. In other words, nothing Malfoy tried actually worked, but it still annoyed him that there could be someone so conceited.

However, if dealing with Malfoy was bad, dealing with his brother was worse. Especially because apparently he was being truthful about the "This isn't over" threat.


Harry was sitting with Daphne and Tracey, who were glaring at him. This was the first day after they started physical exercise and even after they took a bath and got dressed they were dead beat tired. Harry just laughed at their faces while Sarah appeared with yet another custom made meal. "Come on girls, it wasn't that bad."

"You are a monster, you know that right?" asked Tracey.

Harry just laughed. "You should have met Ares! That guy would beat you with a tiny spoon and laugh about It." he then gained his custom wicked smile. "Speaking of things to laugh about, how can I help you, Mister Potter?"

Behind him stood Bryan and his group, though this time there was a noticeable difference. Hermione looked at Harry with a bright smile which Harry answered with one of his own. "Well well well if it isn't Miss Granger! What have you thought about that book I gave you?"

She instantly scowled. "I understand the need to give me that book, but I hate what it said."

"I am sorry, but when I saw that none of your new friends were being very forthcoming about it I couldn't help but give you the book. I want you to know that I do not approve nor believe in anything that was expressed within that book."

Bryan and Ron looked confused. "What are you two talking about?"

"Oh?" asked Harry with curiosity. "She didn't tell you? Well as you know, our dear Miss Granger is a muggleborn with little to no knowledge about the magical world. When I noticed that she had some trouble figuring out why so many people seemed to dislike her I pointed her towards a book in the library called The Ministry of Magic: The Pillar of our Community. It is a bit outdated, but most of the ideas still ring true today."

"Is it truth?" asked Hermione. "Do they really see us that way?"

Harry looked sadly then sighed. "Daphne why don't you explain to Miss Granger why Purebloods view Muggleborns as they do?"

Daphne narrowed her eyes at him but nodded and motioned for the girl to sit right next to her and Tracey while Harry and Sarah got up. "So while these three are having their little moment, why don't we take a walk? It is obvious you have a question in your mind Mister Potter and if last meeting was any indication, you prefer to talk away from people." Harry then walked out with Sarah, Bryan and Ron soon following.

When they reached the corridors, and without stopping his walking, thought now doing it at a far more sedated pace, Harry asked without turning to them. "So what can I do for you, Mister Potter?"

"... why?"

Harry frowned, again refusing to turn and look at them. "I'm afraid you will have to be a little bit more specific than that, mister Potter."

"Why did you betray our family brother?"

This time Harry stopped, his face unreadable which made Sarah hold her breath in fear of what might happen. Harry only put this face when he is trying to control his emotions, so that means that this might not end well. He turned to them, an eyebrow raised. "Oh, I didn't know they used this expression here! I thought it was mostly an American expression. I am sorry, but I don't know you nor am I close enough to you so you can call me brother."

Bryan was confused. "Expression? What are you talking about?"

"Well..." started Harry. "In America the term brother can be used between people who are so close to each other they would give their lives for each other. A level of trust all on its own. And I am sorry if this wounds you, but I wouldn't give my life for yours. Especially after all those bad impressions you gave me of yourself."

"Are you an idiot?" asked Ron, making Harry turn to him. "He means that you are his blood brother!"

"ARGH! Again with the blood. Blood blood blood. Are you all vampires? No scratch that I have met vampires who are less obsessed than you are. Seriously you two, blood?"

"You are my brother. You are Harry Potter, don't you remember?" asked Bryan.

Harry turned serous again. "All I remember, was being a punching bag for a guy who could pass for your father: big, fat and ugly. Let's make one thing clear Bryan: I am not your brother. I have no relation towards you except that I have a profound admiration towards your mother..."

"She is your mother!" replied an incredulous Bryan.

"No, she is not my mother. She is, however, a wonderful woman that I would love to meet and talk to a few more times in the future. Now unless you have something important I suggest you go back to your lives."

Bryan grabbed his arm in a strong grip. "You are a Potter, why do you continue to shame yourself and us by not only denying who you are but actually being a bloody Slytherin!" The last word came out with so much venom, Harry had to wonder who was the snake here.

"... Sarah?" as soon as he called, Brayn felt his hand being grabbed, twisted and pulled down before a knee was brought up and almost broke his arm, making him let go of Harry with a loud yell of pain and scurry back holding his throbbing arm as Sarah stood between the two of them. "Thank you Sarah. See this is one of the reasons I called for a bodyguard, I hate when people get too grabby for my tastes. And as I stated before, I am not a Potter, and being in Slytherin is no reason for shame. Now have a nice day, Mister Potter."

Just as Harry was about to leave, Ron pulled his wand and fired a spell at Sarah. The spell hit her and vanished, leaving no trace of it ever been casted nor any mark on Sarah. Harry raised an eyebrow and decided to plant the seed of doubt. "You know it is against the rules to use spells against other students but since you are quite inadequate at casting I suppose there is no harm done. Please try to not do it again, though, for my bodyguard will act accordingly..."

Harry then turned, with Sarah following right behind, and left them there, one grabbing his arm in pain and the other looking shocked at the lack of... anything. As the two walked, Sarah asked softly "Are you okay, Master?"

"Honestly, no I am beyond tired. Dealing with someone that is just as pigheaded as Chaos is not good for your mental state. However I will be fine, as they are... inconsequential to us. Let us focus on more important things."

"Yes master."

"Hum... I wonder how those girls are doing..."

With Daphne she was having quite the discussion with Hermione. "How can we trust muggles when they used to hang and burn our kind for fun?"

"That was ages ago, you can't still blame them for that!"

"Oh no? Really? Then who do we blame? Us for having magic?" said Tracey. "We were at fault because we had magic? Because we were different?

"I am not saying it is your fault..."

"But you are telling us to forget what was a veritable massacre of our kind!" continued Daphne. "Do you think it is that easy to just forgive and forget? How many fathers and mothers died? How many children were left alone because they 'suspected' that the woman was a witch? It is very easy to forget when you are on the right side of the question, isn't it?"

"But taking it out on muggleborns centuries later does not make it right!" yelled Hermione. "It was not our fault! It happened way before we were even born! You are doing the same thing you are accusing us of, treating us like cattle because we are not purebloods! Because we are different!"

"SHHHH, not so loud!" said Tracey. "Look we get that, we were just told to explain to you why some in our society think as they do, the background behind it, okay? I am a half-blood remember? I know damn well what you are passing through."

Hermione looked down, ashamed at having yelled. "I... I am sorry."

"See, isn't that nice?" the three turned to see Harry with a smile. "Witches, whatever the kind, just exchanging ideas and apologizing for their shortcomings. Now why can't we all be like that?" He then sat on his usual spot and asked "So Miss Granger, do you now feel much more... how should I say... enlightened about the truth of this magical community?"

Hermione nodded. "It's awful. I can't believe no one would explain this to us."

"Well, it's not exactly easy to say 'Hey, guess what, the purebloods hate you' but I get your point." said Harry. "You know if you ever have any doubt, you know where to find us."

Hermione nodded as the group left.

*******Flashback end*******

Of course while his brother was a bother, meeting with his birth mother did not went as he expected.


It was their first Charms class, and Harry was a tad bit nervous. On one hand, he wanted to see the woman that could have been his mother, to learn from her and even flirt with her, that was always fun. On another, her reaction to what he had said in the Headmaster's office had not been one he wanted to happen. He was terrible with sobbing woman, so he genuinely hoped that she had calmed down since then.

As they entered the classroom, Lily was standing near a blackboard watching them silently as they entered.

"Hey, is it a family thing? To always have a blackboard behind you when you act as teachers?" mocked Tracey.

"No, but being irresistible is." said Harry with a cocky smile.

Tracey gigled while Daphne muttered "Keep dreaming." which made Harry chuckle.

Lily watched as the students came in. She soon spotted Harry talking animatedly with two Slytherins. He looked... happy. Not alike most students in Slytherin, who were more of the cold, quiet types or the troublemaking, rude types. She had to admit that her views on Slytherin were largely influenced by her former best friend Snape, who only started to act... well, like a git, after he went to Slytherin. But watching her child just joking around with those two made her smile a bit.

Then she turned to look at Bryan. The boy was glaring at his supposed brother with a vengeance. All she knew is that one day she had told him to try and make friends with his former brother, and then the next thing she knew, she was called to the infirmary because her son was attacked, supposedly by Harry. She knew there was more to that story than what Bryan was telling, but the only way to find out was to ask Harry himself, something she wasn't sure she was ready for.

However, she noticed that everyone was already there and waiting for her, so straightening herself up, she started her lessons. "Charms! One of the most diverse form of magic in Britain, it can go from simple cleaning and levitation spells, to the power to protect yourself, to lock or even to destroy if used incorrectly. What is the definition of charms? Can anybody answer that?"

She was surprised to see two hands up. One was a Gryffindor, one of Bryan's friends, another was Harry. Deciding that she had to be impartial, she turned to Hermione first. "Yes?"

"Charms is a branch of magic that directly effects the object or person without it requiring the transfiguration or curse." answered Hermione.

"Well yes, that is correct, 5 points for Gryffindor." Lily said with a smile, remembering her old days where she gave a fairly similar answer. That was when she heard a cough. When she turned, she saw that Harry still had his hand up. "Huh yes?"

"While that is what appears in the books we were told to study, I would like to say that, and with all due respect to my college, that is not entirely accurate." started Harry, gaining a confused look from both his mother and Hermione. "The truth is that Charms is every spell that is not a curse, transfiguration, ritual, rune and so on. In short, if it doesn't fit in any other category, it fits in charms. Now this may sound like a very rude form of saying what she put in such elegant words, but the thing is she focused on transfiguration and curses which is what we are learning now but those are not the only branches of magic that affect a person or object directly."

Lily stared at Harry. Then she nodded.

"... I must admit you are correct, mister Darkray, take 5 points for Slytherin." said Lily before she turned and started to write on the black board. Then she turned to the class leaving several names on one side of the board and the other had an image of a bottle. "In this board we can see some of the more famous charms: The levitation charm Wingardium Leviosa..." she then hit the board once and the image of the bottle floated up. "One of the twin size spells, the enlarging spell Engorgio." She hit the board again and the bottle turned into a tiny frog before it swelled. "And who could forget his brother, Reducio." She hit the board and the frog turned tiny. "How about a protection spell? Protego!" The board now showed a man who had a bubble surrounding him. "Maybe something to leave your enemies disarmed. Expelliarmus." The image now showed the man's wand flying away from his hands. "As you can see, Charms is very diverse and it is not easy to define charms. However, they are extremely useful and that is why I am going to teach them to you in this class. Now first we will begin with a bit of History behind charms..."

"Definitely a family thing." said Tracey with a smile.

Harry gave her the stinky eye before he returned to hearing the lesson. Whether he was the one giving it or the one hearing it, one could never say that Harry did not like a good lecture.

By the end of the class Harry had to hand it to his mother, she was a very good teacher. They may have not begun with more practical lessons yet, but when she had to force some students awake because they couldn't keep their eyes open, it was understandable.

"I think she is worse than you." said Tracey wide eyed. "So many details."

"Well I can definitely see the similarities." joked Daphne.

"Oh ahah! How amusing." muttered Harry. "I thought it was really enlightening. The little details are really important sometimes, it's were the biggest secrets hide!"

"Mister Darkray!" Harry turned to see Lily looking at him. "May I ask for a minute of your time, please?"

"Oh Lady Lily of course you can!" said Harry with a smile, deciding to be his old flirt-a-lot self. "My dears I will meet you later, you can start practicing because I will be there in a second." As both girls went, leaving Harry, Lily and Sarah alone, Harry turned to her and said "So what do you wish of this most humble servant, my lady?"

Lily almost stopped, not knowing how to react. This pause was everything Harry needed to know that she was still unsure of how to go with this. So with a sigh, he said "I think it would be better to conduct this conversation in a more private setting, don't you agree?"

"Huh yes, please come in." said Lily as she guided him to her office. It wasn't really that large, in fact if Harry's senses were not deceiving him he could swear that the room was enlarged just a tad bit. It had a small desk, also permeated with enlarging magic, two chairs, one in each side of the desk and one door which would supposedly lead to the teachers bedroom.

"I am sorry if it's not that big, but the previous teacher wasn't exactly someone that needed such a big space and they still haven't remodeled the office yet since his departure was... a bit of a surprise to everyone."

"Understandable, my lady." said Harry with a smile, trying to ease the mood. They sat down on chairs and Harry decided to wait for Lily to start. No use making it more difficult for her.

Lily gathered whatever courage she had and started "Harry, I... I... I'm so sorry."

That surprised Harry quite a bit. He was expecting perhaps that she yelled at him about being his mother, started bombarding him with questions about where had he been or... anything. Not an apology, to something he wasn't even sure yet. "Hum... not for anything, my lady, but you haven't done anything that makes this necessary, if anything..."

"No, I did!" retorted Lily, her tone filled with pain. Harry went quiet at hearing her. "I... I let you go."

Harry now knew where she was going with this. He sighed. "With all due respect, I cannot forgive you." She looked down in shame, his denial hitting her harder than his words in Dumbledore's office. "Since I don't really know what happened. I mean, I can't forgive you if I don't know what I am forgiving you for."

She looked up and saw that he was looking at her with concern. He looked to the side as he tried to find the right words. He wanted to give her a chance, a chance to explain her side of the story, both for his sake and for her own sake, since sometimes you have to let things out of your chest, and this woman needed it desperately. "I know that you are supposed to be my... Birth Mother... and that for some reason I ended up away from both you, our family and into the hands of some abusive people. What I want to know is how did it all happen? And why?"

Lily Evans nodded. "Well... you know of... You-Know-who right?"

"Yes, He-With-So-Many-Hyphens." Lily actually snorted, which made Harry point with a smile "Ha-HA! There it is, that smile that should be in your face 24/7, you look much more beautiful when you smile my dear."

"You little flirt." she reprimanded him softly.

"What can I say?" said Harry as he leaned back in his chair. "Flirting is..."

"The first step of admiration that every single female deserves to take pleasure from?" asked an amused Lily.

Harry gained a roguish smile. "You know it. So we were speaking about Voldemort?" She shuddered a bit, which made Harry sigh. "Look, I can't just tell you to stop shuddering at the name, cause from what I heard you fought against him enough times, but was he that frightening."

"Well, no it's just that... that night..."

"Oh yes, I read about it, the attack of the Potter Manor." said Harry. "I heard that the place was a wreck after what happened."

"We were more of a wreck than the house to be honest." said Lily as she looked down. "Before that... everything was going so fine. I had two little perfect babies, Bryan who was the happiest toddler I had ever seen."

"Oh so I suppose that made me the grumpy kid then, nice." muttered Harry with a mock frown.

Lily giggled, knowing he was joking. "And then there was you, my little Harry." Harry actually turned to listen to her. "James may have been all over Bryan, but between you and me, you were always my favorite, because you were so clever back then..."

"I must not have been that clever, can't remember a thing!" said Harry.

"Oh you were, you kept doing things that no one could explain." said Lily with a smile.

"Every kid has their accidental magic moments, Lady Lily." said Harry.

"Perhaps, but yours weren't as accidental as you made everyone believe." said Lily with a smile. "I remember when Sirius was trying to steal food and all we know is that you pointed your hand towards a pie he was sniffing. Boom, Sirius was completely covered in pie and James was laughing like an old Hyena."

"Wow, that ought to be a sight." said Harry with chuckled as he tried to imagine the scene. Lily was looking at him oddly. "Is there something wrong?"

"Well, you are the first wizard that doesn't just ask me what is an old hyena." explained Lily.

"What? How could they not..." Harry started before a trace of understanding passed through his face. Lily didn't see it and both ended up saying "Bloody wizards." Then both looked at each other and laughed out loud.

Between laughs, Harry was able to say "I guess... I am really your son... Lady Lily."

"Yes... we both know how... blind this folks can be." they looked at each other, only to burst out laughing again.

Once they both calmed down they both remembered that they were talking about something. "Damn, drifted away..." both muttered before once again looking at each other, this time only sniggering.

"So you have that problem too." said Harry.

"Oh this already comes from my father; he used to do the same thing. Curiously you and I were the only ones that inherited that side of him." said Lily with a smile.

"Go figure... well, where were we?"

"Well, I was telling you about what a bright child you where..."

After that, the conversation was filled with laughter, trains of thought that went way out of their destination course and a much more relieved Lily. Too bad for Harry that he took too long there and had to hear the loud complains of his two students when he finally returned to them... 2 hours later.

*******Flashback end******

After that, Lily and Harry had returned to their previous ways: Harry would flirt with her, and she would always laugh at him, calling him her little rascal. This made the rumor mill of the school work overtime spreading that the two were actually having an affair. This rumor was not helped by the fact that Harry himself didn't deny or confirm the rumor when asked, simply stating "Are we?"

And then there is Hermione. He was sort of indecisive about her. On one hand, he wanted to turn her as fast as he could. On another hand, he was reluctant to do so. The reason was that despite her irritation with many of the people around, she seemed happy. Harry wasn't used to see people happy before they joined the dark forces, mostly become happy after. So he was at a loss.

That and the girl had a firm belief in the light. She believed in every word the teachers told her or was in one of the school books. Innumerous were the times when he had to show that his methods were easier and better, and sometimes she still believed in the books version more than she did him.

But despite her many flaws, Harry found himself enjoying the time he spent with her. He loved smart witches. Regular witches use most of their magic to try and look pretty. A smart witch doesn't need such tricks, for she will hex anyone that considers her ugly and look sexy while at it. At least that was how he saw it.

But there was something more worrying him. He had looked at Quirrel during one of his classes with his magical eye and saw something that left him in confused. He had seen one body, two magical cores and two minds. He had seen similar cases before, in people who had a symbiotic relationship with some tentacle monsters or different parasitic creatures, but this was different. One core was weak, the other was getting weaker. This normally happens when someone forced his soul in the body of someone, thus the weak core from how much such action drains you. However, such action also takes its toll on the body, physically, mentally and in terms of magical core, thus one of the cores getting even weaker.

So professor Quirrel was possessed? By what? Or Who? And why did no one do anything about it? Dumbledore was a good enough legillimens to notice the two mind thing, so he would get suspicious. On the other hand, Snape wasn't doing anything either. Seeing as it would be impossible for them to not know that Quirrel is being possessed, there was only one logical possibility:

They know… and that is part of their plan.

What plan that was, he didn't know yet, but it definitely involved whatever was in the 3rd floor, guarded by the Cerberus. Many possibilities advent from this, but what Harry thought was most likely, with all this things going on, is that whatever is there is bait for whatever is possessing Quirrel.

Here Harry found himself in a dilemma. On one hand, he could try to act and unveil the treacherous teacher, but how would he explain his knowledge? He didn't want Dumbledore on his tail. On another hand, he felt as if a very dangerous game was being played here and Harry was not one to sit on the sidelines.

For now he would wait, gather whatever Intel and resources he could. Then, when chance came, he would beat both sides and emerge victorious, and vanish before anyone could point that it was him. This would require patience, but with the training of his two new students, he had something to entertain himself with.

*********With Dumbledore******

Dumbledore was a tad bit worried. The former Potter was not falling back into his proper place. Shouldn't he want to return to his family? To his brother who so needs his support?

Dumbledore was baffled by this odd behavior. He knew that if he had to choose between a fake family and a real one, he would choose the real one, especially if what he believed was proved.

He had this nagging feeling. Harry's pose, personality, speech and manners pointed to an almost if not nobble education, something that tended to create people of the worst kind: Bureaucrats, Politicians, in sort, people who thought too much of themselves.

However, it was in one of the teachers meetings that he got some more distressful news.


The teachers had meetings every month so that they would do a balance of the students. Which stood out the most? Why did they stand out? Who were doing good and who were doing badly?

So as tradition they sat down in the Headmaster's office, everyone in their own comfy chair, with Albus presiding at the top of the table with McGonagall and Lily at his right and Snape and Sprout to his left. The reason why it was these four teachers was because they were the head of houses in Hogwarts.

As it was tradition, they would start with the older years, simply because by then the students had been either reported or there was really a surprise that year. Then they would steadily go down the ladder.

Dumbledore, however, was getting antsy. For once, he had his eyes focused on the first year students. He needed to know about the two students who were the focus of his attention at this point: Bryan Potter and Harry Darkray.

"And now for the first years." Started McGonagall, getting his attention. "Well this year is just filled with surprises from the Slytherin house, with 3 of them being on the top 5 students of this year."

"Indeed." Said Snape, keeping his low tone, though you could hear the smugness in his voice. "I was always of opinion that the students within my house were far more capable than yours however even I have to admit that this year we have some… unusually talented students."

McGonagall threw him a nasty glare before continuing. "On the spot of the number 1 student we have Harry Darkray, who shows amazing theoretical knowledge and a great practical prowess. He knows more about magic than any of his pears, or any of the older years."

Albus frowned. "That is impossible. I spoke with Ha... Mister Darkray before and he has little knowledge of magic."

"Little knowledge?" asked an incredulous Lily. "Little knowledge?"

"Headmaster, you must be mistaken." Said Sprout. "He has more than a little knowledge; he has knowledge of magic from all over the world. The other day I was teaching about the Biting Dacoras, those little pests, and told everyone that their 'teeth' could be used in Quick Thinking potions when Mister Darkray said, by his own words, 'but the continuous use of potions with this ingredient causes a reaction on the neurons of the brain, which will make the person slowly loose his speed of thought when not using the potion, thus making you slower and addicted to it. That is why they have been banned from numerous magical communities across the globe. However you can still use the feet of the Dracora, as it was discovered in Russia, Mother bless Russia, with leaves of Asphodeus to create a potion that heals headaches and hang-overs while granting you an extreme boost of energy. In other words, a very potent pepper up potion.' End quote. I didn't even know about that."

"Technically the feet of the Dracora can be used in such way however it requires an extreme amount of care since it is a very acidic reagent when in its liquid form. What he told you is correct." Said Snape. "It isn't the first time I have heard of it and I have seen it in action, however it is a bit too strong for a normal person to consume it like we do our pepper up potions, since 1 drop of that potion equals a full bottle of our pepper up potion. They are calling it the Booster Vodka."

Dumbledore was alarmed. He knew Harry had some knowledge of magic, with him knowing Oclumancy and all, but he had hoped that his knowledge would have been more restricted. Dumbledore was not dumb. He knew the danger of knowledge. One thing is dealing with a child, another is dealing with a child that is informed. The latter becomes more arrogant due to what he knows and Dumbledore had no time to play with an arrogant child.

"Indeed, Mister Darkray is impressive. His homework is very detailed, with information and quotes from books that aren't even in the library but do exist and he never fails to be right. Topple that, he might be the reason why the other two Slytherins are where they are now."

Dumbledore frowned. "Explain."

"Well the other two students, Miss Daphne Greengrass who is the second best student and Miss Tracey Davies who stands as the fourth best student are always in his company."

"Not always McGonagall." Said Snape, drawing the attention of everyone. "I have seen him sitting down with Miss Granger from your team."

"Ah yes, this year's third best." Said McGonagall. "While she has more theoretical knowledge than Miss Greengrass, she doesn't do so well in the practical parts as both Tracey and Daphne. In fact, the only reason Tracey is in fourth place is because her theory knowledge can't keep up with what she shows in class."

"So you mean that the 4 greatest students hang around together?" asked Dumbledore.

"I have seen them once all together, I think they were discussing politics and such." Said Lily with a smile. "They reminded me of my moments of students and the discussions we used to have, Severus."

Snape spared one glance before turning away. He did remember those times, fondly, but he wasn't ready to face her yet, not after the part he played during the last war.

Dumbledore didn't like the sound of that. Not only did Harry show a great deal of knowledge, far beyond what he should, but now he was starting to form a ring of friends. This resembled another student he had, one of his greatest failures which he could have stopped had he known. He wouldn't let another Tome Riddle rise from his school.

Trying to keep his mind on the moment, Dumbledore spoke "So the 5th best student would be Bryan, correct?"

This made many raise their eyebrows and Lily to flinch. It was Snape who spoke, with a snear. "Potter wouldn't be the 5th best even if we got rid of half of the class. That boy is just like his insufferable father."

"Snape!" admonished Lily before coughing. "While I think that Severus words weren't the most correct ones, I can't deny that my son is not the brightest."

"Being near Weasley doesn't help." said McGonagall. "The two are among the weakest of our class, their behavior is less than exemplary and they seem to either copy the homework from Hermione or not do it at all."

"They also seem to have something against our top students." said Snape, making Dumbledore even more alarmed than he already was. "Especially Darkray. The boy shows evident signs of hatred for Darkray."

The rest of the meeting went by Albus as he contemplated how things were going so far away from his plans.

*******Flashback end*******

Why? Why would two brothers hate each other like this? It's not right. It shouldn't be like this. Dumbledore just couldn't accept it.

But he knew that going for the source was useless. The boy had the upper hand, as he knew nothing of his abilities or knowledge, and he wasn't likely to share.

For now, Dumbledore would observe. Keep an eye on the kid. Once he found something he could work with, then he would act. But for now…

Patience was his best bet.


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And now a lesson from the Dark.

Teachings of the Dark.

"Hello!" yelled Elektra. "Did you guys miss me? I am so sorry to make you wait. But here I am for new classes."

"Now the homework assignment. The community that has been more acceptable of Dark creatures is, surprise surprise, good old America… or should I say new America?"

"Believe it or not, but America's magical community is pretty recent, with less than 2 centuries of existence. It had a very small wizard per muggle ratio and those that existed draw the roots of their community from Britain system… You can see the problem here, right?"

"But 50 years ago, a new minister raised to position. His name was Benedict Newell and that's when things started to change. Calling for help from more advanced magical societies, abolishing old outdated laws and betting on acceptance instead of ignorance, he started to draw into America a good amount of wizards and magical creatures, both light and dark."

"Now Magical America is becoming a multi-cultural community just like its muggle counterpart."

Cleaned the board and turned to the students. "Today we are going to talk about Werewolves! And let me warn you right off the bat, there are more than one type of werewolf. We will start with the more commonly known werewolf, the cursed, then go for the Akutetsu tribe werewolf and we finish with the Lycan, okay?"

She pulled an image of a werewolf, standing on two legs, just a small line of fur on him and looking rather pale and ghastly. "The first appearance of the cursed werewolf was in England, 1932 where a young animagus by the name of Denverd Snide who wanted to have a deaper connection with his animal form, the wolf. He performed a ritual in order for him to meet his more animalistic side. However something went wrong as his magic went haywire and he ended up collapsing due to pain. When he woke up, he found that he no longer could turn into his animagus form, and that every full moon he would black out and wake up somewhere else, covered in blood, fur and even feathers at times."

"Before he was captured and finally killed, Denverd had killed over 35 people, 12 of them children, and a lot of animals while infecting at least 13. Those 13 went on to infect even more people and soon half of England was infected. It was during that time that the first werewolf hunt ever happened where the minister of magic and his aurors killed over 2000 werewolves."

"Even with this massacre, by the end of 1986 20% of Europa's population where werewolves of this kind. The reason why these are called the cursed are attributed to the following factors: they transmit their curse through bite, have no control over their actions during full moon and the transformation causes both pain and trauma to the body, to the point of leaving them incapacitated for a few days after the full moon."

She then pulled the image of a man whose tanned skin was covered in red tattoos and another image of a large brown wolf. "The Akutetsu are a tribe that lives in isolation and in which magic and mundane come together. In it, a few with the gift have to pass the test of the wolf, which is to run among the natural predators while wearing the ceremonial clothes and tattoos. Thy have to hunt with and kill with the pack until their inner animal awakens. Once it does, they learn how to call upon that animal and turn into their own werewolf form."

"As you can see from the image, this type of werewolf is no different from the normal wolf, except for a few things: one, he is larger and bulkier then the normal werewolf. Two, he has the mid of a human inside, meaning that he is prone to rational behavior and not to wild feral instincts. Finally, this one can command other wolfs and canines in the area. The disadvantage between this type and the cursed is that the cursed is both capable of greater speed and violence in a fight."

"But that is where the third type comes in. You see, 9 year old Dallan Mercury was bitten by a werewolf and his life changed as he began to be rejected by his pears and family. As he grew up he vowed to find a way to either cure or control his curse. He travelled around the world, going to doctors, gurus and even prophets, none was able to help."

"He then discovered the Akutetsu tribe, who despite not having an answer to his prayers, accepted him in their family since they could just turn into their werewolf forms when he did and they would be fine."

"Having been accepted, Dallan started to study the ways of the Akutetsu and was shocked when during a period of meditation he found his wolf side and was able to connect with him. After may sessions and exercises, he was able to awaken a new form of Lycanthropy, the werewolf Lycan type."

She then pulled an image similar to the first one but with one glaring difference: it had more fur, it was taller and more muscular. "The lycans have all the good points of both types and none of their weaknesses except silver. They have the strength and power of the cursed, and the control and mind of the Akutetsu."

"The good part of this type is that anyone that is a cursed type can become a Lycan, if they can connect with their inner beast and accept it."

"Now this time I am not giving you any homework cause I don't know how long it will take until we have another lesson. So I see you next class!"

Peace Out.